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How To Make A Virgo Miss You (17 Sneaky Ways)

July 6, 2024

Are you wondering how to make a Virgo miss you?

Perhaps you’re hoping to lure a wonderful Virgo man into a relationship with you? 

Or maybe you’re in a relationship and you want him to actually care when you’re gone. 

Either way, there are things you can do that can make this particular sign yearn for your company like a lost puppy. 

Below, I’ve listed 17 ideas to make a Virgo man miss you. 

But first, I want to share the #1 thing you can do to make any man have you on their mind all the time.

The secret is learning how to activate his ‘Hero’s Instinct’

This is the part of a man’s brain which has a huge impact on the attraction (or lack of it) that he experiences for a woman.

When this part of his mind is triggered, he begins to experience intense feelings of joy, power, and purpose.

Just like with any substance that triggers such overwhelmingly good emotions, his brain tells him he wants more, more, more. So, he’s naturally going to want to spend more time with the woman that makes him feel this way.

For want of a better phrase, this is how to make him ADDICTED to you. 

I know because I tried it myself. You can learn more about my journey mastering the male ‘Hero’s Instinct’ by reading this blog post.

Amazingly, there appears to be a severe shortage of women who understand this aspect of male psychology. So, this is your way to stand out from the competition.  

This is the best skill you can learn to attract and keep high-value men in your life. 

Still, if you’re only tips for attracting a Virgo, the list of tips below could definitely help too.

17 Ways To Make A Virgo Man Miss You

Most people want to find happiness but sometimes, the cost of doing so can be pretty high because you have to go through some processes. Thinking that you can get away with taking a shortcut to find that joy is usually a terrible idea because it can be extremely hard to find someone who clicks with you instantly. 

Until you find that special person, you will not feel completely magnetized to just any man. As such, you continue the seemingly endless search until your unconditionally loving man comes along. Another hurdle that many people, including yourself, might have to cross in your dating journey is the issue of zodiac signs’ compatibility. 

A smart woman will want to know if she is compatible with the man she just started dating because she doesn’t want to miss any second of a potentially beautiful romance. She also doesn’t desire to be in a romance that will leave her feeling miserable about her choice of a partner. 

If you are dating a Virgo man, one of the challenges you might be having is knowing exactly how he feels about you. While he has a strong personality and possesses solid qualities such as loyalty, trust, and doggedness, a Virgo man can also be very reserved. 

Also, he doesn’t suffer fools because he is smart. Virgos love intelligent people because they are mostly intelligent themselves. As such, you need to be able to keep up with him if you are to make the dating thing evolve into a serious relationship. If you deeply like him, how do you make a man with the Virgo zodiac sign miss you?

If he got bored and broke up with you too soon, how do you make your Virgo man regret losing you? This article covers 17 ways to make a Virgo man miss you whether you’re still with him or if he is asking for a breakup.

1. Understand your Virgo man

To honestly feel the impact of loving a Virgo man, you need to first understand him. What makes a Virgo man angry, happy, or sad? What triggers his need for some quiet or desire for a company? What makes him express a calm aura and what brings out the child in him?

To have a successful romance with this zodiac sign, or make a Virgo miss you after it ends, you need to know what makes him act the way he does. If a simple good morning from you every day is all that will make a Virgo man feel on top of the world for the rest of the day, do it diligently. 

Understanding the Virgo personality will help you appeal to his receptive side and make him miss you so much whenever you’re not by his side.

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2. Let your moves be subtle

let your moves be subtle

Many women fail to be discreet about their actions, so they blow their cover before they achieve their goals. If you plan to make a Virgo man miss you during and after a romantic relationship, you need to be emotionally intelligent. Even if you're usually overly emotional, don't let your emotions be all over the place all the time.

A Virgo man is observant, and though he uses words sparingly, he is aware of everything happening around him. As such, deviating from your original plan by being careless in speech and action can make everything come crumbling down. 

If he notices your increased or unusual efforts, he will worry about how much you've changed because, despite his normal aloofness, he cares about you. If you do things rightly, he won't catch on unless you tell him what you're up to. 

3. Share remarkable memories involving both of you

When you notice that your Virgo man is withdrawing from you and want to get back his attention, you can remind him of how good things have been between both of you. Talk about some of the crazy adventures you've embarked on together, especially the ones you know were his favorites. 

