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19 Amazing Things To Do In The Shower With Your Boyfriend

June 3, 2024

Bedroom sex is fun, but it can get boring after a while. Taking a shower together is the ultimate way to spice up your sex life when you’re stuck in a rut. 

Showers aren’t just for fun sex, either. They can be a spot for romance. Intimacy will flourish if you do the right things. 

If you’re new to having fun in the shower, this list is going to give you plenty of things to do that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in his memory. You’re well on your way to being his most unforgettable girlfriend. 

Everything You Should Be Doing In The Shower Together

Showering together is much more than just having traditional sex in the shower. This is probably the least fun thing to do in the shower unless you’re trying out cool new shower sex positions. Missionary style is not going to work, and it’s not the funniest thing you could be doing. 

Instead, use your time in the shower together to build intimacy that is lacking in your relationship. Have some fun with each other to make you both laugh. Take some time to truly enjoy one another.

1. Have a romantic shower

Light some candles. Scented candles or incense will help set the mood for those intimate moments. After that, give him a sensual scalp massage. Lay down in the shower with him in front of you so that the water hits you both while you massage him. Keep in mind that there needs to be enough room in the bathtub for both of you to sit down for this one to work.

2. Steamy shower sex

If you’re not in the mood for romance, let the passion flow. Rip each other’s clothes off, jump in the shower, and have amazing shower sex. Any position you can think of that involves standing up will do. 

If you’ve never had shower sex before, start with this one because it will instantly work out. You won’t feel awkward trying a new position that doesn’t work out if you start with the basics.

3. Wash their hair

Guys are usually extremely deprived when it comes to touch, but they rarely say it. They don’t get as much physical affection as us women do. Help meet his physical needs by taking some time to simply touch him in the shower. Wash his hair for him.

4. Wash his body too

If you both enjoy that, maintain the mood by washing his body. Remember, touch doesn’t always have to lead to sex. Take your time soaping every inch of him, including his legs and his hands. Massage the back of his neck. While you’re at it, give him a brief back massage. 

Make sure to skip the loofa or washcloth. Instead, put body wash on your hands. There’s nothing more intimate than the feel of skin against skin. 

Add more intimacy to your shower by not asking him to turn around to wash his back. Instead, press your body up against his, reaching your arms behind him to spread body wash all over his backside.

5. Do the shampoo prank

do the shampoo prank

Taking a shower with him is going to be intimate, but it can also be whatever you’d like for it to be. It can be romantic. Or, it can be funny. Remember, relationships that have humor both survive and thrive. 

If your man turns around to face the showerhead while he’s rinsing his hair, wait until he does that exact thing. Then, grab the bottle of shampoo and squirt a little bit more in his hair. Be careful not to touch his hands. The goal is that he doesn’t know you did it. Instead, he’ll be standing there for quite a while trying to get all of the soap out of his hair. 

If you can’t reach the shampoo, be careful not to use body wash with a strong scent. If he smells it when he’s rinsing his hair, he’ll know something is up. 

You can make a game out of this too. See how much extra shampoo you can add to his hair before he starts trying to figure out why there is so much soap.

6. Leave the bathroom door open for some extra spice

Don’t do this if you have children. No child wants, or needs, to see their parents having raunchy sex in the shower. 

If you don’t have kids, or they happen to be gone for the weekend, leaving the bathroom door open will instantly add a little bit of a risky feel to your shower fun. If you’re stuck in a rut in the bedroom, just try it. It adds the same feeling even if no one is home.

7. Relax in the steam

Simply relax, butt naked in the steam. This has quite a few benefits that most couples don’t realize. 

The steamy bathroom acts as a sauna. The hot steam will open your pores, helping you detoxify your body. If the two of you are working towards health goals together, this is a great idea. 

You can also build feelings of intimacy by cuddling together naked. Simply holding each other in the shower is a great idea.

8. Have fun with the showerhead

Showerheads are amazing for masturbating in the shower. If your man loves to watch, he’ll definitely love watching you take a shower and do the things you love to do when he’s not around.

9. Show him what the showerhead can do for him 

When it comes to sexy fun with those removable nozzles, most people instantly think of women. However, this can provide plenty of stimulation for your boyfriend too. Turn it on the pulse setting and see where his favorite areas for this type of fun are. Remember, everyone’s different. 

Not only will this be fun for him, but it’ll also take your relationship to new depths. Most men feel neglected, and like they have to constantly please a woman. He’ll like being the center of attention in the relationship for the afternoon. Check out this article for tips that will drive him crazy.

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10. Play fight over who gets the hot water

play fight over who gets the hot water

If you’ve ever tried to take a genuine hot shower with someone else, you know that there’s never enough room for both of you under the hot water. The next time you’re showering together, have some fun and start a play fight over the hot water. Little moments like this will instantly make your relationship fun like it was in the beginning.

11. Have sex against the wall

Every shower has a wall. Press your body up against the wall while he enters from behind. He can also pick you up so that you’re facing him. This is one of the most common ways that men and women enjoy sex in the shower.

12. Explore different positions

There’s nothing stopping you from checking out this article and trying every position on the list. In fact, put it on your bucket list. Every time you’re in the mood for some action, try a new position! 

