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Dating A Model (27 Things To Expect)

Scanning through Instagram on a lazy afternoon, it is hard not to come across a photo or video of a fashion icon whose life looks glamorous. For many, it is only wishful thinking to assume they might one day end up with someone who looks like that, but for others, it is a reality they do not know how to handle.

Dating a model exposes you to several threads of their lives that photos and 10-second videos could never capture. This does not mean they are not regular humans like us; instead, it means they lead a different lifestyle from the average person. For instance, their shelf life is relatively short. As such, there is pressure to make the most out of the spotlight while it shines on them. 

Unfortunately, sometimes this pressure seeps into other aspects of their lives and relationships. Therefore, you will need to arm yourself to understand what their lives entail as it will help you have a better relationship with them. In this article, we will be going through 27 things to expect when dating a model. 

27 Things To Expect When Dating A Model

1. You may feel insecure

Admitting to feeling insecure in relationships is not something many people are proud to say. However, it is perfectly normal, especially if you are dating a model. They are usually attractive people, and even when they aren’t, they often have features that make them stand out wherever they find themselves. 

It takes someone who is confident and knows their self-worth to walk beside them every day of their life without feeling insecure. Therefore, the issue is not with your insecurity but your confidence. 

Before dating, I will advise that you have a healthy level of self-esteem and confidence. That way, you do not have to battle with feeling inadequate or unworthy of your partner’s love because you believe they are too hot to be genuine.

2. They need reassurance

While many motivational speakers will tell you not to live your life based on other people’s approvals, models often have a different opinion. Their entire career is only as valid as other people’s opinions. This means if people no longer find them attractive, they will get fewer jobs, and their careers may begin to topple over. 

As the partner, you have to reassure them regularly. They will seek your opinion on almost everything from how their tighs look in jeans to if a pair of sandals flatters their feet. They are self-conscious and sometimes, struggle with insecurities. So, you will have to be sensitive to this side of them and ensure that you are always ready with sweet but genuine compliments to lift their spirits.

3. They are fashionable

When you have been on several runways while adorned in expensive outfits, it’s hard not to want to make that experience a part of your everyday life. This is the life of many models out there. And even when they cannot afford high-end clothes, they always find a way to make what they have work. 

When you are dating a model, you will hardly ever find them looking shabby or ill-dressed. They always look their best irrespective of the occasion or time of the day. They know just the right outfit for every occasion and will rather arrive late than look anything short of perfect.

4. Beautiful people surround them

You think your partner is the most beautiful or handsome person in the world. Well, I will advise that you do not make that conclusion until you have met their friends. Just as a doctor tends to have more friends who are also doctors, a model is also more likely to have friends who are also in the same industry and are most likely attractive.

Therefore, before you start dating, make sure that your reason for being with them transcends beyond their physical beauty. That way, even when you meet their attractive friends, your guy or girlfriend remains the one who has your attention.

5. They have expensive tastes

The nature of a model’s job sometimes requires them to travel across the globe, and as such, It is not unusual to meet a model who has traveled to almost every continent in the world. Although these trips are sponsored, they tend to want to maintain their lifestyle. Therefore, you may notice that they insist on eating only in 4 or 5-star restaurants or wearing only brand names.

An expensive taste can also equate to them being high-maintenance. After all, maintaining beauty like theirs requires deliberate efforts, which is essential if they want to remain in the modeling industry. They will need quality skincare products that can run into hundreds of dollars.

6. They know how to put up and act

If you have ever watched an episode of America’s Top Model, you would have noticed how often the host, Tyra Banks advises the ladies to tell a story with their eyes. This is because modeling is not just about posing for pictures; it also involves creativity and acting. 

A model knows when and how to put on a show for the people around them. So even when it seems like your relationship is hitting the rocks, you will be surprised to find out that the people around you may not know. That’s because your girlfriend is a pro at faking a smile. 

7. They have many admirers

When dating a model, you have to prepare your mind for the many admirers that will come their way. Surely, you are not the only one who considers them to be good-looking. There will be guys and girls who secretly wish they were in your shoes, and there are others who do not mind being upfront and perhaps, disrespectful to you by openly flirting with your partner. 

So as a model’s boyfriend or girlfriend, you will need to be confident in their affection for you to avoid unnecessary outbursts of jealousy. 

8. Publicity


Any fashion model who wants to make a name for themselves knows they will have to deal with publicity sooner or later. That’s because as they advance in their careers, they become more popular and may start to be viewed as celebrities. They are now in the public’s eyes and may have little to no privacy because of the paparazzi. 

As the man or girlfriend of a model, you should talk with them about publicity because as they gain fame, your relationship will inevitably be in the tabloids and under the public’s scrutiny. Discussions like if you want to be seen in photographs together or mentioned during interviews will ensure that you both do not overstep each other’s boundaries.

9. Social media is important to them

Just as every profession has evolved to match the jet age, the fashion industry is no exception. Brands now know that they do not necessarily have to host runway shows to let the world know they have a new clothing line. Many of them have resolved to use Instagram models and celebrities. As such, your partner knows that they need to grow their social media pages and attract brands beyond the physical.

