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Is A Leo Man Testing You? (21 Ways He Will Test You) 

July 6, 2024

Are you wondering whether your Leo man is testing you?

It’s a common trait in this sign to play mind games - and perhaps you want to find out if that’s what he’s doing with you? 

If so, read on. 

This guide reveals the 21 signs that a Leo is testing you. 

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In the meantime, the tips below will help you discover whether a Leo man is testing you.

How Does A Leo Man Test You?

Leo men are known for quite a few things. This fire sign has an amazing personality and they always love to have a good time. They tend to look for a few different things in a partner, which usually leads to a Leo man testing you. A Leo man tests you to see if you’re what he’s looking for. 

On a rare occasion, you’ll run across a mature Leo man that doesn’t test you. However, this is the exception to the rule. More often than not, a Leo man tests every girl that he dates to determine if they have a chance at working out. Here are a few ways that he might test you to help you tell whether you have a Leo man testing you or not. 

1. He’ll call you from a fake number

To this man, loyalty is everything. He doesn’t want you talking to other men, including if the two of you are just talking to each other. This will lead to a Leo man testing you to determine how loyal you are. He will text you from a different number and pretend to be a guy interested to see if you take the bait. Don’t do it. 

2. Having his friends text you

He might want things to seem a bit more realistic and have a friend start hitting on you. They might send you a friend request on social media or flirt with you during a group outing. If you have a Leo man testing you, just avoid talking to his friends as anything more than friends. You can trust that he’s watching your every move. 

3. Paying attention to other girls

When you have a Leo man testing you, he’s going to want to see your reaction when he talks to other girls. This man will have plenty of friends, and he may have a few friends that are of the opposite sex. He’ll want to make sure that it won’t be a problem if the two of you wind up in a relationship. 

It’s important to keep this in mind when pursuing a relationship with him. He’ll be willing to accept that you have friends, but you need to be willing to accept his friends of the opposite sex and trust him, too. If you can’t consider dating another guy. 

4. He needs to see how clingy you are

A Leo man testing the waters to see if a relationship will work will want to see how clingy you are. He’ll do this by intentionally not spending time with you or taking a day to text you back at the beginning of the talking stage. 

This is perfectly normal for a Leo man. He wants to make sure that he’ll still have some freedom when he’s with you. These guys like to have fun, and they don’t want you holding them back. 

5. He’ll be late

It’s common for a Leo guy to be late at least once or twice. This won’t happen on the first date, but you can trust that it will happen sometime. This is the official Leo man test of your attitude. He’ll quit being late once he sees that you still have a calm demeanor. 

6. He wants to see how controlling you are

A Leo man will do various things to test your controlling nature. He’ll mention hanging out with his friends or being unavailable for a few days at a time. This is because he can’t stand it when women try to control him. 

This zodiac is ruled by the Lion. He is the king of the jungle and expects to be treated that way. He should be able to run free and do what he wants without you trying to force him to do something else. 

7. Saying he’s broke

Leo guys are known for their lives of luxury. He has to work hard in order to afford the things that he wants. He enjoys spending money on clothing and having fun. However, this tends to attract women that are only interested in his money. 

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Because of that, it’s common for a Leo male to test whether you’re interested in him or his money. He might tell you that he’s broke, even though he can still afford to pay for dinner. Saying that he’s deep in debt or that he lost all of his money in a bad investment are other common ways the average Leo male will test whether you’re a gold digger. 

8. He wants you to watch the kids

One way or another, you can expect to see a mature Leo man test whether he thinks you would be a good mother. Leos tend to be more traditional than other zodiac signs. He’ll more than likely expect you to take care of the children if the two of you get married. 

If you have children, he’ll keep an eye on how you act towards your children. He may give you his input from time to time to determine whether the two of you would be able to parent together. 

You’ll also see a Leo man test your mothering skills by introducing you to his own children early on in dating. This isn’t because he’s trying to move fast. It’s because he wants to make sure that the two of you have a future together. 

When neither one of you have children, he may bring nieces or nephews into the picture. One way or another, this guy wants to see how you are with children. 

9. He always asks what you’re doing

he always asks what you're doing

This is him testing you to see if the two of you will be compatible in a relationship. Leo is a zodiac sign that is always on the move. They love to have fun and are always eager to try new things. He’s being a little nosy to see if your two lifestyles will work out well. 

10. He invites you to go hiking

More often than not, this guy enjoys being active. It’s simply in their nature. When he invites you to be active with him, a Leo man is testing whether you can keep up with his lifestyle. He wants a girl that can go hiking or swimming with him. 

It’s tempting to pretend that you love being active to impress him. There simply aren’t a lot of things that you aren’t going to like about this guy. However, don’t try to fake it. Instead, make sure that you are genuine when the two of you are together. 

11. Introducing you to his family

Anyone born under the Leo zodiac sign, including a Leo woman, is going to be loyal to people that they love. He will not disown his family once the two of you are in a committed relationship. Instead, he will want for all of you to get along well. 

