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61 Amazing and Fun Bet Ideas for Couples to Try (Check It Out)

If you’ve been in a relationship for any period of time, you’ve probably played fun bet games! You might even wonder what some bet ideas for couples other people use when having a healthy competition!

Fun bets can be anything from the winner picking an enjoyable movie night to the loser planning a mystery date for the winner. If you are planning to have some dating bets, you may want to know a fun way to execute these “punishments” for the loser. 

Finding the right fun bet ideas just boils down to creativity. Fun bets involve things that both people enjoy! 

For example, fun bets might involve both parties traveling somewhere new! To come up with fun bet ideas, just make sure you do things in a fun way; don’t be too mean! Good bets create memorable moments for all people involved in the bet.

If you are looking for fun bets to make, you can check out the many ideas listed in this article! They are great ideas for couples who want to have a healthy competition in a fun way!

Table of Contents

When Do You Bet?

A bet is when one person challenges another person to something. You might bet someone that they could have your car if they lost one hundred pounds.

Of course, be careful when you bet anything related to health issues or a huge financial obligation like a vehicle! You might want to get that bet written in writing. It’ll also depend on the relationship of the people in the bet.

When I was a little girl, my uncle bet me that he’d pay me a hundred dollars if I let him crack three eggs on my head. I thought this was a super fun idea, so I went for it! He cracked two eggs on my head and called it quits! Since he did not smash three eggs on my head, he didn’t have to pay me the money! Some people are tricky with bets like that, so be careful!

If you are in a relationship, you don’t want to bet anything that would damage your relationship. One idea that comes to mind is betting someone that they must get a hole-in-one if you play golf. If they don’t do it, you’ll break up with them. Obviously, that is not a fun idea because it would mean the end of your relationship. Make your bets fair and fun! Don’t be ridiculous! 

When Should You Bet on a Date?

This is a tricky question to answer. You want to be fair to your date, but you also want to have fun! Glamour suggests spicing up your dates with bets by challenging your partner to a game or two. It might be fun to bet that the loser of a game of darts pays for dinner or the movies. You could also be daring and bet that one of you has to wear a silly hat for the rest of the date!

If you really want to be daring, you could bet that one of you has to dye their hair a different color with permanent dye or get a tattoo - it doesn’t get much more permanent than that! Of course, be careful when making bets like that because you will be stuck with the results long after your date is done. If you are with your husband, you can probably trust him!!

After all, what man wants to go on a date with a woman with bright yellow and green hair every day for a month? Usually, a guy won’t bet you something that he cannot handle on you. If he makes you get a tattoo, make sure you are okay with that before agreeing to something so permanent. But, as mentioned, he will probably not humiliate you in any way on a date!

What If Your Date Is a Sore Loser?

I think it’s fun to bet things like the winner gets to have a butler for a day or something like that. One thing I have to be careful about is winning, though. If you are a strong woman, you might challenge yourself in being the winner too often. If you bet someone who is a sore loser, he could get a bad attitude about losing over time. This could damage your relationship!

Usually, bets are made for fun! They aren’t meant to cause problems in a relationship, but they can! With my man, I know that I often bet that I can find something online faster than he can, or I can remember where we saw a movie star before he can recall that. I always win a bet like that, so it probably isn’t very fun for my guy! But, it’s still a game that we play from time to time.

My man is a really good sport, though, so he can handle making a bet like that because he rejoices with me when I win. There are many guys who are not so easy-going, though. If a bet gets too challenging for a guy or if he is a sore loser, he might sulk the rest of the evening if he loses. That doesn’t make a fun night for anyone! Find out what kind of guy your partner is!

What Are Fun Bet Ideas? 

In a healthy competition, both people in the relationship win! Losing doesn’t mean that you are less of a person or anything like that because it’s all fun and games! For example, if you play strip poker, the relationship might get hot and steamy as the loser has to take off more articles of clothing! Fun ideas like this are great for a mystery date for a couple in a relationship!

Spark up the romance to come up with a great date idea that involves a bet! Think about what you’d like to see your partner do and come up with a date idea that will make you “win!” For example, if you want to win control of the remote control for the date, you could bet the remote control as the prize for the bet. That’s a great idea for a bet! If you win, you win control!

