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15 Things To Say When He Asks You Why You Love Him

by Sonya Schwartz

Are you looking for the best answer to give when your partner asks why you love him? 

Maybe he hasn’t asked this yet, but you’re anticipating this question coming soon? 

Perhaps you’re wondering whether you are in love and searching for inspiration to clarify your feelings? 

Either way, I’m here to help with a list of 15 things to say when a man asks why you love him…

However, if you’re in a position where your man isn’t saying ‘I love you’ in return, you need to read the next few sentences carefully. 

For years, I was stuck in relationships with guys who I loved more than they loved me.

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That’s why I’m urging you to learn more about how I transformed my love life using the Hero’s Instinct right now.  

Your love story is far more likely to have a happy ending once you learn this skill. Then, you can use my list below to smoothly explain why you love him.  

It’s common for your boyfriend to ask you why you love him. If he hasn’t asked you this yet, it may be happening soon. It’s a good idea to know what to say when he asks you why you love him.

I think that this is an important topic. People don’t always know exactly why they love someone. They just love them. Of course, there are lots of reasons. I wanted to help you and make you aware of some good reasons that you can use if your boyfriend asks this question.

You Love His Personality

You might tell your boyfriend that you love his personality. This means that you just love who he is as a person and you love the way that he acts.

This usually also tells your boyfriend that you love him for who he is inside rather than just his looks. This is important to remind your boyfriend so that he knows that you like who he is.

As you tell your boyfriend that you love his personality, you could highlight a few specific personality traits. Maybe you really like the way he cares for others or maybe you think it’s attractive that he makes so much time for you.

Try to come up with a few specific reasons that you love his personality. This will help him to believe what you’re saying and it will make him feel happier. It’s good to remind him of these specific reasons too.

Remember to only use this response if you actually do love who your boyfriend is and his personality. If you don’t truly feel this way, it’s best to use a different response.

You Love Spending Time with Him

​If you’re dating someone, you should probably enjoy spending time with them. This is also a good reason to tell that you love them. It should show them that you want to continue spending time with them too.

Not everyone can stand being around their friends or family all the time. The same is true in some relationships. If you two truly love each other and want to be together, you may not even feel annoyed after spending several days in a row together.

If you love spending so much time with him, it’s probably because you love him that much. It shows when the two of you are together.

Telling him that you love spending time with him will show him how you love him. This is also a good opportunity for you to show him that you truly like spending time with him.

You Think He’s Attractive

Now, you shouldn’t only be dating your boyfriend for his killer good looks, but you probably already knew that. There’s just so much more to a person than their gorgeous skin or their fit body.

Of course, you might have first started liking your boyfriend because you noticed how attractive he is. This is totally normal and it’s okay!

You can tell him that you think he’s attractive if he asks you why you love him. Simply state that you think he’s hot or cute or attractive. Guys love to hear this because it reminds them that you like them in that way.

If you want to, you can come up with specific things you like about his appearance. Do you like his blue eyes? Do you think that he has a great smile? Adding these more specific reasons can make him feel happier too.

You might want to add in a personality trait or something less physical to show your boyfriend that you like him for a lot more than his good looks. This isn’t necessary though. He probably already knows that you like his personality too.

Because He’s Him


​You can tell your boyfriend, “I love you because you’re you”. This is a good response that encompasses all of the good things that your boyfriend has to offer.

This one shows that you love who he is as a person. It shows that you love him for everything that he is. You might even love that he’s unique and has his own individual characteristics.

The nice thing about this response is that it’s super sweet, but you don’t have to think of something too specific. It’s simple, but it’s still really meaningful.

If you wanted to, you could provide your boyfriend with some examples of why you love him for who he is, but it isn’t necessary.

If you end up using this response, be prepared for some follow-up questions. Your boyfriend might ask you what you mean or what specifically you like about him. This could be his personality or that way that he always takes care of you.

You can watch this video to get some more specific ideas for reasons why you love him:


You Love How You Feel Around Him

When you’re serious about your relationship with your boyfriend, you will start feeling a certain way when the two of you spend time together. This is normal. It’s a sign that things are going well in the relationship too!

