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Things To Say When He Asks You Why You Love Him (31 things)

Are you looking for the best answer to give when your partner asks why you love him? 

Maybe he hasn’t asked this yet, but you’re anticipating this question coming soon? 

Perhaps you’re wondering whether you are in love and searching for inspiration to clarify your feelings? 

Either way, I’m here to help with a list of 31 things to say when a man asks why you love him…

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It’s common for your boyfriend to ask you why you love him. If he hasn’t asked you this yet, it may be happening soon. It’s a good idea to know what to say when he asks you why you love him.

I think that this is an important topic. People don’t always know exactly why they love someone. They just love them. Of course, there are lots of reasons. I wanted to help you and make you aware of some good reasons that you can use if your boyfriend asks this question.

31 Things to Say When He Asks Why You Love Him

When a man asks you, "Why do you love me?" Ladies, the answer to this question will determine the longevity of your relationship. But what do you do in this instance? First, it is also essential to think about why you are being asked.

Men are logical, so when a guy asks why you love him, try to think about what led to the conversation? How did you get there? Was he feeling insecure? Is he feeling low and wanting affection? Does he want reassurance

Knowing why will help you answer better, help him feel secure, and remind him of his awesomeness. For some additional help, I have curated 31 things to say when he asks why you love him. 

1. "You are always there for me."

Of all the reasons, this is first on the list because men have an innate Knight in shining armor complex. They like to feel dependable and want to always feel needed. So when you recognize his efforts, he appreciates them and feels like a huge part of your life. His outward appearance might not give much, just know he is elated inside.

Do not forget to back all your reasons with specific examples. For example, "Looking back now, you are there for me all the time like. Do you remember that time you stayed up all night with me to help me study, and you still had to go to work in the morning?''

2. "You make me happy."

In a healthy relationship, your boyfriend constantly aims to make you happy every day, especially on days when you are feeling down. It is one of the many benefits of being a girlfriend. You enjoy this perk, so you should let your boyfriend know that it is an important reason when he asks.

"I love you because you make me happy. In a tough and tiring world, you bring me so much happiness by being your amazing self whenever I'm having a bad day. You make me laugh and nothing feels wrong with you in the relationship. Everything feels right and I love you." When your boyfriend asks, he will feel seen and appreciated if you mention this.

3. "You love me."

Love is constantly choosing to show affection to a person irrespective of what is going on in your life or theirs. Your boyfriend loves you and you feel loved which is a valid reason to love him. Also, he is not afraid to be vulnerable with you because he loves you.

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This is quite an honest answer, and do not worry about it being cliché. It is a genuine reason. It helps to love him because he loves you, and that is a beautiful thing. There is no need to explain further; you love him because you feel loved. Simple and short.

4. "You love me how I want to be loved."

It is amazing that you love him because you feel loved. However, he not only loves you, he understands your love languages in their order of importance and chooses to love you the way you want to be loved every day and not the way he knows how to show love (or thinks you should be loved).

So he gave his ego the backseat, learned how you want to be loved, constant with the little things, and gives you princess treatment at all times? What’s more, he hasn’t stopped loving you that way since then? You better mention it and give this man his flowers. As a matter of fact, get him his award for his role in the relationship. He is the boyfriend of the year every year.

5. "You are a good listener."

Oh, so your boyfriend listens? That’s a huge part of why you love him. He listens to understand your point and not just to give a response. This is a valid and real reason so mention it. Tell your guy that you recognize his effort and appreciate it.

Talking and having an adult conversation can be tricky; it is the human instinct to be defensive, but when he ignores all of that and listens to understand, do not be afraid to let him know. He is one of the good ones (and maybe the last good one). Be honest and thank him for putting in the effort in being a good listener. In the relationship.

6. "You make me laugh."

You never know the importance of someone that has a sense of humor till you meet someone who does not. I'm only raising this because people think laughter is not a genuine reason to love someone. If this is one of the many reasons you love your boyfriend, it is valid.

A healthy relationship goes hand in hand with constant laughter and happiness. So appreciate your boyfriend for being a continual source of joy. It is a vital skill to make someone laugh even on days when things do not feel right. Putting it out there is the right thing to do when your boyfriend asks why you love him.

