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Most Attractive Scents To A Man (21 Enticing Scents That’ll Turn Him On)

There are different attractive scents out there that make ladies smell good, beginning with their natural body scent, but not all are particularly attractive to men. 

Men and women use different kinds of fragrances. It's not a new thing that men are different from women when picking attractive scents. Men could react differently from the way women do when it comes to the same fragrance. 

According to science, a perfume scent or body odor could influence a woman’s attractiveness either negatively or positively, but that's not why they use them. Like men, women use fragrances for different reasons, and some may not be to attract people. 

According to a few perfumers, the use of fragrance by people is not only to complement their general appearance but also to increase magnetism. 

Maybe perfumes and fragrances were invented to act as an aphrodisiac to attract people generally or the opposite sex. Surprisingly, the smells that attract men to women are not fancy ones; scientists have discovered them to be more associated with food aromas, like vanilla and cinnamon. 

Nevertheless, you may still be wondering which attractive scents or fragrances hold the ultimate power of attraction. There are many of them; you only need to know the kind of aphrodisiac that turns your guy on. Read to see 21 attractive scents any guy would opt for a woman to use. 

21 Attractive Scents To A Man

1. Vanilla


Vanilla is globally known and termed as the natural aphrodisiac. It has a sweetness to it and a welcoming effect that activates the sensual mood. Early physicians recommended it to men for potency. It has a creamy and comforting scent that calms anxiety, fear, and reduces agitation.

The vanilla scent is also popular because of its ability to raise adrenaline levels and arouse sensual feelings. It gives a soft and warming feeling when combined with other notes. So, a bottle of vanilla perfume or a unique combination of perfumes with vanilla (like Victoria’s secret fragrance) could go a long way to attract some men to you.

2. Lavender

Lavender helps to reduce mild pain and aid calmness. The smell of lavender also helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It is a mood relaxer too, which makes it possible to experience pleasure at its peak. Men are a huge fan of this fragrance because it’s comforting and relaxing.

Even though it’s calming, it also helps increase penile blood flow. Lavender can be combined with notes like pumpkin pie and other minor ones to make perfume, cologne, or different products with attractive scents. It is mainly used in the spring or summer seasons because of its warmth.

3. Sandalwood

Back in the ancient days, sandalwood was used as a masculine scent. But now, it’s blended with other fragrance notes like musk and lily of the valley to produce pleasant feminine perfumes. With its deep woody scent, sandalwood smells like a blend of rich, floral, soft, and sweet accents. 

This scent is unisex. It is found in air fresheners and is known to increase alertness, protect aging skin, relieve tension, aid meditation, relax the nervous system, and reduce anxiety. Sandalwood is mostly used as one of the base notes by many perfume brands like Victoria's Secret to produce great perfume or cologne. 

4. Rose oil

One of the most lovely scents for love and romance is rose. It’s known to help with blood flow and circulation. It is a stress reliever, relaxes the body, and helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Rose oil scent is known for its ability to uplift men emotionally and make them feel sensual; so you can say it’s a mood relaxer. 

Fortunately, you can find it in, sprays, lotion, cologne, and perfume forms. Sometimes, it is mixed with a blend of vanilla, orange, lavender, and other notes or fragrances. A touch of rose oil scent in your fragrance could make a big difference in how you smell. 

5. Violets

Violets are not as sharp as citrus scents and not as dominating as other floral notes, but they’re very sensual and romantic. Sometimes, they’re used to produce love portions. It’s known as a scent with the symbol of love, femininity, and romance. It helps to enhance relaxation and emotional abilities. 

Violets help relieve stress, especially if it causes certain sexual deficiencies. It could be produced as a unique fragrance in a perfume or cologne or mixed with other minor notes for a more dominant smell. Violets are mainly used as scents in essential oils and scented candles.

6. Bergamot

Bergamot scent has a sweet, sunny, and subtle acidic aroma. The aroma of bergamot soothes the nerves and reduces depression. It has a refreshing and enlivening effect on sad moods. Bergamot stimulates amino acids in the brain, hence; increase the level of hormones that enhance libido.

Bergamot is one of the citrus notes that is flexible enough to be combined with other citrus or floral scents to make different fragrances. It is mostly used in perfume or cologne because it complements many other notes and gives it a natural but romantic citrus smell. It enhances physical and emotional intimacy.

7. Musk

Musk is a unique scent that unisex; used in male and female fragrances. It sometimes smells like rust in large quantities but has a strong sweet aroma in small portions. Musk helps to reduce nerve problems, seizures, and circulation issues.

