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Words Of Affirmation For Him (105 Statements to Express Your Love)

It’s true when they say that actions speak louder than words. This is slightly different in relationships. You have to be verbal enough to communicate with your partner, so he knows he's not in the relationship alone. 

Let him know how you feel about having him in your life, and how good it feels to have him as a partner, too. Different partners have different personalities. Men love it when you tell them how valuable they are to you. Saying words of affirmation contributes to every relationship, positively. 

If you don't say them to your partner, you should consider doing this. It's never too late to start. Be assured that it will help strengthen your relationship with him. If you're still confused on how to start, here are 105 words of affirmation for him to know how much you care.

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105 Ways To Tell Him You Love And Support Him

1. I love how I feel when I’m with you.

You may spend time with many people, but it will feel different whenever you're around him. He won't know this until you tell him. That's a way of affirming him of your love.

2. You’re the best man ever.

Telling him he's your best man ever is like saying that you know of many men, including your family, but he remains the best. These words of affirmation would make his day.

3. I want to treat you right, too.

You could do this to your man when you feel he's been treating you right, willingly. Even if you don't do it, making him have the thought of it is comforting enough.

4. You’re my hero.

Men love to hear things like this. They want to have some pride knowing that you regard and respect them as much as they do to you. These are good words of affirmation.

5. I love how you respect me.

Not every man respects his woman. So, if you have a spouse who respects you beyond words, saying just thank you to him won't do the trick. Let him know you appreciate his respect for you.

6. Your sense of humor gets me all the time.

Like you would want him to laugh at your jokes, he needs the same thing from you, too. Assure him that you understand and relate to his sense of humor.

7. Thank you for tolerating me.

Staying in the same house with your boyfriend or spouse may not be as easy as you think. You may think you're the only person tolerating him, but he's also trying his best. Thank him for that.

8. You’re my favorite person.

This is a way of saying that even though you may have family members or close friends, you love him so much that he's still your number one favorite person to live with.

9. I’m proud of your achievements.

This is a way of appreciating his strengths, indirectly. It shows how lucky and proud you are to be by his side, while he's achieving his goals. This will boost his pride.

10. You’re so much fun to be with.

It doesn't matter the partner you have, every man wants to know that they're not forcing themselves on you, or pushing you to spend time with them when you don't want to.

11. You’re an amazing man.

Saying these words of affirmation to him is you telling him how wonderful he is as a husband. “You’re an amazing man” is your way of telling him how good he is, not only to you but to your kids and other people.

12. I feel safe with you.

One thing you can say to a man to affirm him is to let him know how safe you feel with him. He wants to know you have that confidence that he'll protect you if anything happens.

13. You’re a great role model.

These words of affirmation mean you've watched him relate with people of different types and you've seen how well he relates with you. He may not know this, so it would help if you tell him.

14. You give me inner strength.

Sometimes, when you feel down, there's always someone to cheer you up. If your spouse is that person, you should recognize his goodwill. Make him feel okay by telling him how well he gives you inner strength.

15. I’m lucky to have you as a husband.

Not everyone is lucky to have the man of their dreams as their spouse. If you find yourself in the lucky category, say these words of affirmation to your spouse to let him know how valuable he is.

16. I love your physical touch.

If you feel an intimate connection when your husband touches you, whether it's for sex or not, let him know. That's because sometimes, men don't know exactly how to touch a woman to make her feel loved.

17. You make me feel loved when you listen to me.

Not every man has the perfect amount of time for his wife or girlfriend. Some men feel that money is all. If you're lucky enough to get this benefit from your spouse, tell him.

18. You make me a stronger person.

Men work more with encouragement. When you tell your spouse that he makes you stronger, he would be inspired to do more. These are more words of affirmation for him.

19. I’m grateful to have you beside me.

Apart from appreciating your partner’s strengths, be grateful to him for standing by you. Saying this to him means you're partly appreciating him for your successes as he wants to hear it.

