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Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman Famous Couples: Are They Suitable?    

Do Aquarius and Taurus couples make a good match? On one hand, you have Aquarius; the dreamer, always looking to the future and living in their imagination. On the other, there’s Taurus; the rock-solid bull, feet firmly planted in today and the most physical of all the zodiac signs. 

These two zodiac signs have many differences. From the very beginning, their worlds are so far apart, they won’t notice each other. But opposites attract, and as they are both Fixed signs, there is common ground. 

It’s a surprise, but as polarizing as these signs are, I’ve found many examples of Aquarius man Taurus woman famous couples. Before we look at celebrity Aquarius and Taurus couples, let’s look at Aquarius-Taurus general compatibility.   

Are Taurus and Aquarius compatible?  

Taurus is a Fixed sign, ruled by the Earth element. The planet of Love, Venus, rules Taurus. Taurus is tactile, passionate, down-to-earth, no-nonsense and practical. This zodiac sign is stubborn, practical but prone to laziness

Taurus is a sensual being. It values material possessions and likes to indulge in good food, rich textures, fine wines, and luxurious surroundings. Taurus is settled and prefers stability to change.   

Aquarius is a Fixed sign, ruled by the Air element. Uranus, the planet of change, rules Aquarius. Aquarius is restless, innovative, changeable, imaginative and balks at tradition. 

Aquarians are weird, quirky, and curious. Water-bearers are adventurers. They want to experience new things. Aquarius is never static. They’re always whizzing from one place to another, using their easy communication skills to make new best friends wherever they go.   

Differences Between Taurus and Aquarius  

Adventurous vs Settled  

Imagine a fairy trying to shift the stubborn bull. That’s what you have with Taurus and Aquarius. These are both stubborn signs, but in different ways. Aquarius is buzzing around, much like an irritating bee. 

The bull just wants to snooze in the afternoon sun. And who can blame him? It takes a lot of energy to move this solid beast. It’s all very well flitting about the place when you’re as light as a feather! 

Aquarius adapts well to change, whether it’s a change of scenery, a change of pace or a change of mind. Taurus finds change frightening. They are comfortable and secure just where they are, thank you very much. Taurus is content with a home-cooked meal, a cool beer, and a nap by the fire.   

Traditional vs Rebellious  

You need two kinds of people in this world. People that respect tradition and people who rebel against it. After all, the police are a traditional force that helps us go about our daily lives. But many traditions are outdated. So you should respect the past but have an eye on the future. 

The problem with Aquarius and Taurus is their polarizing views. Uranus resists tradition with every ounce of their being. It wants freedom and expression and celebrates the individual. Venus focuses on validation through others and the search for love and acceptance.  

Friendly vs Reserved  

Aquarius is friendly, gregarious even, with a knack for making people feel included. The problem is that Aquarius treats everyone with the same friendly nature. From the person in the queue to the guy on the bus. Everyone is a friend. No matter how long they’ve known them, they all share equal status. 

To Taurus, this is nuts. It takes decades to make friends, well, good friends that you can trust. Taurus feels hard done by when Aquarius blows them off for someone they’ve just met. 

Remember, Venus rules Taurus, making them susceptible to doubt without external validation. 

Aquarius doesn’t have time for mollycoddling. They’ve just spotted someone with pink hair and they want to talk to them. Aquarius likes small talk and chitchat with everyone. Taurus prefers intimacy and meaningful conversations one-on-one.   

Aquarius man Taurus woman famous couples  

Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein  

Acclaimed screenwriter and film director Nora Ephron is synonymous with acerbic wit and well-crafted one-liners (I’ll have what she’s having!’). She married journalist Carl Bernstein, the reporter who helped blow open the Watergate Scandal, in 1979, and the couple had two boys. 

It was while she was pregnant with her second son that she discovered Carl was having an affair

As an Aquarius man, Carl would have thought lightly of his indiscretions, but I believe it would hurt Nora deeply. Upon hearing about his affair, she confessed, Carl was “capable of having sex with a Venetian blind.”  

