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What is Quality Time Love Language? (61 Ways to Show It)

Of the five love languages, the quality time love language is the one I can relate to the most because that is probably my primary love language! 

I enjoy spending quality time with the one I love as a symbol of my love. It’s how I best show love now that I am an adult. Of course, when you’re an adolescent, you are limited in the amount of time you can spend with your love.

As an adult, though, you can decide how you want to show love to your partner. It’s best if you learn your partner’s love language so that you know best how to show them love in the way that matters the most to them. If, for example, your partner’s love language is quality time, you should find the time to spend with them so that you make them happy. 

If your partner’s love language is quality time, you can do just about any activity together and make them happy; just as long as you spend one-on-one time together and give them your undivided attention, they will be happy! 

Learn more about how to spend quality time with someone in this article, as we’ll discuss 61 ways to show a quality time person love!

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What Are The 5 Love Languages?

Dr. Gary Chapman wrote the book called The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts. He identifies five love languages that he has found in relationships - the way people communicate their love for one another. If your partner has the same love language as you, that is great because you will understand his or her needs since they are the same as yours!

The listed five love languages include the following love languages. However, keep in mind that there may be more love languages than those listed in the book. These are just the five love languages he identified in the couples he counseled over the years, and universally, these seem to fit with most couples, so it’s a pretty good guess that you fit somewhere in here.

1. Acts of service

When you show this love language, you do nice things for your partner. For example, you might stop at the grocery store to pick up her favorite candy or drop off her laundry at the dry cleaners as a nice gesture. These actions show that you demonstrate your love language by doing nice things for your partner in a relationship. 

2. Physical touch

If your primary love language is physical touch, you enjoy physical contact. You probably enjoy more than having sex on date night, too. You probably want to have lots of time spent cuddling, and you feel loved when you are touched, not just in a sexual way, but in an intimate, affectionate way, as well. 

3. Quality time

quality time

If your primary love language is quality time, you probably enjoy spending time with your partner. This is the same love language that we will be discussing in detail today. We’ll cover the many ways you can show the quality time love language with your partner. 

You might want to, for example, take a road trip together, where you could have a quality conversation with one another. If this is your love language, you know that you enjoy spending quality time with your partner; it makes you feel loved, and it’s also how you like to show your partner the same love language. Just show up, and you’ll have done well!

4. Words of affirmation

If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, they need to hear from you what you think about them and your relationship. They might need to know where you are in your relationship, where you see things going in the future, and how you plan to spend your time. Talking is critical for this love language. 

They also need to hear that you are satisfied in your relationship and appreciate them. If they are passionate about board games, you should make an effort to let them know how much you admire their passion and that you respect them for being so passionate about board games. Showing appreciation and love through words is crucial here!

5. Receiving gifts

This love language may sound a bit obvious, but many times, it is overlooked because people think it is too simple. If you enjoy receiving gifts, you should let your partner know that. Often, we expect our partners to guess how we want things done in a relationship. This is called passive-aggressive behavior, and it’s not healthy at all. 

Communicate your love language with your partner, so they know how you need to see love in a relationship. If you expect to get flowers on date nights, let your boyfriend know that is something you need. This way, he doesn’t have to mess up a bunch of times before finally giving you what you want. 

Why Are The 5 Love Languages Important?

Whether you have the quality time love language or words of affirmation love language, it’s crucial that you learn what your partner needs from you and what you need from them. If you think quality time spent with your partner is crucial in a relationship, you need to communicate that. Let them know that you think spending time together is very important. 

If you understand what your partner’s love language is, you can best know how to show love and how you need love shown to you. If you feel loved when your partner spends quality time with you, you may expect them to make date night a priority. If you just want physical affection, you may think PDA or holding hands in public is very critical in your relationship. 

If your partner doesn’t value spending time together and quality time is your love language, you may have trouble getting along, especially if you don’t communicate your needs. The best thing you can do is to allow your partner the chance to show love in the way he or she needs to and communicate what you need in a relationship. This is the road to a healthy relationship!

What Is The Love Language Of Quality Time?

If quality time is your love language, you enjoy the times when you get to spend quality time with your partner. This doesn’t mean rushing from one errand to another or doing things that you are required to do with one another. For example, if you work with your partner, going to meetings doesn’t count as quality time. Quality time is decided upon in advance - usually.

