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119 Epic Second Date Ideas That Will Supercharge Your Relationship

If you have had a fantastic first date with a person, it can make you anxious to make the second date just as successful. However, what do you do on a second date where you are still getting to know each other, but also want to ensure that it is as memorable as the first date? 

Below we'll give you a near endless list of epic second-date ideas so that you not only have a great time but can also be sure to impress your date!

Remember, a great way to ensure that you have successful first and second dates is to be relaxed and yourself. In doing so, you will be able to get to know each other more easily and far more effectively too. 

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119 Fantastic Second Date Ideas

Here is our list of suggestions for second-date ideas.

Pick the ones that not only your date will enjoy, but you too. If you are enjoying something you are far more likely to relax and have a good time which is key when you are trying to get to know each other.

1. Rock Climbing

Great for an active person, rock climbing can be one of the best date ideas and also help engender feelings of trust between one another. 

2. Bowling

This classic second-date idea allows two people to talk to each other in a relaxed environment while the game itself provides good conversation starters. 

3. Coffee


Going for coffee is perhaps the most common of second date ideas. Coffee is a very laid back second date option that allows you both to talk easily. 

4. Mini Golf

Mini golf is a great way to get the conversation started and an easy way to find something funny to bond over. 

5. Drinks

Find a local bar to drink in and just let the alcohol help relax you both and start talking easily. 

6. Cinema

Going to see a film on a second date can help get the conversation going afterward so you have something to talk about. 

7. Restaurant

If you don’t want to just go to a bar, try to find a local restaurant that has great food as well as drinks. 

8. Ice Skating

Going ice skating is one of the more unique data ideas where you can flirtatiously touch each other in a natural way.

9. Football Match

Going to a football match is a great second date idea as it gives you something to watch if silence falls between you. 

10. Amusement Park

amusement park

Going on rides can make for one of the most memorable second dates out there - and also gives you the opportunity to touch each other.

11. Botanical Gardens

If you are after something more cultural and sedate, going to the local botanical gardens is a good option. 

12. Zoo

A zoo is an underrated option as a second date idea. Animal lovers will always enjoy it and have something to talk about throughout. 

13. Rooftop Viewing Platform

A rooftop bar or platform is a fantastic conversation starter. 

14. Double Date

Going on a double date as your second date is a way to ease the pressure on one another. 

15. Party

Taking your date to a party is another way to alleviate pressure on one another for something to talk about. 

16. Sushi Making

Making food like sushi can be a fantastic way to get to know one another. 

17. Park

Keeping things simple by going to your local park is often a good way to get that third date

18. Cycle Ride

Go if you are both into fitness, going on a cycle ride can be a bonding experience 

19. Golf

If you are both keen golfers, golf can allow for easy conversation and chats. 

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20. Beach


Spending the morning at the beach can provide a sensational backdrop to your second date.

21. Dog Walk

If you know your date loves dogs, a dog walk can be a great second date idea. 

22. Dinner

Cooking dinner for one another can help you both get to know each other in relaxed surroundings. 

23. Brunch

Going for brunch is usually a relaxed affair, and sometimes possible to have a few drinks to help as well. 

24. Museum

If you both are into history, going to a museum is a fantastic conversation starter. 

25. Art Gallery

Art often provides something for two people to say to each other. 

26. Talk

Going to a talk regarding a subject that you are both interested in is something that can make for a second date to remember. 

27. Theatre

Seeing a play or a musical will often help bring people out of their shell if they like the arts. 

28. Hot Air Balloon

Not something suitable for those with vertigo, a hot air balloon is the ultimate romantic second date. 

29. Country Pub

country pub

A country pub provides a beautiful setting as well as the ability to have a few drinks over food. 

30. Cocktail Making

Learning how to make your favorite cocktail can really help you both let down your guard on your second date. 

31. Dance Class

If you don’t mind making a few slip-ups, taking a dance class can help you bond.

32. Drive-In Cinema

This old classic date is a good way to set a romantic tone for your evening. 

33. Vintage Market

Milling around stalls at a vintage market provides good conversation for each other

34. Horse Racing

If you like betting or horses, going to the races can be a fun second date. 

35. Greyhound Racing

If horses aren’t your date’s thing, taking them to see the greyhound’s race is also a good option. 

36. Lunch

If you can’t quite find the time for dinner, suggest lunch which provides a more relaxed atmosphere too. 

37. Hiking


If you live near a hilly or mountainous landscape, get your boots on and go for a hike with your date. 

38. Tourist Bus

Taking in your city’s sights on a tourist bus can really get you both talking. 

39. Night Away

If you really want to up the romance, suggest a night away in a boutique hotel. 