20. I’ll always be here for you.

You know when they say behind every successful man is a beautiful woman? The same thing applies here. You motivate him more by saying you'll always be there for him.

21. Your compliments keep me going.

Yes, your partner compliments you often on how you look in your different appearances. Saying this to him will mean you don't only love that he says them, but you’re okay with it.

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22. You’ll always be the man of my dreams.

Your spouse wants to know that he plays a huge role in your life. Saying he's the man of your dreams is the right words of affirmation for him, especially when he's in doubt.

23. I love the quality time we spend together.

It takes a lot for your spouse to create time from his busy schedule to have some fun with you or listen to you talk. Saying this would show you're grateful for it.

24. You’re a damn creative man.

Men love to hear their partners appreciate their creativity. You could boost their confidence with this. You may be surprised how encouraging this will be to him. Try telling him he's damn creative and see how he reacts.

25. This is the best relationship I’ve had.

These words of affirmation for him mean there's progress in your relationship. It shows how much you are both bonding compared to your other relationships. He may not want to be compared, but he'll be proud of his efforts.

26. I love you more than words can say.

This would melt his heart. Every man wants to hear that his woman loves him beyond doubt. These words of affirmation for him would summarize your appreciation for his efforts.

27. Thank you for your little gifts.

Talking about the gifts he gives you means you don't only accept them, but they mean a lot to you. It means you accept his love language, wholeheartedly.

28. Your voice makes me stronger.

Do you get stronger when you talk to your partner on the phone? He doesn't know that and you need to tell him. Let him know how strong his voice makes you feel. 

29. I see a bright future ahead of you.

When things are going tough with your partner, these are the best words of affirmation for him. It also applies if he's trying to achieve something. If he was about to give up and you say this to him, he'll be encouraged to work harder.

30. You’re such a gentleman.

youre such a gentleman
youre such a gentleman

If your husband is such a gentleman, don't hesitate to tell him that. He may not say it, but your words of affirmation would be the best kind of appreciation.

31. You’re my best friend.

This is a way of saying that no matter how much you both fight, quarrel, or have a misunderstanding, he'll always be your greatest love and your favorite person.

32. I miss your teasing.

Not every woman loves to be teased. Some love a planned and straightforwardlife with little or no fun. Let your spouse know how much you enjoy it when he teases you. 

33. Since I met you, you’ve made my life rich.

These words of affirmation mean you've improved greatly since you met your partner. By saying he's made your other life rich is like saying that he's encouraged you to open your heart to necessary experiences.

34. This is the best marriage ever.

It's true when they say you should compare your marriage to others. Most men don't like comparison. So, if you appreciate your quality time with him by applauding your marriage.

35. You’ve totally transformed me.

This would apply best if your husband has had a special impact on one aspect of your life, like your career, fashion taste, or anger management. Let him know that he has totally transformed you.

36. Thanks for managing my flaws.

It's not that easy to live with a woman. That's because they have mood swings from the environment or hormonal imbalance. Thank your partner for his courage to manage yours.

38. I’ve found a companion in you.

It takes a lot to find someone you can call a companion. It means you can relate with him on all levels without holding back. This is one of the positive affirmations that will make your spouse happy.

39. Let’s get married already.

If you're still dating and planning to get married, these are good words of affirmation for him. It shows how well you're used to his way of life that you can't wait to end up with him in marriage.

40. I won’t trade your love for anything.

“I won't trade your love for anything.” These words matter, especially because they mean well to your partner. It will show him that even in the worst situation, you wouldn't betray him for everything.

41. You’ll be the best father.

If you both don't have kids yet, but you see how nice he is with other people's kids, you could affirm his future positive attitude with his own kids.

42. I cherish you more than anything in the world.

These are the right words of affirmation for every man in any condition. It doesn't have to be during a tough phase in your life, it could be a random thing to encourage him.