Musk could be used as a base to other notes when producing a fragrance. A perfume or cologne that contains a musk scent is most likely to arouse the woman wearing it than attracting a man; which naturally makes her feel sensual; hence, more attractive.

8. Peppermint


Peppermint is an energizing scent with great attraction. It helps to stimulate the brain quickly and widen blood vessels for better blood flow. Peppermint scent reduces headache, pain, stress, and improves mental function, thereby making a lady more attractive or alluring to a man.

Ladies that wear perfume or cologne with an undertone of peppermint scent have a sweet, cool, refreshing, and attractive smell, and they become the center of attraction everywhere they go. Peppermint scent can be combined with spicy and cinnamon notes to produce fragrances because of its pleasant and magnetic smell. 

9. Orange

The orange scent is known universally. It has a sweet, fresh, and alluring smell. Orange is known to be generally sensual and arousing to men. Amongst other notes and fragrances, it also increases blood flow in the penile a great deal. It falls under fruity notes which are attractive, yet romantic enough to disarm men.

You could try using this, or combine it with other notes to get the perfect attractive scent. A couple of perfumes, lotions, and shower gel have this as part of one of their notes. Some perfume or cologne brands mix this fruity fragrance with other edible or floral aromas to achieve mind-blowing products.

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10. Lily of the valley

It is a flowering plant with a subtle and romantic smell. This is one of the floral scents that gets a man, which doesn’t relate to food. Lily of the valley is mild, cool, and fresh. It is one of the floral notes that are feminine and represent romance.  

It is naturally soft but has more power when it comes to seductively attracting men. A combination of this unique scent, lily of the valley, vanilla with other notes like musk in a perfume, fragrance, or any scented product can cause an arousal in a man.

11. Cinnamon

As said earlier, scents that are related to food turn men on the most. Cinnamon scent is one of them. So, any perfume that contains notes of cinnamon has aphrodisiac tendencies. The smell of cinnamon is sweet, spicy-hot, cozy, and enough to make a man attracted to any lady wearing it.

Even though the scent is wild in nature, it helps to solve hormonal imbalance and boost sexual arousal. It means that whether a man smells it on a lady, a perfume, or a scented candle will automatically send a sensual message down his nerves.

12. Clary sage

This scent’s power lies in its ability to regulate emotions, calm the mind, and reduce any feeling of anxiety. It also helps to reduce stress, balance hormones, and regulate blood pressure. It serves as an antidepressant, stimulates energy, and boosts desire. 

Clary sage is one of the many floral and slightly fruity scents, and it has a herbaceous smell. It can be a base to other notes in fragrance mixture; a combination of it with musk in a perfume, fragrance, or any scented product can go a long way to get a man’s attention.

13. Patchouli

Patchouli is a strong scent under the sweet, earth-musky category; it’s a bit spicy and intoxicating. Patchouli is a base note that complements other notes in perfume and candle. If you can’t get the fragrance for your use as a woman, you could get a scented candle with this scent.

It’s one of the perfect choices for valentine’s day. Its woody fragrance is known for its aphrodisiac effect, which is pleasant for love, energy-boosting, and desire stimulation between lovers. It improves libido and senses of romance and attraction. Most men love the feeling this scent brings to the atmosphere.

14. Jasmine

Jasmine has been termed as one of the most sensual scents designed for women. It’s one of the most common floral notes with a romantic smell and is attractive to men. It has a rich, strong, warming, seductive, and sweet smell which is why it is mostly used to make perfumes.

Another positive thing about the jasmine scent is that it is flexible enough to be combined with other notes to get a pleasing fragrance. Indians have used jasmine oil for ages as a libido enhancer. So it is safe to say that apart from perfumes, you can use other skin products with this scent.

15. Vetiver

Vetiver is mostly known as a masculine scent but contains a lot of other feminine compositions. It has a woody, smoky, and earthy aroma. Apart from helping people reduce stress levels, vetiver also reduces muscle and joint pain, insomnia, and nervousness.

Vetiver oil is perfect for massages and helps to enhance relaxation. A touch of this on a lady could turn a man on or make him sensual. Like vanilla and sandalwood, it is a base note in a perfume or cologne and is used in making scented candles.  

16. Orchid


This scent is quite sweet, soft, and delicate. Because of its colorful blooms, people commonly know orchids for their beauty. Orchid scent improves focus and reduces stress levels. Most men are attracted to orchid scent because of its soft and warm floral smell; a bit similar to vanilla.

