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Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Famous Couples: Match or Not? 

I’ve said before, if there are two sun signs that do not get on it’s Air and Water. An air sign can stir up water, whipping it into crashing waves or destructive typhoons, leaving a trail of ruins behind. 

Water makes the air dense, sodden and damp, restricting its movement. But combine them in the right amounts and you get rain; the lifeblood of our planet.  

One way we can judge Aquarius and Pisces’ compatibility is to look at Aquarius man and Pisces woman famous couples.  

8 Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Celebrity Couples 

1. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde 

Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles epitomizes Aquarius males. The flamboyant singer trail-blazes with his unique take on fashion. He also prefers to date older women. As an Aquarius man, Harry would not have minded speculation surrounding his love life. 

Harry met actress and director Olivia Wilde in 2020 after she cast him in her film Don’t Worry Darling. After wrapping up film production, the pair started dating.  

It surprises me that Pisces woman Olivia was so vocal about her admiration for Harry. A water zodiac sign like Pisces is notoriously secretive about personal relationships. I’m not surprised how quickly Harry falls in and out of relationships. This is what the Water Bearer does. 

2. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

This couple is a Hollywood love match. Pisces woman Joanne Woodward is a woman before her time. She is renowned in the film industry for playing complex roles at a time where women were not central to a film’s story. She married Aquarius man Paul Newman in the 1950s. 

Their marriage lasted for 50 years and produced three daughters. Newman died in 2008. This is an example of a strong Pisces woman and her evolved Aquarius man combining to make the perfect relationship. 

3. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

My next Aquarius man and Pisces woman celebrity couple show how these two zodiac signs can thrive and grow together. The right balance of water and air makes them ideal partners. They describe each other as ‘partners in crime’. This couple enjoys family life with their two children.  

Justin and Jessica have a meaningful connection that reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Intellectual Aquarius man Sherlock examines the bigger picture. He ties the facts together to solve the mystery. Instinctive Piscean Dr Watson uses intuition and nuance to add to the picture.  

Their combined Instagram posts show their mutual understanding of each other. Aquarian males often fall in love with girls that make them laugh or get their quirky humor.  

4. Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins 

Lily Collins

This is one Aquarius man - Pisces woman compatibility that didn’t work. Aquarius man Taylor Lautner met Pisces woman Lily Collins on the film set for ‘Abduction’. The pair started dating, with Lautner describing the blossoming romance in an interview with E!

“It wasn’t all about the relationship, it was more about having fun with each other and I think any time that’s the premise of your couple, it’s going to go great.” 

The above quote is telling. I wonder if Lautner’s casual attitude to the relationship was to blame for the end of the relationship? Pisces ladies  think long and hard before committing to someone. The Water Bearer is a fun sign that doesn’t take itself seriously. 

5. Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form 

Alexandra Daddario

Baywatch and The White Lotus actress Alexandra Daddario bumped into TV and film producer Andrew Form whilst out walking in New York during Covid. 

Never one to waste an opportunity, Aquarius man Form asked Pisces woman Daddario out to dinner. After dating for two years the couple announced they were getting married in New Orleans.   

In typical Aquarian style, Form made sure his kids from a previous relationship were front and center at the new couple’s wedding. I think Form’s unconventional and open attitude attracted Daddario.

Aquarius males don’t get jealous. It’s lucky he found the Water sign Pisces and not envious Scorpio. Pisces is compassionate and accepting, but he shouldn’t take her love for granted. Aquarius men have a reputation for being insensitive and detached.  

6. Liza Minnelli and Peter Allen 

Liza Minnelli has been married four times, but none lasted. I am concentrating on her first marriage to Aquarius man and Oscar-winning songwriter Peter Allen. 

Minnelli’s mother Judy Garland mentored Allen and introduced him to her daughter, and the pair married in 1967. 

Minnelli was only 21 when she married Allen, however, Allen was hiding a secret about his homosexuality. Minnelli was candid about her relationships and revealed how she found out about his sexuality: 

“I married Peter and he didn’t tell me he was gay. Everyone knew but me.” 