7. "You are intentional about me."

This response is a bit vague, so you have to be more specific. Being intentional means that he has clear goals and a set vision for your relationship and takes active actions towards fulfilling the goal (or at least getting closer to the fulfillment of the goal).

You know what this means to you, but your boyfriend might not be so clear on that. It might be helpful to help point out ways that he has been intentional about you and the relationship. For example, he knows you are afraid of being taken for granted, so he texts you every day thanking you for choosing him.

8. "You look at me like every other person is insignificant."

Every other person or voice is insignificant once you enter a room or once you start talking. His friends tease him about it. He focuses on just you when you talk, even in a room full of a lot of people. Do not forget to mention it. It simply means he loves all that there is about you.

Guys are easily distracted, so it is a big deal when he does this, and it is enough reason to fall in love with him. It also helps that you are a gorgeous, gorgeous woman, but that is not the point; the point is this is a valid reason to love someone if a guy asks. And you can’t deny the fact that you feel seen when he does it.

9. "I do not have to pretend with you."

"I can be myself with you. Undiluted, raw, in all my flaws and insufficiency. You never want me to change or act a certain way and you never want me to be someone else. That is the most amazing feeling in the world, knowing that you love me just the way I am"

That is how to say it in case you were wondering what that was. Be honest about it, do not try to keep anything in. This is not a time to worry about him taking you for granted if you tell the truth. He is vulnerable and needs to feel good. You better spill the tea, sis; he has been a wonderful boyfriend.

10. "You are patient with me."

you are patient with me

You are not even patient with yourself on most days. But here is this beautiful work of art, always patient with you. He understands that everything is a process and understands the concept of delayed gratification, and never pressures you to do anything.

The entire relationship is at your pace, and you call the shots on most days. Your boyfriend trusts you and believes that you'd come to whatever decision you need to make at your own time. Give this man his accolades; he deserves to know. So, when your guy asks you why you love him, you know to drop this point.

11. "You support me."

Life is honestly too hard to go through alone. But you are doing this life thing with someone, not just anyone, a supportive boyfriend. He provides what you want when you need it. He knows what he needs to be at every point in your life. You need to tell us how you got him; hold a webinar sis!

If your man gives you support, I think it is enough reason to love him. It is not a selfish thing to say. He does support you, and you would be ungrateful if you did not speak about it. Let him know that you appreciate his support so that he can support you more.

12. "I feel safe with you."

He is your safe haven, and nothing matters when you are together. You feel safe and at peace. You are sure that your boyfriend can’t cause you harm, whether physically, emotionally, or financially. Talk about it when your man asks why you love him. Feeling safe is a great sign of a healthy relationship.

I know you might think saying this is silly, but you only feel this way because you understate the importance of security in your relationship. You feel safe and trust that he will not put you in harm's way; some do not feel this way in their relationships. So, feel lucky and show him gratitude.

13. "You always make out time for me."

Although you are his girlfriend (and it is written in the girlfriend and boyfriend agreement that you should make time for each other and make each other priority), you know it still makes you tingle inside when he clears up his schedule. Also, you feel so good when he closes his laptop to listen to you talk about the last episode of love and hip hop Atlanta.

It is one of the good reasons why you love him, and the fact that this is normal or expected of him shouldn't make you think of it as irrelevant. In those moments when he makes out time for you, you feel your best. So, explain to your boyfriend how him sacrificing his time makes you happy. He will love to hear that.

14. "You inspire me."

If I inspire you to hate mediocrity and always try to be better, I would hate you for mentioning it in my obituary and not when I was alive. Because progress is not linear, we can not help to feel stagnant and unproductive on most days. But hearing this can help one not feel like a failure.

My point is when your boyfriend asks why you love him, do not leave this out simply because you are not sure it is what he wants to hear. If you feel it or if he makes you feel this way, then, by all means, let him know. It might be very helpful to his state of mind at the time.

15. "You make it easy to love you."

Do you know how complex the world is? Of course, you do. You live in it. Everything is so difficult. Going to school is hard, getting money is difficult, nothing good comes easy. But here is this good thing in your life, with so much ease. He makes loving you so easy.

