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Deep Conversation Topics To Have With Your Man

Do you constantly run out of things to say on dates?

Perhaps you feel like your conversations aren’t stimulating enough? 

If you’re looking for a way to keep a man’s attention when you’re talking, this is the right place.

The guide below features 34 deep conversation topics that are sure to capture his imagination and have him feeling closer to you. 

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Then, by all means, make a note of the deep conversations listed in the article below.

Ask Him A Question That Will Let Him Open Up Emotionally

Just Because He’s Unemotional Doesn’t Mean He’s Dead

Ask him a question that will let him open up emotionally and listen carefully to him as he shows apart of himself that you didn't know he had. Men are quite reluctant to let you see their softer side.They are really good at covering up their feelings. If you ask him a question about himself that he can respond to openly, you will help your man to talk about himself. You might want to ask him what has been the happiest time he has ever had. You might want to ask him what the saddest time he has ever had is. Whatever question you ask him, make sure you listen to him carefully as he lets you into his world. A world that, until now, you will have known nothing about. Asking questions that allow him to open up emotionally to you and will bring you a lot closer together. You will have a special bond between you because you will have shared so much together, you will be able to rely on each other and you will trust in each other.

​Reveal Your Own Vulnerabilities

Reveal Your Own Vulnerabilities

Reveal your own vulnerabilities because your man will want to know the real you. Sometimes we tell people what we want them to hear instead of what they should hear. Your personality has become what it is today because of all the things you have experienced throughout your lifetime. You might be the type of person who always puts on a brave face, but deep down you are feeling scared. Tell your man about the things that have happened to you in the past and he will start to understand what it is about you that he likes. Revealing your vulnerable side will let him know the type of person you really are and that is a good thing. He will be glad that you have confided in him. Letting him know your vulnerabilities will bring out his protective side. He will want to look after you because you have been so honest with him.

​Talk About His Dreams

Talk About His Dreams

Talk about his dreams and watch his face light up as he tells you all about them. It will be lovely to listen to his dreams as you will see a side of him that you didn't know he had. Some of his dreams will be achievable, some of his dreams might need a lot of effort to achieve, and some of his dreams will be so far out of reach that it would take a miracle to achieve. If you listen to your mans dreams you will be able to help him achieve them. You will  to show him how much you care for him. Tell him constantly how much you want to see him reach for his dreams and let him know you will be there for him through thick and thin. You will have ideas that you can share with him. Your ideas might be able to help him achieve his dreams sooner rather than later.

​Start With A Basic Subject

Start With A Basic Subject

Start with a basic subject and you will be surprised how this one subject can get your man talking. You might want to ask about his school days. He will talk to you about his time at school, what subjects he liked, what subjects he didn't like. What sport he liked. What he felt he was good at. Who he liked and who he didn't like. The conversation will be very interesting and he will reveal a lot about himself that will let you see how he became the man he is now. Your man will also remember himself what his school days were like and it is really nice that you can share the memories with him. He will really appreciate that you are listening to him with interest. He will ask you about your school days as well, he will be proud of everything you have done.

​Share Each Others Stories

Share Each Others Stories

Share each other's stories and you will never have a dull moment. I could write books on what I got up to before I met my man and I bet you could too. Tell your man about your own escapades. The stories of your life will interest him greatly, likewise when you listen to his stories you too will be interested. You will get to know each other in a way that only the two of you can share. You will have a unique relationship, a relationship that will have a good foundation because you know lots of things about each other that nobody else will know. Your understanding of each other and how you got to where you are today is a great building block for the future.

​Ask Him Some Personal Questions

Ask Him Some Personal Questions

Ask him some personal questions and your man will reveal things about himself that he wants you to know about. By asking your man a personal question, you are giving him the chance to tell you things about himself, things that he may never have told you if you hadn't asked. Your man probably wanted to tell you some personal facts abut himself but without you asking him he would never have revealed them. There might have been something very personal that happened to him before you met. He could never find the right time to tell you. When you ask him a personal question he will be glad that he has found the right time to tell you what has happened to him in the past. He will be grateful to get things out into the open and will be pleased to reveal a part of himself that may have remained hidden if you had not asked him a personal question.

