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What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Face (11 Possible Reasons)

Are you wondering why a guy keeps touching your face?

Maybe you know this sometimes can be a sign of attraction, but not when it means something else?

Would you like to learn how to make sense of this physical contact? 

If so, you’ll enjoy this article. It includes 11 possible reasons why a man might touch your face. 

Hopefully, you’ll be enlightened about his behavior after reading this guide.   

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With that said, let’s now focus on this man touching your face. Why is he doing it? Does he like you? Or is something else going on? Scroll down to find out.

11 Possible Reasons A Guy Touches Your Face

1. He likes you

If a guy touches your face several times, especially if he does it with only you, it means he likes you and he is attracted to you. When a guy touches your body, his body language usually changes so as to communicate his intentions to you non-verbally. 

He may exhibit his sentiments towards you in other body languages such as looking at you frequently and looking away fast when you turn to look at him in a group, he stands close to you, finds ways to touch you a lot, gets jealous to see you with other guys, etc.

2. You are special to him

You are special to him

A guy will touch you because he is trying to inadvertently let you know that you are unique to him. You ought to pay attention to his body language when a guy touches your face, he shows a bunch of different cues that align with his feelings towards you.

3. Protective gesture

A man will touch your face because he wants you to know you are protected. This action especially comes to play when a man wants to reassure a saddened lady he likes. He will cup her face in his hands, or draw her chin towards his face to maintain eye contact with her so that the lady will know that he is being sincere about what he is saying. 

4. You are beautiful

Men love beauty a lot! When a guy touches a lady’s face, it means that she is beautiful to him. So when he touches her face and looks into her eyes, it is a means to take in all that beauty into his mind, so that he can remember her features in her absence. 

It may, however, seem that the man may not be able to take in all the beauty and will keep coming for more, especially when he is attracted to the woman.

5. Power play

Some men will touch a lady’s face to show his dominance. This way, he can show his higher position. If this happened to be the circumstance, it is very possible that he would hold your face in a firm and direct way especially in a place where people are likely to notice. 

Other body languages a man could exhibit in this circumstance include looking at you through sprinted eyes, interjecting when you are talking, standing in an imposing or domineering way, i.e. a way that makes him look bigger than you.

6. Flirting with you

Another possible reason could be that he is simply flirting with you and trying to gain your attention. He does this by softly rubbing his hands on the side of your face or by stroking your cheeks gently. This is highly indicative of sexual attraction.

7. He feels comfortable around you

When a guy touches your face, it could mean that he is comfortable enough with you or you with him, and that means he can touch any part of your body with your permission, of course. Not just anyone is permitted to touch our faces.  

8. Testing the waters

Testing the waters

Most men know that touching a lady's face is off-limits-However, some men see this risk as worth taking so that they know the lady’s stance based on her reaction or body language. A lady who does not like her face touched will recoil from the man’s hands and put up a front. 

But a lady who endorses the touch will make sure she keeps her body still so that she can feel the man’s hands on her face. The best part of this risk is that men leave this encounter with an answer.

9. Communication

When a man touches your face, it is a sign that he intends to communicate feelings of tenderness, gentleness, and kindness to you. He is trying to tell you that “hey! I need you to trust me and I am here for you if you need me because I have a soft spot for you”. This is a sign that he deeply cares for you.

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10. He intends to get closer to you

When a man touches certain parts of a lady’s body, it is indicative of his feelings and intentions towards you. For instance, when he holds your hands and maintains eye contact with you, it is a sign that he likes you. 

A face is one of the parts of the human body that gets you attracted to a particular person. So when a guy tries to find a way to touch your face each time you are together, it is a sign that he intends to get closer to you or he wants something more than a platonic relationship.

11. He could be joking

A man could be also joking with you if he touches those parts of your body you consider a no-go to strangers. This is dependent of course, on the relationship and situation you both happen to be in. He could playfully pinch your cheeks, or slightly slap them, not in a manner to induce pain though, but softly, to convey a message of a hearty moment you both may be in.


What does it mean if someone touches your face?

When someone touches your face, it could mean a number of things; that he is trying to indirectly tell you that you matter to him and he cares about you.

How do you tell if a guy is attracted to you?

A guy who is attracted to you will do anything to get close to you. These involve physical touch, frequently glancing at you especially when you are not looking, holding your hands while maintaining eye contact, playing with your hair, occasional hugs, get very jealous when you get too close to other guys, etc. This shows that he is attracted to you.

How can you tell if someone is thinking about you sexually?

You can tell that someone is thinking of you sexually because he can really be suggestive with his body language. So as a lady, you need to pay attention to this nonverbal language of his. This involves holding your lower back, waist, mid-section, or thighs. He frequently tries to flirt with you and touches your hair. He looks at your lips whenever you are talking to him and just cannot seem to get his hands off you, he is definitely into you. Other times, he may try to get you to notice him by using cryptic words that may be ambiguous, but likely to convey a sexual message.

What do guys find sexually attractive?

Obviously, every guy has different qualities he loves to see in a lady that sexually attracts him. Studies prove that guys find ladies who are physically appealing or have nice facial features to be sexually attractive. Guys love ladies with great personality traits such as having a great sense of humor, empathy, compassion, truthfulness, kindness, etc. Also, a lady who is confident and comfortable in her own skin is very likely to be sexually attracted to a man. Also, note that ladies who take very good care of themselves in terms of poise, personal hygiene, good dressing, intelligent speech, etc. are found to be sexually attractive to men.  

What attracts a man to a woman?

Every man has peculiar features that attract women. Women, in general, are attracted to guys who they think can protect them. Also, physical features play a huge role in the attraction of a woman to a man. Ladies are crazy about features such as facial hair, height, huge shoulders which give the illusion of protectiveness, etc. A passionate man is also attractive to a woman. Other personality traits in men that attract women are honesty, compassion, integrity, kindness, and loyalty.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, there are many reasons why a guy will want to touch your face. One thing however is apparent; that you two are familiar with each other that he could do that in the first place. You need to be observant so that you don’t read wrong interpretations into his body language and act in a way he will consider absurd.

Take note of the circumstances and situation in which these acts happen so that you can make a reasonable deduction from his actions, so as not to embarrass yourself. But if after reading this article, and you realize that he likes you, and you think the feeling is mutual, well, go get him!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know what you think about this piece, and share with all you think will enjoy reading this too.

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