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Relationship Dreams (24 Relationship Dreams And What They Mean)

Humans are bound by three realities; the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual factors. The physical is usually the result of the other two and is the most significant factor you hold on to. The emotional factor is the feelings that accompany what you think, see or dream about. 

The spiritual factor has a stronger connection with the emotional factor than the physical one because the subconscious mind decides so many things than you are aware of. 

Relationship dreams fall into the emotional/spiritual reality. While you cannot take every relationship dream in the literal sense, you cannot completely discard the insight it can give you either. Most common relationship dreams could inspire fear, joy, or even hope. 

The state of your current relationship can inspire your relationship dreams, thus exposing your hidden emotions and things you’re afraid of confronting in real life. Whether you support psychic or spiritual ideologies, or you’re a realist with more faith in your own thoughts and logical reasoning, a dream could mean something to you. 

24 Relationship Dreams And What They Mean

Have you been having one weird dream after the other? Do your dreams point to a real fear you have in your waking life? Can’t you make sense of some of the recurring relationship dreams? 

This article will list the most common relationship dreams and what they could mean. Note that, one relationship dream can mean one thing in a certain situation, while it takes on a different meaning in another case.

However, the interpretations of the most common relationship dreams listed in this article are from a general psychological perspective. As such, you should still find them helpful.

1. When you dream that your boyfriend is in trouble

When you see your boyfriend in a seemingly dangerous situation in your dream, your fear might not be misplaced. Although the context of the dream might be completely different from what you saw in the dream, the implication to your boyfriend’s waking life might be real. 

If he has been involved in something you think will bring danger to his doorstep, your dreams might be nudging you towards warning him. Your emotions are tangled with his, so it is normal you feel involved with his daily actions. If you have a dreadful feeling he might be in danger, it’s because you can be affected too.

However, you shouldn’t go into total panic mode because of the dream. Instead, talk to your man about the recent projects or activities he’s been doing. Then, advise him based on your understanding of the situation. Telling him about your dream first may not be the best thing, especially if he’d normally scoff at the idea that dreams are significant.

2. When you have a breakup dream

Most common relationship dreams give an insight into the problems and true feelings both partners refuse to address in real life. As such, when you have a breakup dream, it is most likely that your subconscious mind is projecting the fear of separation due to the recent problems in your relationship. 

Relationships are not without faults, and partners will always have challenges maintaining the same energy they started with. However, addressing each relationship problem at the right time will lessen the occurrence of unpleasant relationship dreams of your partner breaking up with you.

So, the next time you have a dream of your partner cheating on you, sit him down and talk about the ways the relationship can become better. That way, you can sleep better at night without the constant fear of your partner breaking up the relationship.

3. When you dream of your partner cheating on you

Like the breakup dream, seeing your partner cheating on you in your subconscious state is not a good sign for your relationship. No, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dream of your partner cheating on you is real. It just signifies that you’ve been seeing things in real life that suggest to your subconscious mind that he is cheating on you. 

So, before you hit him with an accusation, ensure he is cheating on you. If your investigation indicates that he has been faithful to you, then you might be dealing with poor self-esteem or unnecessary doubt. If that is the case, you need to work on your own feelings and thoughts to discover what your true self is lacking in the relationship. 

If you’ve experienced a series of heartbreak in your past relationships, it wouldn’t be a surprise that you are having such dreams. 

4. When you sleep with your partner’s friend in your dream

Taking your partner’s friend as a lover in the dream can be flustering, especially if you’ve ever had a secret crush on the guy. Here you are, a faithful girlfriend or wife dreaming about your partner’s friend having sex with you

If the sexual dreams were really hot, you’d only be human to relive them for a few minutes in your waking life. You might feel a sense of self-betrayal, but it is normal.

What this dream represents might not be a direct implication of infidelity, except you’ve had fantasies about having sex with that same man. As long as you don’t act on inappropriate sexual desires in real life, you haven’t done anything wrong. Also, don’t bother telling your partner about the dream. 