43. Tell me when I’m wrong.

Most people don't like to be corrected, especially in marriage. They love things going their way. If you tell your spouse this, you're indirectly telling him that you're teachable.

44. I love your outfit.

Like you love compliments, your husband will love it, too. It doesn't have to be a daily thing. You could do as little as complimenting his wristwatch, shirt, or shoes.

45. You love me more than I can imagine.

These words of affirmation show how impressed you are with the love your spouse showers on you always. Affirming it to him means you know and appreciate all his efforts to make you happy.

46. I appreciate your effort.

When your spouse tries to be the stronger person to lift you or make you more comfortable, you should appreciate him for that. Be grateful for a hard-working man.

47. You’re very smart.

This could serve as one of your daily compliments to your spouse. Not everyone believes they're smart or good enough to relate with other people. So, doing this will build his confidence.

48. I’m all yours.

Saying this to your partner reminds him not to be afraid of you. It means he should feel free to talk, laugh, play, or ask you anything he wishes to ask with respect.

49. I won’t let your secrets out.

Men hate it when their secrets get out without their consent. One good affirmation you can give your man is to tell him that he's safe to tell you his secrets.

50. I’m honored to be with you.

These words of affirmation show how much you respect your man as a person, even with his flaws and imperfections.

51. You’re a handsome man.

Admiring your partner's looks, openly, are some of the words of affirmation that would make him feel good about himself.

52. I like how you handle things.

If your partner’s other life of handling things is well perfected and on point, you should tell him how proud you feel when he does them well.

53. I like the meal you made me.

Let your man know how delicious the meal he made was. It will encourage him to do more of that the next time he goes exploring. 

54. I love being around you.

These are words of affirmation telling him that you love spending quality time with him. It means he’s so amazing that you don't want to miss a moment with him.

55. You teach me many things.

When you’re telling him this, be serious about it. Use the same expression you use when you’re thanking him for a good deed. It’s a way of letting him know he impacts a lot in your life.

56. I trust your ideas.

These are some of the words your spouse needs to hear from you. He wants to know that when he makes suggestions, you trust and use them when need be.

57. The world should have many people like you.

These words of affirmation say how proud you are to have him as your spouse. You're so into him and you feel he's so nice that the world would be a better place with people like him. 

58. Thank you for making me your priority.

It takes a level of sacrifice to accommodate someone else's needs when you have yours. Let your partner know you see all he does to make you happy.

59. I feel happy whenever I see you.

You may not know but telling your partner how happy you feel with him around, is a good way of welcoming him. These are a few of the best words of affirmation for him.

60. You complete me.

you complete me

If you want to let your spouse know that you truly love him, tell him he completes you. It's an indirect way of saying he's the only man you need to complete you. 

61. Thanks for always helping with the chores.

No matter how little his portion of chores is, it will go a long way to relieve you of some stress. Thank him for his effort, let him feel good about it.

62. I never want to lose you.

Of course, nobody wants to lose a great man. But, you should affirm this to him, openly. Let him know how valuable he is to you as a woman. That way, you live a happier life together.

63. I want to wake up beside you every morning.

This is another way of saying you want to spend quality time with your partner. It means you always want him by your side all day long.

64. You did great!

This could apply if you witnessed him do something. You could tell him he did a great job with the part of the house he cleaned or the find he made.

65. I don’t feel stressed when you support me.

It's your way of telling your partner that you have nothing to worry about when he supports you. It means that the little he does goes a long way to make you a stronger person.

66. You’re a thoughtful husband.

Telling your husband he’s thoughtful is a way of saying you see the little sacrifices he makes to make you feel comfortable and you know how well he takes his time to think about them.

67. I have a little gift for you.

Everyone is a fan of gifts, especially when they're thoughtful gifts. It would surprise you that affirming your spouse with the words of getting him a gift would make his day just right.

68. Your choice of movies is great.

If your partner is skilled at choosing films, that's something he needs to know. Even if you think it sounds too minor to say, it could make him feel good in ways you can't imagine.

