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Do Guys Like Crazy Girls (13 Reasons Why Men Like Crazy Girls)

Do you often wonder whether guys like crazy girls? 

Perhaps you're a little bit crazy yourself and you'd like to know if that's why guys are attracted to you?

Or maybe you worry that you're not crazy enough and that's why you're struggling to attract the best men into your life? 

Either way, I'm going to reveal the truth about this topic in this video.

But, first let me tell you a story that's extremely relevant. 

In my earlier years, I found it so difficult to find a meaningful relationship. Men would come, but they'd never stay. And I had no idea why!

I tried being myself. I tried altering my personality to what I thought men would like. Nothing would work.

But, eventually, during my studies of male psychology, I found an amazing gem of advice that made all the difference to my dating life. 

I learned how to trigger a part of the male mind, commonly known as the 'Hero's Instinct'. This is the part of the brain that triggers his strongest feelings of masculine pride. If you can be the woman who always knows how to release this within him, he'll never want to leave you. 

You can learn more about my journey playing with this psychological trick by reading my detailed blog post about it. Spoiler alert: you don't have to be crazy for it to work!

But, what is the relationship between male desire and 'crazy girls'? Let's explore that now.

13 Reasons Why Guys Like Crazy Girls

1. Sometimes, it’s a flaw

Most men end up dating crazy women without particularly knowing the reasons. They’ve always found themselves in deeply troubled relationships, and in most cases, it never ends well. This scenario might be reoccurring because of a flaw they’ve failed to identify with themselves. When someone enters into an unhealthy cycle, it hints at a problem they’re neglecting.

Perhaps, something is missing in their lives and they think a crazy partner would compensate for it. They might not be a perfect match to a hot crazy chick, but find themselves intrigued by their personalities. Such a man would need to observe his behaviors to detect if he has a flaw or not.

2. They want crazy sex

they want crazy sex

Some men are attracted to crazy girls because they think it translates to great sex life. In other words, they believe that a crazy girl’s behavior relates to how she will behave during sex. Men like women that aren’t afraid to go beyond their boundaries. More so, amazing sex is a great turn-on for them.

Anything that surpasses normalcy will make a man’s life more interesting. Since sex is a captivating subject amongst men, they’ll quickly opt for the crazy lady. They hope to appease their hunger without being too demanding of the girl. Even so, both parties will be happy with the adventures.

3. They crave intensity

The male gender craves to be valued and wanted by females. If a man tends to receive less attention from women, he’ll undoubtedly crave an intense relationship with someone. He might find a crazy girl attractive because of her energetic presence. More so, she’ll make him feel vivid emotions with her sense of spontaneity. 

Therefore, a guy might not necessarily be attracted to a crazy lady, but the intensity she brings. If she makes him feel longed-for and delivers all the pleasure he could need, he’ll be head over heels for her. The more she can capture his attention is the more he’ll want her around.  

4. They love the attention

Crazy women always have their emotions through the roof. They are energetic and it shows in their everyday dealings with people. Even so, their romantic relationships are positively intense because they are not afraid to reveal their crazy sides. 

This factor attracts men to this category of women. They aren’t cautious around them, meaning they’ll get more attention than they could ever demand. From passion to emotion, there’s always an alluring presence with a crazy girl. Since men desire attention, they’re likely to develop an interest in loud and energetic women.

They want all the positive emotions of a woman directed to them and would strive to achieve this goal.

5. They merely settle

While there are captivating factors about crazy females, some men merely choose to settle for various reasons. They might not be compatible with this category of women but would cling to them when they get the chance. Scenarios like not having enough luck with love can make a man hold on to a deeply troubled lady.

Even so, a man’s insecurities can prevent him from pursuing a better match for him. He’ll narrow his chances with a crazy girl because of his fear of rejection. Several other grounds make men settle for unusual attractions. Nonetheless, if they can be honest about their challenges, they’ll be more willing to find a perfect match. 

6. They like a challenge

Men like to conquer and win at everything because it makes them feel accomplished. Even so, they like challenges when it comes to their women. If things are too easy for them, they feel less of a man and undeserving of the subject. This reason is why the crazy lifestyle of a lady is indeed intriguing to a man.

The loud, aggressive, and intense nature of a crazy woman puts him on his toe and gives him something to work for. He’ll crave to tame the lady to gain her affection by all means. Even though she’s crazy to others, he’ll want to access her sweet spot. These are some of the factors that’ll make him entirely engrossed in her.

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7. It’s an addictive cycle

Relationships where both parties are crazy, turn out to be too intense, and sometimes, toxic. People that fall into unhealthy patterns, most times, find it hard to break. Therefore, the reason why some men are interested in deeply-troubled females is that they’re already in an addictive cycle. They believe this type of relationship is normal and wouldn’t opt for alternatives.

