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How To Know If A Guy Has A Crush On You Secretly (45 Obvious Signs)

Are you wondering if someone has a secret crush on you? 

Perhaps there's a guy out there who you hope does have a crush on you, so you can start dating? 

Maybe there's a friend or work colleague who you hope doesn't have a crush, because that would be seriously awkward.  

Either way, it's helpful to know this information. So I'm going to reveal the giveaway signs that men will show when they are secretly harboring feelings towards you. 

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Of course, if you prefer to guess someone's intentions from their behavior, you can read on. Below, I reveal the most obvious signs that a man has a secret crush on you.

Table of Contents

His Body Language Tells You He’s Into You

1. He mirrors you

According to Forbes, if a man really likes you, he may (unintentionally) mirror your physical behavior like your gestures or even your posture. This type of behavior is rooted in the brain, and it indicates a liking of an individual. Mirroring is like the “social glue” that connects people together. It’s a definite sign of liking.

Teams often participate in this behavior, which results in an increased level of cooperation, connection, and bonding. If you really want to know if someone likes you, try doing a specific behavior around them to see if they mirror it back. For example, the next time you see him, cross your arms or bounce your legs. Do they do the same?

Forbes says that verbal communication works the same way. The guy who is crushing on you may say things in the same way you do. In America, there are hundreds if not thousands of different cultures, each having their own accent and vocabulary. Test the waters by saying something uncommon and see if he says it that way as well. 

2. He can’t stop smiling

Smiling is a great sign that a crush is smitten with you. He may not be able to control the way he feels about you and how happy he feels when you are around. Embrace the urge to smile back, especially if you really like him, too. Let him know that he has a chance with you.

He can’t stop smiling

3. His feet are pointed toward yours

If you know of someone who has a crush on you or even just is connected with you as a best friend, you may notice their feet point straight toward you as you have a conversation. This is an indication that he likes you and/or is very interested in what you have to say. 

4. He looks at your face or eyes

If a guy looks at your body when talking to you, he has one thing on his mind - SEX! But, if he looks at your face or maintains eye contact, he’s into you and wants to be more than friends. So, when you talk to him, watch where his eyes go. 

5. He maintains eye contact

His gaze into your eyes can tell you a lot about him and his feelings for you. This is usually because he’s nervous and feels intimidated by you.

6. He softly touches you

Crushes often will find excuses to touch the object or their affection. He may lightly touch the small of your back, your shoulder, or your arm. If he does this frequently, he likes you and wants to go out but maybe too shy to approach the subject of dating.

7. He stands close to you

If your crush makes it a point to inch closer to where you are in a crowd, he has a thing for you. He possibly wants to hear what you are saying to someone else. If you like him, this is a good thing! It means that he’s trying to connect with you in a real way.

His Verbal Communication Tells You Everything

8. He confides his deepest secrets with you

Are you thinking something like, “Why does this guy want to talk to me about all these details?” If you find that he is revealing private information and just seems to love to talk to you, he probably likes you more than you realize.

He confides his deepest secrets with you

9. He reveals personal details about himself

Like the last point, does he tell you things about himself that you find to be pretty personal? He may be trying to share with you so that you will hopefully share, also. He’s probably impressed with you and wants to know more but is too nervous to ask you many questions about yourself. 

10. He really listens to you

When you do talk, does this man really tune in to what you have to say? Have you noticed that weeks can go by, yet he still recalls details of stuff you forgot you even told him? If so, he is invested in you. This guy likes what you have to say and really pays attention. He’s crazy over you!

11. He asks you lots of questions

Again, if you notice a guy always has some inquiry for you, he may just find you irresistible. He wants to learn more about you - even if it feels like you are being drilled by a drill sergeant. If you want to get closer to him, ask him some personal questions

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12. He sends you “anonymous” love letters

Well, if they are anonymous, he may not be the one sending them, but you can compare handwriting and timing of when you receive them. What a sweet, romantic gesture! Who wouldn’t love to have this sign of a secret crush happen to them?

13. He may have trouble speaking to you

If he can normally talk to other people, but stutters or mumbles with you, you probably make him pretty nervous, and he has a crush on you!

14. He compliments you

Who doesn’t love compliments? When someone always pays attention to you and gives you compliments, you can be sure that they have a secret crush on you! 

15. He brings up things the two of you have in common

Pay attention to the things that this man says to you. If he is always trying to establish common ground with you, he has a real crush on you. 

16. He pays attention when you talk

When you talk to another girl or guy friends, have you noticed that he stays tuned in to what you have to say? Does he remember details that you told someone else? This is one way for him to get to learn more about you! It’s also a sign that he has a crush on you!

17. He sends you gifts from a “secret admirer” 

Like the love letters, you may not be able to tell it’s him right away, but do a little detective work, and you’ll find out who they are from! You at least are aware that you have a secret crush now!

18. He asks for your advice

When you like someone, you normally try to find ways to talk to them. Does he frequently ask you for advice about even the smallest of decisions? If so, he wants to talk to you and probably has a crush on you, as well! Enjoy the fact that this guy likes you!

19. He’s okay if the topic of conversation is his favorite subject - You!

When the two of you communicate, is it a one-way conversation? He may be hesitant to talk about himself, but loves to learn more about you. I’ve had guys who had crushes on me just bombard me with questions, intently listening to every word I had to say, always probing me for more information. This is a good sign! He really cares!

His Behavior Is Different Around You

20. He picks on you

Okay, so think back to grade school. Some men just really don’t grow up when it comes to their method of hitting on a girl. If he picks on you a lot, playfully, that one sign that he’s really into you. He just wants to mess around! 

21. He tries to always help you out

Picture the old romantic comedy where the boy struggles to help the girl with her schoolbooks, clumsily carrying them to class for her. Now, what does your guy do to try to help you out on a regular basis?

