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Do Men Cry When They Are In Love? What Does It Mean?

There are many different instances or scenarios where you might find your man crying. Whether he’s going through a difficult time emotionally or financially, is grieving a loss, is opening up and being vulnerable with you, or is crying happy tears, whatever it is it’s helpful to know why your man might be crying and what you can do to comfort him. 

Thankfully society is now much more accepting and open to men showing their emotions, a healthy and welcomed change from days gone by when men had to hide and suppress their feelings. Despite this, the majority of men might still feel uncomfortable showing their vulnerable side to others. So, if he’s prepared to share his emotions with you, it’s a great sign.

Encouraging your man to be open and honest about his feelings will lead to a more honest, healthy, and happy relationship. 

What Does It Mean When a Man Cries in Front of You?

There are a variety of reasons why your boyfriend might become emotional in front of you, from feeling overwhelmed to having suppressed emotions surfacing or crying tears of joy. Understanding why he’s emotional will help you find healthy ways of supporting him. 

1. He’s emotionally invested in you and your relationship

If a man cries in front of you or for you, it’s a very strong sign that he’s emotionally invested in the relationship and trusts you to a great extent. He might be feeling hurt or vulnerable and feels comfortable enough to share his emotions with you. 

Perhaps, he’s nervous about losing you, about the way the relationship is moving, or simply wants to confide in you about personal things he’s going through. Whatever it is, supporting him and helping him understand you’re there for him is the best thing you can do

However, make sure your own emotions are understood and communicated too, if need be. 

2. He’s comfortable being vulnerable around you

If a man is prepared to cry in front of you, it’s a sure sign that he’s comfortable being vulnerable around you. Most people feel it’s risky to open up in front of others and fear feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or ridiculed for their emotions. So, if he’s prepared to be this vulnerable with you, make sure he feels safe, comforted, and validated. 

Furthermore, take his vulnerability as a good sign regarding his comfort levels and surety in the relationship. 

3. He trusts you 

A man will only ever cry in front of you if he trusts you wholeheartedly. Despite the fact that it’s no longer taboo for men to show their emotions, it’s still a very big deal for most and they will only ever show their vulnerability to their nearest and dearest. 

If you want to maintain this trust going forward, make sure he feels safe and comforted during these times. 

Once he has this much trust in you it’s a good sign that your relationship is deepening and strengthening. Don’t go out and tell other people about his emotional response or why he had an emotional breakdown if you don’t want to erode the trust.   

4. He feels overwhelmed 

Crying man pulling a tissue

When a man cries in front of a woman it might be because he’s feeling overwhelmed. There are many reasons why someone might feel overwhelmed from financial stress and pressure to relationship stress, family stress, health concerns, or a variety of other issues. 

Once he’s calmed down, ask him how you can help him. By asking him how you can help it shows you genuinely care about him and his feelings. Let him know that you’ll always be there for him, supporting him. Support means listening, encouraging, and coming up with solutions together.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to deal with overwhelm is to break the issue into bite-size chunks and deal with things one step at a time. 

5. He’s going through a difficult time and needs your comfort

If your man is going through a difficult time and you find him crying more often than usual, it’s a sign that he needs your comfort and support. You can be a source of comfort by simply listening and talking through his issues, offering him help and support, giving him physical affection, and allowing him to show his emotional side. 

6. He’s grieving a loss

Grief is an extremely complicated and painful emotion to endure. It creeps up on you and hits you out of nowhere. And, from time to time, it can be incredibly overwhelming and all-consuming. 

If he is grieving the loss of someone who was very close to him you will most likely find him crying, even sobbing at times. Crying is part of the healing process and is an essential emotional release. 

The best way to support someone who is grieving is to listen, lend a shoulder to cry on, and be there for them physically and emotionally. Furthermore, acts of service, words of affirmation, therapy, and exercise are all great ways to work through deep sadness. 

7. He’s feeling insecure

Your man might be feeling insecure in the relationship or about something you’re doing/not doing. Sometimes, insecurity can lead to emotional outbursts like crying. Take a step back, gain perspective, and try and understand where he’s coming from. If you can, provide him with the reassurance he needs. 

8. He’s feeling hopeless and needs encouragement 

Hopelessness is a serious emotion that can lead to depression and at worst, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. If your loved one is feeling truly hopeless, offer them the time and support they need. It’s also very important that they seek out therapy or counseling. 

Hopelessness can stem from things like bankruptcy, unemployment, and high debt as well as illness and the loss of loved ones. 

9. He’s feeling guilty about something

Perhaps your man is feeling guilty about something he’s done, the way he’s behaved, or he’s embarrassed about the way he’s treated you

Getting to the bottom of why he’s feeling guilty will give you a better understanding of how you can support him while still honoring your own boundaries and emotions. Having open, honest, and healthy communication is the only way to unpack and work through guilt.  

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10. He loves you and needs your love in return 

If he’s shedding tears in front of you, it’s likely because the two of you have an incredibly strong bond and he loves you. Reciprocating this love is the best thing you can do if you want to show him your support, care, and concern. 