69. You’re the best decision I’ve made.

This is your way of telling him that he's an incredible person. Apart from being your partner, he's been a great addition to your life. And that's to say he's a wonderful person.

70. I want to treat you like a king today.

Tell your husband these words of affirmation when you feel he has done so much for you and he's been a wonderful person. Make him feel good and do everything you can to make him the incredible person that he is.

71. I love your kisses.

A kiss is also part of physical touch. Guys love it when you compliment them, especially about their approach when it comes to physical touch with their wives. 

72. Let’s go out and have fun.

There's so much joy in the air when it comes to a great time. These words of affirmation are the right ones you can say to your husband, especially when he's had a serious week.

73. I don’t want other women seeing you.

A little jealousy is needed in every relationship. Men like to know you love and cherish them more than they can imagine. Say these words of affirmation for him to hear.

74. You understand me so much.

It takes a little time for each couple to understand themselves. So, if your husband puts in the effort to understand you in the right way, you should acknowledge that.

75. I would do anything to make this relationship work.

These are the right words to say when you're sure he's your dream guy. That means you're grateful that you have him as a husband and wouldn't want to ruin it for anything.

76. I like how we can talk for hours.

This is a way of letting your husband know you love spending quality time with him, whether it's face-to-face or in reality. He should know how much you cherish each moment you spend together.

77. I always want to see you happy.

Men have the same expression when they're happy. They either smile, hum a song, cook a meal, or spend quality time with you. Tell him this to let him know you appreciate his happy moments.

78. Your positive vibe gets me going.

People with positive vibes are so much exciting to be with. If your spouse is this kind of person, these are the right words of affirmation for him. Let him know how cute he looks when he's goofy.

79. We should go for a vacation.

These are good words of affirmation for any spouse, especially if you're handling the bills. You could make it better by making it happen in the location of his dreams.

80. You did great last night.

This could apply if you both had a great intimate time the previous night. If need be, you could explain how his physical touch made you feel when you were together the previous night.

81. You’re so compassionate.

It's an indirect way of telling him that he's such a wonderful person. You're letting him know that apart from being a patient man, he is a compassionate person.

82. What do you want me to do to make you happy?

It's fun to make the words of affirmation an open question. That way, you give him the free will to choose how well he'd want you to treat him. His decision ultimately leads to your next action.

83. Keep soaring.

Is your spouse getting awards for his achievements? These are lovely words of affirmation for him. It's an indirect way of motivating him to put in more effort and succeed. 

84. I can’t wait to spend time with you.

If your husband travels a lot, or you're both in different cities, these are the best words of affirmation for him. It will show him how eager you are to spend time with him. That means you miss having him around.

85. I want to be there for you in sad times.

It's relieving for a man to know that his wife would be with him even during sad times. Saying this to him would make him relax and trust you more, knowing you support him.

86. You’re my home.

These words of affirmation are the best you could ever tell your husband. It will settle in his mind knowing that no matter what happens, he'll always be your go-to person, physically and emotionally.

87. Thank you for being a faithful husband.

With many temptations out there, it's hard for a married man to stay faithful. If your spouse does, he earns your gratitude and you should say it as often as you can.

88. I love to follow your lead.

Affirming your love for your husband is trusting him enough to follow his lead. It's you letting him know you'll be okay if he ultimately leads you in the family affairs.

89. Hard times don’t matter when you’re with me.

Stress is reduced when you spend time with your loved ones, especially your spouse. Most times, he may be too busy to notice how nice he is to you during struggling times.

90. Words can’t describe how much I cherish you.

words cant describe how much i cherish you

This is another way of saying he's a true definition of the dream guy you've always wanted and you cherish him wholeheartedly. And that's exactly what your partner needs to hear.

91. I’m always rooting for you.

Telling your spouse this means that even in your dreams, you'll always have his back. It shows you say and do positive things to support him, whether he's present or not.

