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17 Ways To Make Him Realize Your Worth

Is the man you love not paying you enough attention? Or perhaps you’re really starting to get annoyed with the fact that the guy you like isn’t realizing how amazing you are? It’s a horrible feeling when you think that your partner or the person you’re dating isn’t actually seeing your worth or appreciating you for the loving, interesting, and incredible person you are. 

If you allow yourself to be in this situation for a long time you might find yourself struggling with self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love.

However, you can get yourself out of this situation very easily by making your partner, or the guy you’re dating realize what you are actually worth! You need to shock this guy into realizing just how great you are so that he steps up and actually treats you the way that you should be treated. 

If you’re sure how to do this, don’t panic - in this article we’re going to share 17 ways you can make a guy realize your worth! So, let’s dive straight in so you can start getting really recognized and appreciated for being the wonderful person you are.

1. Realize Your Own Worth

realize your own worth

The very first thing you need to do is know your own worth. If you don’t first recognize and understand your own worth, then you’re never going to be able to make a guy realize your worth. If you don’t know your own worth, then you’re going to need to work on that! You can do this by working on your self-love, self-acceptance, and self-belief. 

Once you actually know your own worth, it’s going to be easier to work on making your man know how much you’re worth, simply because you’re sure of yourself and you’re confident in how people should treat you.

2. Stop Being The One To Make Plans

If you’re always the first person to make the plans you have with your man, then your man will constantly depend on you letting him know what the two of you are doing and he’ll start to rely on the fact that he’ll see you often. So, it’s vital that you stop being the one to make plans!

As soon as you stop making plans, your man will notice that he’s spending less time with you and he’ll miss seeing you. He’ll then start to realize how much you make plans and recognize that he should also be making plans.

3. Stop Being The First One To Text

If you’re always the one checking up on your partner during the day or you’re constantly the one to pick up the phone and call the guy you’re dating, you need to stop doing that right now! Your man needs to realize that he should also be making an effort to contact you and check-in with you during the day.

4. Stop Doing Him Favors

Whether you’re doing your partner’s chores around the house or you’re always dropping a coffee by his office at lunchtime, you need to stop doing your man favors. When you first started doing your man favors, he was probably incredibly appreciative, but as time has gone on, your man has started to take advantage of you, and you need to remind him of how amazing and kind you are.

5. Halt The Intimacy

halt the intimacy

Men are fairly simple when it comes to what they like - they like sex! So, if you’re always getting it on with your man, he might be too used to it and not actually appreciate your body and having sex with you all the time. 

So, the best way to give your man a shock and make him realize your life is by either stop having sex and being intimate completely or by giving him your love, less often!

6. Spend More Time With Other People

Most people tend to take the people they’re around regularly for granted, even when they love them, and if you don’t think that your man is properly realizing your worth, this might be because you’re spending too much time with him! So, create distance between you and your man and start to spend more time with other friends and family.

7. Focus On Yourself

Rather than always thinking about your man and spending time with him in situations where you have to compromise, it’s a good idea to focus on yourself for some time. If you commit to focusing on yourself and doing exactly what you want, your man will realize just how amazing you are when you’re doing your own thing, he’ll miss you and want you to come back to him.

8. Get Busy With Hobbies

Rather than spending every night by your partner’s side sitting on the sofa, you need to make your boyfriend miss you to actually make him realize that he does take you for granted. So, one of the easiest ways to make him feel this, without being obvious, is by taking on hobbies. Whether it’s going to yoga twice a week or spending most evenings painting or cooking, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just get busy doing something that doesn’t include your man.

9. Set Goals For Yourself

set goals for yourself

If you want to not only make your boyfriend actually treat you as you should be treated, but also increase your self-worth and self-love, it’s a good idea to set goals for yourself. Whether it be work goals or lifestyle goals, once you set goals, it not only lets your partner know how amazing and inspirational you are, but you also have things to work towards personally, taking your attention away from your partner.

10. Stop Seeing Him For Last-Minute Plans

Is your man always asking to meet up with you at the last minute? Perhaps he’s always asking you to cancel your plans because he’s free and wants to see you? If you’re always saying yes to your man asking to see you at the last minute, you need to stop that so that he knows he can’t just pick you and put you down whenever he wants.