He tries to always help you out

22. He blushes around you

This one’s a pretty good sign that he’s really into you. His face may turn beat red when he talks to you, but don’t point it out and embarrass him. 

23. He jokes around with you

Like picking on you, this is just one of those things that guys do when they like someone. He may make fun of you, playfully, thinking he can get you to smile or laugh, showing you really like him back. He may even tease you a little about silly stuff. Let him have his fun and return the favor if you can! This way, you aren’t the only ones being picked on. 

24. He’s nervous around you

He may tell annoying, childish jokes around you because you make him nervous. He’s probably intimidated by you and doesn’t have a good grasp on how to handle himself when you’re around.

25. He tries to show off in front of you

He wants you to see he’s fearless. He may even do something really stupid (in your book, at least) to show you that he really likes you and wants you to think he’s a catch. For example, at a party, he might jump off the roof of a house into a swimming pool to show you he’s a manly man! Ha! Does that impress you?

26. He does the little things that make you happy

Does he go out of his way to make nice little gestures to see you smile? This is one of those signs that is pretty awesome! He may bring you a coffee every morning or newspaper clippings he thinks you would want to read. 

27. He stands up for you

He may overhear someone picking on you and just have to jump right in! After all, he’s crazy for you and doesn’t want anyone giving you a hard time unless it’s him!

28. He’s clumsy around you

He walks in the room and sees you are there; next thing you know, he’s not watching where he’s going and trips. Yeah, you are pretty distracting to him.

29. He fixes himself up for you

Sometimes this is called preening. He wants to look his best when he’s in front of you because he actually cares what you think about him.

30. He attempts to impress you

Like showing off in front of you, this guy wants you to think he’s all that. He may make a romantic gesture like showing up with flowers for you in front of his friends. 

31. He stops what he’s doing for you

Maybe he’s a coworker, and you’ve noticed when you walk in the room, he stops what he’s intently doing because he wants to look at you, talk to you, or listen to what you have to say to others. This is one of those signs you have to watch out for. 

32. He acts like a perfect gentleman around you

I love it when guys do this! He opens doors for you, kisses you on your hand like Prince Charming, and walks on the outside of the sidewalk in case a car jumps over the curb and hits you. He’s your protector, your knight in shining armor.

33. He tries to make you laugh or smile

He may not be successful in this endeavor, but nevertheless, he’s trying. My husband tickles me, which I hate, but it does make me laugh, and he knows it.

His Knowledge Of You Is Off The Charts

34. He already knows you’re single

How did he find this out? Someone’s been doing a little detective work on the side!

He already knows you’re single

35. He remembers the details about you

With all the talking the two of you have done, you’d think he’d forget some things, but nope! He loves learning everything about you and doesn’t forget what you had to say.

36. He knows little things that you didn’t tell him

This is one of those signs that’s a little creepy, but hey, give him a break; he just wanted to learn more about you! So what if he did a little investigating outside of your talks?

37. His friends know all about you

He clearly likes you if you see him being teased by his friends whenever you enter the room!

38. He shows up wherever you are

How does he always seem to remember what your plans are? He’s paying close attention to what you say and probably to your check-ins on social media.

39. He easily recalls what you talk about

Most people, especially those who you are close to, don’t, won’t, or can’t remember every little thing unless they are paying close attention to you. He doesn’t forget!

He Loves Any Means Of Communication With You

40. He replies promptly to any communication you send him

Text, calls, love letters, etc. - whatever means you take to contact him, he’s ready!

41. He follows you on social media

With so many followers nowadays, how do you know which one likes you? Well, typically, he’ll mention something from your profile or page that someone normally wouldn’t notice!

42. He likes, comments, and/or shares stuff from your social media accounts

This sign you can watch out for! If you catch him looking at old pictures of you on social media and liking them, he’s crazy about you!

43. He contacts you

For a crush to contact you directly, it takes major cajones! He clearly mustered up the courage and took a leap of faith by contacting you directly.

44. He talks a lot when communicating with you

When we are nervous, we become chatty. If you’ve noticed this man talks a lot more when he’s around you, he’s probably nervous because he likes you a lot.

45. He reads updates to your Facebook stories

If you find that he’s watching your latest Facebook stories, you know he’s invested in learning more about what’s going on in your world.


How do you know if a guy has a crush on you secretly?

Often, when a guy is crushing on you, he pays attention to the little things about you. For example, he may mention an outfit you wore a week ago as you speak of your wardrobe or recall details from a conversation you had long ago. He slyly knows you well. 

How do guys act when they have a crush?

Some guys can’t keep their eyes off you. They can’t seem to get enough of you. Guys may feel obsessive about you, making them feel very nervous around you. Their nervousness may come across as clumsiness, embarrassment, and/or shyness. You are probably intimidating to them, not intentionally.

How do you know if someone is crushing on you?

You may not know for sure until he or she actually says it out loud. Often crushing can appear as friendship. He or she will talk a lot to you, want to be around you as much as possible, and will find excuses to be in the same location.

How do you tell if a guy is into you?

Hopefully, he will come right out and say it, but your guy may have a fear of rejection, which makes him shy. If you are into a guy, flirt and let him know you feel the same way. This will pave the way for him to ask you out.

How do you tell if a guy has feelings for you?

Ideally, he will come right out and ask you out or tell you that he really likes you. Less subtle signs include clumsiness, blushing, and chattiness when you are around him. He may not feel like he can be himself because he’s nervous and shy around you.

To Sum Things Up...

When a guy is crushing on you, he may show certain communication signs or different behavior. What has your crush done to let you know he likes you? What did you learn from this post?

Please comment below and share this article! We’d love to hear from you!

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