Other fun and exciting bet ideas might come from your imagination. Where would you like to see your relationship go? Are you ready to turn a date into a proposal? You could make the winner win a surprise box, which has a ring inside! It can be fun to come up with an idea like that for a bet, especially if losing really means winning (I’d love to play where the loser wins jewelry!)!

61 Amazing and Exciting Bet Ideas for Couples to Try

1. Spend the night getting a full body massage.

What a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company! If you decide to bet on this, enjoy getting the relaxation and meditation that you can receive from a full-body massage! Let your worries and cares just fade away with this one!

2. Receive a foot massage daily for a week!

3. Plan a romantic picnic lunch date.

This is a great way to spend time together! If you make the person who loses plan a romantic picnic date, they will likely pack a nice lunch for you and make you happy with a picnic blanket, basket, and lots of food! Enjoy spending time together while the two of you enjoy nature and all the benefits of being outside!

4. Serve breakfast in bed.

5. Create a romantic, candlelit dinner.

This is one of my favorite rewards. My husband doesn’t currently do things like this, but he does cook often. I think the biggest barrier for us is the fact that we don’t have a dining room table. It’s kind of hard to light candles and cook when my office is part of the living room, too! I tend to spend most of my time here, so we don’t have time apart.

If he wanted to plan a sweet candlelit dinner, he might have to wait until I was asleep so that I wouldn’t see the plans he was making in the living room. I think when you do something special for the one you love, you have to make sacrifices! This may mean that you give more of your time and effort to make things romantic!

6. Pretend to be a butler for a day.

7. Plan a fun getaway!

Sometimes, a romantic getaway is just what the doctor ordered! I know my husband and I love going on mini road trips. We talk while we drive to a new destination, and we enjoy each other’s company in the car. When we stop to get gas along the way, he’s always so sweet and grabs my favorite snacks from the gas station! It’s a lot of fun!

8. Make a homemade gift for the winner.

This will really challenge the loser to embrace his or her creative side. If you know how to do needlework or carpentry, you could create a piece of furniture or a blanket for your loved one. For our five-year anniversary, I created my spouse a hand-knitted blanket with five colors in it - one for each year of our marriage! It was a super sweet gift!

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9. Do anything the winner wants in the bedroom!

do anything the winner wants in the bedroom

10. The loser does all the laundry for a month!

I’m not a huge hater of laundry, but many people don’t enjoy it. I often think about the old days when people didn’t have machines to do all the work, so I know that it was a challenge back then. I often think of how lucky we are to have a washer and dryer, so this bet doesn’t seem like much punishment to me, but it is for many people!

11. The winner gets a day of pampering!

12. Send the winner flowers!

There’s nothing better than getting flowers out of the blue for no reason at all. If you make this bet for the future, you can just get roses or daisies when you least expect it! It is a wonderful surprise to get flowers, and it’s especially sweet after you’ve had a rough day or just need to feel loved for one reason or another.

13. Take the winner out dancing!

14. The loser buys the winner new jewelry.

15. Take the winner to a sports game!

Going to a sporting event can be a lot of fun for both partners. You might want to buy a big foam finger or another souvenir to remember how great the event was! This could be expensive for the loser, but that is what happens when you lose a bet! You often have to shell out a small fortune to make up for the fact that you lost!

16. The one who wins gets control of the remote control for a day!

17. Take the winner to a concert or the movies.

You could really pick any date you want with this one. If you enjoy a certain genre of music, going to a concert could be a real treat! You might want to make the loser buy you tickets to your favorite band - regardless of where they are performing. Turn the whole thing into a fun road trip for the two of you! That would be a real treat!

18. Bake the person who is the winner a treat!

bake the person who is the winner a treat

Cooking for your mate can be a very romantic and sweet thing to do. Baking is especially challenging if you are not already an expert because you have to follow the directions just right to get the finished treat to turn out the way you want it to. You also have to use the right ingredients, or it might not turn out the way you expected it to.

As a surprise, when I was much younger, my friend and I decided to bake our boyfriend's cakes for fun. We decided that we wanted to keep them in shape, so we used fat-free ingredients for everything in the recipes. That was a bad choice because when we were done, the cakes flopped and didn't turn out to be edible at all! What an experience!

