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What To Do When A Leo Man Ignores You (11 Vital Things)

May 7, 2024

Are you being ignored by the special Leo in your life? 

Are you wondering why he could be ghosting you like this? 

Perhaps you’re looking for some tips to win him over?

If so, you’re in the right place. This article reveals the key reasons why a Leo might be ignoring you, and what you can do to win his attention back. 

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11 Things To Do When A Leo Man Ignores You 

Being in a relationship with a Leo man can be exciting. He's caring, protective, and loyal. Leos can sometimes be a hopeless romantic as they are all-in when it comes to relationships. 

You'll also enjoy relationships with a Leo man because showing off is one of the things he does being an extrovert. Meaning, you should expect, buying you flowers, taking cute Instagram selfies together, showing you off to the world, and the whole nine yards of public display of affection. 

Sadly, the Leo male also has pride and arrogance on his side. So, if your caring and chivalrous Leo suddenly starts to ignore you, before you jump to conclusions, slow your jets. It might mean more than he's calling it quits. The Leo guy can be a bit complicated even though he's as open as a book when he's in love. 

That said, if your Leo man is ignoring you and you don't seem to know what to do, here are a few steps you can take to get him on your side again.

1. Let your confidence come alive

So, here's the thing about Leo men. If your Leo man ignores you, looking like he's lost interest in the relationship you both share, all hope might not be lost in getting back. 

Even if he's showing you other signs that he's no longer interested, or perhaps, making it crystal clear, again, all hope might not be lost. Your Leo man might just require more excitement. You may have perhaps changed in the course of your relationship with your Leo, perhaps becoming passive, a quieter, or a less-outgoing lady. 

In case you haven't noticed, Leo is a full-throttle extrovert, always putting himself out there. So, if it appears you are not fun to be with, you might bore him. If this is the case, don't get tempted to get him to change his mind by sending him a bunch of texts or calling him. Trust me, there are more effective ways to get a Leo male to look your way again. One of the ways is enticing him with your confidence. 

The idea is that, instead of focusing your attention directly on winning him over, try to focus on yourself by working on your self-esteem because a Leo man is naturally drawn to many women that are strong-willed, more fun, exciting, and dependent. Another thing is, if you cling on a Leo too much, it's likely that he'll pull away.

2. Get social

get social

If you know a little bit of astrology, you should already know that the Leo sign is the most extroverted of all the Zodiac signs. So while you are adopting the approach of not chasing him directly to make him notice you, you also want to catch his attention some other ways. One of them is getting more social. 

If you are the type that works all the time but never finds the time to catch fun, you should accommodate some social engagements in your schedule. Go out with friends, become a social butterfly, and make sure your Leo man sees you by posting all your social engagements on your cyberspace. 

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This way, you are telling him you can match his outgoing or extrovert energy. When he sees that you are engaging in what interests him, he'll want to get back into a relationship with you. 

3. Get busy and ignore him back

Yes, start ignoring him back if he ignores you. So that this tip doesn't go wrong, it needs to be strategically approached so you don't break any hope of getting back into a relationship with him. You want to understand that the motive here is not to be vindictive or use his own medicine against him. Instead, ignoring him is a way of making him miss you.

 If you are colleagues at work, school, or some other place you both see each other frequently, you should consciously engage in you things that will take your mind off him. This way, you won't have to struggle to avoid his gaze, meet him often, and so on. When he sees you are busy and don't have his time, chances are he may rethink his decision

You know what they say, "scarcity increases demands." So make yourself scarce. All this time, you should not be caught looking classless. Make sure you are always beautiful, so he can catch a glimpse of what he's missing when he occasionally runs into you.

4. It’s not a bad idea to talk to him

it's not a bad idea to talk to him

As earlier mentioned, your Leo male is an extrovert, so it's weird that your Leo man ignores you and doesn't want to talk to you. Yes, he's caring and may even be a loyal partner but your Leo man has an ego that can easily be bruised. So dig deep to see where you've gone wrong. If it appears that you may have taken a swipe at his emotions, you might need to reach out to him to make amends in a mature manner. 

How do you go about reaching out since I've already said giving him space is also a great idea. You can start by texting your Leo boyfriend jokes, funny memes, and heartfelt messages to create a little emotional connection. It's a good way of re-engaging him instead of ambushing him in person with apologies and emotions just to make him accept you again. This way, he'll also see that you are giving him space to come around at his own pace and time.

5. Exploit his love of art

If you are wondering what to do to make your Leo man stop ignoring you, it will interest you to know a good approach is to reach out to him through arts. Yes, your Leo has an interest in art and artistic talent, and this can be one of the ways to catch his attention. From enticing him with concert tickets to a day out at an art gallery, Leos are a sucker for impressive artistic works and usually appreciates knowledge of artworks.