During the few discussions that he still allows, recall a funny story that you’re certain will make him miss you if he ends the relationship at any point. While recreating some of these beautiful memories from past vacations, hangouts, or even simple moments, you’re creating a picture of possibilities in his head. That painting will cause a flashback in his mind when he starts considering leaving you.

4. Give him some space

You cannot get a Virgo man to miss you by smothering him with unnecessary attention, especially when he is yet to fully commit to you. Sometimes, this man needs his space and that is why he shows his negative attitude with little concern for you. If you notice, you also have your ‘moments’ when you just want to be alone. 

As such, try to know when your man needs to be alone and avoid any form of serious conversation during those times. When he knows that you understand him, the Virgo male will miss your interesting conversation. He will be the one to initiate conversations even in moments he desires solitude. 

5. Make your presence scarce

To make a Virgo man miss you, you might need to activate the no-contact rule. If he has been acting more aloof than usual and his attitude is beginning to make you moody, ignore him for a while.

People say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, if you have been an amazing partner, this will be exactly the result you get after staying away for a few days. If you used to respond immediately to his texts or appear eager for phone conversations with him, stop doing so. 

That space will make a Virgo man miss you remain in your own space and do your thing while you make a Virgo miss you. Take your sweet time and make him wonder why you don't spend time with him as often as you used to. Sooner than later, your Virgo man will reach out to you to know what is going on.

6. Initiate an intelligent conversation

initiate an intelligent conversation

There is something about stimulating conversations that make people feel even more attracted to each other. In such deep moments, true feelings show, especially when you talk about quality topics. To make a Virgo man miss you, don’t waste time on pleasantries or inane comments. 

Ask your Virgo man intelligent questions and try to be the first to steer the conversation towards interesting topics that you know he will love to talk about. To make your Virgo man miss you even long after you’re no longer with him, you need to leave a lasting impression of a woman with her own mind and opinions.

If you succeed at this, the man will probably stay in touch as friends even when things don’t work out between both of you

7. Be expressively caring

Virgo men are sensitive and caring, and so they desire to see that trait in the women they date. If you want him to miss your presence, you need to make your feelings straight with him. Don’t act coy when you should be expressive with him

Don’t be tough on him when gentleness will make him have a great day or improve a bad one. Be unashamedly caring by getting him his favorite food, buying him his favorite game, or singing his favorite songs in your bad voice. Once your intentions are pure and honest, he has no reason to treat you unkindly in return. 

And even if he breaks off with you eventually, it certainly wouldn’t be because you didn’t care enough for him.

8. Learn and do things that make him happy

In trying to care for and make a Virgo guy miss you, you can miss the whole point of you are not careful. You need to find a balance that works for both of you. For example, don't be too busy that you won't keep in touch and do the things your Virgo man loves with him, yet you can’t be too much in his face that he will want to get away from you at all cost.

All your Virgo guy needs most of the time are efforts that make him worry or think less about the challenges he is facing. When you can, do discover and relate with him based on these things, he will always miss you.

9. Let your independence be obvious

let your independence be obvious

if you are an independent woman, you stand a better chance of getting the attention of your man than if you seem to always have too much time on your hands. If he is to miss you while still with you, you need to be away enough for that to happen.

As such, even if you’re currently left with enough spare time to see him anytime you want, get busy. If you’ve noticed that he is giving off the ‘I don’t have your time’ vibe, let him know that you also don’t need to be around him to feel alive. Remind yourself that you're amazing and capable of taking care of your self and the Virgo man will eventually come around.

You will know that your Virgo man misses you when he breaks his usually sparse communication methods and calls you several times a day.

10. Keep an open communication channel

Not all Virgo men are the same even though they share similar traits. As such, when the no-contact rule might work on one man, it might not work on another. Again, the knowledge of the man you’re dating will help you make the right decisions. 

Whether or not he is the communicative type, one of the ways to make a man miss you is to be generously communicative with him. Many men are frustrated by the way some women communicate cryptically. So, a Virgo man appreciates it when his woman communicates as clearly as possible.

Talk to him as often as possible, or as often as he can. Send him text messages if that is his preferred mode of communication and negotiate with him smartly so he agrees to communicate in the ways you also prefer. If things do not work out, he will miss your uniqueness after you’re long gone.

