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How Well Do You Know Your Partner? (341 Questions To Help You Understand Each Other)

Questions like, “how well do you know your partner?” or “how well do you know each other as couples?” are crucial at every point while dating or when married. Getting to understand everything about your partner might take time, but you can figure out more with the right questions.

If you can’t come up with the perfect questions to ask your partner to understand them well, then we’re here to help.

Getting to know your partner isn’t a household chore, or a game even, it’s a lifetime commitment. With our list of insightful questions, you’ll be able to answer the question, “how well do you know your partner?” and understand more about your partner as the days go by. 

This article covers a wide range of subjects to ensure you realize all the essential areas that make your better half a wonderful person to you.

341 Questions To Ask To Understand How Well You Know Your Partner

Childhood or Family Questions

How well do you know your partner when it comes to their family and childhood? If your relationship is long-term, there’s a certainty you’re aware of quite a lot of things. However, are you aware that you can’t figure out everything about your partner’s childhood or family except you ask some thoughtful questions?

Thankfully, we’ve got your back in this area. We’ve come up with insightful questions about a person’s childhood and family that couples can use to get to understand each other better. You won’t only get to know your partner better, but you’ll be able to build your relationship with each other. 

From religion to hobbies, and even to childhood memories, you’ll correctly answer the question, “How well do you know your partner?” when asked. These questions can be asked casually or included in a game to make things more fun. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

  1. Do I come from a religious family?
  2. Are you aware of my favorite TV show while growing up?
  3. Are you aware of the name of my first pet?
  4. Did my parents bring me up in a religious way?
  5. Are you aware of my favorite childhood memory?
  6. Did I have a celebrity crush as a child, who was it?
  7. Did I have a favorite subject, what was it?
  8. Did I have a favorite teacher, who was it?
  9. Did I ever attend my high school reunion?
  10. Have I ever failed a class?
  11. Who do you think I’m closer to, my mother or father?
  12. What do you think I feel about your parents/family?
  13. Do I have any siblings? If yes, what are their names, starting from the eldest?
  14. Are any of my grandparents still alive?
  15. How close am I to my parents?
  16. Do you think I’d want my parents to live with me when they’re old?
  17. Was my high school private or public?
  18. Did I ever repeat a class in school?
  19. What was my graduation year from high school?
  20. What was my least favorite memory while growing up?
  21. What do I like the most about my childhood?
  22. Who was my childhood best friend?
  23. Do you really know anyone from my extended family?
  24. Did I play any sports while growing up, and what was it?
  25. Are you aware of any club I participated in at school during my childhood days?
  26. Can you tell if I held any student government position at school?
  27. Have I ever performed in front of a crowd?
  28. What subject did I dislike the most in school?
  29. What grade did I like the most in school?
  30. Are my parents still together, and how long have they been married?
  31. Which would I prefer: one day with your parents or a day with mine?
  32. What was the worst trouble I got into while growing up?
  33. Who do you think I behave similarly to, my mother or father?
  34. Do I have any nieces or nephews?
  35. Where is my parents’ house located?
  36. What are my parents’ occupations?
  37. Did I have a favorite restaurant while growing up?
  38. What were my household chores while growing up?
  39. Did I receive any allowance while growing up?
  40. Did I ever go for any summer camp training?
  41. What was my favorite thing to do as a child?
  42. Are you aware of the name of my elementary school?
  43. Do you know the name of the city I grew up in?
  44. How many uncles and aunties do I have from each side?
  45. Are you aware of my mother’s maiden name?
  46. Are you aware of my zodiac sign?
  47. Are you aware of my middle name?

Travel Questions

Travel Questions

How well do you know your partner when it comes to traveling? If you haven’t traveled alongside your partner, you’re going to need to know your partner better in this area. This act will help to prepare for such an occasion.

These travel questions for couples embody the past, present, and the future, to help you understand your partner’s views on traveling. It’s going to be an exciting ride knowing your partner in this dimension. Without wasting more of your time, let’s dive right into the questions.