He understands that most times when you are quiet, it is not because you are mad at him. He knows you value quiet time, so he leaves an "I'm here if you need me" text and doesn't throw a tantrum because he thinks you are ignoring him. Guys like this should know they are loved and appreciated.

16. "You are so sexy."

You are halfway through the article and are you wondering why I haven't said anything about his outward appearance and physical attraction? While it is not wrong to focus on what your man looks like, we know he gets a lot of physical attention from everyone that sees him, so we are focusing on his personality trait and less on the physical.

However, let this gorgeous, attractive, and sexy boyfriend of yours know that it helps that he looks the way he does. It is one of the reasons why you love him. Looking at an attractive man really puts your heart and other organs in the right frame, if you know what I mean.

17. "Sex with you is the best I've ever had."

If the sex is terrible, the relationship will be awful too. There are no two ways about it, except you want to see other men while in the relationship. But not your boyfriend, he is holding it down in the sex department, and boy, do you feel refreshed every time you wake up next to him.

You better let him know that you appreciate his efforts and every stroke; let him know that this is one of the many reasons you love him. 

18. "You always smell nice."

Yes, this is a thing, and no, you should not feel silly for it being such a big deal to you. You and so many other women are big on smell. You attach a particular smell to a person and somehow link it to memories of them, and that is okay. If your fear is about him calling you weird, I guess you have passed that phase now.

He spends money on smelling nice, so let him know that you noticed that, and it is one of the many reasons why you love him.

19. "You are passionate about the things you love."

Apart from you, there are some other people and views that your boyfriend feels strongly about. It is admirable to see someone stand strongly or feel strongly about what they believe in. This is rare in this era where people do not care because caring is no longer in style. Such a man is principled and can’t be influenced by peer pressure.

20. "You are my perfect dose of weird."

you are my perfect dose of weird

He is your perfect dose of weird because you find his quirks cute. You love him and his weird little dance before stepping into the bathroom. You love that he closes his eyes when he gets second-hand embarrassment from watching a movie scene. He sings his victory song whenever he beats you at a game. Let him know that his habits have stuck with you in the long run and you love him for them.

21. "We have so much fun together."

You both subscribe to the same definition of fun. So, it is easy to do fun things together. You enjoy spending time with him because you are sure to have a wonderful time. 

It feels like you two were made for each other. There is never a dull moment when you are together. You see that your boyfriend puts in the extra effort for this to happen. He always plans for this. Explain to him that you love him for this.

22. "You have confidence in me."

He not only loves you, but he also thinks you can set your mind to do anything you want to do. He believes in your abilities and pushes you to do things you'd rather not do. He believes in you so much. This is normal, and it goes to show that you are in a healthy relationship, and all relationships should feel like that

23. "I never feel like a burden to you."

It is a terrible feeling when someone you love acts like you are a burden to them. It does something to your self-esteem. It makes you feel unlovable and unwanted. It makes you feel like you do not matter.

So when your boyfriend does not make you feel this way, please recognize it. Because so many relationships wear people down, but not yours.

24. "Your smile is beautiful."

This is a very valid reason to love someone. You think your boyfriend has a beautiful smile. You love that you can make your boyfriend smile, and when he does, it is beautiful. Explain to him that you can be having a bad day, and when you see his smile, it brightens your whole day. 

25. "When you laugh, it makes me laugh."

The way he laughs at things he finds funny is so funny to you that it makes you laugh too. Right now, as you read this, you can remember one time you both went out for drinks, and he was laughing about something that happened at work. You laughed too because his laughter was funny.

At that moment, you felt so happy. Everything was completely beautiful, and you wished you could have that moment forever. You realize at that moment that you are in love with your boyfriend. So, by all means, mention that day to him.

26. "You help me understand things without being condescending."

Nobody is an island of knowledge. If everyone knows everything, schools will run out of business, and online courses will be extinct. However, some men just immediately think they are smarter than women all thanks to misogyny. They just assume they are more intelligent than women.

But remember the day you found something confusing and your boyfriend explained to you without making you feel stupid? Remember how he thought you being confused was cute and explained it to you without insinuating that you are stupid? Yes, you love him.