92. I love your smile.

Not everyone observes little details such as people's smiles. That means if you say this to your spouse, you could make him blush. It could act as one of those compliments.

93. You should get some rest.

These are the greatest words of affirmation you should tell your spouse when you know he's a hard worker. He believes he needs to provide enough for his family to survive. But if you tell him to rest, he will.

94. I think about you all the time.

It's amazing to know that someone loves you so much that she thinks about you all the time. You may be on the right track, but it's not complete until you tell him.

95. I’ll choose you even in my next life.

Telling your spouse that you'll choose him even in your next life is a way to let him know he's the perfect person for you. It means that even with the ups and downs, you want to remain with him forever.

96. What sex position would you like today?

Sometimes, you need to go naughty with your spouse. A little bit of intimacy goes a long way to spice up your relationship. You may not know this, but intimate words of affirmation could be the best for your spouse at a particular time.

97. I want our kids to be like you.

These words of affirmation mean you love and appreciate his general life and approach to things. It shows how much you see him as a great role model for your kids to follow.

98. You have influenced me, positively.

Men love to hear how we'll they've impacted your life. It doesn't matter if it's financially, physically, spiritually, or otherwise. If he has done this for you, these are the right words of affirmation for him.

99. I want to drive you to work.

Another way to affirm your spouse is by offering to help relieve him of some stress. So, you could volunteer to drop and pick him from work just to make him feel relaxed.

100. Let’s stay up late tonight.

If it's a weekend and you feel you should both get your groove on, you could say this to him. That's because sometimes, he may not know or think you'll buy the idea.

101. How long do you want me to kiss you?

When you want to have a special time with your partner or make him feel loved, you could kiss him. Asking him this question is like telling him you're his for as long as he wants.

102. Let me take you out.

Sometimes, you should volunteer to take your spouse out. Hearing these words of affirmation from you would make his heart jump with so much joy. He would be happy that his lover has volunteered to take him out.

103. Would you like a massage?

If your partner comes back from work and it's been a long tiring day, these are the best words of affirmation to tell him. But, you should mean it, too.

104. Only death can separate us.

These words of affirmation mean that you'll always be with him through thick and thin. No fight or struggle can separate both of you, no matter how hard it may be.

105. I lose track of time when I’m with you.

Whenever you lose track of time with someone, it means you have so much fun and so much when you're with them that you forget the rest of the world exists.

106. I bless the day we met.

These words of affirmation show how blessed you've been since the first day you met. It means your spouse has been a blessing to you from the day you met until your present moment.


How do I affirm my man?

Reciprocate his love, either verbally or otherwise. Do good things to make him happy. Remember, it's a relationship, and it requires a balanced effort from you, too, to make it work. You could get him little gifts with nice write-ups, or say things to make him feel good.

What words of affirmation do men like to hear?

They love to hear when you pinpoint a particularly good deed they do and thank them for it. They want to hear words of affirmation that include them in your life, directly. Tell a man you love everything about him and wouldn't trade that love for anything. These are the few ones.

What are some affirming words?

Some affirming words include, “I’ll always be here for you” “thank you for all you do” “I feel blessed whenever we spend time together”. These and many more are some of the affirming words you could start with. You could say other words like “you’re the best man for a woman like me.”

Why do men need words of affirmation?

Men are human, too. They have emotions and a little appreciation from you would do. Yes, they give and may not be tired of doing so. But, they need to be sure that you're not only accepting their goodwill, but you love and respect them as much as they do to you. 

What does every man need to hear?

Every man wants to hear that you love and appreciate him. He wants to be assured that no matter what happens, you'll not pick up your bags and leave him casually. He needs to hear that you have his back and would be willing to sacrifice when the time comes.

In Conclusion

It doesn't matter the partner you have, using words of affirmation for him is one of the best ways to spice things up in your relationship. Don't forget to use these 105 words as a guide. Additionally, I hope you liked this article. If you did, please drop a comment and share it with others.

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