  1. Where is the farthest place I’ve ever been to, and why did I go there?
  2. Have I ever flown on a plane? Was its economy, business class, or first class?
  3. Do you think I can pump gas into my car by myself?
  4. Do you think I can change a tire without any extra help?
  5. Have I ever gone camping? If yes, when?
  6. Do you think I can start a campfire?
  7. Have I ever gone hunting? If yes, when?
  8. Have I ever gone fishing? If yes, when?
  9. Can you mention all the countries I’ve been to?
  10. Can you mention the most extended road trip I’ve been on, and why it was so long?
  11. Can you mention my dream destination if I could go anywhere in the world?
  12. What do you think I’d do for vacation if I got the opportunity?
  13. Have I ever been on a cruise ship? If yes, when?
  14. Which means of transportation do you think I prefer the most: car, train, or plane?
  15. Would I prefer to travel by myself, or with a group?
  16. Can you mention the three top destinations I’ve visited, and which one I’d love to revisit?

Food Questions

How well do you know your partner when it comes to their eating habits and preferred meals? Well, do you know that questions about food can reveal a lot about your partner, even areas you never thought to ask? 

Couples can get to understand each other more if they realize the perfect questions to ask, and that’s why we’re here to help. In this section, we dive deep into everything you need to ask your partner to build harmony in the kitchen. 

  1. Do I have a favorite candy, if yes, what is it?
  2. Do I take leftovers home after I eat at a restaurant, or do I leave them?
  3. What’s the most challenging meal I’ve ever had to cook by myself?
  4. Have I ever returned a meal in a restaurant due to bad service?
  5. Have I ever succeeded in sneaking food into the movie theatre?
  6. Are you aware of what I consider to be my favorite meal of the day?
  7. Can you tell me the most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant?
  8. Who do you think I’d love to have a meal with any time, anyway?
  9. What’s that food that I simply cannot eat?
  10. Can you tell me how I spent my holidays as a kid?
  11. Which would I prefer to take every day: a cup of coffee or a cup of tea?
  12. What do you think is my favorite flavor of cake?
  13. Can you tell me my favorite pizza toppings?
  14. Between you and me, who is pickier with food?
  15. Who eats the most between you and me?
  16. How do I like my coffee?
  17. What food do you think I could eat for the rest of my days?
  18. Which do I prefer more on my desserts: whipped cream or chocolate syrup?
  19. Do I prefer my ice cream in a cone or a cup?
  20. What is my go-to fast-food: pizza or hamburgers?
  21. Which do I prefer: French vanilla or mocha?
  22. Would I take a Coke or a Sprite?
  23. What alcoholic drink can I take any day, anytime?
  24. If I could get a final meal to eat, what would that be?
  25. What’s my go-to cereal in the morning?
  26. What is my favorite restaurant of all time?
  27. Do you think I enjoy eating at buffets?
  28. Which do I prefer: spicy or sweet?
  29. What type of snack is irresistible to me?
  30. What kind of restaurant do you think I’d love to open, and what would I serve?
  31. Which do you think I’d prefer: hot dogs or hamburgers?
  32. Do I like my coffee steaming hot or with ice?
  33. What do you think are my thoughts on GMOs?
  34. What would I eat for breakfast: eggs or pancakes?
  35. What flavor do you think I find irresistible: vanilla or chocolate?
  36. Would I take Pepsi or Coke?
  37. What’s my best drink of all time?
  38. What do you think is my favorite ice cream flavor?
  39. What do you think I’d enjoy eating the most with my favorite ice cream flavor?
  40. What’s my go-to breakfast every morning?

Love and Relationship Questions

Love and relationship questions

How well do you know your partner when it comes to love? Even though you’re well aware of the essential details when it comes to your partner and their associations, you can understand your partner more with the right questions about particular past events. 

The questions listed below will not only help you recognize their past but also their present beliefs.