19. Wait on the person who wins the bet in bed.

Enjoy a day of being totally lazy! Let your partner wait on you - hand and foot. You will love not having to get out of bed for anything and just relaxing in your bed! Your partner could serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed and show you love through his or her actions! You could also add a little bell to get your “waiter” to meet your needs!

20. Buy the winner a new outfit for the night!

21. The bet calls for the loser to listen intently for a day!

Listening is actually a tough skill to master, but it is something very important! If you ask your partner to listen to you for an entire day, they will have to let you talk non-stop without hesitation. They’ll have to allow you to talk as much as you want while they pay close attention and give you the feedback you need to feel listened to!

22. The loser has to wear what the winner wants for a whole day!

23. The loser must sing in public, according to the bet!

24. Take the winner skating or bowling!

The winner could obviously pick any date they wish to have in the future. This is just one idea. It really depends on where you live and what the two of you like doing. However, keep in mind that this is something that the person who wins wants to do, so if the loser doesn’t enjoy doing it, that’s okay! That’s what happens when you lose a bet!

25. The loser must give a public speech that night.

Did you know that speaking in public is one of the biggest fears of people? In fact, I heard on the show Seinfeld once that most people would rather be dead (the person in the coffin) than to give a public speech (the person giving the eulogy). I thought that was a hilarious way of looking at things! Make your partner work to meet this bet!

26. The loser must write a love letter or poem to the winner.

If you love mushy, romantic stuff, this is a great win! Plus, what a great keepsake you could have forever! You could always look back at the love letter or poem and remember all the sweet things that the loser felt for you. I would also have them date the romantic gesture so that you can remember when all of this took place!

27. Watch a marathon of the winner’s favorite movies.

watch a marathon of the winners favorite movies

28. The winner gets a day of no complaints!

This may seem like a silly prize, but if you make the loser not complain for a whole day, they might have to keep their mouth shut when they really want to say certain things. If you are used to hearing your mate complain a lot, this could be a great thing to bet! Just explain that if you catch them complaining, they must stop immediately!

29. Grant the winner 3 wishes of any kind!

Think about if you could have any three wishes in the world! That is quite a broad list of things you could ask for. If you win this bet, you might want to save your wishes for another time. For example, you could ask to grant one wish right now, but save the other two for another day! That way, you can ask for what you want in the future!

30. The loser must have their hair done in the way the winner likes!

31. The winner gets a basket of treats!

I would really challenge the person who loses to make the basket of treats something really nice. There are these boxes you can sign up for on Amazon or all over the internet, really, that are full of goodies if you like a certain thing. You just need to find your interest and then make a box full of those kinds of goodies!

Explain that to the person who loses so that they will know how to put together the basket of goodies for you. For example, I’m a writer, so I once signed up for a writer’s box. It came with pencils, a notepad, and a journal - to just name a few of the treats I got! If you make your partner come up with treats like this, it could be a lot of fun

32. The loser must get a tattoo!

Of course, this idea must be approved by the loser because it is a permanent choice. You might say something like, “If I win the bet, my partner has to get a tattoo of my initials on his arm.” If he or she agrees to that, then I think they are obligated to do that, even if it is just in small print on the bicep or something. It’s a cool thing to win!

33. The loser must organize a hot tub mini-vacation for the couple!

34. The loser must wear jewelry or makeup of the winner’s choice!

35. The couple must play “make-believe.”

Ah! This is one of my favorite games to play. I loved playing “make-believe” when I was a child. It gave me a chance to pretend to be anyone I wanted to be - a princess, a doctor, a teacher, or a firefighter! Let your imagination go wild on this one and have the loser do whatever you want if you win this bet! You can get really creative here!

36. Have a candlelit meal in front of a fireplace!

have a candlelit meal in front of a fireplace

37. The loser must walk the dog for a month!

38. Gas up and wash the car!

This may be something that one partner already does in the relationship, but you could always have them “detail” the car. When you detail a car, you clean it very thoroughly from the inside to the outside. This means picking up all the little trash pieces inside of the car or truck. You’ll also want them to organize all the things that need to stay put!

39. Throw the winner a party and sing karaoke!

40. The loser must give the winner free babysitting. 

This one may not be the greatest prize if you both have children together because it may be a given expectation. However, if you want to go out for a day of pampering or just to take a road trip with the girls, you could have your partner watch the kids for a day to give you some peace and quiet to do whatever you want to do!