On the other hand, he might be shedding tears of joy because of his love for you. Things like a proposal, your wedding, or the birth of a child are sure to well up a wealth of emotions from within him, causing him to cry. This shows his deep love and care for you. 

11. Suppressed emotions are surfacing 

Due to the belief society has held for many years that men should maintain a strong, composed image, many men end up suppressing their emotions for years on end. Suppressing one’s emotions is extremely unhealthy and can lead to things like anxiety, depression, and other illnesses. 

If your loved one has suppressed emotions surfacing you may find them more upset, angry, sad, or anxious than usual. You might also find them crying a lot more than usual. 

Although it’s extremely difficult to deal with, having repressed emotions surface is actually healthy in the long run. Having an experienced therapist or professional guide you loved one through the process can be highly beneficial too. 

12. They’re in physical pain 

Both men and women cry as a result of extreme physical pain. Research suggests that the release of endorphins and oxytocin that comes as a result of crying actually helps relieve pain. Therefore, crying can be a way of soothing pain and discomfort. If your loved one is in physical pain, seek medical care and attention. 

13. Separation or divorce

Sad man looking out the window

Research has suggested that separation or divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can endure in their lives. Not only is it incredibly taxing emotionally, it also takes a toll on families financially and logistically. 

If you are going through a divorce or separating, it’s completely normal for both you and your partner to cry a great deal from time to time.  

14. Financial stress

In our current economic climate, many people are under a great amount of financial stress and pressure. The rising cost of living coupled with debt and/or the inability to make ends meet can leave many people feeling stressed, depressed, and hopeless. Furthermore, unemployment or retrenchment can put a massive strain on individuals. 

If your boyfriend, husband, or loved one is going through trying financial times, the best thing you can do for them is support them emotionally. Furthermore, you can assist them in their job-hunting endeavors, and, if possible, assist them financially from time to time. 

15. Disappointment 

Coming face to face with disappointments in life is inevitable. Regardless of this fact, disappointments can still hurt massively. Disappointment can stem from a range of issues like personal setbacks, career setbacks, hurt in relationships, health problems, and many other factors. 

If your loved one is facing major disappointment, encourage them to keep going. Disappointment doesn’t last forever and oftentimes, something better is waiting around the next corner. 

16. A happy event, i.e. marriage or the birth of a child

Men cry tears of joy, too… the birth of a child, getting engaged, marrying your loved one, or reaching massive goals or milestones can definitely cause tears to flow. These beautiful moments are intense, packed with emotion, and can even be overwhelming (in the best way possible). 

A small and simple gesture like holding your man’s hand, giving him a hug, or reminding him of how much you love him is sure to be comforting during these times. 

17. He’s been incredibly hurt by you

In love, there may be times when one partner does something that causes extreme hurt to the other party. Things like lying, infidelity, or betrayal are sure to make your partner tear up and, at worst, they may not be able to stop crying for hours, days, or even weeks on end. Unfortunately, hurt to this degree can have devastating effects on a relationship. 

If your partner has been incredibly hurt by you, below are some of the things you can do:

  • Listen to them and validate their feelings
  • If they request time alone to think, give them space 
  • Suggest attending therapy together 
  • Ask them what you can do to make amends and make them feel better

18. He’s feeling stuck

Feeling stuck in life can be extremely frustrating and depressing. Your boyfriend might feel stuck in his career, in terms of finances, in his family life, or in his relationship with you. Through open and healthy communication channels you might be able to help him understand why he’s feeling stuck and what he can do to change that. 

The best way to begin feeling “unstuck” is to set small achievable goals that’ll help you reach your ultimate goal/dream. Ticking things off of a to-do list is also another way to feel more productive. Furthermore, having a goal or vision board is a great way to keep you focused on where you ultimately want to be and help you reach that. 

19. He’s being manipulative 

Unfortunately, there are scenarios where men and women cry as a way of manipulating their partners and/or to get their own way. If you begin noticing your boyfriend uses tears to get his own way or to make you feel a certain way (i.e. guilty) more often than not, it’s a red flag. 

Manipulative partners can quickly turn a healthy relationship into a toxic one. The next time he does this, bring it to his attention and set boundaries around the issue. If things don’t change, it might be worth seeing a therapist together or, at worst, cutting ties with him and moving on. 

An example of this sort of behavior is when a husband or boyfriend threatens to hurt or kill themselves if their partner leaves the relationship. This is extremely toxic and manipulative. 

20. He’s concerned about his children

As parents, there is nothing that makes us more stressed or concerned than the health and well-being of our children. If our children aren’t flourishing, happy, and healthy, it’s sure to add a lot of stress and worry to our plates. 

If your partner is genuinely concerned about the welfare of his children, it’s more than likely that he’ll cry from time to time. This is only normal and to be expected. Being there for each other and supporting each other through these challenging times is essential to your well-being as well as your child’s. 