11. Say what needs to be said during each conversation

To make a Virgo miss you even though he just left you hours before, you need to be bold and have opinions you aren’t willing to compromise on. While every man wants his woman to agree with him at some level, he also wants her to have a backbone

A Virgo guy is no different because he desires to have a dynamic relationship. Instead of telling him what you think he wants to hear, ensure you’re speaking your truth and not acting like a doormat that soundlessly accepts all his opinions.

When you carve a space for yourself in his head, he will never forget you even if both go your separate ways.

12. Show your sexy side to him

Being reserved doesn’t make Virgo men less sexual. In fact, such men are even more expressive in bed because they know exactly what they want and how they want it. If this man is to miss you, then you need to be as sexually expressive as possible. There is sexy and trashy, but the gray area between the two is where you want to land while trying to make a Virgo man crazy about you.

Send him a sexy picture of you fully clothed with just a little cleavage or sliver of thigh skin showing. Share a few snaps of you in your sexiest swimwear when you’re sure he’s in a board meeting, or sext with him when you know he is having a tough day. 

Swapping sexy messages with your Virgo man will not only spice up your relationship but also make him miss you even when you’re just a short distance away.

13. Tell him how much you miss him first

Sometimes, all you need to do to make your Virgo man miss you is to be straightforward with him by being the first to tell him how much you miss him. A relationship isn’t supposed to be difficult, and a Virgo man is not interested in a complicated situation in the first place.

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable with him, he will have no problem returning the sweet gesture. 

14. You don't need to try so hard if he genuinely loves you

you don't need to try so hard if he genuinely loves you

If you’re wondering about how to make a Virgo man miss you, you don’t need to wonder for too long because a man who loves you will tell you how he feels. If you try all the above suggestions, your Virgo man will not hesitate to tell you that he misses you. 

Virgo men in love will go to great lengths to make their woman satisfied, so if your man knows that hearing how much he misses you will make you happy, he will say it as many times you want to hear the words.

15. Be unpredictable sometimes

Being predictable is a normal part of knowing someone, but unpredictability also has its place in a relationship. If your Virgo man is to miss you and get back to you time and again, you need to have some cool tricks up your sleeves.

Virgo men love women who can surprise them pleasantly. This could be in form of planning getaways or staycations to places your Virgo man mentioned in passing. You can also trick him to think you’re taking him on a date to see his favorite band play when in reality, you’re taking him to the park. These things make the relationship interesting and unforgettable after it is over.

16. Give your process time to work

How to make a Virgo miss you is to be patient and see the wheels of the process you’ve set in motion turn. Don’t try to speed up the process or you’ll mess things up. When you have to stay away, you will miss him but don’t try to break the silence just because you do.

A Virgo man misses a woman who has proven her value, and he won’t want things with you to end if you are exactly that kind of woman. 

17. What happens if he doesn't take the cue? 

How to make a Virgo man miss you is to constantly remind yourself that you are strong and capable with or without him. You have done your best to make him miss you, it is time to relax.

if you notice more than one red flag after your efforts, your final thoughts shouldn’t be that you failed or are undesirable. It should be that maybe this wasn’t meant to be. 


How do you make a Virgo obsess over you? 

To make a Virgo miss you, you need to be almost indispensable to him. Engage your Virgo man in highly intelligent discussions and he will always crave your company.

How do you get a Virgo man to miss you like crazy?

Virgo men are very sexual, so if you’re in the sex stage, be as expressive as you can be. Be open with your Virgo man about what you need, respond appropriately and he will miss you all the time.

Do Virgos forget about you?

Yes, a Virgo can forget about you, especially if you didn’t leave a good impression on him while he dated you. 

How do you make a Virgo regret losing you?

You can make a Virgo miss you by living your life as though you never met him. Post nice pictures on your social media and pretend like you don’t notice his comments there.

Do Virgos like to be chased?

Even though they enjoy a quiet chase, Virgos don’t mind being chased because they are more reserved and avoid complications as much as possible.

In Conclusion 

You don't always need to take extra steps to make any man, including a Virgo man, miss you if there is mutual attraction and respect between both of you. However, what you do in the relationship determines the impact and impression you have on a man even when the relationship doesn't work.

Did you find this article helpful? Kindly leave a comment below and share the post with a friend.

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