The orchid scent is found in both men’s and women’s perfume or cologne, scented candles, and it speaks romance, smoothness, and satisfaction, which is what most men are attracted to. It is a sensual scent, and like many other scents, the orchid scent is also flexible enough to complement other notes. 

17. Pumpkin pie

This is another scent that has proven to increase arousal in men. Pumpkin pie has a combination of vanilla and cinnamon, which may be the fragrance notes that attract men. Vanilla and cinnamon have aphrodisiac qualities too, which makes their effect a great appeal to men. 

If you don’t find pumpkin pie scent alone, you could find a unique perfume or cologne brand with its aroma and other notes to complement it. Or, you could try using a shower gel, or a lotion that has them as notes. Alternatively, if it’s for sex, you could choose to rub pumpkin pie on your body and the man to lick it off. 

18. Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is a powerful aphrodisiac that boosts energy and mood. It's also known to support the circulatory system, hence aids blood flow. This unique scent reduces blood pressure, allows relaxation, and increases sexual desire. During aromatherapy, the smell of ylang-ylang oil is added to perfumes to improve memory.

Ylang ylang is a slightly fruity floral scent used to make perfume or cologne with other notes like vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, and lily of the valley. It is one of the major notes used to make perfume or cologne because of its sweet scent, and it has a heavy pleasant smell.

19. Spicy

Spicy perfume or cologne is a perfume that is from a combination of spices like ginger, cloves, cardamom, and pepper. It is warm and very suitable to wear during winter. It is purifying, energizing, and uplifting, and has a very intense aroma to attract a man. 

Women that wear spicy fragrance relax tension in any space they walk into. They unconsciously reduce stress and activate the senses of men present in the room. With the exotic aroma, spicy scent can be mixed by perfumers with other base notes to make an alluring perfume with a pleasant scent.

20. Doughnut and black licorice

These two scents are a perfect sensual combination. The scents of doughnuts mixed with other notes are generally proven to increase blood flow in the penile, but it gets even more alluring when paired with black licorice. When a woman uses a perfume brand with a combination of these two, it increases sexual arousal in men. 

You may choose to use a bath and shower gel with these two as notes if you can’t find the perfume. If you’re more of the mild or subtle scent person, you could add a few drops of them in your bubble bath just to spice things up.

21. Your natural body

It may be surprising to know that we all have distinctive natural smells. And not all men love women that use too many scents for some reason; like allergies. So if you find yourself in a situation like this, you could try using unscented deodorants, fragrance-free detergent, and a mild shower gel; you would still produce an attractive odor. 

There was an experiment where women extracted their smells and men perceived them. The impressive thing is, men strongly agreed the scents were attractive. Some guys love women that mainly stay away from perfumes but smell clean, fresh, and natural. 


What scent is most attractive to guys?

Guys are different, and all have their unique choice of aphrodisiac. There are a lot of scents that are attractive to guys. It depends on each guy, his personality, and what turns him on. Some well-known attractive scents include vanilla, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose oil, and many others. 

What are the most seductive scents?

According to research, there are many seductive scents designed for both men and women; most of which are a combination of two or more in the form of perfumes, colognes, sprays, or mist. It depends on each individual’s preference. Some common scents include musk, rose oil, jasmine, orange, pumpkin pie, etc.

What fragrance turns a man on?

Not one fragrance can turn a man on. There are many of them, including doughnut and black licorice, pumpkin pie, vanilla, and orange. Rare ones like popcorn, chocolate, and a lot of other complementary fragrance or perfume notes can also act as an aphrodisiac to a man or turn him on. 

What is the most masculine scent?

The most masculine scents are a combination of three or more notes with a deep, light, heavy, and sweet smell. But a few of them include tobacco, sandalwood, patchouli vetiver, jasmine, bergamot, musk, vanilla, etc. According to scent experts and perfumers, they make up many contents of masculine cologne. 

What candle scent, turns a woman on?

A few candle scents are proven to be romantic enough to turn her on, but one of the most common ones is the smell of lavender and pumpkin pie mixed. A combination of these two notes in a scented candle is known to have a sensual way of turning a woman on.

To Conclude

There are a lot of scents out there that attract men. As said earlier, each man has his preference, and according to research, one or more of the 21 scents I've mentioned can do the magic. I hope you liked this article. If you did, please feel free to drop a comment and share it with others. 

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