So, don’t be surprised if your model partner seems to be taking too many pictures of themselves, their food, and their surrounding. They are simply trying to pull attention to themselves as they know that an excellent social media presence will make them earn more money because brands will be willing to pay more for partnerships. 

10. No stable schedule

Canceled dates, postponed travel plans, and holidays are about to become a norm should you choose to date a model. You see, unlike other guys who have a 9-5 or scheduled job, a model’s schedule is rarely stable. They can be booked into work at any time and anywhere. Therefore, when making plans, you should give room for backups in case something comes up. 

I understand that this can be frustrating to deal with, especially at the beginning of your relationship; however, your ability to understand the nature of their jobs without judgment is a show of support that many models are not privileged to get from their partners. 

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11. They travel a lot

Part of what makes a model’s schedule unstable is their need to travel often. So, except if your partner is a local model who is just starting her career, you should expect them to travel regularly. Some brands make provision for a plus one, so you can take advantage of this privilege and visit numerous cities with your partners.

In cases where you cannot travel with them because of the nature of your job or circumstance, you will need to discuss how to maintain your relationship while they are away. Take advantage of the numerous communication channels out there to ensure you stay involved with each other’s lives. For instance, ensuring that you send each other a message at the start of each day and end the day with a video call.

12. You will have to keep an open mind

I remember watching an episode of America’s Next Top Model, and a model had to shave off her hair because the hosts felt it was a better look for her face type. I was shocked by that decision, but it made me appreciate the efforts they put into achieving particular looks. 

Some of these struggles may include shaving off their hair or going nude in a room full of guys and girls. You will need to keep an open mind and remember that it is not always about your feelings. 

13. They are attention seekers

Models know that they are attractive, and for the most part, they tend to enjoy the attention that people give them. It does not bother them that they walk into a room, and everyone is trying to steal a glance. Their career revolves around grabbing people’s attention and the need to stand out. 

So, when dating such a person, you need to prepare also to receive some of this attention because they will always be on the lookout for ways to get people’s attention, and you should know that when these people are looking at them, they are also looking at you. 

14. They may critique your style

Many models tend to be fashionable and trendy. They know the best outfit combinations for all seasons. So don’t be surprised if you find them critiquing your style or strange obsession with crocs. 

Just because they critique your style does not necessarily mean that they think you look bad all the time or that they are shallow-minded. For the most part, their criticisms are friendly banters. After all, they are with you, which means there is something they like about you that goes beyond how you look or dress. However, if it seems like they hate everything you wear, then that’s a red flag. 

15. They are confident

As someone who constantly seeks attention and words to reaffirm their looks, one will think models are not confident people. On the contrary, they are aware of their good looks and unique features, making them confident. Whenever they walk into a room, they know everyone is looking at them, and they like that attention.

Furthermore, in addition to their confidence is their inability to mince words. A model will tell you how she feels without holding back. 

16. They are planners

they are planners

When a model is at work, they are like robots. They know that there is a specific time allocated for dressing, makeup, and showing up on stage, and going against this time can mess with the flow of things. They tend to carry this trait along with their everyday lives. 

In essence, a model does not mind preparing for event weeks in advance. They do not want unnecessary surprises, so they will take their time to ensure everything is well prepared, and there is no room for disappointment. This is an excellent characteristic if you are also a timely person. It means you will always be in sync when attending events or going out on dates.

17. They are adventurous

Without a doubt, I believe I can say that a model who is not adventurous will not go very far in their career. You see, most models carry with them a sense of wonder. They want to experience life to the fullest and test how far they can achieve their goals.

Their thirst for adventures is what keeps their minds open to travels and, sometimes, an absurd photo shoot. Ever wondered why a person would agree to take a photo between lions? You guessed right; it is to satisfy their sense of wonder and have a tick off their bucket list. Beyond the pay, these guys enjoy the thrill of uncertainties.

18. They know they are attractive so use other compliments

On average, models receive thousands of compliments for their looks or physical attributes. While these compliments bring them joy and do not mind hearing them occasionally, they start to get boring. As a guy or girlfriend, your partner expects you to know them better and be able to love other aspects of their lives. 

Think of other things you like about them and compliment them. For instance, if your girlfriend enjoys hosting parties, you can compliment her excellent hosting skills. That way, she knows her physical attributes are not the only reason you are in the relationship. It makes you an attentive partner, and they will appreciate you more. 

19. You need to have good etiquette

From table etiquette to corporate and telephone etiquette, you will need to have it all to date a model. The ladies want gentlemen, and the men desire a proper lady. 

A friend of mine who is a model met her husband at a singles party. While many men tried to get her attention, her husband was the only man she fancied, and her reason was that he demonstrated manners. Beyond the great conversation they had, he was a gentleman all night, and to date, he is still one. 

You see, many females want gentlemen who know how to conduct themselves appropriately and will not embarrass them on dates or at an event by showing up at a black-tie in jeans.