7. Chelsea Handler and André Balazs 

In 2011, Balazs dated multi-talented Chelsea Handler, the star of Chelsea Lately. The relationship was short-lived, however. The pair split in 2013. 

It’s weird because, of all the famous Aquarius - Pisces couples, this relationship had prospects. This independent and influential Pisces girl is more than a match for her Aquarius male. Balazs would have felt he’d met his equal. 

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Remember, Aquarius men are feminists at heart. He would not have a problem with Handler’s career overtaking his; he’d encourage it.  

However, there are reports of sexual misconduct. This isn’t the 1950s anymore, where women put up with misogynist behavior. If Handler witnessed sexual misconduct from him, she’d dump him.  

8. Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner 

Next on my list of famous couples is Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner. Many would argue that Richard Burton was the love of Taylor’s life. She married him twice; once in 1964 and again in 1975. The second marriage only lasted a year, with Taylor saying,  

“After Richard, the men in my life were just there to hold the coat, to open the door. All the men after Richard were really just company.” 

Ouch! She married Republican senator John Warner just a year later. A veteran of the Vietnam and Korean Wars, Warner fought for veterans’ rights during his political career. 

This Aquarius man defied political convention. Even though he was a Republican he endorsed Democratic rivals, including Hillary Clinton. This is typical behavior from Aquarians; they are not afraid to change their mind

His marriage to Taylor lasted six years. I would imagine his open-mindedness attracted her and his strong moral compass kept her interested.  

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility in Real Examples of Celebrities

The Aquarius male needs a partner to give him intellectual stimulation. A Pisces woman wants an emotional connection. As far as love compatibility goes, you can’t get a better example than the love story of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. 

This famous Aquarius man met his match in his feisty Pisces woman. They met at a time where women were deemed second class citizens, especially within industries such as film and music. But the Water Bearer is forward thinking and open minded. 

Of all the Aquarius man Pisces woman celebrity couples, this one is a relationship of equals. It shows the perfect match of the wise old soul and the innovative inquisitor. Strong relationships often have this dynamic of equality and respect

5 Reasons Aquarius and Pisces Are Not a Good Match 

1. Direct vs Subtle 

These two signs are both curious. Aquarius is on a voyage of discovery the moment they are born. Pisces is the old soul of the universe; collecting wisdom and knowledge through each spiritual journey. 

The pair have different ways of finding answers to the many questions and riddles of life. 

Aquarius will ask you outright why you only plant yellow roses in your garden. You can thank Uranus for this direct approach. Uranus is objective and non-judgmental. This allows Aquarians to ask the most awkward questions casually that never offend. 

Pisces doesn’t need to intrude into your privacy. They will either already know the answer or will wait patiently for the answer.  

2. Detached vs Invested 

Man looking out the window

Aquarians can mentally detach from emotions. That doesn’t mean they are cold and calculating. They’re just not romantic in the traditional sense. It’s as if Aquarius is speaking a different language regarding love. 

Pisces is vulnerable, needing validation and reassurance. Aquarians don't have time for this nonsense. They are together, aren’t they? They have plans to marry next year. How much more validation does this girl want?

Pisces woman would just like a Valentine’s Day card occasionally, or for her Aquarius man to kiss her gently once in a while as she leaves for work. 

Aquarius man thinks “Well what about the time I de-iced her car while she was sleeping during the winter storm of 2019? Or when I bought her a pair of emerald earrings just because the color matched her eyes? Surely she knows by now I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t adore her?”

3. Direct vs Sensitive 

Aquarians speak their mind without malice or an agenda. This is where Pisces might struggle. Pisces is highly intuitive and knows what you’re thinking, even before you’ve spoken. Pisces people have the double whammy of being sensitive and vulnerable. 

They also don’t like confrontation. The worst you’ll get from Pisces in an argument is a disapproving side eye or a few carefully chosen words of advice. Once they have made their point, the fish will then withdraw to the comfort of the sea floor. 

