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How To Make A Virgo Man Happy (5 Lovely Ideas)

March 31, 2024

Dating can be an intimidating idea at first - particularly if we have a crush on someone. We want to be as attractive as possible to a person that we like romantically, but sometimes we are not sure how.

Using a person’s star sign can be very helpful in knowing how to behave or act when on a date. Here, we look at dating a Virgo man and how to make Virgo men happy in a relationship. We identify a handful of traits and behaviors that appeal to a Virgo guy as well as exploring what a Virgo man is like when he is in love. By looking at the things he does when in love, it can help prospective lovers know how their partner feels about them at all times. 

What Makes A Virgo Man Happy? 

Here are a number of ideas that can bring a Virgo man happiness. You may want to try all of them at once, but it can also be just effective to concentrate on just one idea at a time with your Virgo guy. 

1. Being appreciated

If you are seeing a Virgo man or thinking of dating Virgo men, one of the best things you can do to appeal to him is to take the time to appreciate him. He likes to feel like all the things he does for a girlfriend or the person he is in a relationship with are not taken for granted. Instead, let him know when he does something that you love and say thanks for all the things he does for you. He likes to feel important in a person’s life so if you let him know that you appreciate everything he does, he will start to feel like a priority to you. 

2. Having fun

Having Fun

Even though a Virgo boyfriend can be quite a serious relationship due to his sensitive ways, that is not to say that a Virgo man is not attracted to a person who likes to keep things light and have fun. Therefore, take the time to try to make him laugh and smile - either through humor or by suggesting activities that you know he will love to do. Whatever tact you choose, just try to take time to enjoy each other and make each other smile. 

3. A patient partner

Due to his anxious and critical ways, a Virgo man can appear quite self-involved at times. This is because he is constantly looking in on himself to see what he could do better. For that reason, he needs a patient partner who is aware of this and allows him the time to do what he feels necessary. This will involve a lot of self-reflection, but if you are serious about him and you think you could fall in love, it is important to love this aspect of him too. His self-judgmental ways are going to be a big part of his personality so you need to love him because of it too. 

4. Supportive

A Virgo boyfriend can often worry about many things in his life. If you want to keep him in your life as you are very much in love with him, you need to find ways to support him through the times he doubts himself. You need to support every decision he makes as he will have painstakingly arrived at that point after much introspective thought. As a result, he will need you to get behind him for him to be certain of your love which will bring him much happiness and contentment as a result.

5. Loyalty

An idea to keep in mind when trying to make your Virgo man as content and fulfilled in your relationship as possible is that he appreciates loyalty as much as he needs his girlfriend to be supportive. This is because he is quite prone to jealousy thanks to his insecure ways, but he will only become very jealous if he is falling in love with you. This is why he needs his partner to be loyal so that he never has to add to his self-doubt. 

What Is A Virgo Man In Love Like? 

A Virgo man who is in love will most likely display one or two if not all of the below feelings or emotions. 

1. Considerate

When a Virgo man is in love with his partner, he will be exceptionally considerate towards him or her. This means he will always keep his other half at the top of his priorities and he will love the opportunity to show him or her how much they mean to him. This means he will want to be as supportive of them as he can be as well as showering them with as much affection or romantic gestures as they can.

2. Trustworthy

One thing that is great about going out with a Virgo man is just how trustworthy they are. This is one of the things that really makes them stand out amongst other zodiac signs. If a Virgo man says he is going to do something, you will know you can rely on him to do just that. It also means that, when he is in love, he is unlikely to cheat on his girlfriends or boyfriends. While it can happen, as everyone makes mistakes at one time or another, a Virgo in love is not usually the cheating type

3. Anxious

If a Virgo man is in love with you, you can expect his anxiety to increase. This is because he is scared of losing you all the time which can make him fraught with worry that you will leave him. This can be easily allayed if you tell him that you are very much in love with him too. It will be what he both wants to hear and wants to know. Anxiety can be a difficult thing to deal with in a partner, but if you mirror his patience, you should be able to cope with it.

4. Caring


Another way to know if a Virgo man is in love with you is if he is very caring towards you all the time. There are several things he can do to display his caring side, but if he is constantly checking up on you to make sure you are ok, you can be sure that he is falling in love with you and will want you in his life for a long time to come. It can be a good idea to try to mirror his caring ways and show your affection towards him as much as you can too. 

5. Reliable

Even though it is often overlooked, amongst the most fantastic things about being in a partnership with a Virgo who is in love with you is that he will be reliable. Take care not to take his reliability for granted. He will love to be told that you appreciate his actions and his consistency. It may not always be the thing of great love stories, but it is a characteristic you will miss should you break up. Having someone you can rely on at all times is a great comfort. 


How do you make a Virgo man obsessed with you?

A Virgo man is a sensitive person so there are a number of things you can do to make sure that he starts to become obsessed with you. Any of our suggestions above can help, but if you can manage to weave two or more of them into your dynamic, you’ll soon find him seeking you out at every opportunity

How do you make a Virgo happy?

Making a Virgo man happy is easy enough to do if you appeal to the characteristics we mentioned above. You need to be aware of them so that you can adapt your behavior to appeal to his particular needs. Dating a Virgo man can be a fantastic relationship if you manage to make him happy

How do you know if a Virgo man really loves you?

A Virgo man, when in love, will be a very attentive boyfriend or husband. This is down to his reliable and considerate ways that always put your needs at the top of his priority list. A Virgo boyfriend can be one of the most caring lovers you will ever meet.

How do you make a Virgo man happy in bed?

Due to his sensitive ways, a Virgo man is not always known to be the stereotypical alpha male in the bedroom. Instead, you can expect tender and sensual lovemaking that he will want to have reciprocated for him to be happy in bed all the time. 

What do Virgos find attractive?

Virgos find many things attractive, but they do like to be with a partner that appreciates them first and foremost. They also like to have some of their own ways mirrored in their partner. So they find patience and loyalty extremely attractive traits

Making A Virgo Man Happy - Summary

Making a Virgo man happy is easy once you realize that his need to have your support and appreciation is at the center of much of what he does. To some, massaging his ego so that his insecurities don’t get the better of him can be exhausting - but if you can get past this, a Virgo man can make a wonderful partner. 

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