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How To Make A Guy Feel Guilty For Hurting You (17 Satisfying Ways)

When does a woman begin to lose her self-confidence in a relationship? Think back to when you first started dating your boyfriend and the way he made you feel. Now, compare it to the way his recent behavior makes you feel. 

Do you still feel like the girl who makes her man feel great? Or have you become the girl who is always struggling to make him feel like you are doing your best? Does he now say words that chip away at your self-esteem? Or do things that make you feel like you are not worthy of touching the sole of his feet? 

How to make a guy feel guilty for hurting you is not the same as revenge, as most people like to think. Trying to make a guy feel guilty means you want him to feel awful for giving you an apology he had no intention of honoring while taking revenge connotes using dirty tricks that will hurt him in return.

In this article, you will learn how to make a guy feel guilty for hurting you and still keep your conscience clean.

17 Ways To Make A Guy Guilty For Hurting You

1. Limit your rate of availability

If you want to make a guy feel guilty for hurting you and reducing your self-morale, you will need to limit how available you are to him. If he used to see you whenever he wishes, start denying the pleasure of your presence. 

When you stop seeing him regularly, he will know the point you are trying to make and offer you an apology. Depending on what his offense was, don’t get carried away by his heartfelt apology. If you let him sweep you away with his words and forgive him easily, he might repeat his mistake another time and apologize again. 

If and when he says he is sorry, have a conversation where he outlines how and what he will do to avoid hurting you again.

2. Make yourself the priority

make yourself the priority

How to make a guy feel guilty for hurting you is to make yourself the priority. One mistake many people make in relationships is that they lose themselves so much in the relationship that they forget who they are supposed to be. Then their partner starts to take excess liberty at their expense.

Making yourself a priority means thinking of and doing things that will keep you sane, rather than enduring a partnership that’s making you lose your identity. Making yourself the priority means prioritizing your needs above that of a man who hurt you, especially since he is only your boyfriend.

Start treating yourself so well that you will make the guy feel guilty for not acting as he should have towards you.

3. Taunt him with plans that exclude him

If the relationship is still on, start saying things that will mess with his mind. For example, talk about a vacation you intend to take without him. You can also add that you are going with some guys you just met. He will be angry, confused, and hurt that you are planning to go without him, even though you used to go vacationing together in the past.

Another thing he will pick out from your words is the fact that you want to break up and date someone else. Men find it hard to believe that men and women can be friends without sex involved. He might later realize you were trying to make him feel guilty because of how he treated you.

4. Take very good care of your physical outlook

There is no point in acting like the victim when you can be making yourself up to look glamorous. Rather than locking yourself indoors and sulking because your man is not treating you in the best way possible; get up, stay fit with exercise and eat good food. 

Also, use the best skincare products and makeup to look your best. You can also dress up, go out as much as you can and make yourself feel better about the situation.

Even if no breakup has occurred yet, no need to act like a widow when you can be having fun and showing your partner what he is missing by acting horribly towards you.

5. Be open with your newfound self-confidence and joy

be open with your newfound self confidence and joy

You are going through this process of making your guy feel guilty because you are no longer oblivious to his bad behavior. As such, you are going through an important phase of self-discovery and you should try to enjoy every bit of that phase.

If you and the guy are on social media, nothing is stopping you from posting a little bit of how you feel online. Share with your social media friends your newfound confidence and you might be surprised at the number of people who share a similar experience with you. 

It doesn’t hurt that your partner, who will be feeling guilty at your posts, will get to see the way you’re feeling these days.

6. Make yourself scarce for him

Another way to make your partner notice his errors and feel guilty for them is by making yourself unreachable for him. If he used to know your daily schedule, stop telling him. If he used to pick you up from work, tell him not to bother.

If he used to know when you will be at home, switch up your arrival time and make him get frustrated at not meeting you at home when you should be home. Also, inform your closest friends to play along with you so they don’t give him an idea of what you are trying to do.

If he is wise, your partner will catch on to your actions and adjust his actions.

7. Ignore his calls and text messages

When he doesn’t get to see you as he used to and understands that you are avoiding physical contact, he will bombard your phone with calls and text messages. Don’t cave in and reply to his text or call him back. Hold on for as long as you can and wait for the right gesture from him before you text or call him back.

If it is his first time hurting you and he shows remorse quickly, you may forgive him when he promises to not repeat the action. However, if you’ve given one too many chances to change and he doesn’t, giving him another chance might not change anything. 

8. Delete his number or blacklist him everywhere

delete his number or blacklist him everywhere

It is easy to forgive and forget some hurts but some actions don’t deserve pardon. One of such actions is physical abuse. Has the guy been hitting you? Then, you shouldn’t consider getting back together with him, no matter how much you think you love him.

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There is no guarantee that he won’t fly off the handle again and beat you up. Most guys who promise they won’t hit a woman again usually end up messing her up worse than the first time. The best revenge you can mete out to such guys is to delete their numbers. You may also want to report them to the police if that’s what you want.

