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What To Do When A Taurus Man Ignores You (11 Vital Actions to Take)

June 4, 2024

Are you being ignored by a Taurus man?

Would you like to know the most effective ways to regain his attention?

Well, you’re in luck!

This guide reveals the behaviors that a Taurus man is most likely to respond to.

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Read on for more tips on how to stop a Taurus man from ignoring you.

11 Things To Do When a Taurus Man Ignores You

Is your Taurus crush suddenly ignoring you? Are you scared there might be a problem? If your answer is yes, remember that this is a common trait with most Taureans. 

Men with this zodiac sign are often stubborn and tend to test their partner’s loyalty. In some cases, they might be jealous or worried about something pressing. Irrespective of their reasons, it’s crucial to know what to do when a Taurus man ignores you. Thankfully, we have some helpful tips. 

This article highlights some of the signs to look out for when men with this sign are distant. More so, we’ve included things to do to rebuild your relationship with a Taurus man. Continue reading to find out.

1. Let him think

Taurus guys aren’t the best at verbal communication. Therefore, when they have a problem, they tend to spend time analyzing it rather than talking about it. If such a man has a good reason to start ignoring you, he’ll surely do it. Since these men are action takers, they tend to process their thoughts intricately before taking action.

Similar to the bull under the earth mark in astrology, Taureans tend to be patient before they take action. If you force them to skip this process, it’s similar to showing a bull a red flag. They might get angry that you disrupted their process. 

If a Taurus man ignores you, the first action to take would be to allow him to think while you observe his temperaments. Don’t try to intrude on his thought process until you feel secure doing so. 

2. Give him space

Another thing to do when Taureans give you the silent treatment is to give them space. You can get a Taurus man even angrier merely by trying to find out their problem. Understand that they don’t worry without reason. If they’re silent, it’s probably because something is wrong. It could be a challenge with their family, work, or personal issues. 

Whatever the reason is, ignoring them in the meantime is a plausible option. They’ll eventually figure out how to deal with their problem. More importantly, they’ll inform you about the situation if they want to include you. 

Spending time trying to decipher the problem of a Taurus man might only put you under more stress. Taureans often don’t accept external help, which means your man will figure things out independently, and with enough time.

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3. Ask if he’s upset with you

If a Taurus man is ignoring you, one of the possible reasons is that he’s upset with you. People with this character trait tend to be more action-oriented than speech-oriented. Therefore, such a man might find it hard to talk to you when there’s a problem. He would rather give the silent treatment to show that he’s mad than settle down for a discussion.

There are perks to this behavior because men under this sign are action lovers. When they want to express love, they do so openly. On the contrary, they might also give you the cold shoulder when something’s wrong. Try to think about your possible offenses. If you can’t find any, you might need to ask them straight away.

This step is particularly helpful if the silence of this Taurus guy is getting out of hand. He might stop ignoring you the quicker you try to resolve the matter. 

4. Be direct

be direct

The last thing to do with a stubborn Taurus man is to play mind games. Even though they might not speak when they’re angry, they dislike mind games for the mere fact that it confuses them. Therefore, the best way to handle a relationship with such a man is to be plain and direct.

Taureans may not realize how their silence affects others, so you need to point it out. Tell your man how you feel about his action, especially if it’s taking a toll on dating him. He’ll appreciate your words because of how action-oriented he is. More so, he might focus on becoming better.

On the contrary, keeping silent even though you’re hurt won’t resolve the matter. While you wait for him to sort out his issues, be open when you need to be.

5. Reassure him

If a Taurus man is angry at you, the right action can melt his heart. Taureans often need constant validation, which means they want their partners to prove their love for them. This strategy is also how they behave. They would rather show love in their own time than merely talk about it. Therefore, try not to play hard when such a man is ignoring you.

Although you should give him his personal space, try to do something outstanding that reaffirms your affection for him. This behavior will remove any doubt he’s feeling about the relationship. More so, it’ll make him reconsider bridging the distance between both of you. 

Understand that one mere act can change the impression such a man has of you. Whether it’s getting him a present or writing a heartfelt note, he’ll appreciate your efforts more than you think.

6. Don’t react

It can be painful watching the man you’re dating ignore you all day long. However, no matter how annoying it gets, try your best not to react negatively. Sending ugly text messages or leaving countless phone calls won’t resolve the situation. Instead, you need to think about the smartest way to handle the matter. 

Understand that your actions can either aggravate or dissolve the issue, so you have to pick wisely. Observe the situation closely and think carefully about what you want to express. If you’re certain you didn’t offend your partner, try your best to construct empathetic text messages. Even so, speak softly when you’re with him.

This action safeguards your relationship and helps you avoid unnecessary fights. You might perhaps find out that he’s not angry at you, but simply processing a tough situation. 

