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Do Guys Like Smart Girls? (7 Good Reasons Why Guys Like Smart Girls)

Does the word ‘smart’ mean the same thing to every man? Why do some men seem attracted to smart women while others go for women with impressive body figures and less intelligence? Being smart can mean different things to different people, but smart people have one thing in common; they don’t settle for less. 

A smart girl usually knows what she wants, and so it is difficult for her to accept just anything life throws her way. It can be a bit difficult for you as a smart lady to get the right man, especially if you’re smarter than most of the men you meet. Men are a breed of their own, they want different things for different reasons.

It is easy for most men to complain that women are complicated, but most men are unsure of what they want. In most cases though, a man knows what is good for him but doesn’t go for it. A man sees an intelligent woman but is threatened she’s smarter than he is. The man would then go for a woman with a superficial personality.

However, the men who stop deceiving themselves go for smart girls who they consider very beautiful. They also know peace is synonymous with smartness, and every man would rather have a measure of peace with his woman than conflict. 

Are you a smart lady, but wonder if you have any qualities that draw men to you? Read on to see reasons why you should be proud and confident of your intelligence. 

7 Reasons Why Guys Like Smart Girls

1. Men find your confidence sexy

What a man wants in a woman can be determined by where his head is currently at. Is he ready for a committed relationship or is he still fooling around? While most men will make you think they prefer simpering insecure women, they don’t. 

A man who needs his ego stroked at the moment will go for an insecure woman. He wouldn’t go for a highly intelligent woman because of fear of rejection and failure. After he feeds his hero complex, a man does not need the clingy woman he’d been using for his emotional needs because he’s ready to build a home.

Some men even say they find female intelligence alluring but don’t know why. Almost every man is attracted to a smart lady, but not all men will have the courage to go after one. 

If you consider yourself a smart person, don’t hide your intelligence because you think men like only dumb-looking bimbos. A brilliant man will approach you at the right time if you stay true to your identity.

2. Men want a woman who can make them better

Men want a woman who can make them better

A man wants the freedom to sow his wild oats until he no longer wants to do so. Many women suffer during the evolving phases of their male counterparts because they don’t pay attention.

No one can make a man who isn’t ready for a serious relationship have one. He is either ready or not. The journey between his state of indecisiveness and readiness is where most women fall and suffer. The moment a man is ready to evolve from one phase to another, he will have clarity on who to go for.

A smart girl can discern when a man is still wilding and when he is ready to hang his wilding boots. You won’t hesitate to walk away until he is ready to be committed, and this itself makes you irresistible to the guy. An intelligent lady wants her man to desire improvement for himself not because he wants to impress her.

Once a man becomes serious about being a better person, he goes after a brilliant partner. If this is your cup of tea too, finding the right man at the right time won’t be a problem.

3. Guys think intelligent girls are also adventurous

Brilliant people love challenges and the fun of experiencing novel ideas. Although not all intelligent people embrace dangerous activities that cause an adrenaline rush, they are always ready for the next adventure. 

A brilliant lady knows that most men get bored easily, which is why they tend to sample different varieties of guilty pleasures. An intelligent woman tries to create a balance between being safe and giving her man exactly what his nature needs.

An intelligent woman is romantically desirable not because of her looks alone, but because she is willing to try new things in and out of bed. When a man finds both brain and beauty in his woman, he feels he can rule the world. 

A man who prefers flavored sex to vanilla knows it takes a brilliant lady to have a meaningful sex life without losing the connection non-sexual activities give. As a brilliant woman, you are not scared to get down and dirty to make your relationship work because you give all it takes.

4. Guys like self-sufficient girls

As much as nice guys love to save damsels in distress and kick into the knight in shiny armor mode, they don’t want to do the saving all the time. Dating a dependent woman can become tiring, and a man knows when he can’t play hero anymore.

Smart women know when to ask or accept help. But they also know when to become self-sufficient. A man dating a self-confident woman is usually at peace because he knows she can take care of herself. 

The man comes running whenever she calls not because she depends only on him, but because she needs the help urgently. Relationships should be symbiotic, not parasitic. When a man sees the giving and self-sufficient traits in his woman, he holds on tight to her. 

5. Intelligent girls don’t smother their men

Intelligent girls don’t smother their men

They focus on their personal lives just as much as they do their relationship. Many women act as though they live for their romantic relationship. They neglect their goals or don’t aspire to do anything for themselves. As such, they put the man they are dating at the center of their lives.

The problem with this is that when you make a man your sole focus, you begin to smother them with too much attention. Intelligent women are successful women, and so they don’t neglect their personal achievements because they are committed to a person. 

Men find such women physically beautiful and mentally stimulating because they feel challenged to become better men. 

6. Intelligent guys love stimulating conversations

If a man claims that only sex or good looks are enough for him, he’s probably lying. An average man needs a decent conversation to feel good about himself. If a man implies that you don’t need to be sensible before he stays with you, he’s getting the good stuff elsewhere.

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As long as the man has some sense in him, he needs to be able to have free-flowing conversations with his woman. Men easily date good-looking women but marry intelligent ones. If you consider yourself smart, intelligent men will be after you because they know you’re more than a bedroom gymnast.

7. Intelligent girls don’t play silly games

Intelligent women don’t have time to play games. They have important things they are pursuing, and so they don’t make a man wait too long before he gets an answer. Men like brilliant women because they give straight answers. They know if you want them, you’ll say yes. If you don’t, you’ll say no rather than pull them and other male friends along on a fruitless chase.

While men love to be the ones doing the chase, they find it appealing when a woman asks them out too. They might turn the table and take control of the chase, but they like it when a woman goes for what she wants.

Another thing that attracts a man to an intelligent woman is that she states her needs rather than list complicated deal-breakers. 


What type of girl do guys find most attractive?

The stage of a man’s life determines the kind of woman he dates. If he is a nice guy he would let the woman know upfront what he is looking for in the relationship. If he is at the commitment stage, he will go for a woman who is also ready to settle down. If he is still fooling around he will be on the watch for someone who also wants a casual affair. 

Do guys find intelligence attractive?

Yes, most men find intelligence alluring even if they don’t end up dating an intelligent girl for long or at all. Those who stick with brilliant women do so because they can handle her brilliance.

What do guys find sexually attractive?

Guys are sexually drawn to women who laugh at their jokes and can also make them laugh. They are also sexually drawn to a woman with a healthy dose of self-confidence and esteem.

What men look for in a woman physically?

Some men are usually on the lookout for a woman’s overall stature while some feel drawn to certain features in their woman. A man can find a woman’s fingers a turn-on while her boobs and butt are only bonuses to him.

Do men like short girls?

Some men like short girls because they are the right fit for their height. A man can also like a short girl because her shortness feeds his hero complex, making him feel overprotective. 

To Sum Up 

One man’s reasons for liking a smart lady might differ from another because being smart is not all there is to a person. Men consider other factors such as personality and empathy when they want to date an intelligent woman. 

After all, a brilliant woman can be cruel too. Hopefully, these tips will reinforce your belief in your smartness and make you see all the things that make you a catch. 

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