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Dating Someone Who Travels A Lot (11 Creative Ways)

Being in the same zip code as your boyfriend can be so much fun. It's easier to plan dates, surprise each other, get intimate, and so on. On the other hand, dating someone who travels a lot without taking you on any of his trips can be emotionally and physically tasking

Asides from the bummer of not being able to see each other and have fun whenever you want, you also need to do a whole lot more to keep the spark with your partner alive. If these types of relationships will ever work, it might be best for both partners to maintain a policy of zero doubts. 

Even with trust, long-distance status naturally puts some tension on the relationship. Nevertheless, you can make it work if you want to. 

With the tips in this article, you'll know how to strengthen the bond, cope with the loneliness (while he's away) and enjoy each other (when he's back). Altogether, you'll have a shot at keeping the relationship alive no matter how far the distance or frequent the traveling.

11 Ways To Date A Guy That Travels A Lot

When He's Away

1. Communication! Communication! Communication!

Communication! Communication! Communication!

Dating someone who travels a lot leaves you few options to connect. Therefore, you don't need me to emphasize how important it is to keep the communication lines open. The fact that your partner is in a place where you can't just take a stroll to see him whenever you want means you need to maintain a strict communication style. 

Don't wait until you have something funny to say or something important to discuss. You can talk about anything, e.g., how the day went, what he’s having for dinner, what you are wearing, etc. The idea here is not to choke your partner with the information but to keep the conversation alive so that he doesn’t start getting too comfortable with your absence.

2. Shut out the doubt and work on trust issues

When you are dating a traveler, there will be periods when you can't connect. Maybe the time zones are different, or your work schedules clash. The truth is, not seeing your man and not hearing from him has the potential to make your imagination run wild. 

The possibility of developing insecure feelings is not negligible, especially when you are dating someone ladies love to flock around. But if there's no reason to doubt, then don't entertain any unsettling feelings. Also, if you have trust issues, you need to deal with them; otherwise, you may not have a shot at making your long-distance relationship work.

3. Invest in yourself

One of the cons of being in a relationship with someone that's not always around is loneliness. However, you can make the best of these periods when your partner is away. Look on the bright side; your friends that have boyfriends living with them may not have enough alone time to themselves. 

So, don’t be the person that sulks all day, be the one that would get proactive. Yes, you miss your partner but don't spend all your time lying around waiting for his call. It's time to better yourself and engage in things that make you happy or productive. Make hay while the guy is away! 

The idea here is to have an identity separate from the guy you’re dating and be a part of something new. I'm not trying to be a pessimist here; but if all doesn't go well, this tip will help you move on with your life because doing your own thing won't feel strange.

4. Consider the benefits of this time apart

Believe it or not, spending too much time together can also hurt relationships. When partners are in their faces all the time, it could get boring and unmotivating quite fast. Therefore, with the right mindset, you'll undoubtedly see the pros of spending time away from each other. Research shows that long-distance relationships have a higher chance of survival. 

While not seeing your partner when you want can sometimes be frustrating, it can also be a blessing. Distance reduces the chances of someone getting tired and taking their partner for granted. 

The fact that you don't have sex all the time will make it special when you do. I know it takes a lot of patience; however, you'll find that the distance is not all a bad idea once both partners are committed to making the relationship work.

5. Be spontaneous when you can

Yeah, your travel partner is many miles away, again! So who said you can’t pay him a surprise visit. Come on, girl, have a sense of adventure. Spontaneity helps to keep the excitement between couples fresh and eliminate monotony. Note, it's not an opportunity to spy on your partner, but a bonding time, so you don't want to spend it playing FBI. 

Remember, you don't get a lot of time together, so you'll do well to enjoy the little time you have. Asides from a surprise visit, you can also send surprise gifts if you don’t have the money or time to head across the world or country to see him. 

Thanks to the internet, you can order a flower, chocolate, or perfume from an online store and have it delivered to your partner. All of these kinds of gestures will keep your love life aflame and give the relationship a fighting chance.  

6. Trash the issues quickly

With all relationships come times of misunderstanding or even fights, and it could get worse when your partner is halfway across the world or traveling back and forth. That’s one of the cons of being apart. The two of you may squabble over nothing just because of a misinterpreted statement or facial expression.

That’s why you have to be a little more careful when talking to your partner if he’s away from home. Whenever a fight happens, don't let it morph into a bigger problem. Take out time to discuss and forgive one another quickly. Trust me, you don't want to spend the little time you have to create loving memories arguing about unsettled fights when your partner comes home to you. 