If quality time is your love language, you may still want physical affection from your partner, but you value the times when you get to spend quality time together the most. You may like walking around the park together and talking about your day with one another; you might just like cuddling while you watch a television series. Any of those things are quality time.

Quality time is actually defined as spending time with someone you are close to. This may involve physical affection, but when you spend quality time with someone, you are taking time out of your day to devote solely to this person. You don’t allow the phone or anything else to interrupt that time together. You want to show them how much they mean to you!

When you spend quality time with your partner, you are giving yourself 100% to them. That means that you are willing and eager to give them all of you. If you are on vacation, this might mean that you turn off your phone and put the computer away to give them the quality time they want to spend with you. If you’ve made a commitment with someone, spend time with them!

How Can You Show The Love Language Of Quality Time?

There are many ways you can show quality time with your partner. You can do any of the things listed in this article. There are over 60 suggestions for you to choose from! You might find it fun to go on a road trip with your partner to spend quality time with each other. If you take a lengthy trip, you can talk about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations in the car together. 

You can play car games and enjoy holding hands while you travel with one another. This is a great way to give your partner quality time. Just think of all the fun you could have with one another - sightseeing, watching hotel television, ordering room service, and so much more! Consider taking a vacation with your partner to enjoy the many perks of this love language!

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Another way you can show quality time with your partner is by doing group activities. It may be that one of you enjoys being around more than one person. If your partner is very social, you can spend quality time doing group activities, like bowling, ice skating, and trivia night. If you do something as part of a team, as long as you are with your love, you’re spending time together!

Ways to Show the Quality Time Love Language

1. Go to church together.

If this is something you have never done before, consider it a new adventure! You can try going somewhere new - a place you’ve never been before to change things up!

2. Play chess with one another.

3. Have a board game night.

This is a group activity you can enjoy doing together as you spend quality time with one another. You might like playing Monopoly or Chess with one another. You might want to stay up until midnight trying to beat each other in Battleship or Risk! Hit Walmart and see what board games are on sale, and have a blast with this quality time activity!

4. Take a long walk in the park.

5. Hit the movies!

6. Binge-watch your favorite Netflix series.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Netflix! With Amazon Prime and Hulu, you can find just about anything on television to watch together. While this can be a distracting activity, it can also be a way to show quality time together if you ask each other questions about what’s going on in the show and what you expect will happen next with the characters!

7. Go on road trips together.

8. Have a heart-to-heart conversation.

9. Spend time daily, catching up.

Not all quality time has to be spent making a big deal out of everything. Sometimes, we just need to have someone to talk to about our day with. If you are somewhat new to your relationship, you might enjoy having a best friend to converse with, someone you can talk about your daily woes and problems with. 

10. Take a cooking class together.

11. Clean and organize your house together!

This way of spending quality time together may sound a bit out there, but it can be fun! I promise that it is something enjoyable for some couples! When you declutter your closet, you may find all sorts of treasures and discover many laughs as you do this together. Think about those old photo albums you can explore with your partner!

12. Take a fun vacation together!

take a fun vacation together

13. Do a home improvement project together.

14. Adopt a pet.

There are many benefits to having a pet together as a couple. You just don’t want to put your pet above your partner in your relationship. If you do, you might have problems in your relationship. If you hit an animal shelter as a couple, you could adopt a pet together. What a fun and romantic way to spend quality time together!

15. Take a self-defense class!

16. Do volunteer work together.

Doing kind things for others can be very rewarding. Giving back to society can be a great way to spend quality time with the one you love. I bet you didn’t know this, but doing things for other people can actually benefit you more than the benefits you give to others! Writing a letter to a lonely soldier stationed overseas can be so rewarding!

17. Take a painting class together.

18. Do some fun shopping online.

19. Join a group Bible study.

20. Go to fun sporting events!

There are so many sports events out there that you can go together as a couple. Consider hitting a hockey or football game. In some countries, you can do both in one night! It just depends on what is happening and available in your area! Get creative when you think of date ideas for the two of you!