  1. How do I express love to people?
  2. Do I like the public displays of affection?
  3. Mention a thing that amazes me about you.
  4. Do you think I’ve been married before?
  5. Do you think I’ve been engaged before?
  6. Are you aware of the least favorite date I’ve ever been on?
  7. Can you mention how many people I’ve been in a relationship with before you?
  8. Are you aware of the longest relationship I’ve ever been to?
  9. Can you tell the exact moment I began to fall in love with you?
  10. Name a thing that can get me weak to my knees.
  11. Name a thing that I can’t stand in a relationship with my partner.
  12. What’s the difference between both of us?
  13. Which couple would love to go on a double date with us?
  14. Where do I like to be kissed, apart from the lips?
  15. Where do I prefer to kiss you, apart from the lips?
  16. What’s the best outfit you’ve seen on me?
  17. What do you think are my thoughts on marriage?
  18. Do you think I’d consider getting married at a courthouse?
  19. Do you think I’d want a big or a small wedding?
  20. What do you think are my views on open relationships?
  21. What do you think are my views on divorce?
  22. What do you think are my views on opposite-sex friendships?
  23. Do you think I’m still friends with any of my exes?
  24. Can you tell me when my last relationship ended?
  25. Am I the jealous type as a partner?
  26. What do you think would be my dream romantic getaway?
  27. Who do you think has more shoes between the both of us?
  28. Who do you think handles money better between the both of us?
  29. Mention a thing you wish I could improve upon as a partner?
  30. Have I changed since I’ve been your partner? And how?
  31. What do you think is our weakest point in the relationship?
  32. Have I ever lived with someone I was dating before?
  33. What is our most vital strength in the relationship?
  34. What outfit of yours do I like the most?
  35. Have I ever given you a strange gift? If yes, what was it?
  36. What gift do you consider to be the most favorite thing I’ve gifted you?
  37. In what location was our first picture taken together?
  38. Mention three things you like the most about me as a partner.
  39. Have we ever kissed in public? If yes, when and where?
  40. What part of your body do I like the most?
  41. Where did my first kiss take place?

Seasons and Holiday Questions

How well do you know your partner when it comes to their favorite holidays and seasons? Questions about minor subjects like special holidays will go a long way in helping you understand your partner more, and possibly treating them well when the time comes. 

You’ll also have better knowledge about their preferences, which would further advance living together. If you’re unsure of what questions to ask your partner concerning their favorite time of the year, we’ve got your back. Take a look at the options below.

  1. What holiday excites me the most: Christmas, Easter, or Halloween?
  2. Do I love it when it rains?
  3. What holiday do I enjoy the most?
  4. What season of the year do you think I prefer?
  5. What’s that one thing I enjoy doing when it’s snowing outdoors?
  6. Do you think I’d like a place that has only one climate throughout the year?
  7. What’s that one thing I like doing during the summer?
  8. What do you think is my fantasy costume for Halloween?

Questions about Work

Questions about Work

How well do you know your partner when it comes to their career? Asking your partner the right questions about work would give you a little preview of their dreams and goals. 

You’ll also get to understand your partner more, and possibly act towards achieving their vision. It opens you up to a different side of them that you’re not always familiar with, which is a good thing in the long run.

To bond well with your better half, ask the following questions about their profession.

  1. What do I consider as my dream profession?
  2. What is that one thing I love about my current work?
  3. What do I dislike about my work?
  4. What was the first job I ever got?
  5. Have I ever been fired, or quit my work?

Random questions about life

How well do you know your partner when it comes to random subjects about their livelihood? Well, do you know that asking simple questions about how your partner prefers to live, tells more about their personality than you realize? It reveals a different side of them that you might not have paid attention to.

If you want to understand your partner more than ever before and ensure your association blossoms, then these questions are perfect for you. You’ll be able to cover a vast area of subjects that will help you acknowledge their peculiar nature and extraordinary personality.