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​Ask Intellectual Questions

Ask Intellectual Questions

Ask intellectual questions and you will get an educated answer. Your man is clever; he knows a lot of things that will interest you. When you ask intellectual questions it gives him a chance to show you how informed he is. You should go to a quiz night at your local pub where you will have a great time figuring out the answers to the questions. You will probably surprise each other with the knowledge that you have between you. Going to a quiz night will also get you out into a social environment. If you were to go to quiz night every week you would probably make some nice new friends there.

​Reminisce About Funny Moments

Reminisce About Funny Moments

Reminisce about funny moments in your lives. Talking generally when you are together will allow you to discuss all kinds of things. When the conversation is flowing you will always come back to a time when you both found something to be hilarious. It is really good to laugh about your funny moments. Other people will never know why you both found the occasion so funny, but it struck a chord with you both at the time, and you still fall about on the floor in hysterics whenever you think about it. All of your funny stories are what make your relationship the one it is today. We all need laughter in our lives, if you can make each other laugh you will enjoy many happy times in the future.

Talk About The Most Scared You've Ever Been

Talk About The Most Scared You've Ever Been

Talk about the most scared you've ever been and listen carefully to each other's answers. You will find it easy to tell him about the time you felt scared. He might find it less easy to talk to you about the time he was scared. Men are not supposed to be scared; they are supposed to be brave. By letting you know when he felt scared, he is allowing you to see his vulnerable side. He will love it that you can listen to him without making judgement. He will love it that you can sympathize with him. Your understanding will be very much appreciated by him. He will know he can talk to you about anything because you will always understand.

Talk About The Happiest You've Ever Been

Talk About The Happiest You've Ever Been

Talk about the happiest you've ever been, the conversation will put smiles on your faces. Listen to your man when he tells you about a time when he felt happy. It might be a time before you met or it might be a happy time spent with you. You can let him know about the happiest you've ever been. When you are talking about happy times you will both feel elation, you will really enjoy talking about happy times. You will learn a lot from each other about what makes you tick. When you realize what makes you happy, you will be able to recreate those happy times. You will be able to move through your lives knowing happiness is a major part of your relationship.

​Talk About Your Wishes

Talk About Your Wishes

Talk about your wishes for the future. How many times do you hear yourself say I wish I could do that or I wish I had one of those. Your man will say the exact same words. Listen to each other'swishes and try to make some of them come true. You can achieve a lot together. Take one wish at a time and work out how you are going to make it come true. Reach for the stars and enjoy planning it all. You will have many deep conversations about making your wishes come true. When you talk about your wishes you are talking about the future, you are letting each other know that you are in the relationship forever.

​Talk About What You've Learned

Talk About What You've Learned

Talk about what you've learned over time. You will have learned a lot about yourself over time. Your man will also have learned a lot over time. Every day will see you both learning something new together. You can talk all day about what has happened to you to shape you into the people you are now. Past experiences will have had a major effect on you. Talking about your past experiences will help you to understand why you have become the people you are now. You will have learned a lot from each other during your conversations. The nice thing is that you have got a future together to learn a lot more. Knowledge is power, you will enjoy the power that you can give each other.

​Talk About A Song You Both Love

Talk About A Song You Both Love

Talk about a song you both love, you will remember with fondness where and when you first heard it. Quite often it is the song that you had your first dance to when you met.Whenever you are apart and the song plays you will instantly think of each other. If you are thinking about getting married, you will talk about which song it is that you want to be played at your wedding reception, the song that you will want to have your first married dance to. It is amazing how one certain song can last a whole lifetime.

​Talk About Health

Talk About Health

Talk about health because you need to look after each other. Discussions about health will get you talking about your lifestyle and what can be done to improve it. You can talk about the food you eat,whether it is nutritious and good for you. You can talk about exercise, what you can do to be more active. You can talk about aches and pains and niggling doubts about your body. Encourage each other to look after yourselves better. Talking about your health issues will make you realize how precious you are to each other. Be open about what it is that you are worried about, talk to your man about it. He will want to help you, he will want to take your worry away.

​Plan Future Trips Together

Plan Future Trips Together

Plan future trips together and let your minds run riot with the endless opportunities you can have.You will have lots of fun planning a trip together. You might want to go to a far off foreign country,your man on the other hand might want to stay closer to home and have a camping trip. You will have hours of enjoyment talking about the trip that you are going to go on. You will narrow it down to a few choices that you could both enjoy. Between you, you will come up with the ideal trip for you both to have.

