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9 Things You Should Do When A Leo Man Ignores You (Right Away)

by Sonya Schwartz

Are you being ignored by the special Leo in your life? 

Are you wondering why he could be ghosting you like this? 

Perhaps you’re looking for some tips to win him over?

If so, you’re in the right place. This article reveals the key reasons why a Leo might be ignoring you, and what you can do to win his attention back. 

But, before we dive into this list, I want you to read this story really carefully. 

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Then, you can read the advice below to deal with the Leo who’s not investing in you…

Why Is He Ignoring MeWhy Is He Ignoring Me

If you sense that something is wrong and you have said to your friends 'he is ignoring me' more often than you care to admit, then it can help to question why. In doing so, you will really empower yourself to follow our recommendations below for what to do if you find that your Leo guy is no longer acting like you are the one.

There are a few things that we know to be total turn offs for Leo men and will make them need someone else in their life. They like their women to have a few characteristics as standard, while there are a few things that a woman may do that would make him run a mile.

You are clingy

While a Leo man is in need of a girlfriend that is into him to boost his ego, if you are too clingy then he will start to ignore you and give you space. There is such a fine balance here to be had as he does not want to be ignored himself, but if you shower him with too much attention and are too available to him, then he will lose interest in you.

The good news is that this does give you time to yourself on occasion. If you let him spend time with his friends with no drama from yourself, then you may find that he no longer ignores you. Remember a Leo man ignores his girlfriend when he feels constrained and smothered.

You may not know that you are being clingy, so try to give him a time out every so often and reap the rewards for when you do get to spend time together.

You don't have your own opinions

A Leo man cannot stand a person, let alone his own girlfriend, who simply says yes to everything he says or agrees with his every opinion. This is good to know in this day and age where women are more and more valued in our society.

You can be assured that a Leo man will definitely start ignoring you when you just go along with everything that he wants or you give in to him too easily. He does like a bit of feistiness too, to match his determined character. He needs someone to stand up to him every once in a while.

Make sure therefore that you do not agree with him in every respect, even if your intentions are honorable. You may just be trying to keep the peace, you may just be trying to make him happy or you may want to just not have an opinion on something - one way of the other. However, if any of these are the case too often, you may find that your Leo man will start ignoring you with a view to break up with you soon.

You are insecure

A Leo man is very arrogant at the best of times so he needs to be with a woman who not only knows her own mind, but also is confident in herself too. If you need his buy in too often that you look great or that you want to know where you stand with him with constant reassurance from him, you would do better to try to take a leaf out of his confident book. Take comfort instead in the fact that he is dating you for a reason.

Being insecure will also naturally make you more clingy too and as previously mentioned this is a big turn off for any Leo man and will make him want to look for someone else as well as simply ignoring you.

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You are not ambitious

Often a Leo man ignores his girlfriend if he discovers that they may not be as into their career or succeeding in life as originally thought. Things like this can really get underneath the skin of a Leo man who is incredibly competitive and therefore ambitious himself.

As such, a Leo male finds that when a woman would rather spend their time anywhere other than at the office, that this is a big turn off. He will like it instead when you are dedicated to your job and doing as well as can be at it. This is one thing that a Leo man is often immovable on - he wants to know that his girlfriend needs to have something in her life that she is working towards, other than their relationship.

You are not chilled enough

Leo men like an easy life. While they have a lot of get up and go, if a Leo man ignores his new girlfriend, it could be because they are finding that their new girlfriend has too much drama in her life. This just is not for them and if you make them feel like the relationship is going to be hard work, a Leo man will simply walk away.

One good thing to do therefore would be to be mindful of how much you are leaning on him to keep your life going. If you are constantly talking to him about your nightmare day or arguments with friends you are having, he may well start to question if the something wrong in your life, is actually you. The result will be that he starts to ignore you with the intention of walking away entirely.