It will only make him angry, hurt, afraid to lose you, or uncertain about the security of the relationship

5. When you dream that your partner dies

A dream where your partner dies is an extreme kind of dream people in relationships have once in a while. You should be concerned if you have recurring bad dreams involving yourself or your loved ones. If your partner dies in a dream, it doesn’t have to be in a literal way. The death here could mean he is reinventing himself in a way no one expects.

It could mean he is making some changes you don’t agree with. It could also mean he is in danger of losing himself if he continues on his current path. If he respects your opinion, he will consider your advice and make the decision best for him. Nobody wants to hear that you’re having terrible dreams about them. So, approach him on the matter carefully.

6. When you dream about your ex

Dreaming about your ex is one of the most common relationship dreams everyone else has. It is also one of the most common scenarios that can indicate unresolved feelings you might still harbor for your ex. 

If that past relationship is still quite recent, you could still be reeling from the heartbreak. Just don’t start having new ideas about getting back with him because you had a happy dream about both of you.

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If you are over him and in a new relationship, you owe it to yourself to check your feelings. You also owe it to your new partner to get over your feelings for your ex and focus on creating a deeper bond with your current partner. 

If the relationship ended a long time ago, your dreams might have been triggered by something your current partner did or didn’t do. What you still need to do is check your feelings and adjust your emotions to stay faithful to your new man.

7. Dreaming about cheating on your boyfriend

dreaming about cheating on your boyfriend

When relationships lack certain things at a point, the dreams both partners have can play a trick on their minds. As such, when you dream about having sex with someone, it could mean you’re dissatisfied with the relationship. If your sex life has been suffering because of inattention from your man, your subconscious mind could easily slip into thoughts of infidelity. 

Before you start to feel guilty for having such dreams, ask yourself why you are having them in the first place. 

Having such a dream doesn’t necessarily mean you should go ahead and make the dream a reality in the physical world. What it indicates is that you need to nip that thought in the bud before it takes root in your mind. To do this, express your displeasure to your man. If he still desires you, he will work on giving you more attention. 

8. Dreaming about hurting your ex

If your ex hurt you so badly, you might have unchecked resentful feelings towards him. Therefore, having dreams where you hurt him physically or emotionally could mean you’re not over his betrayal yet. Even if you are over the man, the bad experience he put you through is still affecting your current life and relationship. 

Hurting your ex will hardly rid you of the bitter feelings you still carry about. As such, accept you are still hurt, then take practical steps to heal from the experience. If you think your man is very reasonable and you already share a deeper bond with him, you can tell him about your dream so he can offer his opinion.

9. Dreaming that your current partner wants to kill you

When you have a dream that your partner wants to kill you, not just hurt you, don’t jump to conclusions. This sort of dream isn’t exactly one of the most common relationship dreams couples have about their partners. 

If your current life indicates that all is well and your partner has no reason to hate you that much, you shouldn’t worry. If you’re having problems with your current relationship, you can feel unsafe. 

The feeling of insecurity is what seeps into your subconscious mind and feeds your dreams with horrible dreams. You would hurt your partner so much if you believe he can hurt you that way without proof. 

At the same time, if your gut feeling tells you that you’re in danger from your man in real life, then you can take heed. Just don’t say to his face that you think he wants to kill you.

10. When you dream about hurting your present boyfriend 

You can dream of hurting your partner the same way you dream of hurting your ex. When your present relationship isn’t giving you the peace of mind you desire, you might have troubled dreams. The anger you couldn’t express in real life can gain full expression in your dreams. 

When couples in relationships cannot get their desire understood by their partners, they get frustrated. If you’ve been trying to make your relationship work for a long time, your subconscious self will get sick of the push and pull. If your partner hasn’t been giving his all, it will further aggravate your resentment. Hence, the dream about hurting your partner

11. Seeing a bear in your dreams

Many people associate different meanings with different animals. These translations could be positive or negative depending on the individual’s social context and culture. Although people use the phrase, ‘a gentle bear of a man’ or cuddle teddy bears, a bear in the real sense is a dangerous animal when provoked. 