You can tell him that you love the way you feel when you’re with him. Be prepared with a few specific feelings in case he asks.

Here are a handful of good feelings you could explain to your boyfriend if he asks for specifics:

  • ​You might feel really comfortable with your boyfriend and like you can say or do anything with him.
  • ​You might feel relaxed and calm. He may take all your stress away and make you feel at peace.
  • You might get butterflies and feel excited when you’re with your boyfriend. This is a sign that you’re really in love with him—or close to it!
  • ​You might just be happy when you’re with him. It can be as simple as him making you laugh as you spend time together.

​Telling him these things will help him to value your time together more. If you mention specific details, such as if you feel comfortable cuddling with him,he will know that that’s important to you.

You Love How He Makes You Feel

This is similar to the previous response, but it isn’t quite the same. This one means that you like how he makes you feel when you’re talking or he’s being sweet.

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You might feel happier or more full of love when he is talking to you. This is a common feeling when you’re in love.

You can also mention that he’s the only person that makes you feel this way and that it’s special for the relationship.

If you feel this way, you should definitely point it out to him. It will make him aware of just how special he is to you and how much you appreciate him.

You Love When He Makes You Smile

Is your boyfriend always making you smile? He might say something sweet and make you grin instantly. He might be especially good at this when you’re having a bad day.

If you’ve been dating for a while, he probably knows exactly how to cheer you up when you need it. Maybe you just need to be cuddled. Maybe he always brings you your favorite type of ice cream.

Now, this is most important on the tougher days or when you’re going through a rough patch. You definitely shouldn’t put unrealistic expectations on your boyfriend.

He should do his best to make you happy. This isn’t always easy though so don’t be too hard on him! Of course, you should do the same for him. Be there for him and make him smile when he needs it the most.

Bringing this up will show your boyfriend that you are truly noticing his efforts to make you smile. That recognition is a great confidence booster for him and it will help him to continue to make you smile!

You Love His Sense of Humor

You might like your boyfriend’s sense of humor because it’s so different from yours. Perhaps the two of you have the same exact sense of humor.

Whatever the case may be, you probably like this about your boyfriend. You can figure out his sense of humor by the jokes he makes and the movies he laughs at.

Having a good sense of humor can be important. It can make a relationship more fun and exciting. If you’re always laughing, that’s a good sign.

If you do love this, you should let him know.He will love hearing this about himself! It shows that you value him for lots of different reasons.

You Love When He Makes You Laugh


Some guys are just really funny. When you’re dating someone, they quickly learn how to make you laugh in almost any situation.

If your boyfriend is always making you laugh, this would be a good reason to tell him that you love him. He probably wants to know that you really think he’s funny.

It’s good to be with someone who can make you laugh.They can bring you joy no matter what’s going on. In the rough times and the happier times, you’ll always have someone around who can lift your spirits.

Reminding your boyfriend that you like this about him can encourage him to keep making you laugh too.

Lots of people seek out individuals who can make them laugh so you’re pretty lucky if your guy already does this.

You two may not always be doing something, but he might always be able to make you laugh. He might not even have to say a word to get you laughing. It’s a special skill that not everyone has!

He Takes Care of You

Your boyfriend probably takes care of you in one way or another. Lots of boyfriends do this and you probably do it right back to him.

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He might take care of you when you are sick. He might go out of his way to make sure you have everything you need. Maybe he even drives you to the doctor or buys you medicine.

Your boyfriend could also take care of you on any normal day. Some guys take the time to make dinner for their girlfriend. He might cuddle with you and cheer you up on a bad day.

These sweet gestures should be noticed and appreciated. They are a good reason to love your boyfriend.

If you feel this way about your boyfriend, you should definitely let him know. Tell him how much this means to you and how much easier this can make your life.

To make this answer more personal, be sure to throw in some specific examples of when he has cared for you. Let him know what your favorites have been so he can make an effort to do it again.

He Makes Time for You

We’re all busy people. We don’t always have time to do everything that we want to do. There’s just a lot going on. Think about things like work, school, family, hobbies, and more.

It might seem like a miracle that the two of you get to see each other sometimes. You both have a bunch of different obligations.