11. Flirt With Other People

If your man is taking you for granted, you may want to show him that he needs to take care of you better and appreciate you more, and an incredibly easy way to do this is by flirting with other people. Obviously, you need to make sure that when you flirt with someone else you are doing so in a harmless way so that it doesn’t seriously harm or destroy your relationship.

12. If He Normally Cancels On You, Cancel On Him

Do you feel as if your man isn’t actually realizing your worth because he’s always canceling on you or treating you like an option? If he’s done it to you many times, do the same back to him! 

If your man isn’t making you feel loved or appreciated because he’s canceling on you and bailing on plans, it can be useful to give him a taste of his own medicine and cancel on him and choose to make plans with other people rather than him.

13. Show How Much Of A Great Time You’re Having On Social Media

Although in the past you might have had to go out and ‘bump’ into your man or get your friends to spread gossip about the fact that you’ve been out and about without him, it’s modern-day and we have social media for that! 

To make your boyfriend appreciate you more, you need to make him realize how much of a great time you have when you’re not by his side, and posting on social media is a good way to do this!

14. Change Up Your Appearance

change up your appearance

If you want to shock your partner into appreciating you and seeing you in a new light, you might want to change up your appearance. Whether you want to cut your hair or get a new outfit, have some fun and change up your appearance to shock your partner into seeing you as if they’re seeing you for the first time. Changing up your appearance can also increase self-love, so it’s a win-win!

15. Make More Effort With Your Appearance

Although your partner should love you and appreciate you no matter what, if your partner is used to seeing you in your sweats whilst you’re chilling on the sofa after work, you might just need to refresh his mind of how beautiful and intriguing you are! You can do this by just making a little more of an effort with your appearance - your partner will certainly notice that you look different!

16. Take A Solo Vacation

Sometimes all your relationship needs are for you and your partner to take some time apart, and going and taking a solo vacation can be a great way for the two of you to take a little break, and for you to have some fun by yourself!

17. Take A Break From The Relationship

If you try all of these things and nothing seems to be working, you might need to take time and think about why your partner isn’t actually appreciating you in the way that they should. If you can’t figure it out or you’re not feeling satisfied in your relationship, it’s a good idea to take a break from your relationship to actually figure out how you feel.


How do you make a guy feel like he's losing you?

If you want to make a guy feel like he’s losing you, essentially you just need to show him that you can survive perfectly fine without him. If you follow the 17 ways to make your man realize you’re worth above, you will make your guy feel like he’s losing you! 

You should pull away from your man, go and enjoy being with friends, focus on yourself, flirt with others, and even ask for a break if you need to.

How do I ignore him to get his attention?

You can ignore him to get his attention simply by actually ignoring him! Stop being the one to text him first, completely stop responding to his messages if you feel that would work, stop doing him favors, spend time with your friends and show him that you can live and be happy without him. 

This guy will see that you have a great life without him and that you’re flourishing, and he’ll want to be with you enjoying life by your side.

What does silence do to a man?

If you give a man the silent treatment, it will make him miss you and think about why you’re ignoring him. It will drive him crazy not knowing what you’re doing, and he’ll want to be there by your side, or at least in contact with you. If you ignore a guy and he actually likes you, he will come running back to you!

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How do you know if a man misses you?

You’ll know if a guy misses you if he texts you a lot if he calls you often if he tries to make plans with you regularly, speaks to his friends about you, interacts a lot with you a lot on social media, and gets jealous of you spending time with other people.

What goes through a guy’s mind during no contact?

When a guy experiences no contact, it won’t bother him for a little while because men are typically more logical than women are. However, if no contact continues for a while, a guy will start to get stressed about it and want to know why he’s not hearing from you. If he likes you, he’ll start to miss you!


If you don’t think that your man is realizing your worth or treating you as well as he should, now you have all of the information you need to make him really stop and realize how much he should appreciate you! Essentially, all you need to do is show him that you can still live your best life without him by your side because you are amazing!

Did you like this article and find it useful? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share with anyone you think needs to see this!

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