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My Husband Is A Picky Eater (7 Ways To Deal With One)

April 4, 2024

Is your husband a picky eater? Then I understand what you are going through. Having a man who selects every meal you make during dinner can be very frustrating, especially when he complains about the food or vegetables you love.

It’s even worse if you love to experiment with new dishes, but your husband doesn't want to try them. He wants to stick to the old boring regular meals that he loves. If you try something new, he would leave the dining table without touching the dish; he won't even taste it. 

This behavior can be especially tasking when you have children, because your husband's dishes may never have the right vitamins that your children need for them to be healthy. Kids also need to try different dishes so they can grow up and decide their food preferences. 

Having a picky eater automatically means you have to make a separate dish for your husband and children, which will be time-consuming and annoying. On that note, here are seven ways to handle a husband who is a picky eater.

7 Ways To Deal With A Husband Who Is A Picky Eater

1. Make what he likes for the whole family to eat

make what he likes for the whole family to eat

This is a peaceful approach to the situation. You can just cook his choice of preference and let the whole family eat that. If you don't do this, it can get really hard for you because if he rejects food. Your kids might also react the same way just because they saw dad do that. 

As a wife, you need to try and create a balance. Because it may not be such a good idea if the kind of dishes he likes doesn't have veggies and lack the appropriate nutrients. So, you must make sure there is a balance.

2. Make two different meals

You could cook the particular food he likes for him alone, then make something different for yourself and the children. This is vital if the kids are young and their body requires a balanced diet for healthy living (and your hubby’s food doesn't contain that). 

But the disadvantage of this particular point is that it can be stressful because it's not an easy task to take care of two or more children and cook as well; it will be too much stress to cook multiple foods daily trying to strike a balance. 

If you want to do this, you can make the food that he likes in a very large quantity and put it in the fridge. Later, you can microwave the food and serve him, and you don't need to go through the whole cooking process.

3. Let him cook for himself

This doesn't mean you will no longer cook in the house or leave the kitchen duties to him. You are still his wife, and the happiness of your family must be your priority. 

You can cook the general house food that contains the required nutritional values, but if he refuses to eat it and is being picky as usual, you can advise him to get into the kitchen and prepare what he wants for himself. 

Maybe when he starts cooking for a while and realizes how stressful it can get, he will adjust and be more considerate. That being said, it might be a problem if the food you made is not right for his health. For example, if your husband has diabetes, you can't just cook whatever and then ask him to get to the kitchen; it will seem as though you don't care about his health.

4. Let him suggest recipes

Before you start preparing a meal, please speak to your partner about it and let him suggest recipes to you. This way, you can prepare a meal he likes to the extent that it's healthy and good enough for everyone, but it's still that dish he loves. 

So don't just go ahead and cook. Talk to him first, so he doesn't request something else after your hard work. Peace will then reign because understanding is fostered.

5. Make him see the bad in his diet choice

If your husband is a picky eater and his choice isn't healthy or good for the whole family, then you need to talk some sense into him, so he can adjust. Speak to him and tell him the disadvantages of his choices and how it's not good for him and the rest of the family. 

Eventually, he has to adjust, although not in a hurry. Be patient with him. He is an adult; he needs to learn to incorporate another nutritious food into his desire and calm down with being so picky.

 6. Patience is a virtue

patience is a virtue

One of the attributes of a virtuous woman is patience, so in as much as having a partner that is picky with foods is frustrating, be patient and look at the bright side of things, at least he is expressive here. The situation doesn't have to be as bad as it seems. So, even if things are getting hard, the best way to approach this is by being patient. 

Patiently observe the issue. Know why he is so picky, know if his choice is actually a good idea and would be healthy for everyone. Don't just rush into an argument or fight about it, and don't use words that look like you are tired of being with him. Calm down, be patient, and trust me, things will be sorted out in time.

7. No food shaming

No matter how terrible you think his choice of food is, don't food shame him. Give him reasons to stop his eating habits but don't make him feel bad about himself or diet choice. It will drive him away from you the more or make him insist on it to satisfy his ego. So, no food shaming is allowed when you want to deal with your husband who is a picky eater.


How do you deal with a husband who is a picky eater? 

Making someone change isn't as easy as they say, especially for picky eaters. On that note, the seven tips listed above will help you deal with a picky eater.

Is picky eating a mental disorder?

No, it isn't, but it can lead to the development of Selective Eating Disorder (SED) or Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). 

What makes someone a picky eater? 

For some people growing up, they were taught to eat just specific kinds of meals, and they are not interested in trying any new meal. In contrast, for others, may have tried it and got an allergic reaction. For some, they just assume they won't like a meal by the way it looks.

Should you force a picky eater to eat? 

No. You must treat them with love and give them reasons why they need to try a new dish. Nobody wants to be forced into doing anything so carefully persuade them.

What should I make for dinner for a picky husband?

Make what he loves to eat, especially when you know he had a bad day. You could make a side dish and talk him into eating it, but make sure you don't force him to eat it.

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In Summary  

I hope you found this article helpful. When dealing with your man, please make sure you are patient with him and do this from a place of love. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.

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