40. Parachute Jump

For those that love adrenaline junkie activities, a parachute jump is a second date to remember. 

41. Escape Room

This activity will always bring two people closer by working together. 

42. Comedy Club

Comedy and jokes at a bar over drinks will set a date apart from all others. 

43. Karaoke

If you both love to sing, give a karaoke bar go-to shake things up between each other. 

44. Live Band

Live music always makes people happy. Take your date to see their favorite band. 

45. Boat Ride

Going out on the sea for a boat ride is a backdrop you’ll both remember. 

46. Shopping

If you really like your date, and they love shopping, going to the mall can be a good method

bring you closer. 

47. Jazz Concert

Music lovers will love to be taken to a jazz concert. 

48. Outdoor Theatre

A play at an outdoor theatre is very romantic, especially if you take a picnic with champagne. 

49. Swimming Pool

swimming pool

Relaxing at the local swimming pool can help foster a stronger bond on a date. 

50. Kayaking

Kayaking is a fantastic option for those that like their dates full of activity. 

51. Arcade

For the gamers out there, going to the arcade is the second date dreams are made of. 

52. Train Ride

If you’re lacking in ideas, taking a picturesque train ride is an option.

53. Bingo

While not the most romantic, Bingo is always a great conversation starter. 

54. Fruit Picking

Fruit picking gets you both outdoors and also allows you to make some jam or other sweet treats after your date. 

55. Book Reading

If you both like to read, try going to a book reading. 

56. Drawing Class

A drawing class can be an opportunity to learn a new skill while getting to know one another better. 

57. Brewery Tour

Drinking beer can be educational too at a brewery tour. 

58. Wine Tasting

wine tasting

Wine tasting often gets the conversation started while also learning some new facts about making wine too. 

59. Frisbee

If you are both sporty, a game of frisbee in the park will help bring you closer. 

60. Picnic In The Park

Taking a picnic in the park is always one of the most romantic ideas for a date. 

61. Baseball Game

Lovers of baseball will always enjoy a date watching the local team. 

62. Board Games

Board games can be both fun and intimate. 

63. Fortune Teller

Going to a fortune teller can provide some fantastic conversation-starting titbits. 

64. Corn Maze

Going to a corn maze is both fun and romantic. 

65. Historic Building

If there is a historic building near where you live, paying it a visit can make for an interesting date

66. Garage Sale

Going around the garage sales in your neighborhood is a low key idea where you can both relax and get chatting

67. Burlesque Show

It won’t be for everyone, but going to see a burlesque show can be one of the riskier ideas for a place to take your date that is highly successful. 

68. Go Karts

Go-karting is a white knuckle activity that so many people enjoy which is why it can be such an enjoyable date experience. 

69. Yoga Class

Keep things really chilled and go to a yoga class together. 

70. Ghost Tour

A ghoulish ghost tour of an area near you will be one of the most different ideas your date will ever have been subjected to. 

71. Friend’s House

friend's house

Keeping things relaxed is critical on a second date, which is why just going to a friend’s house for dinner and drinks can really work. 

72. Movie Marathon

If you both love to watch films, just pare things back and have a movie marathon. 

73. Ice Cream

Going out for ice cream will so often bring out the inner child in any person, making for one of the best second date ideas. 

74. Explore

Use the opportunity to just explore a local nature reserve near you or even your town and city better. 

75. Memory Lane

Ask your date to take you to places that are good memories for them. 

76. Horse Riding

For those that love all things equestrian, going horse riding is one of the most wonderful ways to relax on a date

77. Rent A Motorcycle

If your date loves petrol-based activities, renting a cool motorcycle can really pique their interest in you. 

78. Quad Biking

Going out to the local forests or beaches quad biking can be one of the funniest dates going. 

79. City Tour

city tour

Walking around your local city or town together can help keep the conversation going between you. 

80. Painting Class

Like withdrawing, a painting class can be a fun activity that helps you get to know each other. 

81. Animal Shelter

Helping out a local animal shelter can be a fantastic bonding activity while also doing some good for your community. 

82. Exercise Class

If you love to exercise, and you love a particular class, try taking your date to it. 

83. Ice Sculpture

Learning how to make an ice sculpture is always going to be a fun idea for a date. 

84. Tennis Match

If you live near a tennis court, take your date and have a match. 

85. Adult Adventure Park

An adult adventure park can really help people let their guard down on a date. 

86. Paintballing

This active date can help get the adrenaline pumping in a truly exhilarating way. 

87. Zorbing

This activity may not be for everyone, but it can help bring out the inner child in some. 

88. Bungee Jumping

For those that love to live life on the edge, bungee jumping is the ultimate date.

89. Archery

If you like to learn new skills, why not take your date to an archery lesson?