As such, it is perfectly alright to associate fear with a dream about bears. It is left to you to discover which area of your relationship is making you afraid. Could it be that you’re running away from a certain situation, or running into a dangerous one? Most importantly, does how you feel in your waking life match the way you feel in your dreams? 

12. Dreaming about a dog

Dogs signify loyalty, love, and dedication. If you are dreaming of friendly dogs in relation to your relationship, it’s a good sign you’re sure that your partner is faithful to you. You can sustain this kind of dream by staying faithful to him, and showing appreciation for your partner’s faithfulness. 

If the dog is unfriendly, it means you’re questioning his loyalty to you. Checking the recent situation in your relationship will let you know if your fear is unfounded or to be tossed aside. Communicate with your partner, solve pending issues, and create more time for each other. Relationships that are meant to be will survive even the worst dreams.

13. When you dream about a dove

A dove is a symbol of peace and tranquility. It can also indicate stillness or monotony. Peace and order are good for relationships, but prolonged monotony can make relationships seem boring

On the flip side, seeing doves in your dreams after a recent fight with your man means you’re at peace with the relationship. It could also mean you’re content with the way things are going generally.

The negative representation could be that you and your partner have become so comfortable that you don’t bother exploring the other parts of your lives. Your sex life is the same, your conversations have become bland and you hardly spend quality time doing new things together.

14. When you dream that you and your partner are in a car

when you dream that you and your partner are in a car

Seeing yourself and your partner in a car or any other vehicle could indicate a change in the relationship in the near future. Whoever is at the steering wheel could also indicate the person with the upper hand in the relationship now or in the future.

Literally comparing your waking life with your dreams might not be the best thing to do, but it will give you an insight into what kind of relevance to attach to your dreams. Ideally, both of you should be in control of the relationship. However, if your dreams include accident scenes, it could mean you fear that your relationship is heading for the rocks.

15. Having sex in your dreams

Having sexual dreams is quite normal, whether it is with your partner or not. However, there is no reason to feel guilty for something you can’t control. Moreover, there’s no reason for you to dream about someone else apart from your lover.

When your sexual desire spills into your dreams, it’s a good sign that your libido is healthy. Except if you start having recurring sex dreams about someone else, you shouldn’t be concerned. Also, you could dream of having sex in your dreams if you haven’t been getting enough sex from your partner. 

16. When you dream of having a baby with your partner

Babies signify newness, innocence, a new beginning, and joy. Having a dream about getting pregnant and having a child for your partner is mostly a good thing. It doesn’t directly signify that you are pregnant or will be in the near future. 

It could mean that your partner has put a long-term plan in place for both of you. This means, he wants to be with you through the ups and downs that most relationships experience. Like a pregnancy, he is ready to start and stay committed to a new journey with you.

You can embrace this meaning with a pinch of salt, but that’s enough to give you peace in your relationship in the meantime. 

17. Dreaming about another woman pregnant with your boyfriend

Of all the common relationship dreams, this one will immediately put you in a bad mood all day. Even though it is not true, the pain and anger you felt in the dream will wake up with you. You may carry out your research to know if there is any grain of truth to the dream. You could also ask your partner about it. 

The ridiculous expression he would give you should be an answer enough for you. If he doesn’t deny it or looks guilty, he might be cheating on you with someone else.

18. Disjointed dreams that hardly make sense

Everyone has some weird dreams that they can’t recollect. If your disjointed dreams are mostly short scenes of your relationship, it probably means something is troubling you. Another contributing factor is stress. Physical and mental stress can either make your body/mind shut down, or overwhelm them.

If you’re mentally stressed, your dreams will involve bits and pieces of the things that have happened, the ones happening, and the ones you hope will happen in your relationship. Creating a getaway for you and your partner will lessen this mental burden, and also allow you to recover from physical stress.

