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Car Games For Couples (33 Fun Car games For Couples)

July 2, 2024

When was the last time you shared a car ride with someone and felt like you would practically shrivel and pass out because of boredom? Or maybe you’re the fun type that’s always asking questions, spurring up conversations, and searching for fun activities to make each ride more memorable. 

I would figure you’re more of the latter, if not, why would you be here, right? Be rest assured you clicked on the right page. Couples go on road trips often, whether it’s a holiday getaway, a visit to parents, or other work-related reasons. 

Regardless of how fun and interesting both parties are, it’s easy to ‘run out of gas,’ and watch what was supposed to be a fun road trip turn into a somber journey of reflection and awkward silence. Nobody wants that. 

So without wasting much of your time, here are some interesting road trip games for adults that you and your partner can play comfortably in the car until you reach your destination. 

33 Fun Road Trip Games For Adults

1. Car bingo

If there are more than two passengers, this game would be even more fun, plus it’s quite simple. Before the road trip, write out the names of all the popular car brands you know and let every passenger have a copy. The trick is to keep your eyes fixed on the cars passing by and tick off a brand every time you spot one. The winner is the first to tick off all the car-brand names

2. Spicy storytelling

If you’re in a new relationship, this would be a great road trip game. One person starts off a storyline, and the other party continues with a creative continuing story. Just two people can play the game, which makes it sensual, interactive, and a fun option for couples. Plus, both you and your boyfriend can take turns driving while playing this game without being too distracted.

3. Odd color car

Odd color car

The name of this game says it all, it is a simple road trip game couples can use to bide away time. It’s even better if you have kids or other friends in the car who won’t mind playing this simple yet exciting game. 

Before you get on the road, each person is to choose an odd color for a car, like yellow, red, or pink, then when on the road, write down or count how many times both of you spot the odd car color you chose. 

4. While you were sleeping?

This is another great game for road trips with more than two or three passengers. If you’re traveling with friends or close family, one of them has to fall asleep first. When you’re sure they are sleeping deeply, the rest of the passengers will create a fake, yet seemingly believable story to tell when the person wakes up. 

Take turns narrating each side of the story until the person is convinced, anyone who breaks character or changes the facts loses two points. 

5. 21 questions

Did you recently start a new relationship? Then road trip games like this one would be great, especially when you have hundreds of miles to cover. This is not the regular 21 questions you know and love. It’s simply one of those games that encourage road trip questions while you’re getting to know each other. 

So you write something down, and your partner asks 21 questions to guess what you wrote down. If he gets it right, or one of the answers is close, then he gets five points. 

6. Did you hear that…?

When it comes to creating games for adults, this one should be on the list. It’s not one of those distracting road trip games, so if one person is driving, it’s perfectly suitable. 

One party starts by asking either a pop-culture question or a random creatively thought out the fact, “Did you hear that Dinosaur bones were first found in the Caribbean?” then the other person has to figure out the lies from the truths. 

7. Fortunately-unfortunately

This is another one of those fun games for couples to play on a long car trip. One person could start out saying “fortunately, I packed some sweet and salty snacks for the ride” and the other person could reply with, “unfortunately, I ate them all this morning.” You can be more creative.

8. The song talk

The song talk

Here’s a road trip game for song lovers who actually know their lyrics. You can choose a specified time, say, five minutes, where both of you have to have a conversation only with song lyrics. It doesn’t all have to make sense, but it would be better if it all connects in a way.

9. Decode the license plates

When talking about exciting road trip games, would you rather stick to road trip questions or engage in activities that won’t just engage your mind but make you laugh? If you prefer the latter, then this is the game. You and your partner take turns to ‘decode the license plates of the cars ahead of you. 

For example, if it reads DDGH 734, it could be decoded as ‘drop-dead gorgeous hottie needs just seven days to hook up with three boys from two different cities. 

10. Connect the lyrics

Road trip games like ‘connect the lyrics’ provide a rather giddy and high-spirited mood, and it’s a great way to get to know what kind of songs your partner listens to. It’s like any other song-lyric game, where you sing out a song lyric, and the other party continues with another song that’s related. 

11. The alphabet

This may not sound like a game for couples, but it’s actually very engaging. The couple’s goal is to find words in alphabetical order, and they can look at billboards, stores, or road signs to get clues.

12. The compliment game

This is a great way to pass compliments to each other, however, you’ll have to be very creative with it. Both parties have to go alphabetically, for example, if one party says, Brian is very ‘assertive’, the other has to continue with the letter ‘B’, “Diana is the ‘best’ cook”.

13. My ass is…?

So this road trip activity is a bit dirtier, but if you’re up for it, why not? It uses the same alphabet format, but all parties must use the term, ‘my ass is…” 

For example, starting with the letter ‘A,’ someone could say, “My ass is amplified, anonymous, accredited” or any other silly thing that comes to mind. Then the next person follows with the letter ‘B’, “my ass is banging” perhaps. 

14. Kiss. Marry. Kill.

Kiss marry kill is better for a group of friends traveling together. It could be fun if you switch things up and mention either popular names or celebrity names so no one gets offended. Three random names are chosen, and you have to decide who you will kill, marry or kiss. For example, Zac Effron, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt, who will you kiss, marry or kill?

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15. The name game

Here’s another activity for couples who love road trip games that put their minds to the test. Although there are different variations, two or more people can play this on the road. 

One person comes up with the name of someone famous or popular, then the other(s) have to provide the next name with the first letter of the last name. For example, Britney Spears, Selena Gomes, Gabrielle Union, and so on. 