Still, your boyfriend is willing to make time in his schedule so that he can see you. He makes you a priority, even when it may not seem like an option.

Your boyfriend might even make quick trips to visit you if he doesn’t have the time to spend a whole day with you.

If he’s making time for you on the busiest days, let him know how important this is to you.

He’s Always Thinking of You

Maybe your boyfriend is always thinking about you and what you need. You’re probably on his mind often.

He might realize that you’re sad and immediately do something about it. He could be putting you ahead of his needs.

One specific example would be if your boyfriend goes out of town and always brings something back for you. You’re always on his mind and that’s why he always remembers to bring you a surprise.

This shows that he will do almost anything for you and he will go out of his way to get you just what you need.

In addition, if he’s always thinking about you, it shows that he truly loves you and cares about you too!

You Can Be Yourself Around Him

If you feel comfortable and like you can be yourself around him, this is a great sign! It’s awesome to get to be with someone who makes you feel so at ease.

You should let your boyfriend know that you feel so comfortable with him if you do. It shows that you two really do love each other.

If you didn’t love your boyfriend, you might not feel so relaxed when you’re around him. Things could be awkward. You might avoid saying some things that cross your mind.

You should try to date someone who can make you feel comfortable in all situations. You shouldn’t have to be someone else when you’re with them!

This shows that your boyfriend loves you no matter what too. He doesn’t care what you say or do. He loves you for you, which is why you feel so comfortable when you’re around him!

You Love How Faithful He Is

If you and your boyfriend are in a pretty long-term and committed relationship, it shows that you guys are truly meant to be together. It also shows that he’s being faithful to you.

If your boyfriend is faithful, you don’t have to worry about him cheating on you or lying to you.

Though your boyfriend should be expected to be faithful anyway, there’s nothing wrong with showing your appreciation for this.

You can trust that he’s telling you the truth in all situations so there is no need to worry.If this sounds like your relationship, this is a great reason to give your boyfriend. It’s something that he might not even think of often!

Again, this is a great opportunity to pull in personal experiences and mention a time when he was extremely honest with you. This kind of commitment helps a relationship to last.

You Love How Compatible You Are 

You might love how well you and your boyfriend work together. It might seem as if the two of you were made just for each other.

This compatibility might seem effortless. You may just go together perfectly. It’s pretty simple how you and your boyfriend are with each other.

Here’s a compatibility test if you aren’t sure whether you’re compatible:

​The relationship could come with so much ease that it doesn’t feel like a lot of work to keep things stable.

Your personalities might balance each other’s out. This is another sign that you are compatible. You two being together could be exactly what you’ve been looking for for your whole life.

You should recognize this compatibility and realize that not everyone gets this lucky. Some relationships sizzle out due to a lack of compatibility.


What Do You Say When Someone Asks Why You Love Them?

The truth is a sure bet when responding to such a question. When someone asks why you love them, tell them various reasons, primarily focusing on trust, reliability, and their ability to make you feel safe. These are very vital in relationships and can be overlooked. Also, if it's their smile or laughs, don't be shy to let them know.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Asks You If You Love Him?

When a guy asks if you love him, he might be admitting he’s interested in committing to you, that’s If you’re not already in a relationship. Guys often ask such questions before they make their next move, whatever that move might be.

Why Do You Want To Be With Someone?

Not many people love the idea of being in a relationship. Those that do consider it because it offers them an arena for personal growth and healing. Being with another and being able to share your fears with them provides you an avenue to heal yourself in a safe environment where you know you won't be taken advantage of.

How Will You Know If A Guy Loves You?

Not all guys are vocal; many of them love to show how they feel to those they love. While others might shout their love for you from the rooftop, others will prefer to show you with his actions, by paying more attention to you than usual.

How Much Do You Love Me Answer?

The best answer to the question ‘how much do you love me’ is the truth. Tell them the real answer, as many people appreciate you telling them exactly how you feel. Every person has a different partner thus will have a different answer.


Did you enjoy reading this list? If so, share your comments below!

This list was important for me to put together so that you would know just what to say if your boyfriend asks you this question. It can be hard to come up with a perfect response. You should use these as inspiration and come up with some specific ideas too!

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

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