  1. Do I floss my teeth or not?
  2. Can you tell me how many times I brush my teeth in a day?
  3. Do I watch any sports? If yes, what’s my favorite?
  4. Have I ever been on any sports team before?
  5. Do I have a thing for gardening or not?
  6. What do you think is my favorite plant or flower?
  7. Do I read magazines? If yes, what are my favorite subscriptions?
  8. Do I prefer to read the newspapers or to watch the news?
  9. Do I like to set alarms for things, or just wing it?
  10. Am I always early to events, on time, or perhaps, late?
  11. What do you think is my biggest regret so far?
  12. Have I won an award for anything before? If yes, mention them?
  13. What are your favorite baby name ideas?
  14. What social media app is my favorite: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
  15. Would I prefer to read an e-book or a physical one?
  16. What’s my most embarrassing experience in public?
  17. Have I ever participated in any track sports?
  18. What’s the craziest hairstyle you’ve ever seen me on?
  19. Have you ever seen me with crazy colored hair?
  20. Do you think I have any interest in politics?
  21. Do you think I’ve ever changed my name before?
  22. Do you think I’d ever throw a bachelor or bachelorette’s party?
  23. Have I ever gotten into trouble on the road while driving?
  24. Do you consider me a good driver?
  25. Do you consider me a sore loser?
  26. How do you think I handle speaking in front of a crowd?
  27. Do I have a fear of heights?
  28. Who is currently my closest friend?
  29. What do you think I’d do for fun if I were the last person on earth?
  30. What do you think I’d spend a million dollars on?
  31. Do I have loans of any sort?
  32. Have I ever done anything illegal?
  33. Do I have more than one credit card?
  34. Would I prefer to stay at home or go out?
  35. Would I use a map when I’m lost or ask strangers for direction?
  36. What’s the strangest food I’ve ever eaten?
  37. Mention a thing that can instantly cheer me up.
  38. Are you always aware when I’m having a least favorite day?
  39. Use only three words to describe me.
  40. Name an amazing thing someone did for you.
  41. How many times a day do I have my bath?
  42. Name the most incredible thing you’ve ever done for someone.
  43. Do you consider me a creative person?
  44. Do you have any idea about my workout plan?
  45. Do I keep a secret journal?
  46. Do I prefer physical interaction to social media ones?
  47. Do I like my shower hot or cold?
  48. Have I ever voted during an election?
  49. How old was I when I moved out of my parent’s house?
  50. Which do you think I prefer: plays or musicals?
  51. Do I move a lot when I’m sleeping?
  52. Do I prefer to sleep with the lights on or off?
  53. Am I a sleep-talker?
  54. Do I cuddle my blankets in bed?
  55. Am I silent in the shower, or do I love to sing?
  56. Have I ever wrecked a car before due to impaired driving?
  57. Do you ever think I’ll be interested in joining the military?
  58. Do you think I’m organized or messy?
  59. Would I prefer to live in a rural or urban area?
  60. Do I have any tattoos? If no, would I consider getting one?
  61. What do you think are my views on life after death?
  62. Do you think there’s life on other planets?
  63. Do I have any birthmarks? If yes, where are they?
  64. What animal do I completely adore?
  65. Do I like to follow the rules, or do things as I please?
  66. How well do you know my unique talents?
  67. Do I like a simple life or an excessive one?
  68. Am I right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
  69. What nickname do many people love to call me?
  70. Mention a famous person I’d love to befriend.
  71. Can you tell me the last book I read?
  72. What do you think is my favorite breed of dogs?
  73. Who do I call the most when I’m away from everyone?
  74. Mention two things you know I’m exceptionally good at doing/
  75. Where is my go-to place for relaxation: the beach or a pool?
  76. What habit do you want me to stop so badly?
  77. What do you think is my biggest insecurity?
  78. Do I have a celebrity crush? If yes, who?
  79. What are the things I’m currently allergic to?
  80. What pet peeves do I have?
  81. Would I rather take a shower, or have a bath?
  82. Do I love it when it rains, or when it’s sunny?
  83. Do I prefer the cool of the evening to the brightness of the sun or vice versa?
  84. What time of the day do I love to have my bath?
  85. Would I rather wear skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?
  86. What do you think my favorite number is? And why?
  87. Do I prefer simple dresses or flashy ones?
  88. Do I know how to ice skate? If yes, where did I learn it?
  89. Do I know how to ride a bike? If yes, who taught me?
  90. Do I know how to swim? If yes, when did I learn?
  91. Which would I prefer: android or iOS?
  92. Which would I prefer: a PC or a Mac?
  93. Can I play any instruments: if yes, which one?
  94. What did I study in university?
  95. Would I rather watch a movie or read a book?
  96. Do you think I’d choose to be blind for one million dollars?
  97. Do I still find cartoons interesting?
  98. Would I rather be on social media all day, or watch movies all day?
  99. Have I ever stolen anything?
  100. What do you define as my weakest point?
  101. What do you think I would change about my life if I got the chance?
  102. What are the three things I would take to an isolated island?
  103. Name three things on my bucket list.
  104. How many children would I love to have?
  105. Do you think I would choose money over family or friends?
  106. What character in a movie best defines me?
  107. What do you think is my dream course to study?
  108. Where would I love to be in my career in five years?
  109. What do you think is my favorite movie of all time?
  110. What can make me happy when I’m feeling sad?
  111. Name a thing you would love to change in your life.
  112. What languages do I wish to be fluent in?
  113. Can you describe what I consider a dream home?
  114. What do you think my dream car is?
  115. Are you aware of my favorite color?
  116. Mention one thing I wish we could do better with each other.
  117. Am I a religious person?
  118. What do I consider as the perfect weekend?
  119. Who did I vote for during the last election?
  120. What is the primary thing I do during the holidays?
  121. Can you mention any phobia I have?
  122. Do you think I have a fear of the unknown?
  123. What do I consider as the least favorite way to spend one’s day?
  124. Have I ever gotten into trouble with the authorities?
  125. What color have I dyed my hair? And when did I dye it?
  126. What do you think my dream work would be?
  127. Where do you think I’d love to live?
  128. How do I sleep at night?
  129. Are you aware of my favorite TV show?
  130. Do I have a favorite music band? If yes, who are they?
  131. Do I have a favorite book? If yes, what is it?
  132. Who do you think is my favorite author?
  133. As a superhero, what do you think my superpower would be?
  134. What house chore do I detest the most?
  135. Are you aware of any movie that I can watch over and over again?
  136. Who do you think is my favorite athlete?
  137. Do I go to the library often?
  138. What do you think is the longest book I’ve ever read?
  139. Have I ever converted from another religion before?
  140. Do you think I watch documentaries?
  141. When was the last time we saw a movie together?
  142. Who has had a significant impact on your life so far?
  143. Do I have any talents that you consider to be useless?
  144. What’s one thing you like to do that makes me nervous?
  145. Do I curse a lot when I’m angry?
  146. Name a thing on your bucket list that you desperately want to accomplish.
  147. Are you aware of any trend that I’ve followed these days?
  148. What opinion do I have that you consider controversial?
  149. Do I prefer to clean immediately after me, or wait a while?
  150. What do you think is my dream business?
  151. Is anyone in my family a cat person?
  152. What popular opinion do I detest the most?
  153. What’s that one thing that eases my stress almost immediately?
  154. Would I prefer to watch a romance or horror movie?
  155. Do you think I believe ghosts are real?
  156. What is my go-to experience: watching a movie at home or the movie theatre?
  157. How do I like to arrange my kitchen cabinet?
  158. Can you tell me how I prefer to arrange my toilet paper?
  159. Are you aware if I’ve ever been in a severe accident?
  160. Have any of my bones been broken before?
  161. Can you tell me the last time I was admitted into a hospital?
  162. Have I ever undergone surgery?
  163. Are you aware of my shoe size?
  164. Where do they show my favorite TV series?
  165. Do I prefer reality television to movies?
  166. What type of music annoys me the most?
  167. What type of music do I enjoy the most?
  168. What sports team do I consider to be my favorite?
  169. Which is easier for me to do: laundry or dishes?
  170. Do you think I’d prefer to be shorter or taller?
  171. If you could only choose one, would you prefer to be rich or kind?
  172. Which of these do I prefer: handmade gifts or store-bought ones?
  173. Would I use a fan or an air conditioner?
  174. What is the most common color in my closet?
  175. Do I prefer bright or straightforward colors?
  176. Do I prefer to blow dry my hair or let it dry naturally?
  177. Do you consider me like a dog or a cat person?
  178. What’s the least number of hours I’ve slept in a day?
  179. Have you ever been awake for an entire day straight?
  180. Do you think I have proper table manners?
  181. Do I know how to set the table correctly?
  182. Would I rather do my laundry or take it to a dry cleaner?
  183. What is my favorite subject to talk about?
  184. What is my least favorite topic to talk about?


