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Showering Together (19 Reasons Couples Shower Together)

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

When it comes to relationships, there are numerous ways to achieve or enjoy intimacy. Some people misinterpret intimacy as sex, but in reality, it involves a lot more than that. Getting intimate with your partner means giving bear hugs, kissing, cuddling, whispering sweet nothings, and taking showers together.

Showering together as a form of intimacy works out many issues between partners, quickens their bonding process, and acts as a fun and exciting foreplay to lovemaking. You both get to discover different aspects of yourselves, including the playful part. 

Not all couples love showering together. Some feel it's overrated and should be tried out or given so much attention when talking about its role in relationship bonding. Others think there's no point in it as there should be some boundaries or privacy in a relationship.

However, a larger percentage of people claim it spices up relationships as they have the best conversations when showering together. It may seem like there's little to do with your partner in the shower, or you can only be intimate. But, keep reading to know other benefits couples showering together can bring. 

19 Reasons Couples Shower Together

1. It will save time

Showering together helps to save time. Imagine you and your partner sleeping late, overseeing, missing your alarm, and having a couple of minutes barely to make it to work on time; one of the few options you'll have will be to consider showering together.

Depending on how comfortable you are with each other in your relationship, you may not have any other choice to avoid being late. All you will see and visualize is anything that would freeze time until you can make it to your office, arrive on time for your appointment, or meet your flight on time. So, you rush into the shower with your partner to catch up with time. 

2. It increases and improves intimacy

it increases and improves intimacy

According to research, showers together increase intimacy between couples like nothing else. Not many physical contacts like laying together in the same bed or cuddling have been proven to bring intimacy as having a shower together. Sometimes we have spaces like the bathroom.

When you shower together, you both find out things about each other, sensually, physically, and otherwise. Couples who shower together at the beginning stage of a relationship tend to quicken their bonding process and intimacy, willingly share every aspect of themselves, and hide nothing about what their significant other is unaware of. This is one of the pros of showering together.

3. It will conserve water

Water is known to be a common but rare commodity. Many cities and countries pay a certain amount to enjoy this lovely source of life, making it even more interesting to take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with your partner in the bathroom without any worries.

If you're in a location that requires you to pay water bills, buy it for a particular price, or are limited to the amount you receive to survive, you could consider showering together. It would help conserve water and improve your relationship generally and spice up your intimacy. You could consider it too.

4. Showering together makes each partner comfortable in their skin

It doesn't matter how long you've been together in a relationship; you may still be shy of taking off your clothes in front of your partner, especially when it's in a small space like a bathroom. Some people don't even have sex with bright lights; they'd prefer to make it as dim as possible, even if it's during the day.

Showering together builds your confidence level when you're naked with your partner. It may not happen immediately or the first time you try it. But over time, when you start taking showers together, you get less nervous and more comfortable taking off your clothes in the bathroom with your partner.

5. You both notice new things on each other’s bodies

Not everyone has the patience to observe their bodies critically. Those who do may not see the changes, especially if they happen in locations not visible to their eyes. One of the benefits of showering together is, you discover many things on your partner's body. 

Not just sensitive or sensual spots; it could be skin blemishes, reactions, allergies, or unknown self-inflicted wounds. You get to know your partner’s body in many ways. Some discover a few moles or rashes that could be early signs and symptoms of a skin disease or infection, which is another reason why many couples prefer showering together most of the time.

6. It's a way to try a new shower sex position

People have different ideas of shower sex. Not everyone is a fan of it. At the same time, not every couple can stay without having shower sex, at least once in a while. It's a love language for some guys, especially the ones that love spontaneity. And it's an adventure for most women too.

If your bathroom wall gets slippery and uncomfortable, you could try different shower sex positions until you find a suitable one for you and your partner or add wall supports to prepare for unexpected future showers. Or, you could replace your shower curtain with a bathroom door. This is one of the reasons couples take showers together.

