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He Calls Me Beautiful (21 Adorable Explanations)

Guys can be confusing to date at times. They can so often be very direct and honest creatures, yet at other times they can leave the people they are dating with no clue as to what they are really thinking. Plus, sometimes, what they say can be a very loaded comment that can mean several things. 

So what does it mean if he calls you beautiful? We look to answer that question here in this article. The word beautiful means something very pretty to look at, but guys can say that to a woman they are dating for many different reasons. 

What Does It Mean When He Calls Me Beautiful?

Here are our 21 suggestions as to why he calls you beautiful. 

1. He likes you

Women can be very guilty of over-complicating matters sometimes. For that reason, women can easily overlook or read too much into what a guy means when he calls you beautiful. Males often will do this in a relationship simply because he likes you and he thinks you are fantastic to be around.

2. He’s attracted to you

He’s attracted to you

Of course, one of the most obvious reasons that men tell women that they are beautiful is because they are very strongly attracted to the woman in question. This may even happen with one of your guy friends. If you are close with a guy and he calls you beautiful, he may well be attracted to you and after more than just friendship from you.

3. He thinks you're girlfriend material

A man likes to be in a relationship with a woman that he thinks is stunning. Often, however, when it comes to relationships and attraction, we are far more attracted to a person that we get on with and with whom we enjoy the company. If a man calls you beautiful, it means that he not only thinks you cute, he also really likes you as a person. As a consequence, it can be inferred that he thinks of you as girlfriend material.

4. He’s proud to be with you

When a guy calls a woman beautiful, it can mean that he is proud to be with the woman in question. He will only call a woman beautiful if he truly believes it and as a result, he won’t believe his luck that you are together. He will have a huge amount of pride therefore in the fact that you are a couple and that he gets to walk down the street with you like your guy.

5. He wants to have sex with you

This may not be as calculated as it sounds, but some men will call a woman beautiful because he wants to have sex with her. Whilst some men will simply use beautiful as a line to get a woman into bed, others will want to have sex with a woman because she is beautiful and say it as a result. There isn’t any malice here, they simply want to indulge the attraction that comes from your beauty

6. He wants to show you off

Calling a woman beautiful will often go hand in hand with a guy wanting to show that woman off. This could be to his friends or it could be that he wants to introduce her to his family, but that beauty will encourage him to show that woman off. This will be because he wants everyone else to see the woman he is in a relationship with.

7. He wants to give you confidence

Men will sometimes date women who are incredibly insecure and lack a lot of confidence. He may call a woman beautiful if he thinks that doing so will in some way make her a far more confident person. He probably won’t believe that women who are beautiful can still be shy and not at all sure of themselves, so will say something like calling you cute to make you feel good about yourself. 

8. It’s a simple compliment

Some men are incredibly honest and direct. As a result, some guys will call women beautiful simply because it is the truth and they feel the need to give her a compliment. It’s one of the times that we don’t need to read too much into what a man says, but just take what he says at face value and thank him for his kind thoughts. 

9. He thinks you have a beautiful personality

Both men and women will find a person more beautiful if they are attracted to their personality or at least admire their characters. If a guy calls a woman beautiful in some way, perhaps by telling you that you are cute, you can often take it as a compliment to your personality too. It’s a key indication that he thinks that you are an admirable person with lots of fantastic qualities. 

10. He isn’t just after you for sex

While some guys may say you’re beautiful as a line to help get a woman into bed, for some men it will actually indicate the exact opposite. They aren’t always just after sex if they call women beautiful. Instead, it means that they find you very attractive - and while that may mean introducing sex into your relationship, it can also mean that a guy thinks you are the one

11. He can’t believe he’s with you

Giving someone such a wonderful compliment like calling them beautiful can indicate that a man is in total awe of the woman that he is with. In fact, it can be his way of showing his total disbelief that he is even with you in a relationship. Some may jump to the conclusion too easily that guys call women beautiful as a line when really it can mean they are in total shock that they are together.

12. He admires you

Beauty can often cause a great deal of admiration between two people. It could therefore be the case if a man has called you beautiful that he really admires you and respects you as a person. This again is down not only to your looks but also the fact that he sees beauty in your personality and character. Take a lot of confidence in this as it is a true compliment.

