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How To Know When A Virgo Man Is Done With You (11 Obvious Signs)

June 29, 2024

Are you wondering whether you've messed up your relationship with a Virgo man?

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about whether to try and salvage it? 

Well, it is possible to get a good idea about this.

Virgos tend to give away a few telltale signs when they're completely done with someone - and I have listed the most common signs below.

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In the meantime, here are the most obvious signs that a Virgo man has closed the door on you for good.

First of all, it’s hard to tell when Virgo man is done with you as these guys can be pretty cool characters anyway. But there are signs in the relationship, you just have to be able to identify them and spot them. 

So I’d like to examine Virgo’s star sign in more detail. Because when all’s said and done, it’s useful to understand Virgo’s characteristics.


  • Earth sign
  • Ruled by Mercury
  • Symbol of the Virgin
  • Mutable sign

Virgo Characteristics

Positives: politeness, courtesy, analytical, careful, practical, loyal, hard-working, caring, thoughtful.

Weaknesses: critical, demanding, judgmental, discriminatory, nit-picking, fussy, timidity, pessimistic.    

1. Analytical

Virgos can be described as cool and aloof. They are the critical analyzers of the Zodiac. Virgos always question what’s going on around them. They have to, it’s the natural worrier in them. They approach love and relationships with the steely precision of a heart surgeon. 

2. Reserved

Virgos are typically reserved and can appear to be distant. They are known for dishing out the silent treatment to their partners. This is one Zodiac sign that doesn’t go in for public displays or messy arguments. They prefer an orderly managed life. 

3. Cool 

You won’t find Virgo man smashing the furniture or throwing plates at his partner in a jealous rage. This is no macho Aries or vengeful Scorpio we’re dealing with here. After all, who will clean up all that broken crockery? And what if the neighbors hear? It’s a worry, isn’t it? 

Do you see what we’re dealing with here? Virgos have been called prim and proper and to some extent they are. There’s more than a touch of OCD about these guys. They have a razor-sharp mind which gives them the ability to think clearly. 

This clarity of thought is utilized throughout their lives, whether in love, friendship, or work. That they have this cold-hearted and analytical nature in their relationships as well makes it difficult to know when a Virgo man is done with you. 

11 Signs A Virgo Man Has Lost Interest In You

1. He starts criticizing you

We already know that Virgos are naturally critical but have you noticed that your Virgo man is particularly judgemental with you recently? When a Virgo man is deeply in love he’ll put a rein on his fault-finding missions. 

Virgos intend their comments to be useful to the recipient. But they hold back once the partner has explained that they didn’t ask for his advice. 

They bite their tongues when their loved ones shed a tear at their suggestions. It shows your Virgo guy is done with you if the criticisms start again. 

2. He acts cold and unemotional towards you

He acts cold and unemotional towards you

Virgos can be cool and reserved but they warm up once they’ve found the one for them. This is an Earth sign don’t forget. They can be as cold as the frozen steppes in Siberia, or as warm and comforting as the beach in summer.

If your Virgo man suddenly changed from loving and caring to cold and unfeeling he could be having second thoughts about you. 

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3. He’s gone off sex

Virgos are not renowned for their passionate lovemaking. As with most things in their lives, they take a measured and calculating route to pleasure. Virgos are more likely to ask you outright how they can pleasure you. 

They’ll want you to demonstrate where they should touch you so they can get it right. It is their methodical nature to sex that makes them such good lovers. They also care about their partner’s satisfaction. But sex isn’t a major issue for them. So watch out for signs of a disappearing love life. 

4. He starts analyzing the relationship

When things are going well you don’t need to sit down and have deep and meaningful conversations. But, the innate worrying mind of Virgo will go into overdrive if he thinks the relationship is over

Are you constantly getting twenty questions? Does he keep saying ‘We need to talk’? Perhaps it’s not too late to salvage your relationship. 