Meanwhile, on the surface, Aquarius blows up like a thunderstorm, using thunder and lightning to make their point. This is all too dramatic for the sensitive fish who retreat even further into the inky depths of the ocean. But thunderstorms clear the air from oppressive pressure, leaving the atmosphere refreshed. 

“What argument?” thinks Aquarius. It’s all forgotten. But Pisces is reeling from the harsh words and needs space to tend its wounds.  

4. Forthright vs Secretive 

Water signs are secretive. I mean, I’m not talking Scorpio levels of privacy, but Pisces is the sign of the Fish. Have you ever tried catching a fish with your bare hands? They are elusive, slipping between your fingers into the depths of the sea. 

Aquarius doesn’t understand the need for this level of secrecy. Air signs are blunt and straightforward. They’re not secretive; they don’t gossip about other people, and they’re not concerned with other people’s lives.  

Pisces’ need for privacy and their sensitive nature drives Aquarius mad. However, it’s also the thing that might attract him. 

This air of mystery excites him at first. He’ll want to break down her barriers and conquer her (like macho Aquarius men do). She will exasperate him, however, if she continues to keep secrets once they are together.  

5. Disruptive vs Serene  

Pisces yearn for tranquility, peace and quiet. If you see a lone traveler meditating on the side of a mountain, you can bet that’s Pisces. The person screaming with laughter as they whizz past on a zip-wire is likely to be Aquarius. 

Aquarius likes to stir things up, and Pisces wants to calm them down. Aquarius has a childish side. The Aquarius sign is sociable, erratic, spontaneous and full of new ideas. Pisces is introverted, dreamy, and imaginative.  

Aquarius gets bored in a relationship. They need at least one adventure a week. “One a week?” cries Pisces. They’d prefer once a year. Too much unpredictability makes them nervous. They say:

  • What’s wrong with chilling out this weekend, they say. Why don’t we get takeout and watch our favorite TV show in bed?
  • We did that last week, says Aquarius.
  • Yes, and wasn’t it marvelous? 
  • Well, it kind of was, thinks Aquarius.  

However, I want to make one point. There is one important area where Pisces and Aquarius compatibility gets a gold star

Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility - Sex Life

When the two signs of Aquarius and Pisces get it on, mental sparks fly. Aquarius is all man and Pisces is as feminine as you can get. Something electric happens when this pair decides to take their love to a physical level. 

Pisces women instinctively know what their partner wants in bed, and Aquarius isn’t afraid to ask outright. This mix of sweet, tender honesty allows a closeness that transcends words and physicality.  


What’s the happiest Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman celebrity couple? 

Of all my famous couples, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel prove that the Aquarius and Pisces dynamic works. But only if both people understand the other’s needs.

Timberlake is the ultimate feminist icon; supportive and proud of Biel’s success. This Aquarius - Pisces relationship is successful because Pisces doesn’t take herself too seriously. Timberlake is thoughtful towards his sensitive partner. This couple has a lot of fun together. 

What’s the most scandalous Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman celebrity couple? 

Sometimes an Aquarius man Pisces woman relationship ends badly. I wonder if Olivia Wilde regrets her relationship with Harry Styles. Styles makes no secret or excuses for his penchant for older ladies. The problem is that women get swept up in the Harry phenomenon. They don’t realize Aquarius' men bore quickly and are swiftly looking for their next relationship. Meanwhile, Pisces woman Wilde has opened her heart to the world. Zodiac signs like Pisces are usually more secretive.   

Are Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman generally compatible? 

Aquarius is a blunt, temperamental and sometimes tactless sign. Pisces are secretive, sensitive and compassionate. Aquarius man - Pisces woman is not a good match, but a lot depends on other zodiac signs. If Aquarius has a Moon in a zodiac sign like Cancer, this will soften his blunt nature. If Pisces has a rising sign in a star sign such as Aries, this will harden her vulnerability.  


Aquarius and Pisces don’t normally make a good match. However, there are a couple of Aquarius man and Pisces woman famous couples that show opposites not only attract but prosper.

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