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What Men Really Think When You Take Off Your Clothes (13 Things They Have in Mind)

July 4, 2024

Should your level of body confidence increase with the number of years you’ve been in a relationship? Probably yes, or probably not. It is not a ‘must have' rule for you to be completely free of the doubt you have about your body. The fact is your body changes as you age. When you become a mother, those changes are naturally expected.

Your feelings about your body, what you should wear, or which fashion you should adopt, will constantly change. Under no circumstance should you hate your naked self, even if you aren’t fully confident about the way you look.

While battling with self-love for your skin, you also fight your anxiety about what your partner thinks. It can become an overwhelming experience struggling with accepting yourself and making yourself look acceptable to the man you love.

You don’t want him desiring other girls who look hot naked. You certainly don’t want him to seek out those girls for sex. However, have you ever stopped to wonder maybe your partner isn’t thinking the same way you are? If he gains access to your thoughts, would he find you embarrassed about the way he looks?

Similarly, your man might not see the things you see or expect sex every time your clothes come off. Below are some of the things guys think when their ladies take off their clothes.

13 Things Men Think When You Take Off Your Clothes

1. He thinks your shape is perfect for him

While you are worrying yourself to death about what your man thinks of your body, he is thinking of all the things that make you amazing. Whether you’re dressed or not, if he loves you he will think of you as perfect.

Your man will like your shape whether your clothing items include clothes with shirt collars that hide your sunken collarbone, or skimpy clothes to enhance your long legs. He is in love with every part of you, naked or clothed. You’re perfect to him, and no other girl can compete with that.

Your body might not be perfect in the standard of the fashion world, but he appreciates you as you are. Therefore, focus on the utter adoration on his face, and draw your confidence from it.

2. He isn’t disgusted by your stretch marks

Some women feel so certain that they would never have stretch marks until they do. Weight gain, weight loss, excessive weight lifting, and other things are responsible for the appearance of stretch marks. You have no reason to be apprehensive about your partner’s feelings towards your marks, especially if they aren’t self-inflicted.

Your body will change, so will his. Except if he doesn’t care for you, your stretch or birthmarks

should not repulse him. Most of the guys who claim they hate girls with stretch marks end up having them too. Even health and fitness nuts have stretch marks, so you shouldn’t feel guilty for your body’s natural evolution. If your doubts come from a past bad affair, don’t assume every other guy would think the same thing.

3. Your C-section scar reminds him of your bravery

Are you a married or single mother worried her man is disgusted by her C-section scars? Your worry might be unfounded. Unless your man voices his disgust, don’t assume he thinks poorly of your sacrifice as a mother. You went under the knife for your child, and a loving man would appreciate the heck out of you.

If it is your first time having sex after the delivery, it’s understandable that you’d be nervous. However, remind yourself that you’re a beautiful and strong woman who doesn’t regret doing that for her child. Your man can only try to reassure you of your awesomeness, you have the most responsibility for accepting your imperfect beauty.

4. He zeroes in on his favorite part of you

Most men have a favorite part of the body when it comes to girls. Generally, a man is either a fan of the ass men or that of the boobs. There are other parts of the body such as, the hips, lips, legs, waist, and even eyes, that drive a man crazy. As such, your man isn’t thinking of your OCD behavior towards cleaning when your clothes are off.

The moment you expose your skin, he zeroes in on that favorite part of you and dwells on it. He may or may not have sexual activities on his mind, but he’ll be drowning in awe of that special part of you.

5. He is thinking of loving you all over

he is thinking of loving you all over

While you’re wondering if he minds the recent addition to your body, your man is probably admiring your bigger butt. He is salivating over your softer thighs and enhanced curves. He certainly doesn’t mind too much that your breasts are no longer as perky as they used to be.

Guys aren’t always critically taking in each detail of their woman’s body, especially when they are in the mood for sex. A man is focusing on the last vision of you he had, rather than noticing the recent changes to your body. Even if he's your husband, it might require a second look to see the changes. If he desires you, he is focused on loving you all over, not pushing you away.

6. He won’t always think of sex just because you’re naked

If your man initiates sex every time you’re naked, wouldn’t you be worried there’s something wrong with him? So you see, no matter how voracious his appetite is, every man needs a break

from sex. Even if your relationship is new and he likes sex a lot, you shouldn’t panic when your partner doesn’t ask for sex once in a while.

There will be times both of you will be as bare as a baby, yet he won’t seek you out for sex. There is nothing wrong with you, and he hasn’t lost interest in you. He sometimes just wants to be close to you in the most intimate way without going further. Learn to distinguish between when he is hungry for lovemaking and when he just wants to be close to you.