When Leo guys see a future with you, they’ll introduce you to their family one by one, and then ask their family members' opinions on you. They’ll also ask your opinion on their family. This is because they want to make sure that everyone will get along once the two of you are in a relationship, especially his parents. 

12. He’ll be interested in only your body

Sometimes, a guy born under the Leo zodiac sign will only want your body. This sign is one of the more sexual signs of the zodiac. 

However, this is another way that he will test you. He’ll pretend to only be interested in your body to simply see how you react. He wants to know whether you’re easy or not. These guys don’t want to be with a girl that any guy can get. 

13. He mentions his friends of the opposite sex

Leo is friends with everyone. They tend to enjoy having fun. Likewise, they don’t want to spoil anyone else’s fun or their friendships. Because of this, he’ll mention his friends of the opposite sex, and invite you to talk about your friends as well. If he knows that you enjoy your male friend's company, he will know that you won’t care if he has female friends. 

14. They’ll ask what you want

Sometimes, Leo males tend to play games. However, they don’t want a female that plays games with them. There’s nothing a Leo man hates more than being played by someone else. It hurts their pride. Because of that, he’ll ask questions to determine whether you’re playing games with him. 

15. He asks about your life

Deep down, this is because he wants to get to know you. A Leo man that is interested in more than sex will want to know everything about a potential partner. He will ask seemingly random questions about a person’s life to test a girl’s loyalty, learn everything he can and begin to understand her emotions. 

16. He’ll tell you about his hopes and dreams

Guys born under this sign can be silent people at times, especially when they are hard at work. He’ll tell you what he’s working on to let you know why this is happening and to determine whether you will be the type of girlfriend that he wants. 

When this alpha male is in a romantic relationship, they need a supportive girlfriend. Leo doesn’t want to hear about other people’s success when they are discussing their own future. Instead, this dominant personality needs to hear a few sweet words of encouragement. 

17. He may ask about previous relationships

There are several reasons that your Leo man might do this, but they are all to test you. He’ll ask specific questions to determine if you are one to play mind games. He may want to know if you’re more prone to have a one-night stand or a romantic relationship. He does this to determine if you’re marriage material, and to find out if you feel the same way he does in most relationships. 

18. He’ll take you out of your comfort zone

he'll take you out of your comfort zone

A Leo man will test several things when he takes you to new places or does different things. He wants to see your anger management skills and if you can make a good impression when you’re not comfortable. A Leo man loves to do new things, so he’ll want a partner that can do those things with him. 

19. He wants to see how passionate you are

As your relationship progresses, he might mention sexual topics. He’ll also take you on adventures. It doesn’t matter if you say that you’re passionate, this zodiac sign wants to see that passion in real life. They want to see the glow in your eyes when you try something new. They need a spark in the bedroom to stay interested. If you don’t have any type of passion, he’s likely to lose interest. 

20. He wants to know how you feel about him

A Leo man likes a girl that will cheer him up. Leo men love to hear compliments about themselves, and they want to make sure that their partner thinks they are amazing. If you don’t put in enough effort to be there for your Leo man, he’s going to slowly pull back. They not only need support, but they also need a lot of attention from their partners when they are in the mood for attention. 

21. Leo wants a confident woman

He may test your confidence in his initial approach. This could involve saying that he doesn’t care for your hair and see how you react. Simply accept that he’s bound to test your confidence and brush it off.

If Leo is being rude, don’t be afraid to tell them so. Instead of accepting that they are a rude person, consider this another test. Leo needs someone that will bring them down to Earth on occasion. You sticking up for yourself will help you pass that test. 

To learn more about what he wants in a woman, check out this article


How do you tell if a Leo man is serious about you?

Watch for the following signs: he puts you through several tests, doesn’t ask about your body, and asks about both your life and your feelings. If a Leo man feels that you have a future, he’ll introduce you to his family. 

How do you make a Leo man obsessed with you?

To make this sign obsessed with you, make sure that you give him plenty of space. A partner’s possessiveness is a huge turnoff. Don’t get jealous when he hangs out with his friends, and make sure that you let your positive side shine through. Leos love a positive person that smiles. 

How do you know when a Leo man is lying?

Leo may act nervous because he is scared of getting caught. He will avoid eye contact or simply avoid you all together. Most of the time, when confronted, he will try to proclaim his innocence or make you look crazy so that he doesn’t get caught. 

What is a Leo man's love language?

Leo is known for wanting to be treated like a king. Because of that, they enjoy acts of service and gift giving. Make sure that you do plenty of things for your Leo and buy him sweet presents to let him know that you’re thinking of him. 

What do you text a Leo man to get his attention?

Simply texting him will make him feel special. Leos love a lot of attention, so he’ll enjoy short text messages to let him know that you’re thinking of him. Make sure that you text him a beautiful selfie on occasion. Leo loves to see anything beautiful, including you. 

In Conclusion

Leo men can be a bit hard to read, but once you understand what he does when he’s testing you everything he does will start to make sense. What are some other ways that a Leo will test you?

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