What To Do When He Ignores You - 4 Things To TryWhat To Do When He Ignores You - 4 Things To Try

It is often suggested that when a man ignores, you ignore him back - but is that the case with Leo men? Here are our suggestions as to how to deal with a Leo man ignoring you so that you can win back his affections in the long run. He is sadly one of the most complicated signs of the zodiac which means there is always a balance to be had when employing these tactics.

Massage his ego

Given that he likes to lead the pride, a Leo man is true to his sign's image and likes to be top dog in all aspects of his life. If he is ignoring you, try to massage his ego a little and boost his confidence with reassurance of your affection for him. This may sound counter intuitive given that so often we are told to play hard to get, but be assured that a Leo man who is ignoring you is simply testing your affection for him. Reminding him that he is a good guy is one way to make him crave your company more and more.

Flirt with him

On a par with massaging your Leo man's ego is making sure you flirt with him at every opportunity too. Again, you might think that this is the wrong path to take and many people may tell you to stop and do the exact opposite, but flirting with him will give him the reassurance he probably needs to stop ignoring you.

He will most likely be ignoring you as a misguided attempt of protecting his feelings further down the line. A Leo man is very guilty of trying to be the partner in control of a relationship and if he feels you are not into him, perhaps because you are not flirting with him enough, he can react by ignoring you in a way to put himself back in the driving seat.

Flirting with him is also a fun way of getting some of the magic back in a relationship and remind him why you are together in the first place. Luckily, a Leo man is fun to be around and flirting with him should be a total breeze. It may even remind you why you love him so much.

Spend time one on one with him

Again, this may sound like the exact opposite of what you think is a good ploy to gaining back your Leo man's attentions as so often playing hard to get is what works well in relationships with men who have gone a bit cold. However, with a Leo man, it is best to spend as much time with him by yourself without being clingy.

Spend time with him simply enjoying his company so he can enjoy yours and remember that spark you had when you first started dating or being attracted to each other. The reason this will stop him ignoring you is that he will no longer feel the need to test your affection for him by neglecting you. His attention will return to you and you can start to relax that your partnership will be back on course.

Never criticize him

It can be really tempting, especially if you are a woman that likes to speak her mind, to call out a Leo man on his apparent avoidance of you and your relationship. However, he will take this as a criticism, which is something that all girlfriends to a Leo Man should try to avoid.

With such a big ego and a healthy dose of arrogance, criticising a Leo can have the effect of pushing him further away from you and making him ignore you even more. This is quite the opposite of what you want when you highlight the fact that his attention has been elsewhere recently. He will read into it that you are calling him a bad boyfriend with the result he will probably avoid you even more.

Instead, err away from criticism and really go back to bolstering that aforementioned ego of his instead. You'll soon see him stop neglecting you.

What To Do When A Leo Man Ignores You - The Bottom LineWhat To Do When A Leo Man Ignores You - The Bottom Line

We are often led to believe with men that love is when he ignores you, but this is not always the case with Leo men. They are a tricky sign of the zodiac to read correctly when they are seemingly ignoring the woman that they love. Instead, it is good to look at them on an individual basis and balance out their strongest Leo traits.

If they are more honest and kind than they are also jealous and arrogant, then it is unlikely that he loves you when he ignores you. If, however, they are far more competitive than they are caring, then it could very well be thee case that they are playing games with you and ignoring you to actually get the attain they crave.

This can be very hard on the partner that they are are trying to get the attention from as it is a form of a mind game that would be enough to send even the most assured woman crazy.

Using astrology can really give us a better idea of the path to follow when we find that a Leo man looks to be a neglectful boyfriend all of a sudden. A Leo male is often a complicated mixture of personality traits and characteristics so breaking them down into typical Leo behavioral patterns can be helpful when deciding what to do when he suddenly ignores you.

Have you ever found that your Leo man is testing your relationship? Has he stopped sending your texts or calling you? Comment below with how you have dealt with a similar situation - we would love to know how you coped with things when they got tough!

