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Work Husband (What It Is & 10 Signs You Have One)

April 29, 2024

Most of us (unfortunately) spend a large majority of our time at work, and therefore it's only natural for us to establish some serious connections with our coworkers. However, there's one work relationship that is normally a little more intense than others, and that is the work spouse relationship. But what exactly is a work husband? Do you have one? In this article, we are going to take a look into work relationships, and share some of the signs that will be showing if you have your own work partner.

What Is A Work Husband?

A work husband is a guy at work that you are extremely close to, spend a lot of time with and feel comfortable around. The two of you will almost act like a married couple, hence the name! You will always have each other's back, can confide in each other, share personal details and you definitely care for each other. However, you won't have a sexual or romantic relationship with this person (usually) and you might even have a real husband at home.

Benefits Of Having A Work Husband

1 . Someone At Work Always Has Your Back

Having a work spouse means that there's always someone there who has your back - someone to rely on to big you up to your boss, someone you can ask to help you, and most importantly someone you can vent to about issues at work. With a work spouse, you can talk to them about the issues your facing in the workplace and they will understand and be able to either vent with you or offer guidance. This will also help your relationship with your real significant other because you aren't coming home and complaining about issues they can't even help with.

2 . You Have Someone To Talk To About Your Home Life That's Removed From The Situation

2 . You Have Someone To Talk To About Your Home Life That's Removed From The Situation

If you are having issues in your home life, a work husband is a great person to talk to about it. They are someone that knows you well and probably knows every detail of your life but isn't directly involved in your personal life. Therefore, you can speak openly to them about it and not worry that anything you tell them is going to get back to your significant other, family or friends.

3 . It Makes Work More Fun

Having a work spouse can make going to your workplace feel like less of a chore. You know that whenever you are with this person, you have fun and they make a boring day at the office seem a lot more fun. It might even feel like you're at work with your best friend.

4 . It Could Make You More Successful At Work

Having a workplace spouse can actually make you more successful at your job, because not only do you have someone there that puts you in a better mood making you more productive, but you also have someone that can help you with your job. They might be willing to help you with tasks you don't understand or tell your manager how well you're doing - leading to you being more successful.

Negatives Of Having A Work Husband

1 . Your Productivity Could Decline

Although above we said that you might actually become more successful at work, the opposite can also be true. You might start to get less productive at work. You might spend way too long getting caught up in chat with them when you're supposed to be working and they could distract you. If they aren't as productive at their workload as you are at yours, they might bring you down too - other people around you might start to think that you're as bad as them.

2 . They Might Be Negative

2 . They Might Be Negative

Although initially, your workplace spouse might seem like great fun, you might realize that they are actually quite a negative person. You could find that they are constantly moaning about their personal life, their workload or other coworkers. This might bring your mood down and start to make you feel negative. If they are speaking badly of other coworkers, you might feel uncomfortable and two of you might even get branded as the gossips of the office. It's hard to distance yourself from a work spouse.

3 . Your Real Partner Might Not Like The Relationship The Two Of You Have

Your real-life partner might find it difficult knowing that you have such a close relationship with another guy that you work with. They might get jealous, or even accuse you of cheating on them. Having a work spouse can definitely cause some problems in real relationships.

4 . You Could Develop Feelings For Them, Or They Could For You

Real feelings have been known to develop within work spouse relationships, and this will obviously be extremely difficult if you are already in a real-life relationship, or if your work spouse wants you, but you don't (or the other way round of course). Things can become really complicated if feelings develop between the two of you.

10 Signs You Could Be Have A Work Husband

10 Signs You Could Be Have A Work Husband

Now we have taken a look at what a work spouse really is and what both the benefits of having one and the negatives are, it's time to take a look at the signs that you have one.

1 . Your Coworkers Will Always Find You Together

One of the most obvious signs that you have a workplace partner is if you are constantly with each other. If any of the people in your office need to find you, they will look for your work spouse. The two of you will try and spend as much time together as possible, especially without other people there.

2 . You Both Share Personal Details With Each Other

The two of you share lots of details about your personal lives with each other. You wouldn't think of sharing this much information about yourself with other people in your office, but you're more than happy to share with this guy. The two of you might even share way too much than you probably should - you might even talk about intimate things like your sex life, but it just doesn't feel wrong.

3 . You Both Have Each Other's Backs

As a work couple, you will both have each other's backs and you will both support each other, both when you're at work, and when you aren't. You will boost each other's confidence up, praise each other and always defend each other. From this aspect, it will seem like you really are in a typical marriage.

4 . They Are The First Person Willing To Help You

This guy will be the first person to help you with a task at work - after all, you are his work wife. If you have any kind of problem at work, there's no doubt he will rush to your side and be willing to lend a helping hand, even if it detracts from the things he needs to do.

5 . You Both Volunteer To Do Work Tasks Together

Whenever there's an opportunity to undertake a task together, you will be the first to volunteer - but of course, you will only want to do it if your office spouse can be by your side. Whether it's meetings, conferences away, or simple workplace tasks, the two of you will always volunteer to do them together.

6 . They Know Things Your Partner Doesn't Even Know

You will feel so open and so comfortable around your workplace husband that you might even tell them things that you wouldn't tell your real-life spouse. They are someone that just gets you, and you act differently around them to the way you would even with your closest friends.

7 . You Think About Them Too Much

You might find that your work husband is stuck in your head way too often that you would like him to be. You might think about him a lot during work time while you're with him, and at other times too. For instance, he might pop into your head on an evening after work, when you think about something funny he said in the day.

8 . You Spend Your Breaks Together

8 . You Spend Your Breaks Together

The two of you will spend every break you have, together. You will most likely always grab lunch together, and you will probably hang around in the staff room just a bit too long because you're chatting in-depth together.

9 . Your Coworkers Joke About The Two Of You

Other people in the office might have several jokes about the two of you. They will most likely tease the two of you for being inseparable, or simply plead you both to go on a date and see where it goes. They will be able to see that what the two of you have isn't like other work friendships - you are work spouses, even if you can't tell.

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10 . You Don't Want Them To Meet Your Real Significant Other

You won't want your work husband to meet your real partner or real husband, because you are concerned they might get jealous of the relationship the two of you have. What the two of you have is just between the two of you, and you want to keep it that way.


If you know that several of the signs are ringing true, then it can definitely be said you have a work husband, and you're a working wife. I really hope this article shed some light on what these types of relationships in the office truly are like, and how you can tell if you're someone in one.

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