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Dating A Photographer (43 Reasons Why You Should Date One)

There are many sets of open-minded individuals out there. Photographers are one of those sets. They love adventure, spontaneity and would barely say no to random fun things. A photographer doesn’t mind having fun all day, whether taking pictures or not. It’s what makes them live their lives wholly.

Dating a photographer has many pros attached to it. One of them includes making you think out of the box and gradually becoming creative or seeing things from a creative’s perspective. This means you get to interpret things more profoundly than the way they look physically, and you become more aware of your environment.

You get to have your dates at unique and random spots, keep memories, and have no limitations in having fun. If you wish, you could join him on trips to catch up on a new adventure or simply stay home and have your personal time. Either way, it's a win-win for you.

If you're already in a relationship with a photographer and want to know how to make the best of it, or you love one and would like to see if you should go ahead and date them or not, keep reading to know 43 reasons why you should date a photographer. 

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43 Reasons Why You Should Date A Photographer

1. Photographers pay attention to details

One thing you would enjoy dating a photographer for is their ability to pay attention to details. They see what you don't see in places, people, or things. It could be as little as the color of an element on someone’s cap or the way they pick up a fork in a restaurant. 

It's a skill they develop over time in their photography career. It happens unplanned, but it helps a lot, especially if they need to remember an event, a person, or a particular location, or when they're called to be witnesses of a crime.

2. They flirt a lot

they flirt a lot

Flirting may sound like a negative thing until your photographer partner does it to you at the right time. It doesn't mean they flirt with any man or woman they see, but their ability to switch from a serious to a flirtatious topic to make you blush without little or no stress.

It's another addition to their exciting life. They know how to make you smile when you least expect. So, they could do that by taking cute photos of you even when you're shy or make you the main subject in a busy environment. They're one set of people you want to be with after a long day.

3. They love making and keeping memories

Of course, taking good pictures is what they love to do for a living. Photographers always have their camera set or a mobile device with a good camera to take quality photos and videos to create and keep exciting memories. It's something they enjoy doing.

Dating a photographer means you get to have this opportunity with little or no stress and, at the same time, bond a lot more with your partner. You both will embrace the moment, keeping at least one photograph for each exciting action, make new friends, and have pictures of you trying out a variety of things.

4. You'll learn to meet and talk to new people

Many people have a fear of meeting or talking to new people. A photographer is outgoing and comfortable hanging out with any man or woman that is okay to chill with them. They have their way around words, which is one way they reach out to models and market their skills to people.

Choosing to date a photographer gradually gives you the confidence to face your fears of relating with people. Either you watch them do it, or you ask them to teach you how to do it. They may be willing to train you and correct your mistakes until you're sure you're perfect at them. 

5. They're a unique set of creatives

A photographer doesn't necessarily need any form of motivation to take a picture. They could get inspired by the smell, colors, features, or general appearance of any surrounding they find themselves. Unlike other creatives, they don't need too much time to plan for a picture, especially if it is a portrait and has to do with the face.

With their active, bold, and creative imagination, all they need to do is click their shutter button with the right composition and lighting, and they're good to go. If you love extraordinary things and this fascinates you, it is one of the reasons you should date a photographer.

6. Time to focus on yourself

Dating a photographer means you get to have time to focus on your goals and aspirations. Not only that, while they're out on fields and different places taking pictures, you also focus on planning strategies or steps to fulfill your dreams, making it a time for both of you to grow together.

They'll support you verbally, technically, and otherwise whenever they can. Another good thing is, they won't bother you with so many calls and regular messages during this period, so you have enough time to work towards your plans, making it one of the reasons why you should date a photographer.

7. They have a good eye for fashion

they have a good eye for fashion

Photographers have a good eye for fashion, whether for a man, a woman, babies, or animals. They know the best outfit combination people should wear for different events and the colors to wear for occasions with specific moods, which is a plus for your fashion sense.

So whether it's a casual, formal, or playful outfit, a photographer sees the result before anybody wears it. That's because these things are what they consider when taking a photograph. If you love a photographer and thinking if to date them or not, this could be one of your good reasons to consider it.

8. Spontaneous vacations

Dating a photographer brings greater chances for unplanned vacations. So if you're drained from work or have a boring repeated routine, this could be a good time for you to unwind and get a breath of fresh air. It's even better when they pay for it and invite you to join them.

