Does The Aquarius Man Cheat? 4 Signs He May Be

An Aquarius is best-known for being fiercely independent. They appreciate their alone time, and they’re not afraid of going against the flow.

It’s important to know this if you’re in a relationship with one. 

Otherwise, you might make this mistake this behavior for disinterest in the relationship – or as a sign that he’s seeing another woman behind your back.

This behavior alone is not a surefire sign that he’s cheating. However, there are other behavioural cues that an Aquarius man tends to exhibit when they are being unfaithful to their partner.

The article below lists four signs that an Aquarius man is cheating on you. 

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Signs that an Aquarius man is cheating on you

1. He is acting totally out of character

You probably know your Aquarius man inside out and know what his character I like. What you will see is that his usual routines are changing. You might see that he is spending more tie on his commute, on his phone or is absent from you as much as he can be. Being able to fully trust your partner is key for a great relationship and if you are finding that he is just absent he is likely to be unfaithful. He is highly intelligent so whilst not trying to get caught, this sign will be someone who might think tactically and want you to do all the hard work of finding out and breaking up rather than just dealing with the situation, so you might see telltale signs that sow he is seeing someone else on the side. Be sure to look out for time spent away from all his usual regular haunts and hobbies. He might not tell you where he is going and will be heading over to the other girls' home. He can be cocky around this, telling you around new female friends he is spending time with so lookout for new ‘friends' that he has made, especially when he is known to be a real flirt around women.

If he has moved on in his mind, he may be quite callous around your feelings in a way that is very new to you. He is usually sarcastic and jokey, but the jokes may have an edge, his voice may sound dispassionate and flat. You might start to wonder what has happened, and if he is being disrespectful or hinting at cheating, the chances are that he has already done it, or is very seriously considering it. Now is the time to take notice of some of the other signs.

2. He is giving more focus on his appearance

You might note that your Aquarius man is suddenly working out more, and extremely interested in his appearance. This personality shift from left field insinuates that he is probably looking elsewhere for someone to appreciate him on a physical level. This might have led to the bedroom as well, another classic sign that someone is that he is not as interested as he was at the start of the relationship because he is being satisfied elsewhere. He is a flirt anyway and unlikely to forget his appearance anyway, but his extra interest in how he is perceived is a sign that he really is looking at another woman and is interested in capturing her attention.

3. He is giving too much strange attention to you at strange times

Sheer guilt can leave the Aquarius man feeling like he needs to give you compliments and attention when he can and he might seem regretful or sad around you some days. He is usually quiet so this can take you off guard. You might notice that this man is someone who suddenly starts to give you compliments or lays it on a bit too thick. This is a bad sign that it is a switch from his usual ways of behaving and shows that he may be feeling very guilty indeed! Because he believes in quality and has that world like view of justice, he is probably not the type to cheat unless the relationship is for him, in a bad way.  He takes a long time to say ‘I love you' and sometimes he might say it and not mean it. They have a very unusual way of showing that they love someone and this can lead you up the wrong path. Whilst loving and protective, they can be hard to love and to find it hard to show love.

At the same time, jealousy may switch into gear. Just as they say that it takes one to know one, if the Aquarius man is feeling guilty and aware of his failures to stay committed, he will be thinking of other men as potential threats once again. This is a really bad trait and indicates not his love for you, but his instability and inability to trust.

4. He pulls away and isn't in touch with you.

You may already know that this is a very hard sign to read. Cool and detached, when you are friends alone, you just accept this, but when you are committed, this cool and off attitude is heard to bear. It can be hard to know what is just his sign and what is cheating. Looking out for examples of when he is dedicating his interests and focus elsewhere. For example, you may see that the Aquarius man is spending less time focusing on you. Despite usually being able to share his dreams and ideas with you, you might notice that if you ask him about plans the Aquarius man is simply unsure and gives vague answers back to you. Don't forget that this is a dreaming sign and an idealistic man who needs to be and feel supported so if he feels that he isn't getting this h will likely be pulling away and maybe seeing someone else who he feels more excited by. He might even just need his space and might be on his own a lot. This is an unpredictable sign and sadly nothing is going to change this about them!

Aquarius is also usually okay not talking for a day or so, and this can be increased if they have turned off you and are interested in someone else – he won't be calling or texting you and you might notice that this feels like an even bigger gap that even you have grown used to with this sign.

If this is happening, you need to detach from the emotion in this situation and see if he is really being serious with you or if he is starting to act strangely to his usual self. He will know what level of attention you desire, so if he is no longer giving you attention and affection, this is a sign that he has really stepped away emotionally. He can be a sign to really mess you around if he no longer feels that attraction to you, so now should be the best time to get out of a bad situation.

The lack of emotion you might be getting may be distressing to you and this can be the hardest part of knowing if an Aquarius man is cheating – he simply doesn't want to be lent on and to have these hard questions asked of him which means asking him vague questions around his happiness just aren't working. Sadly, it's time to ask him.

Is the Aquarius man really cheating?

We know that if any of the signs that an Aquarius man cheating has resonated then you will be probably feeling a bit down right now. After all, we all want every relationship to work out. Sometimes that's just not written in the stars, so for now, let's plan to tackle that man and speak to him. Perhaps the Aquarius in your life is going through something personal and this was all a misunderstanding and he is just feeling trapped and needs his space, as this sign tends to do. We do hope so and that this is not the end of your relationship but now is the time to relax and just see.

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Thanks for reading.

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