​Discuss Why You Fell In Love With Each Other

Plan Future Trips Together

Discuss why you fell in love with each other, it can be very flattering to know what attracted you to each other and how eventually you fell in love with each other. Maybe it was love at first sight.Maybe it took some time for love to blossom. Talking about why you fell in love with each other will create a bond that cannot be broken. Your man might tell you it was your smile he fell in love with,or he might tell you it was your personality. You might tell him it was his eyes that you fell in love with, or you might tell him it was his broad shoulders that first attracted you to him. It will be really nice to talk about these things, the memories will come flooding back. You might actually surprise each other when you talk about some of the reasons why you fell in love.

​Talk About Hobbies

Talk About Hobbies

Talk about hobbies and which hobbies you would like to try together.There are hundreds of hobbies to choose from and talking about all the different aspects to them will give you hours of conversation. You will find out what interests you, your enthusiasm will be limitless. You might like to try rambling, your man might like to try golf. You will come up with the perfect solution to suit the two of you when you talk about it to each other. Whatever you decide upon to be your hobby, you will both really enjoy your time together. When you talk about hobbies you will visualize yourselves having a great time. You will be spurred on to give the new hobby your best shot. You will enjoy spending time together, laughing and having a good time. Your new hobby will give you an extra dimension to your lives. A dimension that never existed before you met each other. You will be travelling down a brand new path, a path that you created together.

Talk About Pets

Talk About Pets

Talk about pets and find out what pet you would like to have. Your man might want a dog, after all dogs are supposed to be mans best friend. You might want a cat, you love their furry warmth. Maybe you both want an aquarium full of fish. It will be great to talk about the pros and cons of each pet. You will find out a lot about each other throughout the conversation. You will listen to each other talk about what pet you want and why. By talking together you will decide upon the right pet for you. When you talk about having a pet, you are talking about sharing your love.

Talk About Finance

Talk About Finance

Talk about finance and get your cash sorted. You both work hard and you want to make the most of your money. Talking about your finances will get you on the right road to success. If you have money worries, don't bury your head in the sand. Talk openly and honestly about what you can do to put things right. Talk about investments. Talk about savings. Talk about your spending habits. You need to discuss your finances so that your lives can run along smoothly. You don't want to have money problems. Sit down together and try to balance the books. Share the financial side together and together you will succeed.You can help each other become settled and happy.

​Tell Him What You Like About Him

Tell Him What You Like About Him

Tell him what you like about him, a bit of praise goes a long way. You can have a really nice long conversation about what you like about him. You might want to tell him you think he is handsome,you might want to tell him you like his eyes. You might want to tell him you like his personality. Your man will have lots of things you like about him, otherwise you wouldn't be with him. Let him know what those things are. He will love to hear you talk about him in a nice way. You will build his confidence, he will walk around with his head held high knowing that you like a lot of things about him so much. When you are out together in a room full of people,and you think he is looking particularly handsome that night, share your thoughts with him,he will be walking on air all nightlong.

​Talk About Family

Talk About Family

Talk about family, your family are important to you and his family are equally important to him. You can have deep conversations about family, you can talk about parents and the upbringing they gave you. You can talk about brothers and sisters and how you all got along, or didn't get along in some cases! You can talk about grandparents and what it is about them that make them so special. You will learn a lot about each other through talking about family. You might want to start a family of your own. How many children you want, what names you are going to call them. Talking about family will give you a settled feeling, you will both know that you are being welcomed into the other persons previous life before you met. Talking about his family will give you an insight into his world.How he was brought up and who he looked up to.

​Talk About The Different Childhoods You Had

Talk About The Different Childhoods You Had

Talk about the different childhoods you had and how your childhood shaped you into the person you are now. You will have had totally different upbringings and it will be really interesting to hear each other's stories. You might have had a brother or sister,their presence in your life will have been profound. They will have been your closest ally or your worst enemy. Your man might be an only child with no experience of what it would be like to have a sibling.Your parents might have been the outdoor type. They might have taken you out to the countryside on walks and picnics. Your mans parents might have been happier to stay indoors reading. Talking about your different childhoods will help you see how you were shaped into the people you are today. By talking about your different childhoods you will learn what it is that you both enjoyed or disliked. Your knowledge of each other will grow, the path towards greater happiness together will be laid for you to follow.