A photographer could get bored of his environment, especially if they've tried out all the exciting places they know. Traveling is one of their hobbies because they see and photograph all kinds of creatures and environments they can reach. You get to enjoy this too if you date a photographer.

9. They have lovely date ideas

When you date a photographer, you have the pleasure of going to different places for dates. It could be at an unusual restaurant, a location up a hill with a beautiful, refreshing view, or an excellent colorful vintage location that random people barely know. But, photographers don't have common ideas.

It could be as simple as having breakfast while watching the sunrise together, but they would try to make it as creative as possible to make you feel special at that moment. If you're a romantic and wouldn't mind this in your relationship, you could date a photographer.

10. Like their passion for photography, they love passionately

Photographers are some of the best romantics you can find out there. They have a different perspective on many aspects of life, making them come up with beautiful romantic ideas for their partners. 

If you date a photographer, you will get a variety of romantic gestures. They use almost the same energy they put into their passion for photography for you as their lover; a photo album of random photos to tell you an exciting story or memories to make you happy. They want to see the best version of you as often as possible and would do anything to make it happen.

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11. They work well in any lighting condition

One of the numerous reasons that'll suit when you're dating a photographer is their ability to work in any lighting condition. It doesn't matter how dark or bright it is; they can't manipulate and work with any shade of light. That also applies to how they live their everyday lives with their partner.

This means if either of you goes visiting the other, you won't have any problem regulating the lights to suit your eyes. So whether you like low, bright light or you like it completely off, you can meet in the middle and agree on the level of light you're both comfortable staying with. 

12. You get to learn about photography

you get to learn about photography

Dating a photographer means you start learning so many things about photography unconsciously, whether it's planned or not. 

A continuous look at your partner's photography skills starts improving your general knowledge about creativity, the end product, and why specific steps are taken. You'll have an understanding of why different photographers have separate unique styles.

You'll know about lighting, composition, focus, rearranging an environment to suit a picture, and the basic photography principles. This would help improve your perspective about many things you do in life, and it is one of the advantages you'll have dating a photographer. It doesn't mean you'll go into photography but add to your knowledge.

13. They're slight comedians

Photographers do a lot of crazy things, especially to make things exciting for their partner. If you're dating a photographer, he will do anything funny or wild and exciting to put a smile on your face. They love it when you laugh and feel happy having them around.

They could dance funnily, mimic a clown’s face, make funny gestures, or sing with a horrible voice to make you smile or laugh uncontrollably. If you appreciate exciting times like this, it is a beautiful moment out of many others that you'll enjoy if your partner is a photographer. 

14. If you're introverted, you learn to have fun

Not all introverts love to hang out, especially with people they barely know. Dating a photographer will give you more room to leave your shell and every beautiful moment life has to offer. You could try to hang out over a drink with your partner and his friends or have party buddies.

It doesn't mean leaving behind your principles and going wild. It's a way to explore and enjoy a new adventure, discovering an aspect of yourself you never knew existed. That makes you smart enough to handle and make the best of any moment you find yourself.

15. They are observant of you

When you're dating a photographer, they will observe every move you make. It doesn't mean they're stalking you or getting in your personal space. It's their way of listening to the way you talk, eat, and how you react when they say certain things. They know when you're angry or happy with them.

A photographer observes the way you arrange your things and how you interact with people. The aim is not to make jokes at the wrong moment, but to know your likes and the things that turn you off. This shows how much they care about you, and it is one of the reasons you should date a photographer.

16. You learn to make decisions on your own

If you observe photographers, you will notice they've mastered the art of making decisions quickly enough to save situations, especially when it has to do with what they have passion for. And they rarely keep many friends. This makes it one of their reasons for being spontaneous.

You learn to do this when you're dating a photographer. You may not need to seek people's advice for the things you can manage alone, making you learn to be independent. Don't get this wrong; you'll still make new friends and be close to your loved ones, but it will be in a detached way.

17. There's a potential beauty in everything

there's a potential beauty in everything

A photographer sees potential in every environment. It doesn't matter if it's a plain or designed room or surrounding; they make good backgrounds from them to take a good quality photograph. They could either use it that way or rearrange a few things to fit the picture in their imagination.

As an average person, you might not know what to do with a surrounding that has a pile of dry leaves, a dirty wall, a wet surface, or a set of people sitting together to drink and smoke. To a photographer, that already makes a good picture with a great story with or without a human as the main subject.

