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Things To Do As A Couple (103 Exciting Ideas)

Every so often, even the best couples ran out of ideas for something to do together. Despite the best intentions, and being very much in love, there will be a time that neither one can think of things that they will both love to do and enjoy. 

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103 Fun Ideas To Do For Every Couple

Here, we list 103 things for couples to do. Every couple is different and will have a different idea of what is fun, but there are ample suggestions here for them to find something that they will want to try either at home or out together. 

1. Go out to eat

This may be something that you’ve done a million times before, but if you go out to eat with your partner, you will naturally start talking to each other, and perhaps you could discuss other hobbies you could start together. 

2. Cook together

Making food together is a great way to discover new foods as well as new ways of interacting. 

3. Share a bottle of wine

After a while, couples sometimes diverge on drink tastes. Share a bottle of wine together and discuss what you like. 

4. Play a board game

Board games are a great way of passing time as a couple. Find one that you both like to play and get going!

5. Play tennis

Tennis is a good game for a couple to play together. You could even try having lessons together. 

6. Go on a bike ride

Going on a bike ride is a good idea and a fun way to get fit together. 

7. Play golf

Golf is a great game to play with one another as you can have fun just improving your own individual game. 

8. Go away for a weekend

Going away for a weekend is a way to get a change of scenery and take time to enjoy one another’s company. 

9. Go kayaking

Going kayaking is one of the most fun things you can do as a couple. Either get individual boats or a duo one. 

10. Read the same book

Try reading the same book and then talk to one another about it. 

11. Watch a film

We all spend a lot of time in front of screens but make time to watch a film together on a date night

12. Do some DIY

Doing DIY together is a good idea to strengthen the bond between you both. 

13. Go to a music concert

Music is always fun to hear live, go to a concert one night to see a band. 

14. Go for a walk

You don’t have to complicate things. Sometimes just going for a walk together is a great way to spend the day. 

15. Have sex

It may sound crude, but having sex is one of the best ideas as to how to spend time as a couple. 

16. Go to see a play

Culture is a great way to make conversation between a couple, so go to a play you have wanted to see for ages. 

17. Workout together

Working out together can take your exercise regime and relationship to another level. 

18. Take an art class

Push the boundaries of your artistic flair by taking an art class together. 

19. Go to a museum

Museums will always start conversations as you will both be learning new ideas. 

20. Go to the fair

Going to a funfair one night is always going to be a brilliant date. 

21. Get a dog

Get a dog

Dogs are great to make people take more time out of their busy lives. They can be great for a couple, therefore. 

22. Listen to music

Listening to music at home is a relaxing way to spend time with each other. 

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23. Give each other a massage

Massaging each other is not only sensual it is also a massive stress reliever. 

24. Go to a cocktail making class

Learning how to make a decent cocktail is a fun way to bond. 

25. Organize old photos together

Going back through old photos is a simple way to take a trip down memory lane. 

26. Go to a pub or bar crawl

Moving from pub to pub or bar to bar, is always a good idea for a date with your partner. 

27. Go boating

Take the day to go boating on a river or lake and see where you get to. 

28. Go sailing

Sailing is a bigger adventure than boating can be, so if you can take the time to go out on a yacht. 

29. Go on holiday

Going on holiday is the ultimate way to change the scenery and get away from home. 

30. Explore your closest park

Sometimes, we take our closest surroundings for granted. Go to your local park and properly get to know it with one another. 

31. Go to a new restaurant

We are all creatures of habit. Trying a new restaurant for a date with one another is an easy way to shake things up. 

32. Go to a music festival

Music festivals are another level of fun if you are both into music. Take a weekend to see as many live shows as possible. 

33. Do some astronomy

Stargazing is not only interesting it is also very romantic. 

34. Play crazy golf

Crazy golf or mini-golf is always going to make one of you laugh. 

35. Go on a river cruise

If there is a river near you, take the opportunity to cruise down it. 

36. Try a new type of food

Discovering new cuisines is always a fantastic conversation starter. 

37. Do an escape room

Escape rooms are a fun new activity that couples will enjoy doing together. 