20. You have to be a good listener

A model’s life is full of stories. I mean, what do you expect from someone who is constantly in the midst of chaos when working. Besides, they work with different people from different backgrounds, so their experiences at each job will be different from the last. 

As a partner, you should be a good and active listener. Ask her about her day and ask follow-up questions so that she speaks freely. They like to know that there is someone who they can always talk to without fear of judgment. Moreover, if you keep up with being a good listener, you might just land some worthy industry gist that only a few people know. 

21. Add value to their lives

People who work in the fashion industry are usually busy, so if they keep you around and struggle to maintain a relationship with you, they either love you or appreciate the value you add to their lives. 

No model is happy to have a passive partner. They want a partner who supports their career and adds value to their lives. So think of ways you can show more support to your partner while they are working. It does not have to be anything significant; it could be helping them with their finances or ensuring they stick to a healthy diet. 

22. You will attend a lot of events

Attending events is something you cannot avoid when dating a model. You see, there is always one party or show that requires their presence, and sometimes, this can go on for days. For instance, Fashion week can be a hectic time for a supermodel, and as their partner, you have to be present every day to show your support

This takes me back to my point on etiquette, and it is why they will want a man or woman who is well mannered. 

23. Be ready for questions

When it comes to people who are into modeling, a second opinion is a valued opinion. In essence, they never get tired of asking other people’s views on their outfits, designs, and looks. They will ask for your opinion on everything, and this is not only peculiar to the ladies because guys do it as well. Questions like if they look fat in jeans or look washed off in a certain color are regulars.

While answering these questions can feel exhausting, you should understand that these are the demands of their career, and they are trying to ensure that the spotlight remains on them for a long time. 

24. Their incomes are irregular

their incomes are irregular

Unlike regular people who earn salaries at the end of each month or get paid weekly, a model’s income is sporadic. This means that, except they are in a tailored contract that spreads their fees over time, their incomes are unpredictable. So, there will be times when it seems like they have a lot of cash because of a huge paycheck, and there will also be times when they have nothing.

For the most part, they are like artisans, whose income is directly proportional to how much work they can get in a week or month. So, you may find yourself lending them money or footing bills pending when they have money. Alternatively, you can be lucky to date someone who knows how to manage their finances and spread out their income, or you may have to assist them in managing each inflow.

25. Their career is a priority

A model’s career does not last a lifetime, and only a few of them can make something out of it once they exceed their youthful years. For instance, many agencies will only accept people between 15-26 years of age, and anyone above 26 comes second place and is no longer considered youthful. 

As a result, many of them are constantly under pressure to have a good reputation before their late twenties. They do not mind making sacrifices while young to ensure that they achieve their goals and build a solid Instagram page.

26. Don’t be a jealous lover

Due to their jobs’ nature, a model may find themselves always attending parties and participating in photo sessions that may involve them getting naked in front of a crew. 

Like a jealous lover, your first instinct may be to pounce the first man or woman who dares to look at your partner lustfully, but that will only mean you have an army of people to fight. A jealous lover does not have a lot of room in a model’s heart because they need someone who shows them support and not someone who will cause a scene and embarrass them publicly over trivial work issues.

27. Be yourself

Many of us drown in the idea that people who work in the modeling industry are high maintenance and have high standards. While these may be true, it is important to know that you don’t have to pretend to be something that you are not because you want to get someone’s love and attention. A model will be happier to be around a genuine person who deeply cares for them instead of someone who isn’t being themselves.


How do you date a supermodel?

Be yourself and try to manipulate your way into their lives. Furthermore, ensure that you put effort into looking good and maintain good social etiquette when you are out with them. They appreciate people who can hold a good conversation on topics that interest them. The chances are that they will be smitten and look forward to spending more time with you.

Do models have to sleep around?

Many people carry around this misconstrued idea that modeling means they have to sleep around, especially if they want to advance in their careers. This is not always true, as many people excel at modeling and do not have to sleep around. Remember that ultimately, there are labor laws to protect them from unsolicited sexual advances.

Can a married woman be a model?

Many women who want to go into modeling worry about this question. Well, the answer is yes. In this day and age, the modeling criteria pool is more extensive, and we now see women of varied ages, sizes, and relationship status achieving their dreams. So yes, a married woman can go into modeling.

Do models date other models?

Modeling is just like any other profession in the sense that people interact with each other. Therefore it is not unusual to find them dating each other. First, no laws are preventing this except if a modeling agency is specifically against it. Secondly, some people find it easier to date someone of the same profession to understand their schedule better.

Do photographers date models?

The answer is yes. You see, the fashion industry does not only consist of people who strut the runway. There are also photographers, videographers, designers, and makeup crew, and all these people work together all the time. Therefore, the chances are that there will be an attraction between them.

To Summarize

To the rest of the world, a model is a superficial person who has access to the best things in life, but after reading this article, you know that this is just one part of them, and there are many other things to expect when dating them. I hope you enjoyed reading this list. If yes, please leave a comment behind, and don’t forget to share.

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