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How To Tell If A Man Is Attracted To You But Hiding It

Does it feel like your crush really likes you, but is too scared to do anything about it? 

Maybe you’re also too worried to make the first move in case he rejects you?

If so, this guide is here to help you. It reveals 10 telltale signs that a man is attracted to you, but hiding it. 

However, before you digest these signs, it’s important that you read the next few sentences very carefully.

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Sometimes, I’d end up in relationships with these guys, but they’d never make these grand gestures of affection or commitment. 

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Of course, it may be that your crush already has serious feelings for you. The guide below reveals the clear signs that this is the case. 

1. His body language shows you what he’s not telling you.

When a man is trying to hide his feelings from you, one of the easiest ways to see if he does have feelings for you is by checking out his body language towards you and when he is around you. The bonus is that he won’t be able to hide how he feels because his body language will naturally and subconsciously be showing how he really feels. The thought of hiding his body language from you probably won’t even cross his mind, because firstly he won’t realize that body language outwardly shows how we feel. Secondly, even if he is informed about body language can show emotion, he won’t expect you to know that and so he won’t try to change it.

One of the most obvious body language traits that will show you he is attracted to you will be that he mirrors your body language. He will sit the same way you do, he will copy the way you stand or hold his hands in the same way that you do while you talk to him. He will also always face his body towards yours so that he is showing you that you are his only priority and he is fully focused on you. Even if his whole body isn’t faced towards you, his feet definitely will be.

Another more subtle way to tell if he’s interested in you is to look at how his eye contact is with you. Does he hold eye contact with you for a little longer than is normal? Perhaps he marvels at your body with his eyes when you walk in front of him? Do you notice that his pupils are larger when he is talking to you? All of these are signs that he is attracted to you, so make sure you keep an eye on his eyes and what they’re doing.

2. He touches you “by accident”.

If this guy is attracted to you, he will want to touch you and feel the spark of your skin on his. As much as he wants to hide the fact that he likes you, he won’t be able to control the urge he has to touch you. Therefore, you will notice that he touches you a lot more than he does to anyone else. He might make excuses up to touch you, or he might just try to blend it in naturally.

However, you should take extra notice of how he is touching you, and how often. For example, you might notice that he touches your arm more when he is speaking to you. He might keep you in a hug for just a few seconds more, and you might even notice that he is really pushing his body against yours. You might also notice that he brushes past you or touches the arch of your back as he moves past you. He doesn’t need to do any of these things and he probably doesn’t get this touchy-feely with anyone else, but he likes you and he can’t stop himself from feeling your bodies connect.

3. He teases you.

This sounds a little bit like school talk, but if he is attracted to you, he might tease you. Firstly, people only tease the people that they feel comfortable around in the first place, otherwise, it could be seen as inappropriate. So, he clearly feels comfortable enough around you to tease you. Secondly, teasing someone is actually kind of cute in a childish sense, so he isn’t trying to mean, he is trying to just make you giggle and be happy.

If he is always teasing you about things you maybe aren’t so good at or situations you are in, then this is a big sign that he is attracted to you. In addition to this, and linking in with the previous point, he might playfully fight with you. This is because he wants to make you happy, and he wants to touch you, but it’s not actually that obvious that he’s doing it because he likes you – people tease their friends all the time.                                                                     

4. He dresses to impress you.

Have you noticed that recently this man is dressing up a lot smarter when he knows that you will be around? Have you ever bumped into him when he didn’t expect it and he looked a lot scruffier than he does when you normally see him? If he likes you, he will be putting a lot of effort into his appearance, because he wants to impress you. In addition to clothes and dressing up, he might have also joined the gym of changed his grooming habits, especially if you have told him that you like something in particular.

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This is something that he can do without you getting too suspicious that he is doing it for you. You might just think that he has decided to get fit or go on a new clothes shopping spree. However, now you know that this is a sign that he likes you, you might be able to notice that he’s only making an effort with his appearance when he is around you, otherwise, he doesn’t bother.

5. He always offers to help you.

If this man likes you, he will want to make you happy in whatever way he can. If he is trying to hide the way he feels about you, then one of the easiest and most friendly ways to make you happy could be to help you. It won’t come off like he is attracted to you, but rather that he is just a nice person trying to help a friend in need.

 Is he always offering to carry your bag for you? When you talk to him about your problems does he always come up with solutions? Does he even offer to help you in bigger ways, like financially? He is not doing all of these things just because he is a kind person. He is doing it because he wants to make your life better and easier, and if he can provide this for you then he wants to.

6. He shuts down people trying to tell you that you are good together.

If he is attracted to you, the people around you are probably going to be able to tell. If you like him back, then there will definitely be a type of romantic chemistry between you. The two of you might not even notice, but everyone around you will.

People might tell you both that you should get together, or they might even tease you about the fact you have such sexual chemistry between the two of you. Whenever anyone says anything like this, he will shut it down immediately. He won’t have wanted anyone to clock onto the fact that he is attracted to you in the first place, and he definitely doesn’t want you to figure out that he likes you. So, he will probably either laugh it off or get defensive about it.  Whatever he says, there is no denying that the people around you will be right and they can tell he has feelings for you that go way beyond friendship.

