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Why Relationships Fail (12 Odd & Common Problems)

When you are dating someone, you are likely not thinking about whether or not it is going to fail. However, if you are worried that your relationship may be in trouble, you might be looking for signs that you are headed toward a failed relationship. After all, many relationships do end in breakups and many marriages end in divorce. 

Whether you have just started dating someone or you have been married to them for years, you likely don’t assume that it is going to fail. You hope that this relationship is going to be the one that will last forever, and you hope that you have found the one. But all of your past relationships have ended in failure, so how do you prevent this happening this time. 

There can be many reasons for the failure of a relationship, however, it often comes down to communication or the lack of it. If you are unable to communicate with your partner properly, your relationship is likely not going to last very long. So, what are the signs that your relationship may be heading toward failure? 

Why Relationships Fail

Why Relationships Fail-

The failure of a relationship may be caused by your bad habits, the way that you argue, your lack of communication, or many other things. It can be helpful to know the signs that you are heading toward a failed relationship so that you can help to prevent it. So keep reading for the common signs that a relationship is moving toward failure. 

1. You Avoid Arguments

This is one of the signs that your relationship lacks any form of healthy communication and it is in turn headed toward its end. If you are unable to communicate with your partner in an effective way, you are likely going to build up resentment toward each other that may eventually cause the end of your relationship together.

If you avoid arguments or even talking to your spouse about aspects of the relationship that make you unhappy or annoyed, these things are only going to mount up and get worse. One of the most important things in any relationship is communication and the lack of it almost always spells the end of a relationship. 

Furthermore, the fact that you don’t bother to argue with your partner is a sign that you don’t really care about the relationship anymore and you are not bothered about whether you fix your issues or not. It is a sign that you are unhappy with the relationship but you no longer care enough to fix your issues and to save your relationship with your spouse. 

2. You Don’t See Eye To Eye

This does not mean that you have to agree about every little thing, however, if you don’t see eye to eye on any issue, you may have a problem in your relationship. Love can get over many things but if you are not on the same page about anything, things are likely not going to work out between you. 

It is necessary that you and your spouse have the same opinions on important things such as where you both want to live, whether you want to get married, and whether you want kids. If you cannot agree on any of these things, your relationship may be headed toward failure. If these disagreements are never solved, your relationship may end in a breakup. 

There are certain things that you must be able to agree on with your partner. Disagreements about big life decisions are one of the main reasons why relationships fail. If you cannot agree on where you want to live, whether you want to get married eventually and whether you want to start a family, your relationship is likely not going to work out. 

3. You Expect Too Much From Your Partner 

If your spouse is doing the best that he can and he is utmost to make you happy but nothing he does pleases you it is a sign that you expect too much from your partner. Nobody is perfect and it is unfair of you to expect your partner to be when you are likely not perfect yourself. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes so don’t be unrealistic. 

If you set unrealistic standards for what you want from your partner, you are likely never going to be happy. If you don’t appreciate and see the little things that he does for you every day just to try and make you happy, it is likely not going to work out and you are both going to get frustrated. If he feels unappreciated he will probably even stop trying to please you

If you aren’t there to support your partner when they are there for you your relationship might be headed toward failure. You cannot expect your partner to be perfect all of the time and they are going to need your help and support every now and again, as this is just how relationships work. Relationships have to work two ways. 

4. You Are Scared Of Being Lonely

Often when people are unhappy in a relationship they will avoid conflict and arguments because they are scared of being alone. They will try to ignore any issues that they know are present in their relationship just because they are afraid of being lonely if their relationship does end up in a breakup. However, this is not a healthy way to resolve the situation. 

It is natural, however, for the conflict and resentment to reach the surface at some point and it will likely be worse than it would have been if it had been addressed at the beginning. You may have been able to solve it if you hadn’t ignored it for such a long time, but now it is too late to save your relationship and resolve these issues. 

The fear of being alone may make you unwilling to accept that your relationship is heading toward failure. You are unhappy but you are scared to move on and leave your partner because your fear of being lonely overwhelms your unhappiness. It is important and healthy to address issues in your relationship as they arise rather than ignoring them. 

5. You Are Not Open About Your Feelings Toward Your Partner

When you first started dating your partner, you may have been completely honest about your emotions and about how you felt about him. But as things went on, you may have started to assume that your partner knew how you were feeling all of the time. You think that he should be able to tell how you are feeling from reading your body language. 

And you think that you are able to tell how he is feeling too just by looking at his body language. You no longer converse and communicate your feelings to each other properly and in a healthy way because you just assume that they know how you feel anyway even though they probably don’t. He knows you well but he cannot read your mind

You may have become too comfortable in your relationship and you have forgotten how to properly communicate with your significant other. No matter how long you have been together it is important to talk about how you are feeling and tell your partner if something in the relationship is making you unhappy or annoyed

6. You Are Constantly Comparing Your Relationship To Other People’s 

One of the worst things that you can do and one of the main reasons why relationships fail is because of comparing one’s relationship to those of others. Relationships are always going to look better on the outside or on social media than they are in reality, behind closed doors. You are only going to make yourself unhappy by comparing your relationship. 

There is no way that your relationship is going to survive if you spend all of your time comparing your relationship to others and focusing on other people’s relationships instead of your own. Put this energy into your own partner and your own relationship rather than focusing on what other people may or may not be doing. 

You are never going to be happy if you compare every aspect of your relationship with those of other people. No relationship is as flawless as it looks on social media so stop focusing and comparing your relationship to those that you don’t know anything about and you will be much happier and more content for it. 