21. Host a trivia night with friends.

22. Walk around the mall together.

23. Go swimming together.

24. Host a Dungeons and Dragons event.

25. Join a gym together.

join a gym together

26. Go ice skating on a pond!

Of course, this idea will depend on the weather, but if you can go ice skating, how romantic would that be? You can just pop on your favorite winter clothing accessories and hit the ice! If you live somewhere like New York City, you can go skating in the park! What a great way to spend quality time together!!

27. Have a snowball fight.

28. Hit the lake and go fishing!

29. Go to kids’ sporting events.

30. Go to the movies together on a date!

This is one of my favorite date ideas! Just spend time with one another going to see a movie. Of course, you can do the famous date night idea of going to dinner first. Hit a new local restaurant to see what’s new in your area! Then, see a new smash movie!

31. Enjoy talking with a nice fireplace.

32. Throw a wild party!

Not all of the ideas have to be one-on-one activities. You might find it fun to throw a party with a bunch of people at your house or at some local place where you can all meet together as a group! Consider inviting your closest friends to see what fun you can come up with as a group! You could all play a fun game of Pictionary or Risk!

33. Play video games together.

34. Plant a garden together.

35. Spend time cuddling together.

36. Make love like there is no tomorrow!

make love like there is no tomorrow

Of course, you can get really creative with this idea! You could shower together or take a nice big bubble bath together! There are lots of benefits in doing either one as a couple! 

37. Start decorating your homes.

38. Go to a laser tag event!

39. Hit the arcade together!

40. Go do go-carts as a team!

Race around the track to see who is the faster driver or nail each other by bumping cars into one another. Just have a lot of fun together and enjoy the time you get to spend with one another! Act like you are kids and just have a blast, forgetting about your responsibilities for a moment or two!

41. Crash a stranger’s wedding!

42. Go to a family reunion.

43. Teach one another something new.

If you are skilled in one area, why not share your talent with your partner? Of course, you’ll need to be patient, as he or she does not have the skill, expertise, or knowledge that you do in the area. Just think of it as an opportunity to teach someone something new and to practice being more of a patient person than you previously were. 

44. Enroll in an arts and crafts class.

45. Have a candlelit dinner.

have a candlelit dinner

I love this date idea! You could surprise your partner with a great fish dinner and lots of side dishes with veggies or bread provided neither of you is on a special diet. You could have a lot of fun with this idea! Light some romantic candles that smell of your favorite scent, and enjoy a romantic night for the two of you!

46. Go out to dinner - somewhere fancy!

47. Have fun at a casino!

48. Go camping!

49. Go to kids’ social functions!

50. Hit the shooting range!

Some guys love getting out their guns and hitting the range. Other guys would rather grab their clubs and hit the golf range. Think about what your date is into. Does he or she appreciate the gun range, or would they rather be golfing? You can do both, really, if you think about it! You can stuff many activities into one night if you really want to!

51. Go to a PTA event.

52. Play with your pets.

There are tons of fun things you can do together as a couple with pets. Just make sure you include each other as you do things. I once dated a guy who could not shut up about his pet dog. The dog was adorable and all that, but I didn’t enjoy coming in second place in every conversation. Be inclusive when you play with pets!

53. Take your pets for walks together.

54. Pray together.

55. Read the Bible together.

This can be a rewarding activity to do together as a couple if this is something that interests either of you. If you are particularly religious or enjoy reading, you can learn so much from this book. It will teach not only life lessons but plenty of history lessons as well. You can enjoy learning something new together as a couple!

56. Go to a Celebrate Recovery meeting!

You might think that Celebrate Recovery is only for addicts or people who believe in God, but that isn’t true. Celebrate Recovery is for anyone with hurts, habits, and hang-ups, and who doesn’t fit that bill? It can be invigorating to attend a meeting and listen to the testimony of someone who has been through a lot in their life!

57. Go to a concert!

go to a concert

There are tons of great concerts in the area that you could check out and go on a date! Enjoy listening to the music together, and you could even buy souvenirs at the concert so that you could build memories for years to come. If you aren’t into that type of music, just make the sacrifice this one time for your partner if it’s important to them!