​Talk About Life's Goals And Ambitions

Talk About Life's Goals And Ambitions

Talk about life's goals and ambitions and find a way to make them come true. Nothing is impossible,you can achieve anything you want. Talking about life's goals and ambitions will give you a starting point for making them come true. There is a possibility that you both have the same goals and ambitions. You both want to be happy and successful. You are off to a good start on this one because you are already happy. You are happy to be with each other and between you, you will find a way to be successful. You will encourage your man in his efforts and he will encourage you in yours. It is very important to have an aim or a goal to strive for in the future.

​Talk About What You Can Do To Make Him Feel Loved And Wanted

Talk About What You Can Do To Make Him Feel Loved And Wanted

Talk about what you can do to make him feel loved and wanted by asking questions. Your man might be suffering in silence, he might not know how deeply you love him. Always tell him how much you love him. We live in a fast paced world and it is important to take time out to let your man know he is wanted. Ask him how he is feeling, listen closely to his answer. You should be there for him, you should offer him support. You should let him know that you rely on him and that you need him in your life. Share special thoughts and feelings with him. Let him know that he is the most important person in your life. Take the time to tell him that you care deeply about him. When he goes out, tell him you want him to stay safe because he is so precious to you. Your man will love you for being so kind.

​Talk About Sharing A Home

Talk About Sharing A Home

Talk about sharing a home together and all of the endless possibilities that sharing a home offers you. Talking about sharing a home is one of the most in depth conversations you will ever have. You can discuss where you want your new home to be, whether you want to rent or buy. What type of property you would like to have, would you like an apartment, would you like a house, would you like a bungalow. Maybe both of you already have your own properties and face the decision of who gives up their home. There will be lots to talk about and you will spend hours discussing all the possibilities. You will learn a lot about each other's tastes and styles, he might like to have the home decorated in funky wallpaper, and you would rather have pastel shades. You will talk for hours to come up with a solution that suits you both, you will have lots of fun along the way.

​Tell Him How Much He Has Improved Your Life

Tell Him How Much He Has Improved Your Life

Tell him how much he has improved your life because he will know nothing of your life before you met him. Your man will be ignorant of the things you went through before you became a couple. It might be that you were feeling sad or low, then you met him and your life took on new meaning. Make sure he knows what a difference he has made to your life. Tell him how much you appreciate the love he shows you. Talk about what he does that has a big impact on you. Your man will love it that you think so highly of him. He will feel safe in the knowledge that he came into your life when you needed him most.

Talk About Your Interests​

Talk About Your Interests

​Talk about your interests, you will both find out a lot about each other. It is really lovely to find out what makes you tick and gets you excited. It might be that your man is interested in something that you know absolutely nothing about. It will be good for you to learn something new. Maybe you have got some of the same interests in common and you can immediately talk about the joint ventures you can have. Talking about your interests will give you the opportunity to express yourselves. You will have lived totally different lives up until now. You will want to let each other know what it is that interests you the most. You will be able to share in each other's interests, which will be a good thing for both of you.

​Talk About Countries You'd Like To Visit

Talk About Countries You'd Like To Visit

Talk about countries you'd like to visit, you will amaze each other with your choices. You can ask your man the reasons why he has chosen the countries he has. It will be very interesting to hear his answers. He will want to know your choices too. It might be that you have always wanted to visit a country that is very far away, you have seen the pictures on the television, you have looked in travel brochures, you can tell him all about why the country seems so appealing to you. Your man will want to tell you about the country he would like to visit and why. You will have happy conversations talking about which country you would like to visit first. Having something to look forward to is very good for your future relationship.​

​How You Would Spend £1,000,000 If You Were Lucky Enough To Win It!

How You Would Spend £1,000,000 If You Were Lucky Enough To Win It!

Talk about how you would spend £1,000,000 if you were lucky enough to win it because it's great to dream. It will be very interesting to listen to each other's answers. It might be that he has always wanted a yacht. You will be able to have a conversation about sailing and where you would sail to. You can ask what type of yacht he wants, he will love telling you all about the type of yacht he wants. Maybe your idea is to spend the money on a villa abroad, choosing a villa with a pool would be great. You will laugh together at the thought of winning a cool one million. It is brilliant to have fantasies, fantasies that with some good luck might even be able to come true.