19. Dreaming of entering a relationship with a guy

When you dream about romantic dates and embrace a new guy, and you’re single, the meaning is obvious. You like the guy and you’re ready to start a new relationship. Even if you don’t know the guy well enough, your dreaming mind is nudging you to get to know him better.

If he is someone you’ve gotten to know already, your dream could mean that you’re ready to go from friendship to relationship. Feelings can sneak up on you even when you are pursuing only a friendship with a guy. So, romantically dreaming of him or seeing him as your lover in the dream isn’t wrong.

It’s a natural reaction to your hidden emotions.

20. Dreaming that your partner is back with an ex

Whether it is a pregnancy dream or just simply reuniting with his ex, it doesn’t mean such a dream will happen in real life. It could be your poor self-esteem that’s projecting the images of infidelity in your dreams. 

Before drumming up new ideas on how to deal with a side chick or taking out the anger on your man, ensure your rage is justified. Has he been communicating with her again? Has he done favors for her recently? 

That might be why you’re seeing such visuals in your dreams. You would regret accusing your man of infidelity if you can’t prove it. For all you know, your man is one of the most faithful men out there.

21. When your boyfriend has his back turned to you in a dream

when your boyfriend has his back turned to you in a dream

If your partner has been a bit unsupportive recently, you might feel rejected even in the dream. A healthy relationship is one where both partners walk/work side by side. It is a bad sign when someone who is supposed to be by your side is turning away from you. If you check the reality, you’ll probably discover that your man has been giving you excuses for not showing up for you.

You won’t know peace until he changes and starts giving you the same support you give him. If he doesn’t adjust his actions, you should break up with him. 

22. Dreaming that you’re quarreling with your boyfriend

Quarrels and lovers spat are normal, but seeing yourself fight with your partner in the dream shows there is a pending problem that could blow up in your face. You know it but don’t want to touch the situation just yet. The dream doesn’t necessarily mean you should pick a fight with your man the next morning. It simply means addressing whatever issues both of you are having.

Also, it could mean everything has been going so well, but you fear something terrible will destroy the intense joy you feel. This is a common problem in relationships, which is why it is one of the common relationship dreams.

23. Dreaming the same dreams consistently

It is one thing to have a bad dream once and discard it as a coincidence. It is another thing to see the same dream over and over again. When you have the same dreams regularly, it starts to feel like there’s a truth to them. You would no longer be able to ignore whatever emotions the dreams stir in you.

Pay attention to the way you and your partner relate to each other in real life. You can even ask for the opinion of a trusted third party. That way, you can be sure you’re not seeing things that aren’t there.

24. Observe your emotion after each relationship dream

There is always a feeling you get after each dream, good or bad. You can have a seemingly good dream, yet wake up uneasy because the probability of the dream happening is very low. Sometimes too, you can have a bad dream and feel confident because you can easily address the problem. 

So, check yourself, are you feeling guilty, happy, angry, sad, or resigned? How you feel after each relationship dream will tell you what action to take.


Why do I dream about dating someone?

If you have been single for so long and now yearn to be in a relationship, you can dream about dating someone, anyone even.

Why do I keep having boyfriend dreams?

You miss being in a relationship, so your subconscious mind is bringing you memories in the form of dreams. It could be memories of a past boyfriend or of a guy you would like to date.

What does it mean to dream about someone romantically?

When you dream about someone in a romantic way, you’re either starved of affection, or you like the person romantically. 

Can dreams come true?

Dreams are a product of your past and present, so yes, they can affect your future. Your day-to-day activities influence your future thoughts and actions, including your dreams.

Why did I dream of dating a celebrity?

You would dream of dating a celebrity that you have a crush on, especially if you’ve been following their lives religiously. 

To Summarize

Relationship dreams or any dream for that matter are normal. You dream of things that turn out to be true only because you already had an idea about them in reality. As such, don’t fret unnecessarily when you have a negative dream about your relationship. Actively checking your emotions and actions after dreaming will help a lot to put your mind at ease. 

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