Persistent tension between partners is a sign of toxicity in a relationship. If a man can observe his addiction to unbalanced relationships, he’ll be less interested in seeing a crazy girl. Even so, learning to balance his intense emotions with a partner can help him find better relationships. 

8. They love the realness

they love the realness

Crazy women are practical, and men love this. They are also free-spirited, open-minded, and resilient by nature. These qualities are undeniably captivating to men that live on the crazy side. More so, it’s intriguing to men that want their women to showcase genuine, audacious traits. 

A wild woman is loud and courageous, and any outgoing man would love this. If she can stand up for herself, speak her mind, and display fearless traits, he’ll find her appealing. Even so, a crazy girl that can complement a man’s lively qualities, would instantly capture his attention. He’ll want her around more often because they fit so perfectly.

9. There’s no boring moment

The spontaneity involved with being with a crazy girl is what drives the attention of men towards them. It’s hard to predict how they’ll behave, which makes being with them all the more exciting. Their personality captures their attention because it has a new dimension at every turn. Crazy girls can be loud, fun, and sometimes, even quiet, which makes everything more appealing. 

Since men live for the adventure, they’ll want to have a crazy lady in their life. She’ll easily erase the boring moments and give him something to look forward to every day. The more time he spends with her, the more exciting things he discovers about her personality. 

10. They love passion

The passionate trait of crazy girls attracts men to them. Since they wear their emotions on their sleeves, many males love their captivating aura. Their high energy and willingness to showcase their passion also make men crave their company more often. 

When a crazy female loves something, she immerses herself in it. She talks about it, expresses it, and shares it with others. This trait is what men admire. They want a woman who’s not afraid to express herself. More so, they believe this factor would increase the quality of any relationship with her. 

11. She’s unpredictable

Men are drawn to the fun side of life. Anything that can make them excited or brighten up their day is something to treasure. Likewise, being with crazy girls has the same outcome. Since they’re unpredictable, they're undeniably all the more exciting. Their personality intrigues the male gender and makes them eager to know their next action. 

 This process is similar to living on the edge. The adventure involved in finding out what a lady will do next is captivating to men. The unforeseeable circumstances surrounding the relationship give them something to look forward to every day. Although she’s crazy, they’re willing to overlook these factors for a sense of newness in their lives. 

12. Opposites attract

People tend to be drawn to the opposing qualities other people have. This process gives them a sense of completeness and makes them more satisfied. This scenario is where the ‘opposites attract’ logic stirred up from. It means that when a guy is majorly attracted to crazy girls, she unknowingly fills a void in his life. 

Most people want to be thrown off balance from their routines, which is why they seek a sense of wildness in everything. Crazy girls offer men the privilege to break out of their norms and chase the adventure they desire. The things he’s been too afraid to do or experience instantly comes to life when he’s around her.

13. They are birds of the same feather

they are birds of the same feather

If a man is naturally attracted to a crazy girl, it also means there’s a bit of crazy in him too. Whether hidden or expressed, he craves the adventurous life and wants to experience it with someone. He’s ‘birds of the same feather’ with a crazy female, and may not even know it. 

Primarily, if he enjoys spontaneity, it also means he has an untamed side. If he loves the drama a woman offers, it means he’s likewise also dramatic. Therefore, the male gender being interested in crazy females hints at their unbalanced, passionate, and intense lifestyles. They are just as fun as they want their women. 


What type of girl do guys find most attractive?

Specific traits in girls make them more intriguing to men. For example, being independent and self-sufficient is an appealing quality. More so, being fun, crazy, confident, and even having a sense of humor can make men more comfortable being around you. 

What do guys like most about a girl’s body?

While the breast and butt are the two most common and alluring parts of a woman's body, men are also attracted to other areas like the legs, eyes, and even the lips of girls. Whatever a male likes are mostly based on his preferences. More so, it is determined by what he values the most in a lady.

Do guys like skinny girls?

According to popular knowledge, men are attracted to skinnier women because they are more physically appealing and appear healthier. On the contrary, a large variety of men are also attracted to the curves of thicker women and find them more appealing.  

What do men really want in a woman?

The most important thing a man craves in a lady is to be deeply attracted to her. This reason causes most men to desire hot women. Apart from physical qualities, he also wants to adore her behavior and temperaments. Men also want great sex with their partners and that is why they’re attracted to crazy and outgoing females. 

Where do men like to be touched?

Men like it when women run their fingers through their hair, play with their lips or even touch their neck. Any seductive advancement is a great turn-on for guys it suggests that you find them appealing, and perhaps, want some amazing sex. You can get crazy and creative with how you choose to touch your partner.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on why a guy is likely to be attracted to a crazy girl? Remember that genuineness plays an important role in attracting a guy. Try not to unnecessarily imitate the personality of crazy people, or you might miss out on someone who will adore your true nature. Kindly leave a comment or share this article if you liked it. 

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