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How Alpha Males Show Love (13 Attractive Ways)

Do you sometimes wonder how ‘alpha males’ show they care about a woman? 

Is it different to softer types of men? 

Whether you’re trying to figure out if an alpha male likes you or you’re getting frustrated with your ‘alpha’ boyfriend, this guide will help you discover where you stand. 

Yet, before we get started, I want to tell a story that will help you open any alpha male’s heart. 

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This routine involves activating a part of their mind called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

When this part of a man’s mind is activated, it triggers overwhelming feelings of personal power and self-esteem. 

It’s like a drug in many ways. Once a man experiences these sensations, he’ll want more of the woman who is able to make him feel like this. 

That has been my experience, anyway! Once I discovered how to work with a guy’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’, my relationships with men have become far more devoted. 

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Of course, it may be that he’s already trying to show you he loves you, but you’re unable to recognise his subtle signs. So, read on for my list of ways that an alpha male shows love.

How Alpha Males Show Love

Alpha males are an interesting species of man. They like things in a certain way and will consistently go for a partner that they can feel very masculine next to. However, they are not always the easiest to read when it comes to showing their love. They will often not be the best communicators of their feelings so it can be down to the man or the woman they are with to decipher their actions. 

Here, in this article, we look at how alpha males show love to those they are in a relationship with. 

Here are 13 ways how alpha males show love - they don’t all need to be demonstrated by their actions, just one or two can be your guys’ way of showing you that they love you

1. He puts his arms around you

He puts his arms around you

When an alpha male in a relationship is in love, they will often put their arms around you as a way to show their feelings. They will do this quite inadvertently and without realizing they are doing it. It is because they like to protect the woman in their life and putting an arm around you is his way of doing that. It’s also a way of marking his territory. He will put his arm around the woman he is with as a way of saying to the world that he is the one with you, and no one should try to vie for your affections. 

2. He talks about the future

While an alpha male in relationships that matter to him are not always great at saying I love you, they do say other things that can show their true feelings. If the alpha man in your life is talking about his life in the future, and you appear in his mind for what his life will be like, then you can take it as a good sign that you are the someone he wants to be with. Make sure you are clear with him from the outset what your feelings on your future together are. Alpha males can be quite domineering and sometimes just assume that their thoughts are the right ones. If you don’t agree with him, tell him so as early on in your partnership as possible. 

3. He puts down other men

Alpha men have to feel like the top dog - that is the nature of their character. To do that, when their self-esteem is knocked a bit, you will often find that they put others down. In particular, they will put down other men. If he loves you and sees you talking to another guy, you will probably notice that he puts down whatever man you are talking to so as to belittle him. It will be his way of marking his territory. 

4. He empties the trash

One of the ways how alpha males show love as opposed to saying it out loud is to take out the trash for you. This is one of the curious ways they show the women they love their level of affection for them. They see this as a male job and so will almost do it automatically for you. So sit back and enjoy how this man shows his love through this practical means. He may not be great at telling you exactly how he feels, but his actions can have some fantastic benefits. 

5. He is passionate

Alpha men sometimes channel their true affection towards a person through their passionate ways. This means that when it comes to making love or the foreplay before it, he will be a very sensual lover who loves to ensure that your needs are met. He will see it as a duty that a doting and loving boyfriend or husband. 

6. He walks you home

A lot of the ways how alpha males show love is a form of protection. Something that many alpha males will do with women or men they are dating, but not yet living with, is to walk them home after a date. They may do this at times to stay over, but a lot of the time it will come from natural chivalry and want to look after the woman or man they are with. This is a very sweet action that some 21st Century women will struggle with, but it’s key to realize that it comes from the very best intentions.  

7. He calls to make sure you are ok

If an alpha man is not with the woman or man they are dating at any moment in time, they will not shy away from calling that person up to make sure they are ok. Again, this is a manifestation of their protective ways and a key sign that this alpha male relationship is one steeped in love. It is something that you will need to get used to if you are serious about this guy. Some may find this level of protectionism a bit overwhelming but it is kindly meant and it is by no means a signal that he doesn’t think you are someone who is incapable of looking after themselves.  

8. He opens doors for you

He opens doors for you

A really common way that alpha males show that they are serious about you is if they open the door for you. This is something that started when men were meant to be chivalrous towards women at all times, and it is a fundamentally alpha male trait. Again, it won’t be a sign of his thoughts on your abilities as a woman. Instead, he simply loves you and wants to make your life easier in every little way he can. 