38. Discover a nearby city

You don’t have to go far afield to discover something new together. Go to a nearby city and explore it. 

39. Do a wine tasting course

Wine is a huge, complicated subject, but it’s fun to learn about for obvious reasons too. 

40. Go bowling

Bowling is a popular activity that couples can try. 

41. Go roller skating

If you like cycling, why not try rollerblading or roller skating one day. 

42. Play bingo

Bingo may be a game traditionally played by the older generations, but it can be fun for a young couple too. 

43. Go to an outdoor play

Plays inside can be terrific, but there is something magical about going to an open-air theatre. 

44. Talk about your past favorite moments with each other

Talking about the past with each other will help make your bond stronger. 

45. Take each other on a mystery trip

Plan a mystery day out or a night out that you know the other will love to do. 

46. Go to a theme park

Go to a theme park

Theme parks will always be a fun date that each person will like to repeat over and over again. 

47. Go to an aquarium

There is something magical and serene about going to an aquarium and starting at all the beautiful freshwater fish.

48. Have a picnic

Eating outdoors on a picnic blanket is always very romantic - especially with lots of delicious food. 

49. Go to a drive-thru

You don’t have to over complicate things for couples to do, going to a drive-thru can be something that you both like to do together.

50. Go and look at your nearby viewing point

Taking the time to go to see a fantastic view near you, and take it all in is one of the things for couples to do when they both need some peace and quiet. 

51. Go to the beach 

Going to the beach will always provide its own entertainment for a couple. 

52. Go horseback riding

Horseback riding is a challenge that can be some of the most fun things two people can take on together. 

53. Train for a sports event together

Training for a marathon or triathlon is something that you may like to do to bring you closer together. 

54. Go on a hot air balloon ride

To up the romance in your relationship, going on a hot air balloon ride is something you will both love doing. 

55. Go to a casino

Going to a casino is always so much fun even if you don’t gamble. Try it for a date one night. 

56. Go to a brewery 

Learning how beer is made is interesting, plus fun to sample!

57. Go to a vineyard

Going to see a vineyard and trying some delicious wine will make for a fantastic change of scenery from home. 

58. Do a movie day

Just stopping for a whole day together can be one of the fun things that help a couple relax. 

59. Netflix and chill

Netflix and chilling one evening are also one of the best ideas for a couple to destress. 

60. Talk about your fantasies

For the slightly kinkier things for couples to do, talking about your fantasies can be an enlightening experience.

61. Make a bucket list

Making a bucket list of the things and ideas you want to achieve before you die is a great thing to do together. 

62. Go to a sex shop

Visiting a sex shop is an easy way for a couple to mix things up in their sex life a little. 

63. Talk about what you want from your careers

Knowing what each of you wants for the future and what you would like to achieve can help bring you closer. 

64. Go fruit picking

Fruit picking is a fun, physical activity that gets you both out into the open air. 

65. Go to a lavender farm

Lavender fields are beautiful so they can really up the romantic things for couples to do with one another. 

66. Listen to a new podcast together

Listening to a podcast with each other is a fantastic conversation starter. 

67. Discover a new band

Discovering new music together is a wonderful way to strengthen relationships.

68. Go back to where you had your first date

Going down memory lane to where you had your first date, is something that both you and your partner will like to do over and over again. 

69. Go to a golf range

Go to a golf range

Practicing your swing at the golf range is a way of improving both your game while spending time with each other. 

70. Go rock climbing

Rock climbing is a sport that needs you to trust your partner, so it can be one of the fun things a couple does to improve their relationship. 

71. Get in the car on a spontaneous road trip

Try not to overthink things and just jump in the car and drive. See where you end up.

72. Watch a box set

Of all the things for couples to do, this is perhaps the easiest. 

73. Do a jigsaw puzzle

Doing a jigsaw puzzle isn’t for everyone, but if you love doing them, it can be a brilliant activity to do with each other. 

74. Play scrabble

If you have a scrabble board at home, open it up and start playing. 

75. Go for a massage

Everyone will love a massage. While you can give a massage to each other, why not pay a professional to do a couples’ massage for you. 