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field  

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams was Pop’s most eligible bachelor. A title he relished and played up to for decades. Then he met the Turkish American film and TV actress Ayda Field. Of all the zodiac signs, it was a Taurus woman that made this young pup grow up. 

Perhaps it was just time for Robbie to settle down. Or maybe he’d tired of hotel rooms and nameless blondes. Ayda came along at the right time and showed him the pleasure to be had in contentment and loyalty. The couple have four children and are remarkably frank about their relationship.   

Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

Cate Blanchett

When Cate and Andrew first met, they didn’t like each other. Cate says that she thought Andrew was arrogant, and he thought she was aloof. In spite of their initial reaction, the couple got engaged three weeks after meeting. They have four children and have been married since 1997. 

I think this quote from Cate sums up why they fell in love with one another:  

“He’s one of the few grounded people I know whose head is in the stars. He’s able to stretch between the sky and the earth. Those people are very rare.”  

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As a Taurus woman, Cate would appreciate Andrew’s ability to straddle earth and air. He would understand her need for him to return to solid ground.    

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran

You could call Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn childhood sweethearts. The pair met at Thomas Mills High School in Suffolk and became good friends. The two had a brief friendship, but before romance was in the air, Cherry went to the US to study at university and Ed began touring. They bumped into each other and started dating. 

Ed is an unusual Aquarius man because he’s settled down quickly and started a family. There’s nothing traditional about the names of the couple’s two daughters, Lyra Antarctica and Jupiter. 

He’s not afraid of talking about his emotions, which is typically Aquarius. Ed’s been vocal about his eating disorder, the impact of the loss of a dear friend, his wife’s cancer and court cases regarding plagiarism.   

Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence   

Here’s a Taurus and Aquarius union that ended in tragedy. UK TV presenter Paula Yates was married to Boomtown Rats lead singer and general all-around saint Bob Geldof. However, she’d always had a picture of Michael Hutchence on her fridge. Years later, in 1994, she interviewed him on the sofa of the Big Breakfast and sparks flew. 

She divorced Bob and had a daughter with Michael. Despite her glamorous lifestyle, Paula epitomized motherhood. Her children were everything to her. I wonder if this unabashed devotion towards her children washed over Michael and changed his natural Aquarian reluctance to settle down.  

Cher and Sonny Bono


Now this is an odd match. If I didn’t know the zodiac signs of Cher and Sonny, I would guess that Cher was an Aquarius woman and Sonny was a Taurus man. The opposite is true. 

They met in 1962 when Cher was 16 years old. Sonny was eleven years older when they met and controlled his protegee. 

He wrote the songs and arranged tours, TV shows and recordings. His creative genius is clear. I wonder if she put her Taurus foot down once she became older and more confident. Their relationship ended in 1974 and without Sonny, Cher cemented her success in the music and film world.   

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen   

Eddie Van Halen epitomizes outrageous 80s American rock. He had it all; the big hair, the screaming guitar solos, and the riffs that made Van Halen unforgettable. Eddie had all the trappings and opportunities to be a player in the music world he inhabited. 

However, at the height of his career, he married actor, author and TV host Valerie Bertinelli. The couple had a son but split in 2007. 

Eddie died of cancer in 2020. It is a testament to the pair’s enduring love that Valerie was present at his side when he passed, alongside Eddie’s present wife. In her memoir, ‘Enough Already’, Valerie acknowledges how others viewed their relationship:  

“We were portrayed as a mismatch. The bad boy rock star and America’s sweetheart but privately, Ed wasn’t the person people thought he was and neither was I.”   

Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson  

Uma Thurman

If you search Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson most results show a messy custody battle. This was Uma’s third serious relationship. She married British actor Gary Oldman in 1990 but divorced two years later. In 1998, she married Ethan Hawke, and they had two children. That marriage ended in 2003. 