9. He stands up when you leave the table

Perhaps one of the oldest chivalrous signs in the book, and a key signal of an alpha man’s love for you, is if he stands up when you leave the table. It’s a massive sign of respect and, practically speaking, it also shows that he is very attentive to what you are doing. Not all men would do something like this, but it is frequently done by alpha males who are in love. 

10. He gets angry when people upset you

An alpha man wants to protect the woman he is with at all costs. If he hears that a person has upset you and hurt your feelings, you will be able to tell that he loves you if he goes on to get angry by the situation and the person who upset you. It’s a very sweet, protective reaction that may actually shock you in how strong his anger actually is. However, what will have made that anger so strong was that he wasn’t able to protect you and stop your feelings from getting hurt. He will feel he will have let you down as the main guy in your life. 

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11. He carries your suitcase

Another practical way that alpha males like to show their dedication and love to the women that they are with is by carrying their suitcases or other heavy bags whenever they can. It’s a key way that they are able to show their strength to the women in their life and they try to do it as often as possible. Physical strength is incredibly important to alpha men so by carrying your suitcases and heavy bags, they are given an easy way to show you just how strong they are. 

12. He helps with practical matters around the house

Much like taking the trash out, alpha men also like to show their love for the women they are with by doing odd jobs around the house or being helpfully practical in as many ways as possible. This is down to their primal hunter gathering urge which forces them to help their partners in any way they can. This means that they will happily change lightbulbs for you, fix a leaking seal, or tap or help you with any other DIY that again is a manifestation of his strength and practical uses around the house. 

13. He is very physical in bed

Another way an alpha man can show his strength is by making love in a physical manner. This means he can show his love by picking up the woman he is with and carrying her to bed, or other similar demonstrable shows of strength. It may be quite a different approach that some women may not have come across before. To some, it may be quite intimidating, but if you are into this guy, it is probably best to go with the flow. You will likely have a great time and a fantastic experience as a result of your alpha male’s physicality. 

How Do You Keep An Alpha Male Interested?

Keeping an alpha guy interested can be done so easily as long as you know how to appeal to their alpha male ways. Let them protect you. Let them look after you. 

Importantly, it is also key to ensure that you do not threaten their alpha guy ways either. This is down to their naturally competitive and domineering nature that does not like to lose. This can be difficult to deal with at some points if you fundamentally disagree with something they are saying. However, if you are serious about him and your future, you will need to come with ways that you can be the woman in his life, without giving up everything to please him. 


How do you know if an alpha male likes you?

There are many ways an alpha male shows a woman that he likes them. It will largely depend on the specific alpha man in question, but by and large, they will want to show their love in physical ways. That may be simply by putting an arm around their partner or helping around the house. 

How do alpha males have relationships?

Alpha males have relationships in different ways to other men. They will often choose women or men to have a relationship with those who are not alphas as well. This means they will have a slightly dominant personality who often wants their interests addressed first. 

How do you keep an alpha male Interested?

Keeping an alpha male interested in a relationship is all about ensuring that their confidence and their dominance is supported throughout. They have very traditional feelings usually on gender roles which is why they like partners to need them. 

How does an alpha male flirt?

An alpha male will flirt by asserting both his masculinity as well as his dominance. He will bring attention to his strength and power while trying to flirt with the object of his attention.

How do I deal with an alpha male husband?

Dealing with an alpha male husband is all about ensuring that they feel like the man of the house and his traditional values are always met. Make sure that you never threaten his masculinity, therefore.

The Bottom Line

To the women that are with alpha males, it can be difficult sometimes to deal with their lack of ability to say directly that they love her. However, it shouldn’t be dismissed how much alpha males demonstrably show their love with their actions instead. There are so many practical ways that an alpha guy shows how serious he is about another woman that he is in a relationship with. 

While it can be frustrating not to hear I love you, everyone approaches to love and relationships differently so a girlfriend or wife of an alpha male must have patience with this. There will be things that the alpha male in any relationship will wish their lover did more. The key to a happy partnership is to be aware of these limitations of everyone’s abilities and talk them through when they really do cause problems. 

With alpha males, the key is to sit back and enjoy just how many ways they show their love. By not telling a woman their true feelings, their natural competitive ways will make up for that lack of communication in other physical ways instead. 

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