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How To Be A Strong Woman In A Relationship (27 Respectful Ways)

Many relationships come with emotional challenges. If a person isn't intuitive enough to deal with them the right way, they can leave scars. Therefore, being a strong woman is key to the success of your relationship. You can incorporate many tips into your relationship that will influence your choices and guarantee harmony. 

Strong women aren't emotionless. They merely know how to handle their feelings, which helps them handle even the worst situations in a relationship. On that note, below are twenty-seven tips on how to be a strong woman in relationships. 

27 Ways To Be A Strong Woman In Relationships 

1. Be independent

The major characteristic of strong women is their strength when concerning independence. They understand the importance of standing alone, despite needing someone else as a companion. This act promotes their partners' value for them and makes their significant others more willing to further the relationship.  

It would help if you understood that depending on your partner for everything is the easiest way to get him tired of you. Partners still need some time alone to handle many individual aspects of their lives. Therefore, you should show your partner that you're contributing to the relationship by developing a self-reliance quality

Both of you need to be in good conditions to cater to the demands of the other. Therefore, independence is an unquestionable advantage in any relationship. 

2. Love yourself

Love yourself

A critical attribute that strong women display is the ability to love themselves irrespective of their circumstances and challenges. If you can't adore yourself, it won't be easy to accept even your partner's affection fully. Likewise, it will make you keener on other people's acceptance.

Know that loving yourself without excuses affects your level of independence in any relationship. If you think you're incompetent to be loved, you will unconsciously depend on others for validation, which is not a strong woman's quality. 

Therefore, to be truly independent and show yourself as an invulnerable female, you need to develop the habit of being proud of yourself without reason.

3. Don't be needy

As you focus on being independent and accepting yourself more, you will notice how less demanding you'll become. Understand that it isn't a bad thing to depend on your partner for things. However, it would help if you didn't depend on him for everything. 

If you truly want to be a secure woman in a relationship, you have to learn how to cater to some of your demands without needing your partner's help. Being too needy will only push your significant other away and expose you to higher chances of disappointments. 

Try to demand things from your partner only when it's necessary and you need his input. Otherwise, try to handle them yourself.  

4. Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is a vital quality everyone needs to embrace. The most important person in your life should be you, which means meeting essential demands in your life should always be a priority. From your physical to emotional health, everything that pertains to you should not be ignored.

Understand that if you're in good shape, you'll be able to communicate love to others appropriately. However, if you neglect certain factors about yourself, which you crucially need to handle, it will end up causing problems in the future. 

Therefore, making yourself a priority in relationships is an easy way to be a strong woman. 

5. Don't run after men

Strong women are known for their exceptional level of self-respect. They don't run after men even though they require love and attention from them because they know the possible repercussions on the relationship.

If you want to establish your worth in a relationship with any man, you have to ensure the other party also makes an effort. If you do all the work and provide your man with all the affection he needs without letting him chase you, you would only deprive the relationship of building a solid foundation. 

Always going out of your way to please men will also affect your confidence, mental strength, and lifestyle. Feelings are tested during challenges, so you have to allow your partner to scale through some natural hurdles before getting to you. 

6. Stay true to your feelings

Strong women don't run away from their feelings; they embrace them. Many people believe that being emotional makes a woman weak. On the contrary, staying true to your feelings makes you more powerful as a woman.  It will also help you attract the right men. When a guy notices you’re capable of handling your emotions without erupting in anger, he will see this as a positive behavior.

Most people that shield their emotions turn out to be the most vulnerable individuals. They fear what others might think of them when they realize their vulnerable nature. However, accepting yourself enough to expose your emotions will only make you less vulnerable. 

You shouldn't give excuses for revealing your soft side in your relationship; neither should you let your insecurities get in the way. These are a few of the best ways to ensure you adopt the qualities of strong women. 

7. Be empathetic

A major misconception about being a strong woman is that you have to kill your empathic side before becoming invulnerable. On the contrary, ignoring your emotions is the fastest way to become susceptible to circumstances. 