7.  He makes excuses to be close to you.

If this man really likes you, he is going to make excuses to be close to you. When I talk about being close, I am talking about both physically and emotionally. He will always be the first person to ask you how you are doing. He will try to come across like he is just being a caring friend, but his intentions are romantic. He wants to be the person you tell everything to and have trust in. Once he is this person in your life, then he might find it easier to then confess how he feels towards you.

He will also want to be physically close to you. For example, he might make excuses to be in the same place that you are, so if he knows you are going somewhere for a party, he will do his very best to be there too. Even when you are together, he will always stand by you, and he might even try to stand really close so that your bodies are touching. He will probably make excuses like that he got pushed or there’s not enough room, so you think that he has no other choice to be close to you. He does have a choice, but he is choosing to be close to you because he just can’t get enough of his body on yours.

8. He ignores you.

This is a strange one, and I wouldn’t say that this is the most obvious sign he will be showing if he likes you, but it could be true. Do you remember those days when someone was mean to us at high school because they liked us? This is the same kind of situation. He might distance himself and ignore you if he is attracted to you. Not only might he be doing this because he wants to hide his feelings from you and this is the easiest way, but he might be doing it to hope that you will come to him, rather than him chasing you.

I would recommend not going off just this point to tell if a man is attracted to you. Also, do you really want to put yourself in the position of going after someone that is blatantly ignoring you? Although this could be a real sign that he does like you, all the other points in the article are a lot more mature and obvious signs that he’s interested in you. If he is ignoring you, there is always the possibility that he is ignoring you because he doesn’t like you.

9.  He gets nervous around you.

If this man is attracted to you, even if he is trying to hide it, he won’t be able to hide the fact that you make him nervous. Everyone shows nerves in a different way, but it should still be obvious if he is nervous around you. For example, does he sweat a little bit when he is talking to you? Perhaps you notice that his hands shake a little? Maybe he fidgets with things while you are in conversation with him? All of these things are abnormal behavior and he is showing these kinds of strange behaviors because he can’t control himself and his feelings when he is around you. You make him nervous because he is attracted to you. The fact that he is trying to hide his emotions for you will only make his nerves worse.

10. He always says he doesn’t like your boyfriends.

When someone likes you, they are not going to be thrilled if you are seeing someone else. They are especially not going to turn into your boyfriend’s number one fan. If you are dating someone or you have a boyfriend, then he will be disapproving. He might tell you things like, “you deserve better”. In severe cases, he might even dig up some old information about your partner that you are less than pleased about. He will definitely not act in a friendly way towards your boyfriend. You will be able to notice this because when you are with your boyfriend, he will avoid you until he has gone somewhere else and he can spend time with you alone.

You will probably be pretty oblivious to the fact that this guy likes you, even if he isn’t being nice to your boyfriend, because of course he could just really not like him. However, it’s less about the fact that he doesn’t like the person you’re with and more about the fact that you are with someone that’s not him. He is showing jealousy, even if it might come across like he is just being protective.

What should you do?

Firstly, if you really do think that this man likes you, you should monitor his behavior to see if he really is showing these signs. If you have done this for a little while and you can see that he’s showing a few of these signs, it probably does mean that he is attracted to you.

Then, whatever you do next depends on how you feel about him. If you like him, then I would advise flirting with him and seeing how he reacts. I wouldn’t tell him how you feel straight away, just in case he doesn’t like you and then you will end up feeling rejected. However, flirt with him and see him more often. See how he reacts to this. The best-case scenario is that he realizes you like him and so he doesn’t feel like he needs to hide his feelings from you anymore.

If you don’t like him, then you don’t really need to do anything. You just need to hope that his feelings for you start to wane away after some time. You could try to distance yourself from him so that he can get over you. Or, you could try to set him up with someone you think would be great for him. You will need to talk to him if the way he acts becomes a problem for you and your future relationships.


How Do You Know If A Guy Is Hiding His Feelings For You?

Sure, people can contain their feelings for the most part of it. But there's always a few slip-ups, for instance, he could display jealous behavior when other guys take you out. Also, this may be childish, but if he teases you a whole lot, that man probably has a thing for you. The major tell is body language, it never lies.

How Do I Know If A Guy Is Attracted To Me?

There's always a gut feeling at the beginning, but don't just bank on a feeling. For one, you'll often catch him looking at you a whole lot. He'll equally notice when other people look at you and might bring it up. There's also the teasing that's equally accompanied by flirting. You can't miss that one.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Is Confused About His Feelings For You?

For one, he'll act straight-up confused. He'll be intense on one day and practically ghost you the next. Nevertheless, you'll notice that he actually tries to hold conversations with you and remembers little details. Also, as much as he gives you a hard time, he's quite conscious of your opinion of him… and it shows.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Hides When He Sees You?

If he's trying to understand his feelings for you, then this might be a reason why he's hiding. He probably feels like things are awkward and would rather stay out of your way. Not knowing where you stand is a mind wracking thing, so he's in a vulnerable position. All in all, he's hiding because things might get more awkward if he doesn't.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Thinking About You Sexually?

For the most part, their eyes tell it all. There will be a lot of eye contact with a promise behind it. You'll also notice that they look at you a lot more and equally try to find excuses to make physical contact. Even more, conversations get a bit muddled up, because face it, they'd rather not be talking.


I really hope that this article has helped you to figure out if someone is attracted to you, even if they are doing their best to hide it. If you like him, and you have realized that he likes you too, I wish you the best of luck with trying to open him up to the idea of you and him being together.

Did this article help you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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