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16 Leo Negative Traits to Watch Out for: Navigating Leo’s Dark Side

June 8, 2024

If you fall under the Leo sign it means you were born sometime between July 23 and August 22. Leo’s typically crave attention (they’ll be the ones talking, acting, joking, and generally stealing the spotlight at any social event), are fiercely protective, are natural-born leaders, love the finer things in life, are generous, and are big-hearted. 

Leos are a fire sign, ruled by the Sun - and this, in part, is probably why Leos want to be treated like the center of everyone’s universe. Despite their numerous positive traits, there are some negative traits one should be aware of when dealing with a Leo. Their larger-than-life ego needs to be handled with care. Bruise their ego and you might deal with the wrath of a lion.

Leo’s toxic traits can definitely be challenging to handle if you don’t understand them well enough – take it from someone who’s dated a Leo and a Leo rising before. It’s worthwhile trying to understand these toxic traits a little better so you know how best to deal with the lion and keep him/her happy. 

Leo Men and Women’s Toxic Traits

Ever wonder what some of the toxic traits are of the Leo personality? Understanding these negative traits will help you understand these lions a little better and give you more insight into why they sometimes behave the way they do. 

Some Leo traits to be aware of:

1. Self-entitlement

Represented by the lion, these zodiac signs also believe they’re Kings and Queens of the jungle. People born under this sign believe the world revolves around them – which would make sense considering they’re ruled by the Sun, which the Earth literally does revolve around. 

Unfortunately, however, this toxic trait may cause the demise of many relationships/friendships that the Leo might be involved in. 

Driven by their pride, the Leo might develop an unhealthy sense of entitlement that others see purely as arrogance. And, naturally, this negative trait might have many running for the hills. 

2. Extremely stubborn 

Another one of the negative traits of this sun sign is that it’s literally their way or the highway. Extremely stubborn and headstrong, they rarely heed the advice of others. Because of their pride and their ego, admitting someone else’s idea is better than theirs is not something they’re likely to do. 

Learning to take constructive advice from others and keeping an open mind will only benefit Leo. 

3. Self-centered 


Unfortunately, when it comes to romantic relationships and friendships, Leos will have a lot to learn if they are unable to occasionally put others' needs before theirs. Sure, no one should sacrifice everything for someone else but there needs to be a healthy amount of give and take if two people are going to have a healthy bond. 

Leos tend to be very self-centered, especially those Leos who aren’t very evolved. One of Leo’s toxic traits is that they predominantly think about and care about their own needs, as opposed to anyone else’s. Plans are likely to revolve around their own schedules and likes/dislikes. 

In conversations, these men and women may constantly try and shift the focus back to themselves by talking about their own hobbies and interests, as a way of trying to differentiate themselves. This toxic trait can be very off-putting.

4. Slow to apologize

One of the Leo’s toxic traits is that they’re slow to apologize for anything. Again, because of their ego and pride, admitting they’re wrong is not something they’ll quickly or easily do. 

Also, you should keep in mind that confronting a Leo about their wrongdoings might injure their egos, in which case you’ll be met with the lion’s anger. 

So, don’t wait on an apology from any Leo in your life, you’ll be wasting your time. And, if you’re going to confront them, try to do it in a way that won’t hurt their pride. 

5. Attention seeking

One of their most dominant traits, their need for constant attention can also be to their detriment. Leos look for attention wherever they go. They crave the spotlight. Whether being the center of attention at a social hangout or boasting on social media about their latest purchases or wins, they will find a way to be seen or heard by others. 

When a Leo falls out of the spotlight, you can be sure that he’ll find another way to grab everyone’s attention again, even if it calls for him to do something dramatic and out of character. 

These zodiac signs will benefit from careers in the performing arts, individual sports, motivational speaking, or politics where the spotlight is always on them. 

6. Behave childishly from time to time 

If the Leo’s ego is bruised, you might find him acting out the same way a child does when they don’t get their way. Consciously or subconsciously, acting out is another way for them to regain their spot in the spotlight. Criticize or ignore the lion and you’re sure to observe some childish behavior from this zodiac sign. 

7. Smother their loved ones

As someone who’s dated this zodiac sign before, this was one of the Leo’s toxic traits that eventually caused the end of our relationship. 

In the Leo’s attempt to dominate social circles or conversations, they may end up smothering/oppressing their loved ones. Their desire to be in the spotlight can be so domineering that those around them seldom get a chance to express themselves.

Ironically, their constant domineering may cause those around them to begin ignoring them or even cause them to walk away. Both of which are terrible things to happen to the Leo and his/her ego.

In order for a harmonious relationship to exist between two people, especially in a romantic relationship, the Leo will need to learn to give others a chance to communicate and express themselves.

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8. Egocentric 

Ego is the name of the game in the Leo’s world. He loves flattery and compliments. His seductiveness and charm attract other people to him wherever he goes, further boosting his ego. The insecure Leo might go through life seeking external approval from others on a regular basis. 

Finding confidence within, without needing constant, external validation will help the Leo feel calmer and more grounded.

9. Argumentative 


These courageous fighters will always have their loved ones' backs and defend them to the death. However, they can also come across as argumentative, often picking fights with people and unwilling to back down or admit they’re wrong. 

Learning to apologize when they’re wrong and being more discerning about which fights are worth fighting and which are worth letting go of will soften Leo's aggressive side. 