7. To talk about a creative business idea

Bathroom time is one of the best moments for most individuals. The same thing happens with couples, especially when they're taking showers together. Showering together with your partner, whether it's a man or woman, creates a relaxing atmosphere to think and talk about a good business idea. 

You both get to brainstorm about the pros and cons of your new development and how best to approach it. It's during this intimate moment that you both re-strategize and share responsibilities to bring your idea to life with little stress. In addition to that, it could also be a moment to talk about an existing career.

8. It creates a new kind of fun for the couple

it creates a new kind of fun for the couple

Not every couple is open to having fun in a park, restaurant, or cinema where many eyes can see them. Some love to enjoy the serenity of the home space to express themselves to the fullest. Of course, it will be boring to always chill on the couch, kitchen, or cuddle on the bed.

Sometimes, you have to break the boredom by exploring other house areas, including the bathroom space. This would help if your partner is an outdoor person but compromises to stay indoors with you. Making the best of your indoor spaces will create variety and make it fun and exciting for them. 

9. You get to sing with the showerhead

Have you ever heard of music performances in the bathroom? Most people have, and they do it almost daily to feel good while showering. It's fun when you do it alone, and you discover how lovely your voice could be with a different reverberation of sound in the bathroom. 

You could have more of that fun with your partner; sing a duet, or perform any of your favorite songs together. An additional advantage of that is you have a showerhead and shampoo bottle to mimic a microphone and soap lather as extra stage props, so it makes you feel like you're a star singing on stage.

10. Have fun playing with soap lather

Another type of fun you have when showering together is playing with soap lather. You can draw with it on your body or create a mohawk on your partner's hair with the one made from shampoo. That way, you both get to have your share of fun each. 

Depending on how much your soap or shampoo lathers, you could make good bubbles out of it. Create and blow large bubbles, and watch them float in the air until they vanish or burst. Not only would you spend time together, but it will also improve your relationship for the best in the long term. 

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11. They will find each other’s sensitive spots

There are some sensitive spots on your partner's body or yours you may not know about. And in reality, they may not know about them too. Showering together opens you up to discover them. They may not necessarily be sensual but ticklish to make them laugh or smile, which will increase an intimacy spark.

That's a different kind of intimacy because you discover something rare which may have never been possible to know without getting into the bathroom together. According to research, showering together is said to be one of the best activities every couple should try, in addition to sex.

12. It starts the day on a lovely note

For most people that wake up grumpy in the morning, having a few minutes of intimacy with your partner could switch things up from zero to a hundred. It could eliminate the sleepy eyes, sad mood, and grumpiness you wake up with, especially if you don't have enough sleep. Everyone loves to have a good day.

So, if one partner is a goofy, playful, or sweet type, they'll do everything possible to make the other partner happy and ready to face a long day. So, it's more like a confidence and happiness booster, which makes it one reason many couples love showering together.

13. Showering together relieves stress

Sometimes, stress causes tension, mood swings, or lack of communication between couples. The reason is that, after a long day, they're both tired, maybe angry and frustrated, and in no mood to have simple talks or a romantic time together. 

So after a busy, tiring day at your different locations, instead of having your routine discussions or talk about how your day went, you could both shower together. It reignites the sparkle between you two, no matter how tired, frustrated, or sad at the end of the day. Before you know it, you'll both cheer yourselves and drop every negative emotion to have a good moment.

14. It builds more trust between the couple

If you can look into each other's eyes, say silly, funny, and amazing things, that's trust. It takes a level of understanding to get there, and it only happens with someone you care about, not a fling. Of course, other things build trust between couples, especially if they're willing to be vulnerable with each other.

But, having a shower together builds a different kind of trust because your partner sees you for who you indeed are, with nothing to hide. You as an individual will eventually be relaxed enough to drop your guards too. Remember, once in a while, each relationship needs a moment to build more trust, and it could be in the bathroom.

15. You bathe and clean each other better

you bathe and clean each other better

It feels good to get help to clean the areas of your body you can't reach. Let's leave the romance aspect for a bit; showering together involves helping each other scrub your backs and wash the hair to make bathing easy and quick. 