7. Be understanding

The key to a Taurus man’s heart is to be understanding. Although they’re practical and realistic, Taureans tend to get jealous if they see their partner with other men. These individuals can be possessive, especially when it comes to their relationships. Instead of trying to talk him out of his green-eyed state, try to show compassion.

A Taurus guy may avoid you because he’s too scared to lose you, and not necessarily because he distrusts you. If you misinterpret his intentions, you might end up worsening the matter. Be understanding whenever he displays such a type of jealousy. Talk to him and reaffirm your affection for him. 

If his self-esteem is down, try to build it back by explaining the details of the event that caused the quarrel. Peradventure he misinterpreted the scenario, your open-minded and affectionate nature will convince him otherwise. 

8. Regard his needs

regard his needs

The worst thing you can do to a Taurus man is to invalidate his reasons for silence. The first thing you need to understand about Taureans is that they handle difficult situations differently. Therefore, his methods may seem strange to you. If you don’t respect his needs at that moment, he’ll undoubtedly feel bad.

If he’s busy thinking about work and ignoring you in the process, don’t try to pull him out. Believe that he has everything figured out and be patient with him. The more you try to change Taureans, the more they’ll pull away from you. 

Always try to look for subtle signs that he’s busy with something important. If you sense that it’ll take him time to figure it out, give him the distance he requires. In the meantime, you can look for other effective ways to communicate with him.

9. Tempt him

Stubbornness is a notable trait with men with this zodiac mark. They often have their convictions and tend to stick to them. More so, these individuals tend to resist change. If you want to have a successful relationship with a man with this zodiac mark, you’ll need to be able to tempt him. 

If you have a Taurus boyfriend, learning intuitive ways to catch his attention when he’s too busy in his head is crucial. If he’s avoiding your phone calls, look for the best conversation starters to grab his attention. Even so, you can send him some of your selfies to persuade him to start talking to you. 

Since every man is different, finding what works with your partner is crucial. You can try a variety of actions or continuously make research until you’re successful with your advances. 

10. Do random acts of service

Some Taurus men can be too busy in their heads to notice they’re exhibiting negative behaviors. Therefore, if you want such a man’s attention, you have to go big with your actions. The best way to accomplish this is by doing random acts of service for him. Since these men are action-driven, you can persuade them by doing something out of the ordinary.

For example, you can cook his favorite meal, do his laundry, or dress in bright colors to get his attention. Trying your best to make him feel good with your actions will work wonders. More so, he’s likely to feel guilty about creating distance in the association. 

However, it’s crucial to stay within your means. Don’t go overboard trying to please your partner or you might feel more hurt if he doesn’t notice your actions.

11. Meet up with friends

One of the best ways to handle a Taurus man ignoring you is to live your best life. If you’ve tried all the above-listed steps, and he’s still ignoring you, try focusing on yourself. This step is crucial to avoid your anger from increasing. Understand that not every problem demands your absolute attention. If you can’t figure out what’s bothering your partner, try to take some time out

It’ll be bad to fix all the association’s problems, whereas your partner doesn’t contribute as much. Therefore, leaving some matters to resolve themselves might be the best action to take. More so, meeting up with your friends can boost your confidence and help you prioritize your needs alongside.


What does it mean when a Taurus man is being distant?

A Taurus guy can become distant for various reasons. He could be thinking about a pressing issue, trying to resolve his challenges, or perhaps, angry at you about something. Observing his temperaments can help you decipher the cause of his silence. You can also be straightforward and ask him

Why is my Taurus man pulling away?

If such a man is ignoring you, he might be angry with you. In other cases, he could be worried about something in the association. Having a direct discussion about the distance might be the best action to take. However, you should also consider giving him time to handle his feelings.

How do you get a Taurus man to chase you again?

If you want Taureans to chase you, you need to stand out. Wear nice clothes and maintain your independence. However, try your best to support him and plan thoughtful surprises. A balance of these actions will help such a man chase you again.

How do you make a Taurus man miss you?

Taurus men are often unconventional. However, they are greatly intrigued by mysterious ladies. Be unavailable at first and then shower him with sweet gifts and surprises. Give him compliments, flirt with him, but be independent in your own way.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

Taurus men test their love interests to gauge their compatibility level with them. In most cases, they might fail to reply to your texts, avoid your calls, or even disappear without informing you. He’ll behave oddly to determine your loyalty to him, and whether you’ll be a good long-term partner.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article? Remember not to take things too personally when concerning how zodiac signs impact a guy's behavior, especially when a Taurus man ignores you. This behavior is a common trait with most Taureans. It’s necessary to look for ways to handle the distance they create. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article, and share it with others. 

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