​Talk About The Past And Which Part Of It You'd Like To Relive

Talk About The Past And Which Part Of It You'd Like To Relive

​Talk about the past and which part of it you'd like to relive, you will find out a lot about each other's past when you have this conversation. It might be that your man remembers a certain time in his childhood when he was very happy. He will tell you all about this happy time and why he had such a good time. He will want you to know everything that happened at this time and why he would like to relive it. He will enjoy listening to your past and which part of it you would like to relive. He will be very interested in everything you have to tell him.

How You Would Spend A Perfect Day Alone

How You Would Spend A Perfect Day Alone

How you would spend a perfect day alone can reveal a lot about your personalities. Maybe you live very full and hectic lives and your perfect day would be to just sit at home watching movies all day. It might be that your man likes fishing, His perfect day would be to sit on the river bank catching fish and enjoying the countryside around him. Your perfect day might be to go to a spa for some relaxation. You will have a brilliant conversation discussing how you would spend a perfect day alone. Everybody needs some me time once in a while. You can help each other find a way to spend a perfect day alone.

What You Would Want To Do Together For The Next Ten Years

What You Would Want To Do Together For The Next Ten Years

What you would want to do together for the next ten years could be a very good way to discuss your ambitions. It might be that you want to spread your wings and travel far and wide together. It might be that you want to start a family together. Whatever it is that you want to achieve together over the next ten years, talking about it will give some reality to the dreams. This is a great conversation to have, it will give you the stability you need to know that you are in a loving and strong relationship. You will both have peace of mind knowing that you have a happy future ahead of you.

​Talk About Your Dating Years

Talk About An Exciting Adventure You'd Like To Go On

Talk about your dating years and bring back the memories of the fun times you had with each other.Your dating years will have been full of love and hope. You will have had lots to learn about each other. You will have enjoyed the courtship and your future would have been full of hopes and dreams. Your relationship would have been fresh and new. It is nice to reminisce about your dating years. It might be that you have forgotten some of the good times that you had, by talking about your dating years you will bring all the memories flooding back.

Talk About An Exciting Adventure You'd Like To Go On

Talk About An Exciting Adventure You'd Like To Go On

​Talk about an exciting adventure you'd like to go on, it will give you something to look forward to in the future. You can have long conversations talking about where you would like to go and what you would like to do. It might be that you want to go on a safari, it might be that you want to go on a camping expedition. Whatever adventure you would like to go on, you will have many happy conversations talking about what it is that you want to do.

Talk About Strengths And Weaknesses

Talk About Strengths And Weaknesses

Talk about strengths and weaknesses and how you can make the most of your future. Everybody has strengths and you can talk to your man about where you think his strengths are. He will like to hear you talk about his strengths, he will feel confident hearing you say good things about him. When he tells you what your strengths are, you might be pleasantly surprised, because you might not have thought of yourself as strong in the particular way he talks about. When it comes to weaknesses you can talk to each other about how to improve, and help each other to overcome these weaknesses.​


What Are Some Deep Conversation Topics?

If you are looking for some deep conversation topics to share with your guy then talk about politics, philosophy, religion and the meaning of life. These topics will help you find out more about your partner and develop a deep intellectual and emotional connection with him at the same time. 

How Do You Start A Deep Conversation With A Guy?

If you are wondering how to start a deep conversation with a guy then ask him his opinion on a topic such as religion, politics, philosophy or religion and see how he reacts. If he responds well then ask him more questions on this topic and go from there. If he seems to enjoy these conversations then ask him questions on his opinion of the meaning of life. 

How Do You Keep A Deep Conversation Going?

If you want to keep a deep conversation going with your boyfriend then it is important to listen carefully to what he says and respond to his answers rather than talking without listening to him. Ask him questions about his opinions and let the conversation go from there. Perhaps think of a list of topics that you could use in the conversation. 

What Questions To Ask A Guy To Know If He Loves You?

If you want to ask a guy questions in order to find out if he loves you then ask him questions about his future and see if he involves you in his plans. You could also ask him how he honestly feels about your relationship together and whether he wants commitment in the future. See how he responds to find out if he loves you. 

What Should I Ask In 20 Questions?

If you are asking your guy twenty questions then make sure that you ask him about his family, his life goals, what he wants in the future, what he values in a partner, what is the most important thing he has learned in life, where does he see himself in the future, and his biggest regrets in life. 

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