Being more adventurous is going to spice up your love life and make your boyfriend wait anxiously for that moment at the end of the day when you two take a shower together. He won’t be able to help but think about it as the day goes on.

13. Don’t forget the non-slip bath mat

Having a quality non-slip mat in the shower is something you have to do before raunchy shower sex. It gives you a little bit more traction in the shower so you can really have some fun. 

A good bath mat in the shower is also going to instantly eliminate any fears you have about slipping. The last thing you want to do is be the wife at the ER that fell in the shower and broke a bone. 

There are some great options for your shower floor. Picking up a large one or several smaller ones are both perfect ideas to make sure you don’t slip on the shower floor. The anxiety of thinking about it is enough to stress and prevent an orgasm.

14. Avoid using the shower curtain to hold onto

In the heat of the moment, it can be tempting to grab a hold of the shower curtain. Don’t do it. Shower curtains are made from fabric or vinyl that can easily rip. They cannot support your weight. 

Showering together is supposed to be fun. In order for it to be amazing, you want to keep safety tips in mind.

15. Don’t freak out if it doesn’t turn out how you thought it would

dont freak out if it doesnt turn out how you thought it would

When women do this, guys start thinking needy or clingy. If this happens at the beginning of a relationship, he isn’t going to be happy with it. 

Instead, blow it off. Try something else. Or, even better, simply laugh it off. There’s always a chance that a new position won’t feel right or that he will catch you putting the shampoo in his hair during the shampoo prank.

16. Soap and water do not count as lube

This is one of the most important tips to remember if you and your lover use a lubricant. Soap and water will be wet, but it is not the same consistency as a lubricant. It will be gone faster, making it less effective. 

Lubricant is preferred over these due to safety reasons too. It’s not a good idea for women to get soap inside their bodies, particularly their vagina. In the event that it does happen, it can cause severe irritation, killing future intimacy for quite a while.

17. Turn on the cold water and blast him with it

Wait until you’re in the front of the shower. Then, turn off the hot water and move to the side to make sure you don’t get caught in the stream of icy cold water that is coming his way!

Couples that have fun together build a lasting bond. Moments like this are necessary to make sure that you and your boyfriend have a strong foundation. Just make sure no one else is home or they’ll wonder why he’s screaming!

18. Help each other shave

Opinions on whether another person should help with the other’s personal grooming habits tend to vary from one relationship to another relationship. If you feel that your partner shaving any area of your body crosses a boundary, don’t go outside of your own boundaries. There are plenty of other things you two can do while showering together. 

If you don’t object to this, or simply haven’t tried it yet, this is something you can do with your partner while showering together. Couples that do intimate activities together, such as grooming each other, tend to have a closer bond in the relationship. Help your boyfriend manscape. Let your lover shave your legs, complete with applying aftershave gel. 

It’s important to know what your boundaries are before diving headfirst into this idea. Most people don’t want to see a person clip their toenails, but one person’s bad idea is another person’s hottest fantasy. Decide what you do and do not want in the bathroom. If clipping toenails is off-limits, communicate that to your partner.

You’ll need to keep in mind that this much intimacy in the bathroom can lead to people using the bathroom in front of each other. Your boyfriend might suddenly feel comfortable taking a dump in front of you. You might start peeing with the door open. 

If the thought of this crosses a boundary for you, make sure to let your partner know ahead of time so you never have to deal with getting out of the shower to them sitting on the toilet.

19. Water massage

If your boyfriend has had a hard day at work, help him relax with a steamy water massage. When the two of you are in the shower together, the water will replace massage oil. It will help your hands glide over each other’s bodies with no effort. The hotter the water is, the more it will help him relax. 


What to do when you shower with someone?

Take the time to enjoy each other’s bodies. Give each other water massages. Play with the showerhead. Let him watch you shower. Sensually rub his favorite kind of body wash up and down his body. Savor the moment to make it more romantic

Is it good to shower with your partner?

It’s a great idea to shower with your partner! When you’re in the bathroom together, whether it’s showering or getting ready to go, you bond with one another. This is a deeper level of intimacy provided that you both participate. If you just jump in the shower and take individual showers, it won’t be the most intimate moment. 

How can I make my shower romantic?

Showers can easily be one of the most romantic moments in your relationship. Scatter candles around the bathroom to set the mood. Don’t forget to turn out the bathroom light. Make sure the bathroom is warm and the water is hot before you get in. Wash each other. Massage one another. 

What do couples do together?

Couples do a lot of things together based on what each person in the relationship likes. They take showers together. They ask each other for tips and advice. People in a relationship might cook together, watch television together or do fun things, like bowling, together. Having conversations together is an important part of a relationship. 

Do hot showers help lose weight?

Showers by nature help you lose weight because they involve movement. The average fifteen-minute shower will help you lose approximately 62 calories. To up the calorie count, opt for a cold shower. Your body has to use more calories to stay warm. Hot baths are another option. They help speed up your metabolism. 

When I was engaged, one of my favorite things was to take showers together. Some nights they were romantic, and others they were fun. What do you like to do with your partner in the shower?

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