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Dating A Homebody (21 Things To Expect)

While the rest of the world is anticipating a new blockbuster in theatres, it is just another day for a typical homebody. You see, homebodies are people who rarely experience the fear of missing out (FOMO), and they are perfectly fine spending a day all by themselves. 

They are often perceived to be antisocial and non-adventurous, which is why choosing to date a person like this might seem like you are setting yourself up for a boring relationship.

As a homebody myself who likes to keep every door closed, I can assure you that not all of us are antisocial. I consider myself an ambivert, and I try to ensure that my partners understand this. Some of my exes were perfectly okay with me being a homebody, but others struggled with it, and I can understand why. 

In those instances where they struggled, it usually was because they were never sure of what to expect or had never experienced life with a homebody. My point is, if you want to have a successful relationship, you will need to have an inkling of what to expect. In this article, I will be giving you 21 things to expect with dating a homebody and ways to deal with one.

21 Things To Expect When Dating A Homebody

1. Congratulate yourself

First things first, before we roll in all the other points. I want you to congratulate yourself because it means your homebody boyfriend must love you enough to date you. Homebodies are not people who would easily go out of their way to make an impression or get a girl; after all, they are self-sufficient on their own. 

However, for them to take time into going on dates with you and choosing to share their personal space and time with you, you must be unique. So, congratulations girl, you made it to the chosen team. And trust me, for him to go this far, chances are his feelings are genuine.

2. They are selectively social

As I pointed out initially, homebodies are not generally antisocial; instead, they are selectively social. This means that they are very conscious of who and what they give their time and energy. You will not find them attending a concert simply because everyone thinks it's going to be cool or amazing. 

They will rather attend because it is an artist or band they love, and they genuinely want to go for the experience. In a nutshell, if you wish to have your homebody grace an event with his presence, you have to be ready with a handful of reasons that go beyond it being cool or fun.

3. Comfort always comes first

comfort always come first

Take a moment, close your eyes and tell me honestly, what do you see when you think of a homebody? Let me guess; you probably imagine a dude with pajamas or loungewear sprawled on a couch and having a carefree day. If that was your imagination, then you are 99.9% right. 

A homebody loves comfort, and he sees nothing wrong in wearing pajamas all day, and any attempt to get him out of his comfort zone has to be for a good cause. For instance, why bother dressing up to eat at a restaurant when you can have the same meal delivered to you at home while in bed - says a homebody who does not want to get dressed. 

4. 9 out of 10 times, they are great cooks

So you came up with what you believe is a great excuse to leave the house and visit that fancy restaurant down the street. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, your homebody partner probably has your favorite meal recipe at his fingertips. And he does not mind whipping it up for you if it will get you to spend time with him on the couch. 

Remember, homebodies have mastered how to be self-sufficient, and this includes throwing down a good dish. They are usually great cooks because they will rather spend a lot of time trying out new recipes than step out.

5. You may never have to complain about personal space 

When it comes to dating a homebody, personal space is a term they understand too well. While your friends may be complaining about their partners being overprotective and not giving them enough room to breathe or have a life outside their relationship, your case will most likely be different, and here's why. 

Your introvert partner understands the importance of personal space all too well because it is something he craves and appreciates. He wants you to be happy, and if that means having separate social lives, it is fine by him so long as his presence is not needed and he gets to watch his game.

6. You can always trust their movie/ book suggestions

Who else can you trust with movies and book suggestions than a guy who spends most of his time engaging in these activities?. More so, because your partner knows you better than anyone else, it is easy for him to grasp what movies and books you will fancy. 

So, it's safe to say goodbye to the days of scrolling through Netflix or Amazon prime without a clue what to watch and finally turn off the tv because you are frustrated. Feel free to count this as one of the advantages of dating a homebody. This is because the feeling of helplessness when selecting a movie can be quite annoying.

7. They have a close-knit of friends

If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to date a man whose friends you know and whereabouts you can attest to, look no further because now, you have one. While your homebody partner may not be one to make friends with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, it does not mean he is a loner. 

Instead, he has a small friend circle and dedicates his time and energy to maintaining these friendships. You can also add this as another plus to dating a homebody because now, you no longer have to worry about random 'Jennys from the block' popping into your relationship.

8. Don't expect too much when it comes to presents

Presents, presents, presents. This is one area homebodies slack, especially if you are a girl who loves fancy gifts. The thing is, it's not that your partner does not want to get you those fancy gifts; it's just that he does not want to go shopping for them. So, if your favorite stores have an online presence and they deliver, consider yourself lucky. 

Otherwise, you may have to suck it up and accept another handmade gift for the 3rd time in a row, which isn't so bad because it shows his thoughtfulness. However, a girl sometimes wants something different and fancy.

9. He is chill by default

he is chill by default

Ever been around someone who, without saying a word or doing anything out of the ordinary, they are just chill? Maybe we can attribute this aura to their ability to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle while making their personal space a haven. 

Either way, it is safe to say that you do not have to worry about doing the most to have a good time. Being in your partner's presence is more than enough because he knows how to make you relax, and this is a feeling many couples yearn to experience.

10. Your finances will experience a shock

Without trying to sound like a thrifty old lady who walks around with a calculator, I will just like to point out that dating a homebody saves you a lot more money than you can imagine. For starters, think about the average amount of money you spend each time you go out with friends. 

Deep down, you know that the cost of a glass of drink can afford you a whole bottle. So if you are willing to adapt to your partner's lifestyle, be sure that your finances will receive a positive shock because chances are, you will spend less on entertainment and social activities.

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11. Clothes are an option

When dating a homebody, the possibility of finding them in embarrassing situations is endless. You may find them with just boxers, underwear, or no clothes at all. And even when they decide to wear clothing, they are remarkably soft, comfortable, baggy, or oversized, and there is nothing abnormal about this. 