21. He desperately wants another chance 

If your partner messed up in the relationship and the relationship ended because of it, he may come back to you at some point, desperately wanting a second chance. This happens more often than not. Out of frustration, regret, or desperation, you might find him crying, begging for another chance. 

What you do in this sort of scenario is completely up to you. Always remember to make your mental, emotional, and physical health a priority and set clear boundaries moving forward. 

22. He’s breaking up with you

Couple breaking up unhappy man

No matter how a breakup comes about, they are always painful and difficult to deal with. If your partner is breaking up with you he might cry, even if it’s his decision. 

Breaking your own heart or someone else’s heart is always painful. His tears might be a result of him fearing a future without you, fearing he’s making the wrong decision, sadness over everything that has been, or sadness watching you hurt and crying. 

While breakups are extremely hurtful, remember that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and that things will get better and easier in time. Take time out for yourself, rest, and reset. 

23. He’s reached the end of his line

Sometimes, the pressure of daily life gets all too much to handle. Whether it’s grief, financial loss, the loss of a partner, or a myriad of other things your partner might be dealing with, he may feel as if he’s reached the end of his line. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness, depression, exhaustion, and sadness. 

24. Mental health struggles

Mental health struggles like depression and anxiety can take a massive toll on people’s lives. Many people struggle with these unseen, internal battles on a daily basis. If your partner is one of the many people struggling with this, he might be found crying from time to time. 

In my experience, the best way to overcome these sorts of mental challenges is through exercise, therapy, meditation, connection with nature, and in some cases even medication. Book an appointment with a doctor or therapist and let them guide you on this journey. 

Listening to your partner, supporting them, and encouraging them is the best thing you can do in this sort of situation. 

25. A broken relationship

If your relationship has come to an end, it’s very likely that you might find your man crying. Reminiscing about the past, the good times and all that could have been is incredibly difficult and can cause a lot of sadness and crying. 

If your relationship ended due to infidelity, it too could cause a lot of emotions to surface, like sadness and anger. The feelings of hurt and betrayal in this instance could lead to excessive crying. 

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Crying? 

Knowing what to do when your boyfriend or husband is crying can have a massive impact on his trust in you, the depth of love he has for you, his healing, and the strength of your relationship. Below are some tips on what you can do when your boyfriend is crying.

1. Ask him why he’s crying and listen intently to what he has to say

Sometimes, the only thing someone needs is a lending ear. Listen intently to what he says and what he needs. Let him talk it all out. If you can offer any advice or guidance, give it to him. If you doubt your ability to give him sound guidance or advice, refer him to a therapist. 

2. Affirm that his emotional response makes sense 

Sometimes, knowing that you’re not alone in your thoughts, feelings, and struggles is all you need to feel comforted. If you’ve experienced what he’s going through before, and you’re comfortable sharing the story with him, do it. 

Furthermore, letting him know that his crying or emotional response to the situation is justified will provide him with further comfort. 

3. Make sure he feels safe and comfortable

Make sure your partner feels safe and comfortable in the space he’s in while he’s going through emotional turmoil. Talk to him and let him know you’re there for him. Make sure the temperature in the room is right and even offer him something comforting to drink. 

4. Offer physical affection

If appropriate, offering physical affection can be incredibly helpful and comforting. Simply holding your loved one’s hand, hugging them, rubbing their back, or just sitting with them can help ground them and make them feel safer. 

5. Remind them of their support system 

Reminding someone of all the people who love and care for them and are there to support them can be helpful and comforting. Let him know that he’s not alone in his struggle and that there are many people he can lean on and rely on for upliftment. 

6. Suggest therapy 

If he’s going through a very difficult emotional time, therapy might be the answer he’s looking for. Dealing with things like financial loss, the death of a loved one, or trauma from the past can be a difficult road to navigate and might require professional guidance and assistance. 

7. Go for a walk or do some exercise together

Sometimes, exercise is the best form of therapy. Not only does it release a lot of those feel-good hormones, it’s also a chance to take your mind off of the things weighing you down. If you’re able to get some exercise out in nature, even better. 

Nature is a great way to ground yourself and having some exposure to the sun can also help with your healing. 


Is it good for men to cry in relationships?

Yes. For many centuries, men have been made to believe that they need to suppress their emotions. However, we know, thanks to psychology, that this is not healthy and can lead to both physical and mental health issues down the line. Crying helps release stored emotions and trauma and, ultimately, helps heal us.

Why is my boyfriend crying after sex?

Crying after sex is fairly common and can happen for a number of reasons, including hormonal changes that happen during sex, a release of built-up sexual energy, past traumas surfacing, guilt, or it might even be a way to reduce tension and physical arousal. 

It’s important that you talk to your loved one about why they’re crying or feeling the way they are, without shaming them. 


There are many different reasons why men cry in relationships. Getting to the bottom of what’s causing the upset or heartbreak is the first step in the process. Once you understand why your man is crying, you’ll be better equipped to help him through the emotional storm. Knowing what to do is also an essential part of the healing process. 

We hope the above-mentioned tips have given you a better idea of why your boyfriend might be crying and what you can do about it. 

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