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Sex With A Stranger (17 Things To Consider Before Doing It)

Having sex might be one of the most pleasurable acts you can ever imagine, and likewise, one of the most dangerous too when done wrongly. 

Women are usually at the high-risk side of this activity because they stand a chance of getting pregnant, STDs, or violently abused. This article will enlighten you on the necessary things to consider before engaging in sexual activities with a stranger for the first time

17 Things To Consider When Having Sex With A Stranger

1. Know His Name And Phone Number

If you are going to let someone else put his body part inside of you, then I guess you deserve to know his full real name and cell phone number. I can perfectly relate to the fact that a lot of women fantasize about having sex with a total stranger. 

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a one-night stand with someone you barely know, there is everything wrong with being so careless with life. 

You need to be careful, and not throw caution to the wind. It is, therefore, advisable that you get the whole of his real name and contact digits. These personal details will serve as your leverage should in case anything goes wrong. The next time you consider having sex with an unfamiliar person you just met at the club, please endeavor to get his real name and call digits. 

2. Your Safety

your safety

I sincerely believe that in any activity we decide to indulge in, our health and safety should be the primary concern. If it is not looking safe, do not try it. 

If you are at the club on a lovely Saturday night, and you feel that you’ve been quite solid recently and perhaps, you need some action tonight, there is nothing wrong with that. However, you should be concerned with having fun and being safe and alive to tell the story. 

Having sex with an unfamiliar person might seem pretty wild and fun to imagine, but it is in fact, the most dangerous and unsafest thing one can ever do. What if he is a serial killer, or has STDs, or might want to harm you? These are the security questions that should always bug your mind each time you consider making out with someone you barely know. 

3. Their Relationship Status

I sincerely believe that the relationship status of the man you are about to bang should come into question before you both start making out. What if he is married? or dating? I am so sure you would not want to be caught fooling around with someone's husband or finance. 

You also do not want to break up couples. So, if you do not want that to happen, you should endeavor to ask certain personal questions to be clear that he is not married with three kids at home or is about to wed the next day. 

4. Do You Really Want To Have Sex With Him? 

There is always a chance that you already had too much alcohol and just might not be making these decisions accurately. You need to be sure having sex with an unfamililar person is exactly what you want at this time. 

Be sure it is what your body needs and there will be no regrets afterward. More so, make sure you are not doing it simply because you are drunk. There are instances where people felt like making out only to realize it was all under the influence of alcohol.

5. Does He Live Alone? 

If you are considering going over to his place to do it, it might be a great idea to ask him if he stays alone or has flatmates. Knowing this will help alleviate any form of surprises when you get there. It might also be useful to ask if he has any pets such as a dog, cat, or even a pet snake. 

You must have full information about the arena where you will soon be stripping naked. It might not be totally out of place to find out where he works. Knowing where he works is a bonus to your security details should incase. 

6. Define Your Purpose

define your purpose

Before you decide whether or not to take off your pants for a guy you just met, you should be clear about your purpose for doing so. There are basically a few questions you could ask yourself before you get in the room. 

One of these questions includes; is it going to be just a one-night stand? Will he catch feelings after this? Do you want to see him again after this? Are you cool with your guys remaining strangers? These questions will help shape your mind before and after the did is done. In all, you should do what works for you. 

7. Make Sure You’ve Shaved

As a matter of fact, this applies to having sex with anybody and not just with strangers. I understand that some men love a bushy entrance, but many men would rather have it cleared up real clean. So, in order to avoid any form of embarrassment, you should endeavor to have a clean shave before even considering letting an unfamiliar person or strangers down there. 

More so, it would also be helpful to ensure that it is not only clean but well kept and smells nice. You do not want to give strangers the wrong first impression about yourself now, would you?

8. Make Sure Your Apartment Is In Order

If you are considering bringing him back to the house, then it might just be a good idea to get your apartment cleaned up and tidy. The bed must be well dressed and look nice. It will speak badly of you if an unfamiliar person walked into your apartment untidied and filthy. There is absolutely nobody who would be pleased to be invited over to an untidied house. 

So, as soon as you have made up your mind that you are having him come over tonight, you need to start putting away the dirty laundry which may have been lying around your rooms lately. Change the bedsheets if you have not done so in a while, get some new or clean towels, and a nice fragrance for the rooms. 

If you are going to have strangers come to your house, then, they should be impressed and not left with displeasure. 

9. Put On Some New And Fresh Undies

Since it is obvious you will be taking them off in front of an unfamiliar person, it is advisable that you get something new and fresh-looking so as not to appear unhygienic and dirty. Gaining acceptance from an unfamiliar person is not a bad idea. 

Men have different opinions when it comes to women's underwear, but the one thing that is certain is that they love to behold clean, sexy-looking underwear. So when you have made up your mind that it is going down tonight, you should get yourself some new pair of Victoria's Secret just to add some glamour to it. 

10. Apply Safety Precautions

apply safety precautions

This tip cannot be overemphasized when considering going down with a guy you barely know. For starters, your top concern should be making sure that he uses protection when having sex. Nevertheless, some women get carried away by the hit of the moment that they compromise this basic safety rule.