18. You'll be less uptight

Dating a photographer will make you loosen up more, drop some of your guards, and be flexible enough to accept some changes. You'll become less judgmental of other people and learn to do things that only promote growth, whether it's yours or others.

Your sense of fashion will change for the better. Your to-do list will have more exciting things and a feeling of creativity added to it. This will also guide you on how best to arrange your priorities and the steps to accomplish them at the right time.

19. They will try to impress you

They want to let you know they know other things apart from photography. So they'll try to talk about different topics that are not related to photography to show you how intelligent or interested they are in life. Even when they slightly change the subject to pictures, they switch back immediately.

Instead of talking about any random thing, they'll ask questions about you or the things you love to make the conversation more interesting. It's their way of trying to say they're not selfish and would like to know more about how you spend your time, especially when they're out taking pictures.

20. You gradually become creative

Watching your partner would make you gradually become more creative. Like them, you would start adding a pinch of creativity to everything you do. If you loved your yogurt plain before you started dating, you might want to try adding some berries to add a little color or tweak the taste.

After dating a photographer for some time, you may even start seeing your interior space differently or rearranging it to look a bit more classy, serve as potential picture space, or suit your new design perspective style. Your manner of approach to things will be more stylish and appropriate, which is part of the reasons you should date a photographer.

21. They love to have a good conversation

Photographers love to have a good conversation. They engage in long, deep, and meaningful discussions. If you need a partner that will be a good listener and you're thinking of dating a photographer, you're on the right track. They have great concentration when they're less busy.

They'll pay attention to every detail of the conversation, ask questions about how you feel, how you want to handle the situation, bring suggestions on how to approach it to keep things in place, or simply be silent if that's the best for you. Which is one of the reasons you should think of dating a photographer.

22. Beautiful and free photos

While your friends and family members have to pay for a photo session or photoshoot, you get to have yours for free because you're dating a photographer. All you need to do is ask politely, be patient, and let them fix the time to take your photograph.

Sometimes, you may not need to ask. They will be propelled to take a candid or planned picture or two of you. It could be on a major occasion or a casual date between both of you. It's their little way of showing how much they adore and respect you, making it one of the good reasons to date a photographer.

23. They know the right time to visit a particular place

they know the right time to visit a particular place

When dating a photographer, you would know the right time to go to specific locations. For instance, there are places you go to during the day that won't look as beautiful as they should be during the sunrise. The same thing applies to locations that are beautiful at night and not during the sunrise.

Parks have a different beauty time than malls, and a river has a unique kind of beauty during the sunrise compared to sunset. Some places are more beautiful after the rain. Photographers know these, which is why they discovered a golden hour for when best to take portrait photos.

24. You'll have an eye for details

If you're nonchalant or you just live your life the way it comes without observing the little events or changes, dating a photographer would slightly push your mind to notice a lot of things you or other people might tag as being minor. This means you'll be a good observer.

Having an eye for details means you spot anything affecting the overall picture of an environment before any other person does. You know when to adjust or completely change a little element to make everything visually balanced. This is one of the reasons that makes it right to date a photographer.

25. They have a different perspective on things

As said before, a photographer doesn't think the way other people do. They see different possible positive potentials or outcomes of a situation, person, or place, even when they prove to be damaging on many levels. 

They are open-hearted individuals that see life as a beautiful composition of unique creatures waiting to be explored in many ways. So, a photographer may not see your scattered room like a bad thing but may see it as a surrounding that tells a story of a mentally unstable person trying to put their lives in order. And that's a perfect photograph for them.

26. Gift ideas for them are easy to come by

One of the benefits you stand to have if you date a photographer is, gift ideas for them won't be a stress. They are simple enough to appreciate anything photography-related. It doesn't have to be expensive equipment or anything of the sort. 

It could be a memory of you two together with so much adventure, a cup or water flask made in the form of a camera or camera lens. He may not appreciate an expensive wristwatch, shoes, or outfit that is not photography-related as much as he would love a beautiful backdrop or studio light, which may be a cheaper option.

27. They socialize a lot

Photographers socialize a lot. This doesn't mean they have a large group of friends; they're all extroverts or party freaks. It means they're good at relating with people; whether it's a man or woman, they never say no to invitations for exciting events. 

So they go along with their camera, knowing quite well people will walk up to them to take pictures. After a few good shots, everyone is happy, and phone numbers are exchanged for future communication, which means business and pleasure are achieved simultaneously, which is a win-win if you're dating him. You get to have new contacts too.