Caring about others and catering to their needs wherever necessary is a vital attribute strong women embrace. Shutting out the world won't make you stronger. On the contrary, embracing people will make you more powerful. Even so, it will improve the quality of your relationship. 

The more empathetic you can become as a woman, the less superficial your relationship will be. Don't let other people's attitudes give you reasons to be less compassionate. On the contrary, these situations will test the authenticity of your heart.  

8. Don't try to please others

Being a people-pleaser is the least attribute that identifies strong women. They make decisions based on what they feel is right and not on what others might suggest. If you want to be a strong woman, you should have a certain standard you live by; else, you'll unconsciously channel your efforts into the wrong sources.

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One fact you should know is that you can't please everyone entirely. The process of seeking others' approval puts a person under pressure and prevents them from thinking critically in most situations. If you want to make your relationship with your guy stronger, you should please your boyfriend or husband without focusing too much on external opinions. 

9. Accept differences

Accept differences

A weak person will find it hard to cope with their relationship's differences because they believe in a picture-perfect ideology of dating. Although it's essential to strive for perfection in relationships, it's also critical to understand that you and your partner won't always see eye to eye.

Strong women understand that partners aren't meant to mirror themselves but to complete one another. This notion indicates that your strengths might be your partner's weaknesses so that both of you will grow together and complement one another.

If you fail to accept the differences, it will be challenging to build unity between you and your partner. 

10. Be honest about things

Like we said earlier, hiding your true emotions is the quickest way to become more vulnerable. If you want to be a strong woman, ensure your relationship increases in strength and blossoms appropriately, you need to be willing to open up more. 

Honesty is an important attribute that all strong women practice. They aren't afraid of the truth but understand its importance for the growth of any relationship. If you hide the truth from your partner under the impression that you're protecting the union, it will undoubtedly reduce the relationship's strength. 

Being a strong woman doesn't mean you won't have insecurities in your relationship. However, what guarantees your tenacity is the ability to open about subjects, even though they aren't necessarily positive. 

11. Don't evade conflict

As you embrace the act of honesty on your quest to becoming a strong woman, it's vital not to run away from challenges between you and your partner. Relationships aren't perfect, but trying to hind their deficiencies kills the relationship faster than the matter itself. 

Understand that strong women aren't afraid to embrace conflicts in their relationships. They are aware of its importance in ensuring the relationship grows instead of failing. 

As you open up more to your partner, prepare for some conflicts along the way. However, understand that a bad manner of approach will cause more problems than the disagreement itself. Therefore, strive to learn how to communicate with your partner effectively, rather than avoiding challenges.  

12. Make time for yourself

If you want to be a secure woman in relationships, you need to take care of yourself as much as you take care of your partner. One of the best ways to do this is to make time for yourself. It's essential to spend time with your man, but if you don't develop yourself personally, you'll encounter problems along the way. 

Strong women are invulnerable because they understand the essence of doing what they love. If it involves making extra expenses, they go for it because they understand that they're also a priority in their lives. 

As selfless as a woman tends to become in relationships, it is critical to always remember to cater to her demands where necessary. 

13. Stand up for yourself

Expecting your partner always to have your back is a fair expectation. However, it can create room for disappointments. Men are often preoccupied with several responsibilities and can become oblivious as to when their woman needs them. To avoid always having unmet expectations, standing up for yourself is critical. 

Don't put yourself in situations that might hurt you, expecting your partner always to rescue you. Instead, protect yourself and leave your partner as a second defense.

Another way strong women stand up for themselves is by refusing to be treated negatively. Don't allow your insecurities to make you feel undeserving of proper treatment. More so, don't always give excuses for bad behavior. 

14. Take responsibility for your wrongdoings

As you disapprove of any negative treatment by others, including your partner, it's appropriate always to identify when you exhibit some bad behavior yourself. A weak person would always give excuses for their attitudes, but a strong person embraces their insecurity.

Taking responsibility for your wrongdoings doesn't make you inferior but gives proper room for growth, which all strong women understand. If you deny yourself the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, you will unknowingly sabotage any good relationship you have with others. 