41. Dye the loser’s hair any color!

Of course, this is another one where the loser better make sure that they are “game” for this. If they have agreed on a non-permanent color, then it probably will be no huge deal, but if the couple has agreed to have the color stay on the loser’s head for a long time, it better be an agreement that they make before the challenge takes place!

42. The loser must reveal a secret!

43. Take the winner to the race track for some fun!

44. The loser must organize a fun scavenger hunt!

You can create a fun scavenger hunt by making a map and putting prizes all over it. For example, if you live in a small town, you could hide prizes around the town so that the person who wins gets to look for them based on the map for the scavenger hunt! Make the loser get very creative with this bet and come up with some good things to look for!

45. Make the winner homemade sushi!

make the winner homemade sushi

46. Show PDA in front of other people.

If you have a shy partner, this is a great way to get him or her to come out of his or her shell! Just don’t go too wild, or you might get in trouble with the authorities! You wouldn't want that! Instead, just challenge them to show affection in new ways while the two of you are out in public. If this is something you enjoy, it’s a great bet to make!

47. The loser must do all the Christmas wrapping this year!

Personally, I love wrapping Christmas gifts, but for many people, this can be a challenging task each holiday season. If you are concerned that the loser will see what you bought for them for Christmas, you can always stick it in a box with something else in it and have them wrap the box without opening the contents!

48. Binge-watch the favorite show of the winner.

49. Wear an embarrassing shirt for a day!

50. Talk sexy to the winner.

51. The loser must lose money and pay the winner!

52. The winner picks what the loser wears for the entire day!

This can be really fun and funny if your partner doesn’t usually dress the way you want them to. You might choose for them to wear a polo shirt or go wild and select a tuxedo for them to dress up in for the day. This can really push the limits in your relationship because he or she is allowing you to be in control of their wardrobe for a day!

53. The couple watches the movie choice of the winner for the night!

54. The loser makes the winner a fun art drawing!

the loser makes the winner a fun art drawing

55. The winner picks the next date ideas!

56. The loser must spend quality time picking up litter!

While this may seem like a silly prize, it could challenge the limits of the loser. If you are an environmentalist, you might be able to get something you want to be done. Have them give back to society by picking up garbage. This could teach them new ways to do something great for Mother Earth! You might even change their stance on a few things!

57. The loser must sing karaoke in front of many people!

58. The winner picks how the couple spends quality time for the night.

59. The couple must play strip poker (the winner will win clothes)!

Playing strip poker is a classic bet that can be really enjoyable! Basically, you could play any game you want to and make this bet. For example, you could play chess, and for each win, the loser must take off an article of clothing and give it to the winner. What a fun and sexy way to enjoy each other’s company! Really have a blast with this one!

60. The winner chooses a mystery date that the couple must go on!

61. The winner chooses what the couple sees on movie night for the month!


What is a good bet?

If you lose, you must pay a sum of money to the winner. If you like to wager money, bets like that can be fun and exciting on a date. If you don’t like to wager money, you could always wager something like the clothes off your back! Strip poker, anyone?

What are good punishments for losing a bet?

You could wager that if you lose, you must spend the night singing to the winner during dinner. A date like that would certainly be unique for a relationship. One good punishment is making the loser give you a back massage or go for a coffee run!

What is a good bet with friends?

Friendly wagers would not be perverted or sexual since those aren’t appropriate bets to make with a friend. “The loser makes dinner” would be an appropriate punishment. Make it a difficult task but something fun for whoever loses the bet, too! If the loser makes dinner, the winner should pick the meal!

What should I wager in a friendly bet?

You might not want to bet your weekly savings if you are having funny bets. Good bets mean the winner chooses the outcome for the entire day! If the winner chooses that the loser must spend quality time working on her weekly to-do list, that’s what should be done!

What are some fun bet ideas?

Make the loser start washing dishes after dinner; that’s not a big deal! The winner controls or the winner picks the movie, or household chores that the loser does are good couples bets. Just watch your partner’s competitiveness when having a couples bet! A good bet is fun!

To Sum It All Up

Which couples bet will you choose on your next date? What are some fun ways to bet, in your opinion? When having a friendly competition, what do you think should happen if your partner loses the bet? What is your favorite bet idea? Leave us a comment!

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