16. The ‘guess who’ trivia

Guess who is another activity where questions are used to arrive at an answer. Each person has a few names on their card and some questions have to be asked to discover who the person is. To make it even more fun, family members and close friends can be used to see who’s more obvious or mysterious to figure out. 

17. Two truths and a lie

Sound familiar? Two truths and a lie could actually help two partners get to know each other better. You start by mentioning two facts about your life and including one lie, try not to be too obvious. Your significant other has the task of picking out which one is the lie and vice versa. No questions are allowed here, both parties are just to pick from the available options. 

18. Would you rather

‘Would You Rather’ is a fun game that also sparks conversation. The players take turns asking tough questions that give either painful, embarrassing, extreme or even wonderful alternatives. For example, ‘Would you rather wear a woolen coat in the hottest desert or a silk nightgown in the coldest city?’

19. This or that

‘This or That’ is a simpler version of the ‘Would You Rather’ game. Simply choose between anything from car brands, food choices, clothes, phone brands, and the likes. For example, an I-phone 4s versus the Samsung Galaxy S20.

20. Finish the sentence

Finish the sentence

One person starts off a simple sentence like “Aunt Mary moved to town,” then the other person completes the sentence with a fun or even naughty response like, “to get the best sex of her life”.

21. Superlatives

Come up with superlatives like, ‘most likely to spend all their money on luxury items” or ‘most likely to cry after a sad movie’.

22. Never have I ever

You can download a fun ‘never have I ever’ sheet and use it as a sample on the road trip. You can take turns reading out the examples like, ‘never have I ever gone skinny dipping’, and if you have, raise your hand. 

23. Popstar trivia

Pick up to five celebrities, mention some random facts about just one of them and have the others in the car guess which celebrity it is. 

24. Name the song

Use your phone to play some ‘oldie but goldie’ songs for about five to ten seconds, then let your significant other try and figure out which song it is, and maybe even who sang it.

25. Don’t reply with ‘yes’ or ‘no’

This is an exciting game with a twist, not only is no one allowed to reply to questions with yes or no, for the next ten minutes, they shouldn’t even say it. For example, if the question is, ‘have you ever cheated?’ then the other party has to reply in other words except ‘yes’ or ‘no’. 

26. The rhyming game

This activity is simple, one person makes a short statement, and the other party has to rhyme with the last word of that sentence. For example, “I can’t wait to go to the beach”, “yeah, so we can get two drumsticks and a loaf each.”

27. Truth or dare

Who said truth or dare can’t safely be performed in a car? All the dares just have to be safely performed in or outside the car. For example, call your mum and speak with your best gangster voice.

28. Word association

It’s simple, don’t break the chain! One person comes up with a word or name, and then the other party follows with an associated word. For example, Spaghetti, Italy, Caesar, Salad.

29. Who wants to be a millionaire?

Download the app on your phone before the trip, and on the road, take turns answering the questions and see who gets more points!

30. Categories

There are no questions to answer here, just different categories like car brands, football teams, Steven Spielberg movies, and the likes. Both partners keep going at a fast-paced rate and anyone who pauses for more than five seconds gets it wrong.

31. “Best car ride ever”

If it’s a long car trip, make the rule that anytime you have a gas or restroom stop when everyone gets back in the car. The last person to say ‘best car ride ever’ gets to do a silly dare before the journey continues.

32. Strip mamba

This is for the naughty couples traveling alone or seated at the back without peering eyes. Download some fun questions from a trusted online site and ask away. If one person refuses to say answer the questions, they have to take off a piece of clothing. The safe word to use when things are getting too steamy is ‘mamba’, then you can switch to another activity.

33. The pizza trivia

One party starts by saying, “I’m making a pizza and I’m going to need amaranth” then the next continues with an ingredient that starts with the letter ‘B’, like bell peppers.


What games can couples play together?

Here are some of the best road trip games couples can play together; guess the odd car color, spicy storytelling, ‘who are they,’ guess the song, would you rather, I spy, or the license plate game. If one person is on the wheels, remember not to engage in any activity that would be too distracting or even dangerous while the car is still moving.

What's a fun game to play in the car?

There are many road trip activities adults can engage in while in the car. The ‘guess who’ game is a perfect example, and here, each person takes turns predicting the ‘background story’ of the people in each car that passes. The more creative your imagination, the more fun this game will be. 

How do you make a couple of road trips fun?

Before going on a road trip, write down some of the recommended activities above on a notepad or your phone. Also, think about intriguing questions that will spark up a fun conversation. Remember to stick to safe topics that aren’t traumatizing or too emotional, you want to keep the mood light.

What should a couple do when bored?

If you’ve run out of games to play, it’s okay to rest for a while before trying to start up a new conversation or trying something new. You could also try listening to the nostalgic oldie but Goldie tracks just to keep the mood light and fun. You could also try googling some fun trivia games online and take turns answering questions in the car.

How do you play the name game?

The name game has fun variations, and while people prefer to play this in a warm home setting, it’s a great game for a road trip. One person holds up some pre-written cards (preferably the partner that’s not driving) with people’s names on them. These names should be familiar to both parties. The other person then has to ask certain questions about their gender, qualities, physical attributes, and the likes, and then guess the name. 

To Sum Things Up

There are many questions you can ask, and fun activities you can engage in while on the road. Just remember to rest when you can. Rejuvenate, and only play games you feel comfortable with. 

Did you enjoy reading through this list? I’d love to hear your own suggestions, and maybe even your experience on the road. Kindly leave a comment below, and share this with other friends and family who wouldn’t mind adding some fun to the mix when going on a road trip. 

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