13. He loves how feminine you are

Beauty is largely a word that people use to describe women. This can therefore mean that a guy could be calling you beautiful as he loves how feminine you are and how womanly you are too. He will love the beauty that comes from your femininity and if he is calling you beautiful, that’s femininity too. In fact, if you are in a relationship with you it could be one of the things that help keep you attracted to one another.

14. He’s relaxed around you

Sometimes guys call women beautiful that they are not in a partnership with. If you have guy friends that are calling you beautiful, it can mean other things other than the fact that he is attracted to you. It can simply mean that he does think of you as beautiful and he is relaxed enough around you in your company to say so.

15. He’s flirting with you

He’s flirting with you

Giving someone a compliment such as telling them that they are beautiful is a form of flirting at times. Therefore, if you are just starting out dating a guy, or you are friends with guys who call you beautiful, it could be that they are flirting with you. As stated above, sometimes friends can call each other beautiful without it meaning anything more than just a compliment, but if you feel that it may be more than that, it can also be a sign of flirtation. Enjoy it and flirt back if you’re interested.

16. He’s being honest

Some women do not realize that they are beautiful. If you are with a guy who is calling you beautiful a lot, it could simply mean that he is being honest about your looks. Women are usually not the best at taking compliments and are often too modest for their own good. If you think this is the case with you, and your other half is telling you are beautiful a lot, you can take it as a fact that you are far more beautiful than you realize. 

17. He doesn't want to be your friend

While some male friends may call their female friends beautiful without it meaning anything, some may complement their female friends in this way as an indication that they have a romantic attraction to her. If you think this is the case with your guy friend, talk to him about it - particularly if you want to take things further with him too. 

18. He wants to get closer to you

Men will often compliment a woman who they want to be closer to. If he compliments you when you are just dating, it could be that he wants your relationship to become a closer one with a long term future ahead for you both. 

19. He wants to take things further with you

Men can often compliment a woman’s beauty in an effort to take their relationship to the next level. While this can mean that they want to get emotionally closer to her as mentioned above, it can also mean that they want to take things further physically too. 

20. He can see a future with you

Beauty is something that many a man will state he would like in a long term partner or wife. If he is therefore complimenting you in such a way, you can take confidence in the fact that he can therefore see a future in your relationship with you. 

21. He is really into you

A man will always find beauty attractive if it is backed up with a personality that they like. If a guy is constantly complimenting you and your beauty, take confidence in this and the fact that he is therefore really into you. Once you have taken this as a big assurance, you may find that you are able to relax into the relationship a lot more. 

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What does it mean when he calls beautiful?

It can mean a lot of things when a man calls you beautiful, but one of the best things a person can do is not to overthink the situation. If you read into it too much, you can find yourself thinking things that may not be true. If you’re ever unsure as to what a guy means when he says things to you - ask. 

What to say when he calls you beautiful?

When a guy calls you beautiful, the best thing is to thank him. It may not come easily to you to do so, and it may feel too confident for your sensibilities. However, thanking someone for a compliment doesn’t mean you are egotistical. 

Is calling someone Beautiful flirting?

To a certain extent, calling someone beautiful can be flirting. It isn’t always a romantically loaded comment, but more often than not a person will find someone beautiful because they are attracted to them. 

How do you know if a guy finds you beautiful?

If a guy finds you beautiful, he often won’t look at other women when you’re out together. He’s also likely to tell you and not stop touching you as he will look for any opportunity to be tactile with you. 

How do you know if a guy thinks about you?

If you want to know whether a guy thinks about you, you can know in a number of ways. Firstly, he messages you or calls you out of the blue. Secondly, he asks your friends about you or talks to his friends about you. Thirdly, you could ask him that way you will be sure as to his feelings for you. 

In Conclusion

Why a guy calls you beautiful is down to the person involved and the type of relationship you have with him. To some guys, the word beautiful is only something that you say to women that you are in love with, whilst to others, it is a word that they throw around simply to get men into bed. They may also call you cute for these reasons or they may call you cute in addition to calling you beautiful. 

Mainly though, they will say these types of kind words to make you feel good but it can also indicate attraction on their part - either because they are in love with you or simply just on a physical basis. 

What it means specifically from the guy who is calling you beautiful will be down to you to decide from our list above. 

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