9. Ignore him even if you are in the same room

If you both work or move in the same circle, it might be hard to completely avoid seeing him. As such, the best thing to do is ignore him even though you are in the same room. Even if his eyes are boring holes into you or he tries to pick a fight through the words he directs at you, ignore him.

When you ignore him so much that he erupts, he would probably stomp out of the room angrily and unable to tell anyone why because he is the guilty party. 

10. If you can, talk to him yet, act like you are indifferent towards him

Another way to make a guy feel guilty and angry at the same time is by indifferently talking to him. It’s like you are both talking without communicating and if that is not the regular modus operandi, he will easily know there’s something wrong somewhere.

If he easily traces your behavior to what he did, he’ll know you are feeling hurt and projecting how you feel. A good man who realizes his mistake will apologize immediately and try to make things right again.

11. Understand that you need the time away from him to regroup

The truth is that it will be hard to stay away from a guy you love and care about. If yours is a long-term relationship, it will be even a bit more difficult because your life has become intertwined with his. You have both been doing things together and changing your lifestyle to look similar to that of an unattached woman might be difficult for you.

However, you need to understand that staying away from the man who hurt you is necessary, even if that man has your heart in his hands. The time away from him will help you reassess your life and regroup for further actions. 

You might come out of the solitude with both a comfortable understanding and uncomfortable clarity on what to do next.

12. Enjoy your life though you are still hurt

Forcing your brain and mind to be happy and carefree will help take the edge off your pain and hurt. The guy you are hurting over is probably oblivious to how he made you feel while you are being miserable. Sometimes, the only way to make people realize they hurt you is to have fun without them.

If his ego used to be over-bloated to think you could never enjoy life without him in it when it becomes obvious you are doing exactly that without him, he will accept he was wrong. 

13. Stay away from him even though you miss him

You might say this tip looks similar to the ones that have been mentioned already. However, it is necessary to remind you that, at every point of your process to make a guy feel guilty, you will be tempted to throw in the towel. So, admit defeat and go back to him easily because you miss him so much.

However, if you give in easily, you will hate yourself when he repeats the same thing next time. No matter how much you miss touching or seeing him, don’t contact him until he admits he is at fault.

14. Tell yourself you'll have someone who will treat you better

tell yourself you'll have someone who will treat you better

One of the things that makes a lady stay in an abusive or unhealthy union is the feeling that no one else will treat her any better. Or that she deserves to be handled badly by a guy she loves. If you have been having this thought before now, throw it away because it’s not true.

Repeatedly tell yourself that a better man is out there and you won’t be bothered by all the text messages the guy is sending to you. 

15. Tease him and make him feel terrible for what he’s missing

If one of the reasons he liked you so much was how satisfying sex was with you, use that information to draw out his guilt and shame for hurting you. As much as possible, dress in ways that are suggestively sexy to occasions you know he’ll attend too. 

Ignore him, yet tease him with your subtle movements and you can rest assured that he is bothered, angry and jealous

16. Surround yourself with friends who will boost your self-confidence

Having the right people with the right energy you need might be what you need during a time you feel betrayed by someone you trust. As such, hang out with trusted friends, confide in them why you are spending more time with them when you should be with your man.

You may not know it now but, their support will help you stay strong and confident, especially when you’re tempted to stray from your plan.

17. Try moving on with your life without him

After weighing your choices and considering the experiences you’ve had with him, leaving him might be your best option. The only golden rule that should lead your life is that you deserve to be happy and at peace. 

If your resolutions about this guy don’t include either peace or joy, moving on with someone different might be the best choice for you.


How do you make a guy regret hurting you?

One of the ways you can make a guy regret hurting you is by claiming back the absolute independence you had when you were single. Resume living life as though you are still not in a relationship and he will become more alert to your feelings.

How do you know when a guy feels bad for hurting you?

When a man feels bad for hurting you, he will not only apologize with words and gifts, but he will do so with his actions too. Such a guy will be deliberate with his acts of kindness and affection towards you because he doesn’t want to repeat his errors.

How do I make him say sorry?

Deny him your attention, affection and make him think about what he has done wrong. Then, when he confronts you, let him know in clear terms how much he has hurt you.

Do guys feel bad when they hurt a girl?

People in love do their best to prevent hurting the person they love and so if a guy loves a girl, he will feel bad for hurting her.

Will he miss me if I leave him alone?

If your relationship is founded on love and mutual respect, your guy will miss you if you leave him alone, even if it’s for a little while.


Embarking on a journey to make someone feel guilty for hurting you may come with disappointment and more hurt because things might not happen the way you imagined. Nevertheless, you need to do it to secure a better future and relationship for yourself.

Staying in a toxic relationship will hinder you from progressing and so, it is important you correct things now or move on to someone new.

Did you enjoy this post? If yes, please leave your thoughts in the comment section and use the share button as well. 

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