Want him to chase, love and worship you?
Well, you’ll need to have a much deeper understanding of his astrological love profile. My friend and relationship astrologer Anna Kovach prepared this Free Compatibility Quiz to help you discover the secrets of his zodiac sign.

Want him to chase, love and worship you?
Well, you’ll need to have a much deeper understanding of his astrological love profile. My friend and relationship astrologer Anna Kovach prepared this Free Compatibility Quiz to help you discover the secrets of his zodiac sign.

Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

30 comments on “9 Things You Should Do When A Leo Man Ignores You (Right Away)”

  1. Hello .my leo also ignoring me after we met ..i still don't understand whats problem he is having ...we are not talking too much ..when we meet we enjoying each other company ..i just want to know ...what i can do to stop him ignore myself

  2. We were getting quite close emotionally when I decided to spend a few hours with my sister, He accused me of abandoning him all day, that I was not there for him. I apologized but ever since that day he has completely withdrawn all emotional connection, its been 5 days now. It is very painful, I have not confronted him at all, I text him and he will respond in very short replys that are completely detached now. But he says If I want to talk he is there to listen, but he is no longer sharing his thoughts or feelings with me.

    1. I have the same exact story. Except my Leo thinks “I’m disappearing” when actually I don’t get good service at home or when I’m out running errands or whatever and I don’t answer right away. So now he is barely speaking to me. Leo’s have major separation and trust issues.

  3. I have been in a very strange friends with benefits relationship with a Leo for three years. He is usually extremely talkative and calls me daily. We always fight as I am an Aries and he is a Leo so that’s fire on fire. Anyway he loves it... however the last time I insulted him and told him he was rude. We hung up decently...Since that day he hasn’t responded to my texts or calls. He even didn’t call me on my birthday. I’m guessing he’s done. Which is fine by me seeing we were only in a friendship, but I do miss him. I would hate to think that’s is after such a long connection. Neither of us wanted to peruse a committed relationship but closure would be nice.

      1. If I had known it would have been this complicated, I wouldn't have thought of a possibility of befriending some random mf. Isn't it exhausting? always trying? when that person doesn't even bother to care?

        1. I feel you,personally my leo i like him but i wanted to build a friendship with him but he wont let me and now he ignores me when he told me "were friends", and don't you think its a bit crazy that were all having issues with a leo.

      2. Me too! Aries and Leo connection seem to be hard. Mine started to have expectations of me that were totally uncalled for. Then, one day, I was off, having a really bad day myself and did not check on him and how his contract was going with work and texted him the next day. He ignored the crap out of me. Then being the Aries I am...exploded on him for being rude and silent. I don't handle silence very well. If you need space just freaking tell me like an adult. I am almost 40 and he just turned 50. So it caused more issues and he walked away from our "bubble" on July 1st. We are now in Oct and he is completely ignoring me. I am to the point that I don't care anymore. Just mad in my Aries anger that he can be so "heartless". He also knows I am going through Chemo and crickets. So...I feel you on this situation

    1. *advice at the end if u dont want to read my story*

      hi my fellow wtf is up with these leo men! not an aries...on the cusp - libra/scorpio. i feel all of u. i am so heartbroken & devastated myself. he keeps breaking my heart. we fight all the time like u have said. we manage to get back together each time but it's always me making the effort. he is so beautiful & romantic! does the most amazing things for me. but our ego's keep getting in the way & the "who is right". the last time he refused to talk to me for months he also missed my bday, my dad was in the hospital w/covid, & there was another hard issue happening in my life. at the time i needed him the most for support he ran away. i am always the one fighting for the relationship after days of heartbreak & silence each time. its like he enjoys hurting me & breaking my heart. this time he has blocked me & told me i'm wasting my time fighting for us. we have such a bond & the BEST times when we're together, adventures, devotion, sex, fun, happiness, dance alone in the house, watch the meteor showers/star gaze. we dont have money cuz we lost our jobs due to covid but we always find amazing moments & things to do together. but when i ask for the same respect & listening that i give him - its a brick wall. i couldnt function the last time he wouldnt talk to me for months. i cant take another bout of that. i know how precious he is & my person. everytime i get closer, open up & tell him i am committed just the same as he is, he pulls away a little more each time. i need help this time.

