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Aquarius Best Match and Compatibility (7 Matches)

May 31, 2024

Using a person’s star sign can be a fantastic way to determine how well you might match with them romantically. In fact, knowing your potential compatibility with a person from the outset can be a great easy way to know whether to initiate a relationship with them or not.

Here, we look at what star signs are the best matches in terms of Aquarius compatibility. While not every star sign below will result in a long-lasting happy partnership, they are at least a good basis for a couple. 

What Sign Is The Best Match For Aquarius

Here are the star signs that we think are best suited for compatibility for Aquarius. Pairing up in this way won’t automatically mean that these two people will get together and have a happy romance and a great sex life

However, depending on how strong the positive parts of their personalities are, and if they outweigh the bad, they should stand a decent chance of a good relationship

1. Aquarius


An Aquarius has good potential for a happy relationship with another Aquarius. This is down to being naturally like-minded and both being air signs. This makes them both very independent which can suit them when together. Additionally, they are both easy going so they do not mind how independent they both are. 

Finally, what makes this a great pairing is that Aquarius men and Aquarius women are both very kind. Being in a relationship with a person that is kind means that you can look forward to being supported by them at all times. Being kind means that two Aquarius signs together will always look out for each other, however independent they are. 

However, despite all the positive qualities that this pair has in one another, there is a danger that both of them are too detached. While this won’t cause any arguments or tensions between the pair, it can mean that a romance has the potential simply just to fizzle out. 

2. Libra

A Libra with an Aquarius is a classic match that can often stand the test of times. For starters, a Libra is a calm and diplomatic person. This is great news for anyone in a relationship with them, let alone an Aquarius as it helps diffuse arguments before they start. Additionally, a Libra can often see things from both sides so that if there is an issue between the pair, a Libra will be the one to see why the Aquarius thinks as he or she does. 

Also, a Libra is an intelligent being that helps up the compatibility that the sign has as it makes them one of the most attractive zodiac signs to the Aquarius. Finally, they are a very positive and optimistic person to be around. An Aquarius loves this and loves the happy outlook that most Librans have on life. 

A point that may stop this pair having a happily ever after is the self-pitying ways of a Libra. While it might not be a strong enough trait in an individual Libra for it to matter, the Aquarius may find it a jarring characteristic to cope with at times. 

3. Gemini

The Gemini Aquarius compatibility is another big pairing that has a lot of potentials when it comes to signs of the zodiac. Aquarius and Gemini will often get on due to the Gemini’s flexible ways that appeal to Aquarius's easy-going nature. Again, the Gemini is attractive to an Aquarius thanks in part to how clever a Gemini often is. Aquarius like their brains to be stretched and one sign that can do that (as well as Librans) is a Gemini. 

The sociable trait within many Geminis is often very strong which is yet another reason that a Gemini and Aquarius will be a good match with one another. On a Gemini Aquarius date, you could expect to see lots of conversation and laughter as a result of their mutually outgoing natures. 

One thing that doesn’t work in their favor is how indecisive a Gemini can be. This can mean they can wind one another up as, even though an Aquarius is easy going and usually very independent, this sign does like decisions to be made. However big or small. 

4. Aries

There’s a lot of potential for compatibility with Aquarius for many Aries. The reason being is that they are optimistic people which is a charm that Aquarius can find very beguiling in a relationship. Aquarius compatibility is also possible thanks to being a very loving sign which will tie in well with an Aquarius’s kind ways. 

Additionally, the Aquarius will be attracted to the outgoing and spontaneous easy ways of an Aries which will be a good foil for their independent natures. Plus, Aquarius will love how trustworthy an Aries is in addition to their more vivacious character traits. 

What may be a drag on the success of this compatibility however is the fact that an Aries can be impatient. This will not marry up well with an Aquarius’s detached and aloof ways at times. An Aries simply won’t understand why their partner is so happy to spend time apart. 

5. Sagittarius

There are so many wonderful things about a Sagittarius that an Aquarius will be drawn to naturally. They can help bring out the best in one another thanks to the generous nature of the Sagittarius. This appeals to that ever kind manner that is so innate in the Aquarius. Sagittarius also tends to have a wicked sense of humor and an Aquarius loves to love. 

Sadly, the Sagittarius can also be quite domineering which an Aquarius and his or her easygoing nature can find quite abrasive at times. Additionally, they can be argumentative and stubborn which again can be quite jarring to the Aquarius. However, this pairing can definitely work if they consistently talk to one another to work out any issues. 

6. Leo

Leo’s are wonderfully strong-willed which can actually work well in terms of Aquarius compatibility. The easy-going nature of the Aquarius does not mind Leo’s fiery way and determination - in fact, it can be a good thing for an Aquarius who can sometimes be the one to be too easy-going in the relationship. Leo’s encouraging ways coupled with the strong will that they can have means that the pair never fizzle out.

However, if that strong-willed way becomes too much the Aquarius may want out of this love match. Being kind-hearted, they sometimes do not understand the lengths that a Leo will go to, to be right, and get their way.  

7. Capricorn


An Aquarius will be attracted to a Capricorn for their ambitious personality, but like that it is coupled with a very sensitive side. However, this can make them a little touchy sometimes, which can rub the Aquarius up the wrong way given that they are such easy going and relaxed characters. They can sometimes feel like a Capricorn is getting annoyed over nothing, even when they try to see things from their point of view.

However, the Aquarius compatibility that a Capricorn does have is helped by their persistent nature as an Aquarius sometimes needs someone to chase them. This is down to their detached and independent ways which can make them a touch too aloof at times. 


What sign is Aquarius soulmate?

There are a couple of zodiac signs that are a great match for an Aquarius. Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius are all good picks for this Air Sign. Libra and Gemini are also air signs, with Sagittarius being a good idea due to mutual ideals

What is Aquarius worst match?

In general, Aquarius does not match well with either Cancer or Virgos. While it is not impossible for these two signs to make Aquarius happy - and vice versa - they tend to be quite different in temperament which can make compatibility difficult at times. Taurus and Scorpio are also not good matches for Aquarius. 

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Do Aquarius go well together?

Two Aquarius signs can be a good match, given that they are likely to have similar characteristics, motivations, and temperaments. However, if both individuals have a particularly bad point that is very pronounced in them, it can make for some tricky times. 

Who do Aquarius not get along with?

Aquarius tend not to get along well with Cancers or Virgos given that they have such dissimilar approaches to life. It can make for a jarring friendship or relationship with two people who are often at odds with each other. 

What age will Aquarius find love?

Depending on what characteristics are strongest in a particular Aquarius will have a huge bearing on when they will find love. Additionally, depending on whether they are a man or a woman can have a massive impact on the age that they find love too. 

Aquarius Compatibility - The Bottom Line

The easy-going and kind ways of an Aquarius can actually make this sign compatible with a lot of people - regardless of the star sign. Aquarius compatibility will largely boil down to how strong his or her good traits are, in comparison to their partner’s good and bad points too. 

While the good points of the star signs listed above will often tie in very well with the good points of an Aquarius, sometimes a person’s bad points are just too strong to overcome. 

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