The best way to remain invulnerable is to accept your flaws even before anyone points them out. This act will help you on your journey to becoming stronger. 

15. Aim for respect

Understand that every woman deserves respect from their partners. If a man fails to regard his girl, she will likewise lose her honor with other people. Therefore, it's safe to say that tolerating disrespect only makes you vulnerable to hostility, even from external parties. 

It's important to strive for regard and esteem in any relationship you're in. Strong women understand the importance of having someone that admires instead of devalues. 

You don't need to disrespect your partner to make him understand the value of keeping you in high regard. Instead, strive to communicate your disapproval for any act of disregard as early as possible before it grows into something worse.  

16. Respect your partner

Relationships, where neither parties have regard for one another will eventually fall apart with time. Therefore, while you strive for your partner to regard you, it's critical to honor him. Respect is reciprocal, which means if you can't regard your significant other, it will be challenging for him to do the same in return. 

Strong women understand the essence of mirroring how you want your partner to treat you. When you sense disrespect, it will be easy to point it out, using your actions as a point of reference. 

However, please don't hold your partner in high regard for the sole purpose of making him feel incompetent. Leave room for mistakes as well as growth after correction. 

17. Ensure there are equal efforts from both ends

Ensure there are equal efforts from both ends

For any union to be successful, both parties must make conscious efforts to make things work. One person shouldn't be doing more than the other, but both of them should be working hand in hand to ensure things progress. 

Being a strong woman doesn't indicate handling a bulk-load of the relationship's work, while your partner does little. Instead, it means understanding the importance of involving your partner in the relationship's growth. 

You shouldn't always tolerate a partner that constantly makes excuses for not fully participating in the relationship. Understand that some men tend to leave their partners with all the work, but this only deteriorates the relationship's strength. 

18. Don't be possessive

Being jealous and possessive are some of the easiest ways to become more vulnerable as a female. Strong women understand the essence of love and trust in relationships and practice it as often as possible. 

This notion doesn't indicate that strong women don't have insecurities when it comes to their relationships. It means that they know better to take alternative actions than displaying possessiveness. 

Men enjoy having a sense of liberty, even while dating. Exhibiting dominant characters will only push him further away and prevent things from blossoming. A strong woman would try their best to effectively communicate her worries rather than taking matters into your hands. 

19. Settle gender roles

One key step you need to take on your journey to becoming a strong woman is to discuss gender roles with your partner. Many men’s and women’s lifestyles have changed over the years, making it harder to assign specific purposes to one gender. Discussing the functions each party plays is relatively essential for growth and harmony. 

You shouldn't have to bear more than you handle merely because you feel it's what your husband expects of you as a woman. You can support your man by communicating the areas you thrive best and working with him to balance the relationship. Strong women recognize this act as a way to remain stable. 

20. Express gratitude

Strong women don't feel entitled to the love they receive from their partners because they imbibe the habit of independence. This attitude helps them to express gratitude even in circumstances that don't demand it. 

Feeling too proud to appreciate your partner shows a depth of insecurity because making another person feel good is critical if you want others to honor you in return. Being a strong woman means being empathic and knowing when to make others feel good for their efforts.

Practicing the act of gratitude will promote unity in your relationship and also encourage you and your partner to work towards more progress. Therefore, instead of giving excuses for not appreciating your spouse, implement this advice for better results.  

21. Listen more

Strong women don't allow their emotions to lead them because they listen before they act. Making presumptions without fully perceiving things will only lead to more problems. Therefore, the best way to be invulnerable is to understand that there's always more than meets the eye. 

Strong women worry less because their security lies in how calculated they are. This notion doesn't mean that they pry of others. Instead, they ponder on subjects longer to know the right decisions to make. Understand that being impulsive makes you more susceptible than someone that thinks intuitively before acting. 

It will help to let your man talk more in some situations than trying to drive the conversation in your direction. 

22. Be comfortable being alone

If you want to be less vulnerable as a girl, you have to be comfortable all by yourself. Constantly needing someone's company to feel complete will make you more susceptible than you imagined. 