Ask your partner to shampoo and massage your scalp. It brings one of the best feelings you can ever imagine. The same thing happens when you help massage theirs too. The perfect thing is you can both control each other’s quantity of shampoo to avoid finishing a whole bottle of it in a day. 

16. It's another kind of foreplay

Foreplay could come in different approaches, depending on the environment and the couple’s personality in the relationship. Taking a shower together could take it to another level. Remember, you're taking a shower with your partner, and touching you in certain spots on your body could turn you on.

A relationship with individuals that have lost a touch of foreplay or emotional connection for specific reasons could be revived with taking showers as a kind of foreplay. You won't have to go through the process of taking off clothes, you already have bare skin to play with, and it may most likely be spontaneous.

17. You both can have a romantic date in a bathtub

There are many ideas of dates or date nights; fancy restaurants, watching the sunrise and sunset, going for picnics, or going on short vacations to a nearby resort. They're all nice and romantic. But, you could create that same suitable romantic atmosphere at home in your bathroom space.

All you need for a date in a bathtub is a bottle of wine, some scented candles, flower petals with different fragrances you and your partner prefer, and subtle background music. It could be a warm bubble bath with toned or dim lights to complement it. It will save costs and the hassle of dressing up. This is one of the reasons why couples shower together.

18. It's a bonding time

Showering together can be a bonding time for couples. It may seem like they're just cleaning themselves and splashing water on the wall or each other’s body, but in reality, it's a time for them to get to know each other on a more realistic level.

During this moment, they could share a lot of thoughts, a business idea, look into each other's eyes and kiss. Some partners may go as far as revisiting, arguing, quarreling, settling, or laughing about ignored past events they both disliked or liked and never talked about. This means this is another way most couples use to reconnect.

19. Play with water

If you both want to have plenty of time together and excess water with no kids or other people to worry about, you could spend some time splashing water on each other. There are many ways to do this, and one of them includes water fighting or toe fighting in a bathtub.

You may soak the whole bathroom area and wall, but it's worth it. When playing with water, there's always laughter and the eagerness for each partner to win. The good thing is, after this moment, you become relaxed and ready for intimacy. It doesn't have to be sex; it could be a passionate kiss in the bathroom or cuddling on the bed.


How do you take a shower with your partner?

It differs with each couple and their aim. Your reason should determine how you’d take a shower with your partner; to save time, for shower sex, mere intimacy, to have fun, or just for a change. Either way, you need soap, external lubricant, maybe shampoo, and a good time and atmosphere for it.

How can I make my shower more fun?

Reminisce about good memories. If you’re a new couple and you have any yet, fantasize about the future. Talk about your career and make plans on how to execute them. If you’re not interested in the talk, you could play with water, kiss, or do a combination of all.

Why you should not bathe with your partner?

Showering with your partner could make things exciting in your relationship, but sometimes it spoils the fun of fantasizing about your partner's naked body. Furthermore, if either of the partners has a contagious disease, it's not advisable to bathe together; and both partners may have different love languages, so the feeling might not be mutual.

How can I make my shower romantic?

Romantic showers can be achieved in numerous ways. If you want to spend time talking, cuddling, and kissing your partner, you could do scented candles, dim, warm lights, wine, and subtle background music in a bathtub. For more sex and foreplay, you could add lubricants to the list to make it enjoyable.

Is it weird to shower with your significant other?

It depends on you, your significant other, and your personality. If your relationship is the type you love having fun and taking part in various intimate activities, it's not weird to shower with your spouse. The opposite is the case with couples that are a bit uptight and share little in common.

In Summary

If you love to explore exciting activities, it won't hurt to incorporate taking a shower together to break your regular daily routine. I hope this article lighted up pointers for you. If you're wondering why your partner suggests taking a bath together, read these 19 reasons, for starters. Don't forget to drop a comment and share it with others.

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