28. You'll learn how to do simple editing

Learning and acquiring editing skills is one of the advantages you'd get for dating a photographer. There are many ways this can happen. If you're interested in photography, you could ask him to teach you the necessary skills or for links to tutorials, you can follow.

You could also be unconsciously acquiring the skills without much interest in them. This happens more to someone who chooses to date a photographer but may not be interested in learning about photography. Either way, your photographer partner’s skills will rub off on you. And you also get to know the different photography terms.

29. They have tips for product branding

Every good product has a portfolio of clear pictures that tell a story about a brand, whether new, upcoming or has already been in existence. It would help if you had good pictures to build your social media appearance, whether you're an entrepreneur or employee, which you learn from a photographer partner.

As a man or woman trying to build their career, you can get tips on how to build your brand by taking good quality pictures of your products for proper marketing. Don't forget; one good photograph speaks a language of high quality and product assurance to your potential clients.

30. Your composition skills will improve

your composition skill will improve

You may be surprised to know dating a photographer can move your composition skills to an advanced level. It may be in an interior space, your public composure, the way you speak, talk to people about yourself, or your storytelling technique. 

Your perception of your daily life routine would change. The way you arrange things would become more flexible, exciting, creative, but at the same time, fulfill its primary purpose. And you get critiques for more improvement too. Are you still thinking if it's okay to date a photographer? This is one of the reasons you consider doing it.

31. They have a great focus

Photographers always know what they want. They can perceive things they know would affect their lives negatively or positively before they come close. Like they know how to focus on their main subject in a busy crowd with a camera lens, that applies to their general life without their career. 

They focus on the simplest details to achieve a perfect result. Most of them are perfectionists. They don't mind giving their maximum attention to creating something they know would benefit them or be for the good of the whole in the short or long term. This is one of the reasons you should date a photographer.

32. You'll get creative tips on how to improve yourself

Photographers are people that get life hacks in their quest for more photography skills. They find more comfortable and stress-free ways to achieve goals, especially when it will improve their photography career. Having a partner that has and offers you already made tips is something you don't want to miss out on.

If your partner is the type that respects your way of doing things, you may have to openly ask his suggestions about individual decisions you make about your life. They could give you tips on how to manage your weaknesses and make maximum use of your strengths.

33. You'll learn about simple phone photography

Phone photography is mostly for people that love stress-free life; that's if you're not cut out for carrying a big camera backpack like your partner, or you're a woman that won't like to ruin her beautiful red dress and a lovely pair of heels with a camera hanging on her neck or hand. 

Or, you love to take casual and cute selfies, Snapchat videos, pictures of the sunrise, and keep a few playful memories; your partner could teach you essential phone photography hacks. You'd be amazed at the cool things you can pull off with your phone camera and editing apps.

34. They know how to edit, so you don't have to worry about your physical look

Physical looks mostly apply to a woman that loves glowing skin, a toned body, or what many people tag as the ‘sexy’ body type. Well, the good news is that if you date a photographer, you may not have to worry about what your final picture would look like because they have excellent visual enhancing skills.

If you're a man, it's the same advantage you get to enjoy. Your photographer partner may lighten your face color, add more beards or strands of hair if they're scanty, but you're a lover of such. It may sound funny and irrelevant, but it will be exciting when you get to date a photographer and enjoy this benefit.

35. Your knowledge of color schemes will improve

Of course, everybody has a sense of color. Some may seem weird compared to others. For instance, you may love to use mostly natural colors for fear of ruining your outfit with other colors or scared you may not look good on them because of your complexion.

Dating a photographer will help you overcome that fear. You'll get to see how you can combine ‘strange’ colors to make them look unique, not just on your outfits but also makeup for your face and any other thing that needs a color scheme.

36. They can multitask

they can multitask

You don't need a soothsayer to tell you photographers can multitask. It's embedded in them. This is one of the reasons they can travel, have fun with anyone they travel with, pick calls, adapt to the new surroundings, and still take good pictures during those trips without much stress.

This means if you date a photographer, you have the luxury of communicating with them physically or on the phone while they edit pictures and listen to music. It's something they do effortlessly. It doesn't mean they don't have a specific time when they concentrate on one thing, but they're great at multitasking.

37. You'll have a broad knowledge of time management

Not everybody likes to do many things because of their inability to manage their time. Some would prefer to invest it in work, while others would love to have more fun with their time. Photographers have a way of managing their time for work, pleasure, and rest.