6. Give him an ego boost

If there's only one thing that'll work on a Leo, that's exploiting his sensitive ego. The Leo man is always true to his zodiac sign by always taking pride in himself, self-esteem, and confidence. So, it's a good idea to use his ego to your advantage. How do you go about stroking a Leo man's ego? Remind him he's a good guy and how charming he is. 

Let him know you miss hanging out with him and showing him off to who cares to know he is your man. You can remind him of his loyalty in the relationship and also reassure him of your affection. This way, he'll crave your company. While this may sound like the opposite of not chasing him, your Leo's prideful nature may sometimes make him wait for you to make the first move even though he's the one who gave you a cold shoulder.

7. Turn up your flirt game

turn up your flirt game

Leo men are men at the end of the day. So, flirting with him is one move that'll work on him like any other straight guy. You should probably be ready for a defensive reaction. But make no mistake, it's just an attempt to make it appear like he's not moved by your flirt game. So one way to make this tip work is to alternate flirting and playing hard to get

This way, you'll be adding a little bit of mystery and won't appear like you are all over him or too clingy because Leo ignores you when he notices you are too attached to him. Altogether, flirting with your Leo will also be a way of reminding him of what he's missing and why you've been dating each other in the first place. It's a good thing Leos are romantic, so you'll likely get him to rethink his decision.

8. Avoid criticizing him for his decision to avoid you

Yes, I understand it can be frustrating and sad when your partner ignores you, especially when you can't tell what you did to offend him. I can't stand it too sometimes. Still, because you are not totally sure you hurt your Leo, you should avoid trying to call him out. Maybe you are the outspoken type and you feel calling his attitude immature or childish may get him to rethink, trust me, you'll only end up bruising his ego more and pushing him away

I know it can be tempting to speak your mind this way, but the best approach to dealing with a Leo man is to respect him and let him come to you when he's ready. His mountain Everest-sized ego and an equal dose of arrogance to match will likely make him take your criticism the wrong way, which will only get him mad and further escalate things for a long period.

9. Find a way to reassure him

One of the reasons you shouldn't be quick to criticize or call out a Leo man ignoring is that he may just be testing you by ignoring you. While your Leo is full of love and ready to show you off to the world, he's also the type that's afraid of getting hurt. 

So don't be surprised that his ignoring behavior is just because he wants to be sure of your love for him. What's more, Leos are all action, so you don't want to just be all words no actions when you want to tell him just how much you feel.

10. Give him enough attention

give him enough attention

Sometimes, your Leo is just wanting more attention than usual. It's no big deal. That's his nature, as he's sometimes arrogant and can be self-absorbed. While he may not display these behaviors in a bad way, ignoring you is one of the ways might show them. When he does, it may just mean he craving for more of you. 

So, initiate plans to spend time with him. However, if you are not sensitive, you may blow it out of proportion thinking he's just being difficult. That will be a big mistake because he will only lose interest some more, dashing any chances of getting back with him now or in the future.

11. Make him feel like a hero

Putting a Leo man on a pedestal is one of the ways to melt his heart. It's one of his desires. You can do this if you get a chance to see him in person or over the phone via a text message. He may not respond immediately, but he'll undoubtedly come around after in the long run.


Why does a Leo man pull away?

Leos have a negative side, which is their big ego. One of the reasons he may be pulling away is that you may have hurt his ego or pride. Also, being an outgoing person, with a big personality, your Leo man may be pulling away because you appear not to be matching his outgoing energy, which is one of his personality traits.

Why do Leos ignore you?

Leos are drawn to confident women with high-self esteem. If you just met and you don't seem challenging enough for him, he may ignore you even after he has opened up to you. He may not see you are worthy enough for him owing to his big personality.

What do you text a Leo man to get his attention?

One of the ways to catch the attention of a Leo man is to massage his ego. You can send him a text that reminds him of his large heart, his accomplishments, loyalty, and how he makes you feel safe. Leos love to be admired, so sending a text that makes him feel like your hero will grab his attention.

How do you know a Leo man is not over you?

A Leo’s ego may make him hide how he feels, however, he may check you out on social media if he’s not totally over you. You may see him liking your successes and social engagements. His ego may not make him reach out, so you may have to make the first move if you still want to rekindle old flames.

Do Leos test you?

A Leo man can test you to be sure of his love for him. It may sound childish, but hey, Leos can be self-absorbed. Still, if he's not treating you right, that doesn't mean you have to put up with him.

In Conclusion

Leo men can have a mountain Everest-sized ego with an equal dose of arrogance to match. So if your Leo man is ignoring you, you might need to make the move first ad avoid criticizing him to get him back on your side. I hope you enjoyed the article? Please leave a comment or two and share it with friends.

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