Do you need to know everything about your partner?

It’s impossible to know everything about your partner because time and circumstances change many people. While getting to understand your significant other by asking questions and spending quality time, you should focus more on the critical aspects that make them who they are.

How do I know if my partner is loyal?

You can tell if your partner is loyal by their commitment to you and the relationship. If their feelings are constant and they’re honest to you about the littlest detail, it shows that they’re indeed faithful. More so, their effort to make the relationship work is another good sign.

Is it normal to want to know where your partner is?

A healthy part of every relationship is constant communication about each other’s whereabouts. However, it can become quite disturbing when you persistently want to find out where your significant other is. This act might also reveal some innate trust issues.

What should you not tell your boyfriend?

You should never tell your partner that you don’t like their family or friends. More so, revealing details like how you stalked their ex, or how you’re still in contact with yours, might quickly tick your partner off. You should also not try to compare your partner or other people.

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What keeps a relationship private?

Keeping some details about your relationship is a prudent idea in most cases. It hinders the interference of others in your matters and ensures you and your partner are not negatively influenced. Refraining from speaking about sensitive things or posting your private pictures online will keep your association confidential.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on how well you know your partner? As couples, asking questions should be an essential part of being together because it reveals more about your partner than you can observe. 

To understand your partner well, never be reluctant to enquire about a particular subject that intrigues you. You might be surprised at what you’ll find out. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article, and share it with others.

Utilize this tool to verify if he's truly who he claims to be
Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

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