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 I would say, do not get carried away by the fantasy of having a one-night stand that you completely throw caution to the wind. The fantasy of a one-night stand will only last for a while, but the aftermath can endure for a lifetime if caution is not applied. 

It might also be a good idea to let your close friend be aware of your plans and location. Your friend will be able to keep track of you in case of anything. Also, give your friend the exact location you will be going with him.

Furthermore, if you get so comfortable with him and eventually allow him inside you without any protection, at least make sure he doesn't finish off in you. That way you stand a chance of not getting pregnant. 

11. Consider Using A Hotel Room

This tip might sound old-fashioned, but it just might save you a lot of drama. Having a one-night stand with a guy you barely know might sound thrilling and a big fantasy for some women, however, there are risks involved. 

First of all, you do not really know this person and what he is capable of doing. And taking him back to your place might not be such a good idea, as well as going over to his place. Therefore, it is safer to link up at a neutral location, preferably a hotel room. At a hotel room, you will have to check-in, there are security footages that might be referred to in the event something south occurs. 

To be fair, using a hotel room is safer than going over to his place or vice versa. 

12. Make Sure You Are Not In A Relationship

I do not see any problem if you are single and decide to have a one-night fling with some dude you just met at the dance floor. However, in as much as you are being careful enough not to sleep with a married man, you should also ensure you are not cheating on someone else while having this fun. 

Ensure you are completely off the hook from your previous relationship and nobody's getting hurt by your actions. While the sex drive of being with an unfamililar person can be very intense as compared to being with your man, there is a need to apply wisdom and restraint. Ensure you are single before engaging in this. 

13. Put Your Emotions In Check

A lot of women get emotionally attached to men once they have a sexual encounter with them. It is important that you check your emotional status to be sure that this is only going to be a one-night stand situation and nothing more. 

Most times, women get carried away by how great the sex was and they break the very rue they made. They start calling or texting the man, and some even go as far as stalking him. These things can be avoided if you put your emotions in check before having sex with him. 

14. Do They Have Any Allergies? 

It is by now not news that some people are allergic to a particular air freshener, deodorant, animal, and even condoms. Before bringing anyone over to your place, you should make efforts to know if he has any of such allergies; especially if you are going to be using a condom. 

You should verify if he is allergic to any brand of condoms. This will save you the stress of having to rush a full-grown man down to the hospital in the middle of the night. 

15. Do You Feel Safe Around Him?

do you feel safe around him?

To be fair, this is a good step towards acceptance. When it comes to having a one-night stand, safety should be your top concern before pleasure. At this point, you both must have had that brief talk and gotten to know each other's names. He probably must have bought you a couple of drinks, and you are already laughing so hard at his jokes. 

This is the best moment to ascertain if you really want to carry out this plan with him. Does he make you feel safe? Do you feel safer already? Will you be alright with him for the night? Or is it just about the sex drive?

16. Do You Want To Have A Relationship With Him? 

I know one might think that it is rather too early to think in that direction yet. But, I will say, if you will be taking off your pants for him tonight, you might as well think everything through. Think about the emotional effect of having sex with an unfamiliar person. 

Do you want to continue having sex with this man? Does he meet your criteria for a relationship? Do you guys make great couples? Is it all about the sex drive? These questions need to be answered as soon as possible before anything goes down. 

17. Is He The Man For The Job?

One of the most important things to look out for when you want to have sex with an unfamiliar person is if he is capable of doing the job. At this point, we are aware that a one-night stand comes with lots of fantasies which is solely engineered by lust. If you have to give yourself up to a man you barely know, it must be worth it. He should be capable of delivering on the job. 

It would be a total waste of sin if you took a man home only to find out that he is really small down there, or he is an early finisher. You would be disappointed. So before you incite the first kiss or make the first move, be sure that he looks like someone who can do a good job if given the chance. 


How do you know if the sex is safe? 

Safe sex is basically having sexual intercourse with someone while ensuring that you do not contact STIs, neither does your partner. The only way to know if the sex is safe is by applying the necessary safety precautions which include, using a condom, letting your partner know when you feel any pain, and maintaining safe boundaries. 

Do men get emotionally attached after having sex? 

A good study has proven that during sexual intercourse oxytocin is released into the body, and this hormone is linked to positive social functioning as well as associated with trust, bonding, and loyalty.

What should you do after sex? 

The are several things you should do right after you’ve had sex and they include washing up, do not douche, keep it clean and simple, empty your bladder if you must, drink a glass of water, and wash your hands. 

Why do men lose interest after sex? 

There are several reasons why your man might lose interest in you right after sex, and they include poor sexual performance, all he wanted was sex, he is afraid you might catch feelings, not all relationships are meant to last.

Can a man know if a woman is a virgin? 

Experts have purported that there is no way a man can tell if a woman is a virgin and has never had sex only by looking at her. Furthermore, it is still difficult to tell even with gynecological tests. 

The Bottom Line

This article is aimed at enlightening women who might have plans to indulge in this fantasy of a one-night stand. 

We’ve taken time to discuss several points to consider when intending to have sex with a man you barely know. You have to ensure that he is single and not married, you should consider your safety and health as well, furthermore, try to define your purpose before engaging in such.

If you find this article insightful, please feel free to like and share it with family and friends. 

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