5. He starts saying nasty things to you

Some star signs can be particularly blunt and brutal when it comes to saying what they mean. For instance, Geminis have a habit of saying the first thing that comes into their heads. Geminis and Virgo have something else in common and that’s their ruling planet, Mercury. 

Mercury, in the astrological sense, is all about communication. Virgos are critical anyway. If you take away the filter of love they’re free to say whatever they want. 

6. He becomes controlling

There’s nothing more this man likes than a controlled environment where he is in charge. However, they learn to give and take once they’re in a couple. The problem is that when Virgo begins to fall out of love he’ll want that complete control again. 

He won’t care about your feelings. Remember, this guy doesn’t do messy relationships. He’ll want to control every aspect of how things end, and that even includes the break up.

7. He’s distant when he is with you

Virgo man spends a lot of time in his own mind. This is because he’s thinking of all the ways to put the relationship back on track or end it.

He won’t vocalize his thoughts until they are absolutely perfect in his mind. 

He will have already gone through the pros and cons so there’s no need for an argument. Watch out if you catch your Virgo man daydreaming. 

8. He wants more independence

Virgo man doesn't like breaking up, but not because he’s overly emotional, it’s exactly the opposite. A break up involves discussing his emotions and he finds this difficult. 

If you want to understand how the typical Virgo male views emotions just take them out to a restaurant and order ribs. Taurus guys will devour the ribs, licking their fingers and sucking the meat off the bone, enjoying every sensual moment. 

Virgo males will carefully tuck in their napkin and pick away at the ribs using a knife and fork. Sure, they’ll enjoy them, just in a forensically clean way. 

9. He cancels dates

Some guys don’t like to be the ones to end things so they act in a passive way and hope you’ll get the hint. Of course, we all know that Virgo men don’t want to cause a scene. 

So if he’s canceling dates it might be his way of telling you he’s done with you. 

10. He stops analyzing and critiquing you

This isn’t the same as Virgo man criticizing or belittling you. Virgo men see their partners as projects they can improve on and make better. Their suggestions about what you wear, how you should approach your boss about a pay rise are all intended to help you.  

Once they’ve decided that you are their ideal love match you become his to mold and sculpt. 

If he has stopped giving you helpful hints and doesn’t analyze you anymore it means he’s lost interest in you.

11. He’s nit-picking at everything

He’s nit-picking at everything

Virgos can be passive-aggressive when it comes to their partners. If he’s not picking you apart he might well be nit-picking at other aspects of your life together. 

Either way, you’ll notice that your once content, mild-mannered, and even-tempered guy is now snapping at everything around him. 


How do you know if a Virgo man is playing you?

Virgo men don’t tend to be players. The only reason they would play mind games is to satisfy their curiosity about you. The analytical side of them needs to know everything about a person. 

So he might question you extensively one day and ask the same things the next in order to see if you trip up. 

How do you know when a Virgo man has lost interest?

There’ll be a number of ways; he’ll spend less time with you, he’ll appear distant when you are with him and he won’t bother asking much about your day or your mood. 

There won’t be any extreme emotional displays from him. He’ll want to quietly disappear from your life. It will be as if the relationship never happened. 

What is the best thing to do when a Virgo man is distant?

No one can force Virgo to do anything they don’t want to. They have to make up their own minds about a relationship. They will have collected all the data, analyzed the pros and cons, and made their decision

You can, however, put your case forward to them but then leave them to digest it. 

Will a Virgo man miss you?

Virgo men tend to move on physically and emotionally pretty quickly when it comes to a break up. They are not ones to look back into the past and pine for lost love. Date a Capricorn if that’s what you’re looking for. 

What do Virgos find attractive?

Virgos like structure and organization; they don’t like disorder or confusion. They are naturally attracted to clean, smart people who are well balanced, softly-spoken, and practical. They crave security and hate change. 

In Conclusion

So what did you think of my take on how to know when a Virgo man is done? Did you agree? Are you dating a Virgo man and have any advice for our readers? Please do comment and share if you liked this article.

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