Knowing time management will help mold your speed and modify your plans and schedule, which is one of the reasons you should consider dating a photographer. So you get to spend time on your career, hang out with friends, have a date with your partner, and still have time to rest.

38. Experiences with new locations and cultures

Dating a photographer would make you meet new people, travel to many places, and experience new cultures. You'll try out different foods and snacks prepared by other chefs, listen to their kind of music, and get accustomed to their lifestyle.

Sometimes, you may not need to go to different locations to know these things; you could meet one of his clients during a photoshoot and ask questions about where they come from, the kinds of foods they eat, and the general things they do that are different from you.

39. You get to hang out with your friends when they're working

Another plus you get if you date a photographer is a time to relax and chill with your friends whenever they're working. It doesn't matter if you're a man who loves privacy or a woman that loves home cinema; it gives you time to have a different type of fun with other people.

Spending some time away from one another would make you both miss yourselves a great deal. Hence, the next time you hang out would feel new and refreshing. If you're not a clingy lover, you could consider dating a photographer.

40. Spontaneous adventure

They may not necessarily invite you for a vacation; it could just be an extension of a random hang out in your surroundings, which may give way for other unplanned activities. The exciting thing about this is that it will be just the two of you.

A spontaneous adventure could be you two going bowling, carting, or a stroll down a quiet path after a romantic lunch or dinner date. It could be going to the cinema to see a funny movie to laugh at, or a horror film to scream together. This is one of the exciting reasons to date a photographer.

41. You both have your ‘me’ time

Apart from doing other things to help your growth when they're away, you also get to have your ‘me’ time. It's not for you to plan goals or anything serious about your life; it's just a time to reflect on yourself as a person.

You could listen to music, see a movie, bake cookies, prepare that meal you've always wanted to eat, watch comedy shows, and laugh. Or, you walk around in your pajamas the whole day, snuggle down under your duvet while they're out having their adventure. So, their adventure time could be your ‘me’ time.

42. An invitation to a random wedding

If you date a photographer specializing in wedding events, you may get invited to a random wedding. They could ask you to come along and assist them at the event. Of course, it won't happen all the time, but for those few times, you get to dress up and go for a random beautiful wedding with your partner as a photographer.

One of the reasons you'll get to enjoy this is because it won't always happen. It's a fun event you get to enjoy once in a while if you date a photographer. And you'll be one of the people in the limelight as the photographer's personal assistant.

43. Like they're open-minded, they're free-spirited people

like they're open-minded, they're free-spirited people

Photographers are free-spirited people. They see good in everything, and they have zero worries about what they can't control. Most of them don't hold on to the past, which means a photographer can quickly adapt to a new environment and survive it.

Being free-spirited makes them have the ability to communicate effortlessly with people; man, woman, and even kids. It happens over time as they progress in their career as photographers. Meaning, if you date a photographer and you both have a relationship issue, sorting out your differences would be easier than you expect.


Do photographers date models?

Naturally, photographers are attracted to models, which makes dating them possible. However, not all feel comfortable dating a model, especially with an ongoing contract, because it takes discipline to separate business from pleasure. It also depends on the photographer and model; some date while working together, some do after a contract, while the rest never do.

What is the hardest part of being a photographer?

According to most photographers, the most challenging part of being a photographer is visualizing, brainstorming, and implementing different forms and creative ideas with the available resources while living everyday life and staying true to your profession. Furthermore, coping with the ups and downs photography comes with.

Are photographers attractive?

Physically, not all photographers are attractive, but in terms of creativity, according to a study conducted by Scott Kaufman, taking artistic and beautiful photos is the seventh most attractive ability a person could possess. So, technically photographers are attractive, especially when they take good pictures.

Why should you date a photographer?

There are many things you could learn from dating a photographer; marketing and branding skills, being open-minded without boundaries, and you'll have good pictures. You could also learn a thing or two about photography. They love to teach and answer questions about what they're passionate about to their loved ones.

What makes a good photographer?

A good photographer has a keen eye for details. They must be sure all the elements in a picture, including the lighting, main subject, exposure, and the general composition and outcome of a photo, work in harmony to convey the message in the best possible way.

To Conclude

Photographers are humans with different personalities, and they all differ in many ways. If you fall in love with one and you're still in doubt, feel free to read the 43 reasons I've mentioned why you should date a photographer. I hope this article was useful. If it was, please don't forget to drop a comment and share it with others.

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