27. "You always reach across the bed to pull me closer."

This is one of the cutest things in the world. it is okay when you are awake and like to be in the person's world. But do you realize how deep it is for someone to pull you closer when they are asleep? If you ask me, I think it means they cannot get enough of you, and that is so romantic.

I am a hopeless romantic, so all these things matter to me. I think you should let your boyfriend know that you are in this relationship with him because you love him for doing this. He does not only spend time with you awake; he also reaches out asleep. That is top tier if you ask me.

28. "You are my very best person in the whole world."

"You are one of my favorite people in the world. You are my best friend, and you know how much I hate people. I like that you know me so well and we can stay together in our awkward silence and feel safe."

It is only natural that you love him because you think he is one of the best people in the world, he is the best in your little world, and that is your portion of the world.

29. "You always tell me how beautiful I am."

You do not appreciate this because you seek validation or because you look up to him to remind you of how attractive you are. You just like the consistent admiration. You like the fact that he is taken aback by your beauty and has not gotten over how beautiful you are.

"You are never tired of telling me how beautiful I am, or how a particular color of eyeshadow compliments my eyes. I love you for always noticing the little things. They are important to me, and I love you for recognizing them."

30. "You never stress when things do not go as planned."

you never stress when things do not go as planned

Some guys raise hell if things do not go as planned. They begin to give an attitude, raise their voices and act out simply because their plans did not go well. Your man doesn’t act out, and he simply takes it as it goes. If things go well, great. I things do not go well, he moves on to the next.

Say it this way "thank you for teaching me that when things go as planned, it is your time, and when it doesn't, it is not yet time. You are so wise, and it is one of the many reasons why I love you." 

31. "I love you for picking me."

He picked you to be his baby, and you also chose him to love exclusively, but we are not talking about you now. We are talking about the fact that he saw you and decided to have you, show you all the love in his good heart, and go through every day with you.

He took his time after seeing how special you are and took the necessary steps to make sure that you like him equally. He saw how amazing you are and wanted you for himself. You are quite the catch, but let him know you appreciate him for loving you enough to be his baby.


How do you answer why I love him?

Most of the time, this question catches you off guard; it is better to take a deep breath before answering. Blurting out a response without thinking might appear vain or vague. A look at all the reasons in this article can be quite helpful also. Just take a walk down memory lane, and the reasons just fall out.

How do you answer 'how much you love me?'

Never ever give a value or compare to a particular amount. When this question is asked in relationships, it might be from a vulnerable place. The person might be having some doubt about where they stand in the relationship. Say something like "I love you so much it cannot be quantified" that should work.

How do you tell a man you love him?

The best way to tell a man you love him, whether in a relationship or not, is by giving him reasons why you love him. In the hope that it removes any form of doubt from his mind. It will also be helpful if he has helped achieve many firsts in your life that you can appreciate him for.

How do you answer what's so special about me?

You answer this by thinking of one thing they do best for you. Be genuine, do not exaggerate or flatter, be clear and honest. Say something like, "you are the only person that has ever noticed the mole on my leg, it shows you pay attention to details, and that is one of the things that is so special about you."

How do you show love in words?

You show love in words through words of affirmation. Constantly reaffirm your love for the person you are in a relationship with by saying the beautiful things that make you fall in love with them every day. Be intentional about the words you choose, and always match your words with noticeable actions.

In Conclusion 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Even the most secure of us need constant reassurance and words of affirmation in a relationship. Remember that we all possess the ability to love outside of ourselves, and how we show it is unique to us.

Our partners might not translate how we express love properly or efficiently. With this in mind, your words and actions might portray that you love your boyfriend. But when he asks why you love him, do not hold back. Go into the details of why you love him. Clear every doubt that might try to steer within him.

Explain how he fits perfectly into your definition of love. Think of how he has proven to you that he loves you sincerely and just tell him everything and include all the emotions you felt while he was doing them. Be sincere, and there is no need to exaggerate. Just be honest and clear. 

Kindly let me know what you think about this article in the comments. Also, do not forget to share it with your loved ones. I hope you find it helpful.

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