7. He is in awe of your beauty

Sometimes, your man is content with just staring at you without your clothes on. When he is in that state, you can make it more fun by playing dress-up. Wear and discard different clothing items. Try on sexy clothing items that enhance your beauty just to make him happy.

This dress-up play is also your way of letting your man know you appreciate his admiration. You’re beautiful and you know it, but his appreciation reminds you of how much he desires you. Even if the role play doesn’t end with some sexual activities, the moment will be satisfactory and memorable.

8. He might not voice out any concerns about your body immediately

A wise man who adores his woman will find a better way to encourage his woman to become physically fit. If your man loves you, he won’t hit you with demeaning words each time your clothes come off. You won’t hear words like, “don’t you think it’s time to lose that belly fat?”

He certainly will not shame you for the stretch marks you had from weight loss either. Even if he thinks your health is in danger or doesn’t like how much you’ve changed physically, he will do better. He isn’t thinking of how to bring you down because he is privileged to see you in your vulnerable state.

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9. He wants to get you in the shower with you

Your man isn’t thinking of clothing you back when you pull off your clothes. Every time you want to take a shower, he is probably entertaining a shower for two also. He loves you and thinks you’re sexy, so why not steal every moment he can with you?

A man in love wants to be with his woman as much as possible, and sex is one of the most intense ways to be with her. Even if all he can do is smooch and kiss you, he is fine with it. It won’t be fair to both of you if you continue to have doubts about your body.

10. He is thinking of how ripe your body has become over the years

he is thinking of how ripe your body has become over the years

Whether married or in a long-term relationship, your partner would have become so familiar with your body that it’s become an extension of his. Men also have their worries about their fitness and looks, but they think of it less than women do.

A man who loves his woman will not act on his admiration of other women because he’s

become entwined with his woman in every way possible. Your body might not be as youthful as it once was, but it’s become so mature that it’s all your man wants.

11. He is with you fully at that moment

One of the things you can be sure of when you’re not wearing clothes is that your man is fully focused on you. If he is aroused by your nakedness, he will wear the look of a smitten man. He will have just one goal in mind; to worship every inch of you.

He won’t be wearing the face of a man mad about the business deal he lost, or his family troubles. He wants to lose himself in you physically and emotionally. You have all his attention, don’t waste the moment on your doubts either.

12. He just wants to move closer to smell your peculiar scent

Men and women have their natural scents. This natural scent heightens the feeling of closeness in relationships, especially before and during sex. It is hard to perceive this peculiar fragrance with your clothes on. As such, your man perceives the scent strongly when you’re not wearing any stitch of clothing.

The moment you wear a sexy yet subtle perfume/mist to enhance your natural smell, the combination will make your partner seek your closeness, especially in your nakedness. Your actions might not be premeditated, but he’ll want you all the same. Instead of worrying that you need a bath after a full day at work, bask in the sensuality of the moment with your man.

13. He is probably thinking of his flaws too

Movies are perfect for learning the ultimate lesson that everyone has insecurities; even your seemingly macho man. While you’re worried that your partner will like you less for your body’s imperfections, he is also concerned you’ll notice his nervousness.

He isn’t sure you like what you see, but he covers his doubts with male arrogance. He is worried he will underperform in bed, but he can’t afford to fail either. Instead of internalizing your doubts, it’s better to speak to and encourage each other.


Do guys like it when a girl wears their clothes?

Most men, especially if they are newly in love, get super excited when they see their girl wearing their shirt or pants. However, as the relationship progresses, some men might start getting irritated with their girl wearing every shirt they own.

What does it mean when a man takes his shirt off in front of you?

If a man takes off his shirt while he’s alone with you, he either wants to impress you with his fit physique, or he wants to have sex.

What outfits do guys find most attractive?

Men consider outfits that conceal more than they reveal sexy. For example, a large knee-length shirt gives the illusion of coverage but calls attention to the nakedness underneath.

What outfits make guys go crazy?

A girl simply dressed in her man’s shirt and pants can make him go crazy, especially if his scent is still on the shirt.

Do guys like it when you lay on them?

A man might not like it all the time, but most of the time he likes it when his girl lies on him. Most men would rather spoon their girls, especially if she’s on the big side.

In Conclusion

The truth is, even your man is fighting against one insecurity or more. If he also dwells on his doubts, negative vibes will overshadow the love both of you share. During candid conversations, you should discuss these doubts. However, try not to entertain them during intimate moments in your bedroom, and both of you will be fine.

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