7. Get active on social media platforms

Get active on social media platforms

Just because you miss each other doesn't mean you should spend all your free time waiting for him to connect. In this regard, social media platforms are an exciting place to make friends and catch fun. It’s also not the time to sulk about your friends' stories online, it could cause you a lot of pain. 

The idea here is to have an active functioning life that’s not evolving around your boyfriend. This way, you’ll keep a healthy balance of the situation and also keep the boredom in check. 

8. Keep your besties and family close

When it comes to maintaining a healthy balance in your life, nurturing relationships with your folks and besties can help you in remaining positive.  That’s why it’s important to maintain the relationship you have with your family, your girls, and other guys you consider your friends. You don’t want the wrong set of people around you, they’ll do nothing but complicate issues.

People that have negative mindsets due to bad experiences of the past could unintentionally plant unsettling feelings in you, making you doubt your partner for no reason. Therefore, you'll do well to keep a circle of positive-minded friends.

9. Make technology your sidekick

Thanks to technological advancement, gone were the days when you have to wait till your partner gets back from his latest trip before you can see his cute smile. With apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, and other fantastic dating apps, you can bridge the distance between you both. 

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More than just hearing each other's voice, which might sometimes not be enough, you can also see each other via dating apps that allow creative video calls and other cool features. When you find a way to make your significant other feels like he’s in your world, and not a world of his own miles away from you, that would certainly make him more fond of you.

If you just started dating, then you guys have a lot of work to do. Use the pros of technology to your advantage and connect with him more often. 

When He's Back

10. Keep the physical attraction alive

While you may have been giving him a tip of the iceberg via video calls, you'll do well to give him the full package of what he's been missing when he comes home. 

If he is spending a short period with you, make sure there's no time you are not looking drop-dead gorgeous so that he can leave with a stunning memory of you. The idea is to keep the attraction alive and possibly knock any competition out of his mind.

11. Spend quality time together

You've waited long enough to see your significant other. Now that he's home, you want to make every moment count. This period is not the time to start planning how the coming days are going to be eventful, or how to host people for dinner. It would help if you did the planning together while he was away. 

Have fun activities each day and make sure there's time for intimacy. Don't let trashing-issues take some of the quality time you want to spend together. Arguments can turn into major fights before you know it. Furthermore, goodbyes are also romantic moments you don't want to miss. 

Take out time to accompany your man to the airport or train station. The goodbye memories are for cherishing, so don't avoid them because it might make you cry seeing him leave. 


How do you date someone who travels a lot?

Dating a traveler can be a bit emotionally challenging, but you can make the relationship work with a conscious effort and a high level of trust. One of the first things is to have a strict communication routine. Talk about everything and share everything from the things you do every day to anything surprising that has happened. 

What do you call a person who travels a lot?

Well, it depends on how the person travels. A person who travels with no home to return to is a vagabond. There's also a rover and nomad. These people enjoy moving from place to place while working and making a living as they go. Sometimes, a person who travels a lot, especially around the world, can be called a globetrotter.

How do you deal with a traveling boyfriend?

It'll help to have a detailed dialogue on how to make the relationship work. If you both want to keep dating, then making communication a habit is an excellent place to start. Realize it's not a Hollywood script, so you need to make a conscious effort to keep the spark alive. You can initiate nice gestures like sending gifts. Also, take advantage of technology to bridge the gap.

How soon is too soon to go on a trip together?

There's no rule of thumb here. As soon as you find yourself happily settled with someone, then it's not a bad idea if you want to buy two tickets to the Maldives. Yes, it's okay to take things slow to ensure you do not make any decisions irrationally and impulsively. You also want to remember that relationships aren't the same. Some people settle in faster (2-3moths) with each other, feeling like they've been dating since forever.  For others, it may take longer (over 6months) because of bad experiences in the past. 

How do I stay connected when my husband travels?

Thanks to technology, phones, and computers will help you connect remotely, so you can keep the communication lines open without any hassle. If he's going away for long, you might want to adopt dating apps that help couples with remote intimacy. Furthermore, thoughtful gestures, such as sending gifts, is also not a bad idea.

In Summary

I hope you had a great time reading the article. Going through the article, you'd notice there's more to do while your boyfriend is away than when he is with you. It's only natural since he spends more time away. 

Remember that a conscious effort is needed to keep the spark in any long-distance relationship alive. It might be a little challenging, but it's possible. Let me know what you think in the comment section below and you can also share the article with those who need it.

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