      but my advice for u all, is if u want him back & the calls/text/emails arent working. send a romantic song that remind u of him especially if its sad, send a pic of the good times together, if that still doesnt work just go over there & knock on the door! if he hasnt said 'its over' like he mssg'd me i'm 'wasting my time for fighting for us', then ur still in his heart & unfortunately u have to make the move. we dont leave their heart & they havent moved on. dont say u cant live without him, he will run away, but talk it out calmly, tell him how smart & amazing he is, remind of the good times blah blah- stroke the ego. i wish it would work for me again but its too late. any advice for me please send my way i need to keep this one

  4. I was dating a Leo for two months he was really nice at first , he used to call me everyday then thst doin changed coz he had stuff going on in his personal life then he accused me of been self obsessed and selfish ! I tried to understand what he was going through then he slowly pushed me away which I found hard because I grew to like him

    1. I still dnt know wat to do but I refuse to call him , as he was the one who pushed me away I don’t see that as my job to run him down

  5. Me and the guy I was talking to/dating is also a Leo. He was normal then one day he completely started ignoring me and didn’t text me in the morning like he always does. so I texted him he did not reply at all. I texted him the next day as we’ll to see what’s happening and he said “Relax I’m not running away and I’ve been really busy these couple days and I don’t have time for these stupid conversations” I am so confused idk what to do

    1. I’m a Leo and one thing for sure about Leo is , unlike other signs have the ability to blend btw relationship and personal life ,Leo isn’t the same , when your in a relationship with a Leo and something bad or he’s having personal problems ,then it might affect their relationship ,because they will try to fix whatever the situations they going through all focused ,and which might cause ignoring you or not talking to you like he use to ,on the other hand ,let’s just say “when his personal life is going on well then so is his relationship ,his personal life is like a brake and his the wheel and relationship is the tires

  6. Hello, My name is kg I have been engaged to a leo going on 9 years together he proposed to me with the Ring three years ago and things were going great until I asked him when our we going to get a place together. See here's the problem he lives with his parents in a room and is a mom's boy at first I was okay with it but when his mother realized I was the one she made my life hell.she tried everything in her power to get rid of me cause he is her emotional husband since her husband and her have no real relationship together they don't even sleep in the same room which I thought was very weird. Now I have ask him to find a place for us seeing were both over 35 years old to me were both to old to be living in there home it's not like his parents are disabled this is something I ask this year and told him I will not live in that house again. And an very firm on my decision. Since then he has not called or came over to see me. Know he pursued me I never was interested in him we're totally opposite but for some reason it worked. Now I feel I might have lost him to his mother because he called twice and all he says is are you coming over knowing I promise myself this year I would never step foot in a house were a women treat's me like Shit never but I love him what should I do since the call it's been two weeks since I have seen him and now week since his called or text.unfortunaly I'm a cancer woman and I will never chase a man if it's meant to be then it's meant to be I have faith in God only he knows what best for us.
    Indian princess

  7. I've been dating and having sex with dis Leo guy for a month now and this week he just seems to ignore my messages. He's always asleep, or doing his own stuff. He replies but after several hours. I think I'm starting to get attached to him but then what should I do if he's ignoring me lately???