Your partner won't always spend quality time with you; but, what you do when he's not around will determine how secure you are as a female. Therefore, the best way to enjoy being alone is to appreciate and accept yourself more. 

Find things that you love doing and engage in them more often. Don't wait until your partner isn't around for you to find ideas for hobbies. Make time for yourself even though if your significant other wants you around all the time. More so, know that having several fears about being alone is what will make you weaker. 

23. Don't try to change your partner

One of the ways to become a strong woman is to accept the differences that might occur between you and your partner. This mindset will prevent you from being consumed with making him a different person. 

Understand that it's impossible to change a person on your own. They have to make that decision by themselves. Therefore, if things aren't right, focus on improving that instead and not the person.

Strong women understand that if a man doesn't see anything wrong in his actions, he's less likely to change. Therefore, if you don't like how your partner is now, it might hint that he's not the best partner for you. 

24. Be the person you want to attract 

Relationships are not subjective transactions where one person dictates how things should be. It's a process where two parties love, trust, and support each other to ensure things work out. Therefore, if you're demanding anything from your partner, you have to mirror those attributes too. 

You can't keep giving excuses for your wrongdoings while expecting your partner to improve on his. Strong women understand the need to mirror whatever they desire in their relationships, no matter how hard it may be. 

Therefore, if you want to be loved, love your partner more. But if they don't mirror your action, you should consider the next point.  

25. Let your partner know how you want to be treated

Apart from being the person you want to attract, you also have to voice how you want to be treated. Most times, men can be oblivious to a woman's hints. Instead of getting worked up that your partner isn't treating you right, communicate this to him in the best way he can understand.

As we said earlier, strong women aren't quickly led by their emotions. They think critically to understand situations before acting. If you've employed this step but realized that your partner isn't reciprocating the love and support you desire, it calls for deeper observation.

26. Don't be afraid to shun bad behavior

Strong women are assertive in their decisions. They set the tempo for how they want people to treat them, especially in their relationships. Tolerating bad behavior subjects you to a negative impression about yourself and your relationships. Being with someone isn't a license to have them mistreat you, and understanding this fact will make you invulnerable. 

The best advice on becoming stronger in your relationships is to speak up when you're displeased with something. Keeping them to yourself won't change the situation; neither will it make things better. 

On the contrary, disregarding your insecurity and voicing things out allows the relationship to heal appropriately.  

27. Don't settle for less

Lastly, one of the qualities that distinguish strong women is their ability to walk away from circumstances that fall below their definition of an acceptable lifestyle. All relationships will have problems, but what defines your stance as a secure girl is your ability to identify when a union is too broken to be fixed.

Your dignity as a female should never be tampered with, which is why it's crucial not to settle for less. No matter how attached, you may be to someone, acknowledge when it's time to walk away. 


What qualities make a strong woman?

A strong woman is someone that identifies her weaknesses and strives to become a better person. Strong women don't depend on others, especially in their relationships. Instead, they do what's best for them by dispelling any form of insecurity. 

How do you become emotionally strong in a relationship?

Strong women tend to trust in their relationships more than they doubt it. Worrying about the unknown will grow your insecurity more than it will destroy it. Learn how to adapt to situations and be intuitive enough to make good decisions. 

What are the signs of a strong woman?

Strong women know what they want and are assertive in their decisions. They tend not to overthink situations but trust in their insight to make the right moves. They are also independent irrespective of the men in their lives. More so, they avoid building insecurity based on trivial matters. 

What does a strong woman need in a man?

Strong women demand an equal amount of effort from the men they date. A man who can bring something to the table rather than expecting her to do all the work will catch such females' attention. 

What is a weak woman?

A weak female fails to acknowledge her weaknesses and allows her insecurity to influence her actions. Strong women are assertive, independent, and constantly seek self-development. They understand that facing challenges is the easiest way to overcome them. 

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on how a strong woman can handle her relationships? Remember, to make your relationship blossom when showing strength. You have to embrace independence and cater to your needs once in a while. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article or share it with others.  

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