After all, clothes are not but an option when you have nowhere to go. Therefore, you must get comfortable seeing them in these situations and try not to be judgemental because they are simply in their comfort zone.

12. You can always count on the perfect home dates

Who needs to visit a five-star restaurant when you can date a homebody? I don't know about you, but definitely not me. You can count on a homebody to create the perfect home dates. 

He is likely to have everything in order, from the ideal room lightings to the table setting and after-dinner movies on the couch. I mean, it might sometimes feel like having three dates in one without having to spend on overpriced restaurant food or drinks or leave the house either.

13. You will have to schedule your outings

I know you may have come across stories that teach the importance of compromise in relationships. While it may seem difficult to apply this statement in situations where you have to date a homebody, it is possible. Let's say you are a social bug who wishes your introverted boyfriend would join you in your outings more often; there is no need to nag and set ultimatums. 

Instead, consider scheduling your joint outings starting from once in two weeks to maybe once a week. I believe this is a fair compromise that he can work around if he loves you and it will leave both of you happier in your relationship.

14. Prepare for debates

prepare for debates

Debates are almost unavoidable if you want to date a homebody. Homebodies can be quite stubborn and adamant when it comes to participating in activities that take them out of their comfort zone. So, you will need to have your points in hand and ready to dish if you need something done. 

You can always count on them to have a million and one excuses or stories as to why they cannot go out or hang out with your friends and family, with number one being how much cheaper it is to spend time at home. Good luck arguing that one.

15. They are masters of DIY projects

To a large extent, I can understand why anyone will naturally assume that a homebody is lazy; however, this is a misconception. On the contrary, homebodies are perfectly fine fixing things themselves, which makes them experts of DIY projects. 

Also, they love working around with to-do lists that give them ample time to execute several tasks daily. So think twice next time you feel the urge to ask a homebody what he has been doing all day or assume he spends all day relaxing.

16. You may miss out on new films

That's right, your homebody partner does not care about cinemas, and if you are one to offer support and solidarity to this lifestyle, you will find yourself missing out on new movies. To your partner, anything that isn't showing on cable tv or Netflix and Amazon Prime is probably not worth watching, so he will rather wait than join the crowd at a theatre. 

17. He is a great host

Just because your partner does not fancy following you to parties does not mean he hates the entire idea of parties. On the contrary, if he is an ambivert like I am, it means he is okay with a little socialization here and there, but they have to be with people he is comfortable around. 

Furthermore, he will prefer house parties to clubs as they are more homely and close-knit. People like this also tend to be great hosts because they know how to make the most out of a homely space while ensuring everyone has a great time.

18. He is intentional about his home

To the average homebody, home is not just a place to rest and sleep; it is a sanctuary and a haven. So you can expect your partner to treat his home with just as much order and attention. From his choice of couch to decor, everything is intentional and well thought through. 

After all, this is his comfort zone and where he looks forward to spending most of his time. Make sure that you respect his home and treat it with as much respect as possible.

19. He does not always have to justify his behavior

I understand how annoying it can be when a person does not explain why they choose to act a certain way, but sometimes, we have to step back and allow them to be because not all behaviors have a concrete explanation. 

For instance, if you are in the middle of a party and your partner suddenly feels the need to go home, it's okay to let them go without probing too hard to understand why. Questioning their decision repeatedly will only lead to feelings of resentment and frustration.

20. They are serial flakes

I can bet the word flake was created after a homebody repeatedly failed to show up for outings. If there is anything you should understand about your homebody partner, 9 out of 10 times, he will choose to stay home over going out, and even if he promises to show up, don't get your hopes too high as you may be disappointed. 

The best thing will be to treat his 'yes' as a 'maybe' and cross your fingers with hopes that he eventually shows up.

21. His Ideal Friday night starts and ends at home

his ideal Friday night starts and ends at home

While everyone can relate to the excitement that Fridays bring, not everyone spends their Friday nights the same way. For the most part, a homebody is happy that he can guiltlessly binge on his favorite series all night without having to worry about waking up early the next day. 

So while an ideal Friday night to you may involve going out for drinks with co-workers and socializing, your homebody partner will also be having a great time watching a game with a bowl of popcorn or pizza and a bottle of wine in hand.


Is it bad that I'm a homebody?

The world may want to make you feel like there is something wrong with you for always wanting to spend time at home, but as long as your mental health is okay, then there is nothing wrong with being a homebody. 
Your case is just a matter of beliefs and preference, meaning that just as some people will prefer to spend time outdoors socializing, you prefer to spend time indoors, and that's alright.

What is a homebody in a relationship?

Homebody relationships typically refer to couples with one or two introverts who will rather spend their time indoors than outdoors. They do not care much about socializing or meeting strangers, and they are comfortable spending time alone.

How do I stop being a homebody?

While being a homebody is not something negative, it is also okay to change your life's dynamics. One way to do so is to free your mind from new experiences. You can start by attending gatherings where you only know half of the people and do not shy away from conversations. 

How do you become a homebody?

You may think it is easy to become a homebody, but it takes a lot of deliberate effort, contrary to popular opinion. You have to ensure that you are comfortable with your company and being alone. You can do so by filling your day with activities that allow you to focus on self-development and reflection or embarking on DIY projects.

Are introverts homebodies?

There are different types of introverts, and one of those types describes a homebody who prefers to spend time at home alone, but on the other hand, we also have people who do not mind having other people around so long as they get to stay home.

To Conclude

Dating a person who prefers to spend time at home can seem like a strain, especially if you have different social lives and preferences. However, I hope this article can explain why they behave this way and what to expect from such a relationship. I look forward to reading your comments and don't forget to share this article with your loved ones.

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