    1. I have the same problem, we are friends with benefits now after a month talking. We had sex for the first time a couple of days ago and now the communication isn’t the same anymore, he’s pulling away and I don’t know why

  8. I've known a Leo man from dating apps, at first he's very cute and understanding. Lately when he start too busy and ignoring me, I do the same treatment to him and it's actually works! He's the one that looking for me, but then something happened. He send wrong text which very suspicious, and I confronted him about it and he's angry, and end our chat by saying 'Believe what you want' wait what?? That easy, huh? What I'm trying to say is, no matter what zodiac he is if he really love you, there's nothing could turn him down.

  9. We started talk with a Leo through insta and he would talk to me and be fine but, a few times during the convo he stopped texting and my texts where left on read. But I had cleared the situation that I want to meet him and we planned a date which he had confirmed of the day before, an hour before the date he canceled but we reschedule for the day after. The date was perfect, he opened up, we talked, he was nervous, he even hugged me. Two days passed and he hadn’t texted so I was thinking to give him a “hey what’s up” which he replied nicely, we started talking as I was down with a cold and he was quite concerned but, suddenly he stopped texting during the convo AGAIN!!! Though he has been up at the mountains for the weekend with his friends so idk, maybe he will get back to me when he comes in town? Is he playing hard to get or is he actually not interested?

  10. If a leo ignores you than you are an option he is having a true relationship with another woman and he is using you just to boost his ego.
    Stop thinking about him beacuse he is the most deceptive person and move on with your life merting new friends.

  11. I was with my leo for 4 years he kept secrets from me. I'm an aquarius I love him but I won't be disrespected by him anymore. He had various woman in the side including my friends. He told me to leave him alone and I moved out. I dont want to feel ignored. Leo are good manipulators and users. They play mind games to stroke there egos. Difficult to understabd.

  12. I have a relationship with a married Leo man. He is just very fun to begin with. Never in my life meeting such a man. Half of myself knows it is wrong but surely i dont expect much from him too. Our conversations went very smoothly with a certain topic he liked very much and always replied with bliss to that particular topic. After 7mths he started to ignore that topic at all but he still replied me regularly and fast although he almost never initiated chat anymore as intense as before. I am a guy anyway. Already comfortable with him and it is quite confusing me with his behaviors lately

  13. I started dating a Leo man and he recently went ice cold out of nowhere. He used to be very attentive and sweet and I was falling in love. Now he won’t message me back. I’m going to have to give up on this man, I can’t be living my life wondering what he thinks of me.

  14. I am an Aries woman, 9 months with a Leo I met on a mobile game. I know it sounds odd, but we connected and have other means of contact as well. He is a Spanish man and I American, and we have been learning each other's language. At first, he fell in love with me fast. Without seeing my photos, and then when he seen me, he fell in love harder. He shouted to the world his love for me. He showered me with affection and attention and gifts and compliments. Everything was passionate and beautiful for 3 months. Then we had a fight. And I do not insult. I'm very direct and open. But my leo man takes everything VERY personal. Even of it has nothing to do with him. He finds a way to make everything about him. And once he feels you insulted him he will build a wall. Since then, he has slowly pulled away, playing mind games. And because I'm Aries I become frustrated with the uncertainty and I explode. Lately I have been learning more calmness and Patience. But many things start to bother me. He only chases me when I leave. And when I return. Bare minimum attention. The conversations have run dry. He has slowly stopped being interested in my life. He changes the subject when I try to speak erotic to him. So I pulled away. Thinking he needs space. Then he tells me no I don't need space, come here. 🤦‍♀️ Basically, I'm certain he has lost interest, or put a major block up. Either way, I'm not going to continuously invest in this man with nothing in return. I constantly think of how he feels, trying to lift him up, boost his ego, bring positive energy to him, encourage him. Think of his feelings before my own. I can't do it anymore. He also gaslights me like crazy. Makes me feel guilty for everything. He holds me there because I am a sense of security. But I think he wants nothing more now. It hurts with how much I gave him. But nothing to do now. 9 months down the pooper.