7. You Never Compromise

One of the main reasons for breaking up with your significant other is the lack of ability to compromise in your relationship. It isn’t just about letting him choose which takeaway to order from on a Friday night, it is a compromise to accept each other’s flaws. If you want your relationship to succeed it is important to give up your need to always be right

If you are unable to compromise on anything in your relationship and you always insist on being right then your relationship is likely not going to work out. In any relationship, some amount of compromise is necessary to ensure that things run smoothly and you don’t always end up arguing about everything. 

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If you care about someone you will likely be okay with compromising on things every now and again to make them happy. However, this only works if your partner does the same thing for you in return too. If you want your relationship to work out it is important to remember that it is okay and healthy to compromise now and again for the sake of your relationship. 

8. You Don’t Show Your Emotions In The Same Way

You Don’t Show Your Emotions In The Same Way

If you and your partner express emotions in a completely different way it may lead to misunderstandings and hurt in your relationship. If your partner has recently stopped showing emotions during arguments it may be a sign that he has lost interest in your relationship and no longer really cares if you argue or not. 

If you end up crying after every argument that you have but your partner shows no sign of any emotion you may begin to think that he doesn’t care anymore. Thus, it is important that you find a way to effectively communicate your feelings with each other so that you really know how your partner is thinking and feeling. 

If you both handle arguments in completely different ways it may affect your relationship compatibility and your ultimate relationship success. If you have realized that this may be an issue in your relationship, it is important to talk to your partner about it and try and find a solution to solve this issue together. 

9. You View Yourself As Superior 

If you view your partner as inferior to you and you believe you are the superior partner, this is a sure sign that your relationship is not healthy and that there are many issues that need to be addressed between you. If you view your spouse with contempt and resentment then this is one of the sure signs that your relationship may be headed toward failure. 

If you believe that you are better than your spouse and you always criticize everything that he does, this is a sign that your relationship may be reaching its end. It appears that you are not happy with your life or your relationship and it is likely that your spouse isn’t either. It is time to make a change or expect the end. 

Relationships fail often if one partner thinks that they are better than the other. This is one of the commons reasons why relationships fail. If you feel like you are better than your spouse or you think that he thinks that he is better than you, it is important to address these issues before it gets too late. 

10. You Take Your Feelings Out On Each Other

If he is the only person in your life that you take your feelings out on, he may become overwhelmed. It is common for people to take their anger and frustration out on their spouse, even if other issues in their lives have caused the anger. This is one of the most common reasons for a breakup. 

If you spend all of your time with your spouse it is likely that you take all of your frustration out on him whether you know it or not. However, this is harmful to your relationships and you can inadvertently hurt your loved ones in the process. If this continues and you fail to resolve this issue you may be pushing your spouse further and further away from you. 

11. You Haven’t Moved On From The Past

If you are unable to let go of the past and focus on the present, then your relationships are likely not going to last very long. It is difficult to focus on your current spouse if you are living in the past. If you are thinking about your high school boyfriend while you are dating someone else, it is likely going to end in failure. 

In romantic partnerships it is important to live in the present if you don’t give your current lover all of your attention because you are stuck in the past, things are likely not going to work out between you. Give yourself time to move on from the past before you start dating anyone new and then let go of the past completely so that you can live your life. 

If you want your current partnership to last it is important that you leave the past behind you and move on from the things that are holding you from living in the present. Failure to live in the present is one of the most common causes of failure in relationships. 

12. You Are Unable To Trust Each Other

Relationships cannot exist without trust. If you can’t trust your spouse completely then things are likely not going to work out between you. It may take a long time to build it but it is worth it in the end. However, if you have been betrayed or you have betrayed your partner, it may be extremely difficult to get this trust back. 

The loss of trust may cause the failure of relationships. If you cannot trust the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with then perhaps he is not the right person for you. You cannot build a partnership on mistrust as it will likely only end in failure. Build your partner’s trust and make sure that you never betray him, no matter what. 


Why Do Relationships Fail Nowadays?

Relationships end for many reasons however, the main reason for breaking up is a lack of trust and a lack of communication between loved ones. If you are unable to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings with your spouse, it may cause trust issues. If these issues are left unresolved it may cause the failure of your relationship.  

Why Do Relationships Fail Psychology?

According to psychology, relationships often end if one partner has a lack of trust or if the partnership lacks healthy communication. Communication is the key in every relationships and without it, it will likely be doomed to fail. Relationships often end also if people become too comfortable and forget to show appreciation and attention to their loved ones. 

How Long Do Relationships Last On Average?

Relationships last only a few months on average, however, this is an indicator that it takes people a long time to find the right person for them. This does not mean that your relationships will last a lot longer when you do find the one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, it may just take time to find them first. 

Why Do Relationships Fail After 3 Months?

Relationships often fail after only 3 months because of trust issues and a lack of communication. No one will survive a partnership that lacks any form of communication. If the conversation ends at small talk and you fail to converse about the things that are really important in life, it is likely not going to last for very long. 

What Are The Main Reasons For Breakups?

Some of the main reasons for breakups include that you are unable to communicate with your spouse, you are experiencing trust issues with your significant other, no one is willing to compromise or you compare your partnership with everybody else’s. These are all common reasons for relationships to fail in life. 

To Sum Up…

No matter how long you have been dating someone, the conversation may turn to whether your partnership will last a long time or not. You may even be worried that your current partnership is going through a rough patch and you want to know the signs that indicate it is heading toward failure so that you can prevent this from happening. 

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