10. They’re flashy

This is certainly one of the Leo’s toxic traits – they’re flashy about their gains and material possessions. Name brands, the latest and greatest cars, flashy jewelry, Leo’s love all the finer things in life and it might be, once again, due to the external validation it gives them. 

11. Extremely opinionated

When a Leo has an opinion, you’ll hear about it. Because of the lion’s pride and ego, they won’t give much thought or regard to the advice and opinions of others. Arrogant Leos might even completely dismiss other people who don’t have the same opinion as them. And, once a Leo has made his mind up, don’t expect him to change it. 

12. They can be naive 

Some of their great traits are their kindness, generosity towards others, and their massive hearts. Unfortunately, however, Leos can be taken advantage of because of their naivety coupled with their kindness, leaving them frequently disappointed

13. Possessive 

Leos have a very possessive, jealous side, especially in romantic relationships. Leos don’t like sharing what’s theirs. 

On the contrary, this can also be a positive trait of the Leo because they are highly protective over their loved ones - overstep the mark and these roaring lions will make it known!

14. Impatient 

If the Leo wants something, he is not prepared to wait for it. Patience is definitely not one of the lion’s fortes. 

15. They can be self-conscious 

Beneath that arrogant, egotistical exterior, the Leo can be quite self-conscious. Despite the fact that he/she loves the spotlight, deep down one of Leo’s toxic traits is the fact that they keep wondering what others are thinking of them. 

They might also be overly concerned about things like likes and comments on social media and the way they look in public.

16. They can be lethargic 

Don’t be surprised when you realize that this passionate, fiery, jovial sun sign also has a lazy, lethargic side - just as the lion in the jungle does. 

Lethargic Leo’s lazy sides may be expressed in their work or through their lifestyle choices. Many Leos become lazy when they’re in careers, relationships, or situations that they aren’t incredibly passionate about or that don’t carry a deeper meaning for them.

The Most Toxic Zodiac Signs for a Leo: Leo’s Toxic Matches

the most toxic signs for a leo: leo's toxic matches

If you’re a Leo yourself, these are some of the other signs we suggest you stay away from when choosing a suitable partner.

1. Capricorn 

The warm, fiery personality of the Leo does not work well with Capricorn’s cool, reserved one. One of the Leo’s toxic traits is their constant need for attention and desire to be surrounded by others, which will almost certainly put the Capricorn off. 

The Capricorn, on the other hand, would rather focus on their work and are all about subtlety. They believe that “less is more.” The vastly different temperaments of these signs do not make a naturally good match. 

2. Virgo 

Leo and their Virgo counterparts do not generally mix well when it comes to romantic relationships. The Leo’s arrogance and self-awareness might be too much for the Virgo to handle, while the earthy Virgo might be seen as too wishy-washy or hippy-like for the lion. 

When it comes to sex, these two zodiac signs are also completely mismatched. While the Leo enjoys a bit of a show between the sheets and wants to be complimented continuously, this might be too much to bear for the more reserved Virgo. 

The Virgo also takes longer to open up and trust people, so sex from the get-go isn’t necessarily on the cards. 

3. Pisces 

The relationship between a Pisces and a Leo will need a good deal of patience if things are to progress. Pisces members prefer taking things slowly and steadily, which is bound to frustrate the passionate, hasty Leo. 

The Leo may also begin to feel trapped because of the Pisces' possessive nature. On the other hand, the Pisces is put off by the Leo’s short temper and constant need for validation.

4. Aquarius 

Due to the fact that both Leo and Aquarius love and value their independence, this relationship may never be the committed union others hope for. The mere thought of tying the knot may have both signs running for the hills, afraid their freedom might be compromised. 

Furthermore, Leo’s constant need for attention is a relatively toxic trait that the Aquarian won’t have much time and patience for. 

Famous Leos

  1. Kylie Jenner
  2. Meghan Markle 
  3. Chris Hemsworth 
  4. JLo 
  5. Ben Affleck 
  6. Mick Jagger 
  7. Sandra Bullock 
  8. Jason Momoa
  9. Barack Obama 
  10. Martha Stewart 


What’s the best way to approach a Leo about something that bothers you?

Because Leos hold their pride and ego in such high regard, criticism off the bat is an absolute no-no, unless you are prepared for a massive uproar. Instead, approach them calmly and diplomatically. Start by telling them what you love and appreciate about them (Leos love having their egos stroked) and then let them know what is bothering you, without throwing insults. This way you have a far better chance of getting through to them.

What are some of the good qualities of a Leo?

Leos have a tremendous amount of good qualities, including these:

Leos are known as big-hearted and generous individuals.
They’re self-confident.
They’re loyal.
Entertaining, fun, and positive.

How does a Leo behave when he’s mad/angry?

The way a Leo expresses himself when he’s angry can also be one of his bad traits. He’s likely to be very loud and vocal about the way he feels, use name-calling, and throw tantrums. While this is unacceptable behavior, try not to take it personally, it’s simply his fire energy and bruised ego expressing itself.


Keep in mind that every Sun sign comes with its own set of toxic traits. While the Leo zodiac sign certainly has its fair share of toxicity, they also have equally amazing, positive qualities to be shared with those around them. 

Also, keep in mind that not everything is set in stone. If you’re a Leo reading this and there are some toxic traits you don’t like about yourself, you can change them over time and with a little bit of effort.

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