  15. I met my Leo guy online, and we clicked just perfectly. First date was just ideal, every next one the same. After two months, and few ups and downs he start to ignoring me. We have the same priorities, goals, hobbies, sex was just +10 and I believe he thinks the same. The problem is that he is depressed now (which is difficult to admit to him), and I had a lot of family issues cause a lot of stress and anxiety. After a week pulling me away, and ignoring my phone calls I drove over his place to talk (we live 1,5h aparat and we were always better with face to face talk). We didn't meet, but he text me that's a borderline stalking!! and he asked me never contact with him again. Week later he suggested moving together, so I had no idea to coming over to talk would be such a big deal, especially that I felt there is some wrong. I know how lame it might sounds, but I really don't wanna lose that guy. I was on more than 120 dates for the last 2 years.... guys sucks and that one was pretty ok to be in the relations with...How I can fix things? I'm taurus, but not so stubborn anymore

  16. So I met this leo guy online and we became friends so I thought, & in 1 of our conversations I told him I lost alot of guy friends because I thought we were friends then they liked me & wanted a relationship or to get intimate & I turned them down, he actually said he's been through that a couple times as well, so I felt good about that like he can relate & doesn't think I'm an a hole. One day we were texting, & he asked to call me I said yes why wouldn't I, I thought we were friends so when we were talking he kept telling me he liked me & he never met a women like me before I didn't go on to ask him what he liked me as cause I felt it was to soon, he kept telling me I was cute he liked my energy, he even adjusted his schedule to talk to me that night, told me my personality was attractive, whenever I got nervous about something he would say don't be I think thats cute, he was just super sweet & attentive throughout the whole call, & he kept asking me questions about my actions in center scenarios if we were in a relationship. After that call he texted me and I told him goodnight he texted me back but I didn't read it till the next day I didn't respond cause he was telling me goodnight he also said he enjoyed talking to me in that message I didn't read till the next day & didn't respond also because I didn't wanna take up anymore of his time we were talking that whole day already. He once told me u can talk to me whenever you want I don't mind not from u at least, he also told me he owes me attention. Now he is ignoring me & since we just became friends im gonna run while I can the next time he contacts me which Ik he will eventually, im going to tell him I don't think we should be friends anymore. He told me he's demanding so im curious to see how this conversation is going to go 😬 im nervous because I don't want to hurt his feelings im not that kind of person just out here hurting people but it will save mine in the future. I thought we were gonna be good friends and for a long time considering everytime we talk he tells me how much he likes me, so I am salty about it but life goes on.

  17. After reading all the comments everyone has the same issue lol. I too hit if off with a leo man and our chemistry grew over 3 months everything was great, passionate I'm a pisces so we both just had nothing but love and affection. Then it all stopped bc of a snap he saw that made him jealous and told me he wanted to ignore those feelings which i took as ig oring me as well. So its been 2 days of no txt nothing. He still watches my snaps but there is no replies. It's crazy how you can go from talking all fay everyday and then a blink of an eye a leo man will just stop all communication without even explaining.im an intelligent person and know when to let things go i will say leo man sounds so toxic and draining and i also will say they are easily addicting to be around as well. This all just taught me to tread lightly if i ever run across another leo man.

  18. Hi All I am a virgo and I am currently dating a leo man we have a great time together when we are and we talk and text all the time. We were supposed to get together last night and we had the time set up and i get to his house and he's not home yet and replied with " not home yet monkey face and then left me sitting there for 30 minutes waiting and no reply i didnt know if anything had happened to him or if i was mistaken, well after a " few text messages " i get im ok and i just woke up i am late for work 🙁 and then nothing all day which is weird for him and we have had many good times and texts in the month we have been talking and seeing each other. I am so confused am i being used by this guy " he tells me he cancelled hi pof account for me and isnt interested in anyone else but me but whats with the lack of communication as I am catching feelings for him and he is for me he says and doesnt want to get hurt by me ? AM I crazy to believe he is telling me the truth?

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