90. Rifle Range

If archery is a bit tame for you, trying a rifle range can provide a date backdrop with a difference. 

91. Couples Massage

Making things sensual and relaxing with a couple’s massage is one of the most romantic date ideas. 

92. Bar Crawl

If you both like socializing and a drink, try going on a bar crawl in your town or city. 

93. Pasta Making

pasta making

Everyone loves a bowl of pasta, but learning how to make it fresh is a date idea with a difference. 

94. Lecture

Learning about a subject that both interests you at a lecture can be something that brings you closer.

95. Roller Disco

If you want to keep things fun, going to a retro roller disco will be a memorable event. 

96. Fundraiser

If your date is a do-gooder, try taking them to a fundraiser to help give back to your favorite charity. 

97. BBQ

Going to a community BBQ can help bring down people’s guards down to get you both talking. 

98. Skiing

If you like winter sports, skiing down some slopes can be a hobby that you both enjoy doing together. 

99. Farmers’ Market

For the foodies out there, going to a farmers market to pick up some fresh produce will make everyone happy. 

100. Auction

Auctions are fun and exciting which is why they are such a good idea for dates. 

101. Snowboarding

If winter sports are your thing, but skiing isn’t, snowboarding is another great option. 

102. Pizza Making

Everyone loves to eat pizza, so pizza-making can be an easy conversation starter. 

103. River Cruise

Similar to a boat ride, if your town or city has a river, try out a river cruise to up the romance. 

104. Moonlit Stroll

To really up the romance, try taking your potential love interest on a moonlit stroll near you. 

105. Zoom


If you are both really busy, setting up a simple zoom call can be one of the best ways to keep your romance going. 

106. Tasting Menu

While a relaxed dining experience can be good to get you talking, a breathtaking tasting menu at your town’s best restaurant is always a good option too. 

107. Tea Room

Tea rooms can be quaint and quirky providing a lot of conversation. 

108. Ballet

The ballet may not be cheap, but it is always seriously romantic. 

109. Surfing

If you live near the beach, try to take your date surfing. 

110. Ziplining

While not suitable for those that like things sedate, zip lining can be a lot of fun for the right person. 

111. Rock Pooling

If you live near some great fishing areas, try rock pooling to bring you and your potential love closer.

112. Geocaching

This techno software can make for a fun day out. 

113. Laser Quest

This old-style activity may bring out the fun between any couple dynamic. 

114. Orienteering


If you love to be outdoors, why not suggest orienteering near you.

115. Metal Detecting

For a date with a difference, metal detecting can be amongst the most unique ideas you will ever have. 

116. Play Cards

Keeping things simple and just playing cards at your local bar or coffee shop will keep things light-hearted. 

117. Ping Pong

Try taking your potential love interest to a ping pong bar or a ping pong table in your local park. 

118. Rent A Cool Car

If a motorcycle isn’t quite safe enough for you, try renting a cool car instead to get the conversation flowing. 

119. Power Ballad Evening

Go to your local bar’s power ballad evening to really up the fun and laughter. 


What should I do on a second date?

Going on a second date is all about getting to know the person you have a crush on as well as further realizing whether you think it is going to go anywhere or not. You need to get to know their character in a different setting to your first date too. 

Can you kiss on the second date?

If you really like the guy or the girl you are on a second date with, you can absolutely kiss them. Make sure that you are absolutely certain that you want to kiss them however and do so in a way you won’t regret. However, if it doesn’t go quite as you had hoped, don’t beat yourself up over it either.

What does a second date mean to a guy?

Second dates can mean different things to guys and girls. For some guys, it will mean hopefully getting some physical contact either by kissing or even more. However, to some, it will simply be an opportunity to get to know the date a little bit more to see if they are relationship material. 

What are some good double date ideas?

A double date can be a great way of diffusing pressure on the people involved. Good second date ideas that can also be a double date suggestion are things like rock climbing, bowling, or other physical activities. An amusement park is also a good destination for two couples to go to. 

What date should you kiss?

The date that you kiss a person on for the first time is a totally individual decision. If you like a person a lot, you can kiss them on the first date without worrying about what that really means too much. However, you can also kiss on much later dates and still see your dynamic blossom into a long-term relationship

Key Takeaways

While doing some research on great second date ideas is crucial for making your date a success, remember to cut yourself some slack as well.

You need to be able to get to know your date just as much as they need to get to know the real you. That will only ever happen if you are both yourselves. To be yourselves, you need to be in a situation where you are both happy and don't put yourself in a situation where you are unnaturally trying to impress the opposite party.

So remember to do something that will bring out the best in one another so that your date idea only helps facilitate the feelings you have for each other. 

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