A year later, she was the victim of a stalker who repeatedly broke restraining orders. During this time, she met financier Arpad Busson. Arpad had ended a nine-year relationship with supermodel Elle Macpherson. 

The couple got engaged in 2008 but called it off twice. They had a daughter in 2012 but split in 2017. Uma was ‘ecstatic’ when Arpad proposed, with friends saying she just wanted to live a Mary Poppins life in the British countryside. 

The fact she’s tried three times to settle down and create a secure family is an aspect of her earth sign. Taurus women feel emotionally and physically safe with a long-term partner.   

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Aquarius men are masculine guys, but not in a macho sense. They are non-judgmental, understanding and slightly crazy. Taurus women are feminine, but not in a coy or helpless way. They are rock-solid, opinionated and sensible. 

Taurus women make loyal, matter-of-fact, romantic partners. They are tactile, loving and make understanding partners. Aquarius men are erratic, visionary, affable guys. 

Taurus women fall hard in love, whereas Aquarius men flit from one relationship to another. His ruling planet, Uranus, is associated with change and personal freedom. Aquarius man finds breakups easy to cope with. If an Aquarius man isn’t happy, he’ll end the relationship with little regret. 

The Taurus female is faithful and will put up with unacceptable behavior if there’s a chance the two can work it out. She’ll hold out until the end because she knows the emotional heartache will cripple her.   

Sexual Compatibility between Aquarius man and Taurus woman  

This is another area where the Aquarius male and Taurus woman compatibility will struggle. Aquarius gets that faraway look in his eye when he’s lovemaking. Taurus woman is a traditional lover with strong desires. 

Sex is a chance for Taurus to express her emotions physically. Taurus has a deep need for devotion (you can thank Venus for that). Someone who isn’t paying attention will hurt her. What’s he thinking about when his eyes don’t meet hers? 

Aquarius is stimulated mentally (you can thank Uranus for that). Aquarius likes versatility in the bedroom. They’re not satisfied with the missionary position every time they make love. ‘Let’s spice things up a bit’ they say, which immediately upsets Taurus who is happy with their sex life.  

Can Aquarius and Taurus be good friends?  

Can Taurus adapt to Aquarius’ idiosyncrasies and flexibility? Can Aquarius tolerate Taurus’ need for assurance and comfort? Then they can be good friends. For the friendship to work they must put aside their differences and appreciate each other’s qualities. 

Perhaps the stable Bull can teach the Water-bearer the joys of the familiar? Maybe Aquarius can gently lead Taurus into the unknown and show them the wonders of the unexplored. 

They’ll get on if Aquarius has an Earth element or Moon sign, and if Taurus has an Air element or Rising sign. This will help balance out their differences. 


What’s the happiest Aquarius Man & Taurus Woman celebrity couple?  

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn prove Aquarius man and Taurus woman compatibility. This Taurus woman provides peace and stability that her Aquarian man didn’t know he needed until he met her. She allows him to soar to fantastic heights while remaining grounded.   

What’s the most scandalous Aquarius Man & Taurus Woman celebrity couple?   

Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence had a scandalous relationship. They met while Paula was still married and the TV interview on The Big Breakfast is legendary viewing. At the heart of this relationship is the tragic story of two soulmates who loved the bones of one another. 

Are Aquarius Man & Taurus Woman generally compatible?

This is not a good match on paper. However, the number of Aquarius man and Taurus woman famous couples shows there’s something special about this pairing. These zodiac signs are opposites. They may never even travel in the same circles. But if they notice each other something magical might happen. 


Do Aquarius men and Taurus women make a good match? I believe we’re attracted to people who have a quality we don’t possess. Taurus may need security but secretly yearns for adventure. And Aquarius only feel free when they have something stable to come back to. 

Remember, all kites need someone on the ground to anchor them, allowing them to fly with purpose. When they return to earth, they can share the wonders of the sky with their earthbound partner. Taurus and Aquarius can learn so much from each other.   

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