58. Check out a church event.

59. Go to church together!

60. Play a game blindfolded!

61. Have a scavenger hunt!

You can get really creative with this date idea! What you will need are some craft supplies. Then, you can draw a map of clues to make sure your partner goes to find those things on the paper. If he finds them all, you can have a prize at the end of the hunt for him to find - something big that he or she will really love to find at the end of the race!

What To Do If You Like Your Alone Time

Having quality time as a love language can be a challenge if your partner likes their alone time, or if vice versa is true, it can make things difficult. If you enjoy having your alone time, you might want to talk to your partner about your various needs. Explain that you need to spend quality time with one another and that you are willing to make changes in your life to make it happen.

So, maybe make sure you spend quality time together every other night and the other nights (when you are not together), make sure you get plenty of alone time. You could spend that time with your girlfriends if you don’t like being alone. If you are the one who needs alone time, you can read a book, take a bubble bath, or just sit in the quiet and enjoy the television.

If your partner needs alone time and you want to have more quality time together, you’ll need to discuss the matter in length. Make sure you come to some kind of agreement so that you know which nights you’ll be together and when you’ll be apart from one another. Communication is essential when it comes to your love language and what’s best for you and your partner!

Tips To Make Date Night Successful

Heading out for a date does not mean you should slack off. Even if you have been with your partner for a very long time, you should not take your time together for granted. You never know what is around the corner, so always make the most of your time with one another. Enjoy the moments you have together and have the time of your life! What is stopping you?

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard was to play a little hard to get. That means that you do not always have to be available for dates or romantic evenings! Have fun plans already made up with your friends or family. There’s really no reason to lie, but you also should keep busy even if you have been with your boyfriend for a long time! 

The reason you want to play a little hard to get is that it makes you a challenge. Guys love a good challenge. If you would like to keep your man always trying to please you, you should try to make him happy, and you can do this by playing hard to get. Don’t be someone you aren’t, but just be busy from time to time. Don’t always be eager and available. Here are some tips!

1. Look your best.

Dress for success! Really, dress in a way that will make your partner proud. If he loves seeing you in that tight little red dress, go ahead and wear it for him. Better yet, buy a new one and surprise him with it! That will definitely shock him when he picks you up for the night of your life! Show him that you clean up really nicely!

2. Be enthusiastic.

Keep a positive attitude and smile! No one likes Debbie Downer. Instead, keep a pleasant atmosphere about you. Find the positive no matter what. This will help you have a good time and make your partner proud to be with you!

3. Surprise your partner.

surprise your partner

Do something shocking! Don’t always be predictable or the same as you have been in the past. Wear something new, take him a gift, or cook him dinner - if that’s not something that you usually do.

4. Be up for anything!

Keep an open mind when you go out on dates! You never know what will happen when the night is young and the day is bright! 

5. Be a good friend.

Be a loving soul. Act like you have been best friends for all of your life. Listen intently; listening is a crucial skill to show another person, so be sure you listen well and show him you care about what he has to say. 


What does it mean if my love language is quality time?

If your love language is quality time, date night is going to be very important to you. You’ll want to do fun things on date nights so that the two of you can spend time together, enjoying one another’s company. For you, date night is crucial in romantic relationships!

What is quality time in a relationship?

If your love language is quality time, you’ll want to have a partner who is mentally present with you when you spend time together. It means you give your partner undivided attention when you spend time together. Don’t lose sight of what is important to your partner, though; both sides matter!

What is the best love language?

One is not better than another one; each person is different. If you need to have a quality conversation with your partner to feel like an important person, you should let them know that you need to feel they are fully present, that you have their undivided attention with uninterrupted time!

How do I spend my day with my boyfriend?

You could go on a mini road trip or do acts of service together on date nights. Just make sure you spend meaningful time together in your loving relationship, giving him your full attention. Take a leisurely walk around the park together if that is something you’d both enjoy.

What is the rarest love language?

Acts of service can be rare for some couples, but it depends on the relationship. Some people enjoy getting things done for them, which is part of acts of service. Some people just have the love language of quality time together and want to avoid distractions.

To Sum It All Up

What makes you feel loved? What is your love language? Do you like for your partner to show affection in relationships? Do you think a quality conversation is critical in a relationship? We’d love to hear your take on the subject! Please comment and share this article with others!

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