76. Go to a spa

If you like a massage, spending the day at a spa is something you’ll both love. 

77. Go hiking

Going for a hike is a fabulous way to spend the day with each other away from home. 

78. Go paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is not only fun, but it’s also a fantastic work out too.

79. Make a cake

Baking is different from cooking, so try out baking together to see what results you get. 

80. Do yoga together

Yoga is fantastic as it's relaxing as well as physically demanding. Doing it together will be a good way to improve your bond. 

81. Go volunteering

Volunteering with each other is something that you will like as it makes you feel better about yourself as well as using your couple time constructively. 

82. Discuss your favorite sexual exploit together

There will be a time that you both enjoyed sex with each other that has stuck in your memories. Talk about it. 

83. Learn to dance

Dancing is such a fantastic idea for couples as it means you can also practice at home. 

84. Do pilates

Pilates is a challenging work out that can help relax the mind too making it perfect to do as a couple to enjoy. 

85. Go to a nightclub

Going out clubbing can help you both let your hair down and relax. 

86. Pick outfits out for one another

Dressing each other can produce hilarious results. 

87. Go to karaoke

Go to karaoke

Karaoke is a funny activity to do together. 

88. Go to an open mic night

Open mic nights can be so much fun, even if all the acts are bad. 

89. Go to an AmDram play

Checking out the local talent at an AmDram play can be very entertaining. 

90. Go antiquing

Going to an antique fair and picking out rare finds can be very rewarding.

91. Play pool or snooker

Improving your pool game with each other can be a way to learn how to support each other.

92. Go to a pool party

Pool parties are always fun, even more so with your partner!

93. Learn a new language 

Anything that you learn together can help you grow as a couple. Learning a language is a fantastic idea to do just that. 

94. Play frisbee

Letting go and just playing frisbee at the local park is a fun idea for two people. 

95. Go to a comedy show

Comedy shows will always leave your sides hurting with laughter.

96. Go to a martial arts class

Learning a technical skill such as martial arts is a fabulous way to deepen your connection. 

97. Have a dinner party

Having friends around can help you both relax and also provide a lot of conversation for you. 

98. Go snorkeling or scuba diving

While you can’t talk underwater, snorkeling or scuba diving is a lot of fun. 

99. Go fishing

Fishing may not always be in someone’s idea as to how to spend their spare time, but give it a go as a joint hobby. 

100. Go camping or glamping

Camping is a cheap and easy way to go on holiday together. 

101. Go to a farmers market

Buying fresh produce at a market is a fantastic conversation starter in a way that going to a grocery store isn’t. 

102. Have a BBQ

Cooking on a BBQ is always a very social affair. 

103. Make ice cream 

Making ice cream is a fun cooking technique that everyone will enjoy the results from. 


What can couples do when bored?

There are so many things that couples can do when they become bored. It’s a good idea to find out what things you have in common and try to do something along those lines. Have a little imagination and there is a whole world to take advantage out there. 

What can couples do when bored at home?

If couples are bored at home, there are a few things for couples that they can do. The obvious would be to have sex, but there are other fun things too. Try to find a game that you both love to play or a great way to have fun is to cook a new meal together

What things can you do with your boyfriend?

Doing nice things for your boyfriend can keep you both entertained and happy. You can cook for him, arrange fun nights or days out or play his favorite sport with him. Finding things to do together is also a fantastic way to strengthen your bond and connection. 

What is a dead relationship?

A dead relationship is a partnership where there is no spark and you do not bring joy out in each other anymore. It can be resurrected if you both take a proactive approach to improve relations between you and trying to bring back some of the magic you once had. 

How can I excite my girlfriend again?

If you want to excite your girlfriend again, think back at what used to make her happy in the first few phases of your relationship. Talk to her as well and find out what you could do to improve the spark between you again and see if you can reignite the passion between you. 

Things To Do With Your Boyfriend - Summary

It’s not unusual for two people in a couple to feel they have run out of things to do together. However, just remember to take the time out to dedicate to your relationship and you’ll find that you will always come up with something you can do with each other. Our above list is a fantastic starting point for when you are really stuck, but it’s not at all exhaustive!

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