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Why Is He Ignoring Me? 19 Reasons Why He’s Being Withdrawn

Are you asking yourself: "Why is he ignoring me?"

Do you keep yourself awake at night thinking why he doesn't seem to care even after you opened up your heart him, and exposed your deepest emotions?

Does it frustrate you that he can't even bring up the courtesy of a polite conversation with you?

If so, deep reading because I may have a solution for you...

The first thing you want to rule out is that he's not seeing someone else.

He may tell you that he isn't, but often guys will hide that they are because they like the attention you're given them.

You can use a background checker like this (similar to those used by private investigators) to uncover whether they are secretly already in a relationship or not.

Simply enter his name and other details and the system will pull up a ton of information about him that he may have been trying his best to hide from others.

The search will show you where he's been recently and who he's frequently communicating with, and will allow you to draw your own conclusions as to whether he's seeing someone else or not.

Some women that used this background checker uncovered that their long-term boyfriend was actually already married!

Isn't that crazy?!

Once you have ruled out that he isn't seeing some else already, it's time to move to the next step and evaluate some other reasons he may be ignoring you.

Is He Ignoring You Because Of Something You Have Said

Is He Ignoring You Because Of Something You Have Said​

You might have said something out of line that has upset him, unfortunately for you, he isn't telling you what it was that you said. He has decided to ignore you instead. You can run through the conversations you had with him the last time you were together until you are blue in the face and you still won't know the answer.

It can be very frustrating because you know you might have gotten on very well with him if he had given you half a chance. Do not blame yourself on the way things have turned out. He is being pigheaded and childish. He has spat his dummy out and I think you are better off without him. Stop thinking about him immediately, you have had a lucky escape. Imagine going out with this guy long term, you would forever be worried about what you were saying. That is no way to live. You deserve better.

Is He Ignoring You Because Of Something You Have Done​

Is He Ignoring You Because Of Something You Have Done​

If you have done something trivial that has led to him ignoring you then you need to wake up and smell the roses. You need to realize that he is acting way over the top. Only you will know if you have overstepped the mark, if you think your actions have been above board then sit back and let him ignore you for a while. I am sure he will come around eventually.

​He needs to be taught a lesson. There is no way you can live your life happily if he is going to ignore you all the time because your actions have offended him in some way, especially if he is not telling you what it is you have done that has made him not want to talk to you. There is a possibility that you are not suited. Imagine having your every action analysed and dissected,your life would be hell,you would be living your mans idea of how you should act and not your own. You would be like a puppet on a string.

Walk away from this guy, he does not deserve you. You need a guy who is more tolerant of the way you act, a man who will love you for who you are, a man who won't try to change you.

​Is He Ignoring You Because He Is Having An Off Day

Is He Ignoring You Because He Is Having An Off Day

​If he is having an off day, which by the way we all have from time to time, then he should at least put you in the picture. He should know that he is causing you grief by behaving this way. He should man up and tell you straight away that the problem is all down to him and not you. Maybe he does not want you to know that he has this down side to his personality.

He might like you a lot and he does not want to lose you by telling you he suffers with off days every so often. It is a shame that he has chosen to ignore you, when in fact if he was open and honest with you, you would be able to talk to him and help him. Sit tight and hold on, I am sure he will come around. When he does eventually decide to contact you again, be fair and tell him you understand how he must be feeling. Your understanding nature will pay off in dividends. Hopefully the next time he has an off day he will choose to tell you about it, rather than ignore you.

Is He Ignoring You Because His Mind Is Mixed Up​

Is He Ignoring You Because His Mind Is Mixed Up​

When the two of you decided to become a couple, you would have been very happy in each other's company. You really enjoy being together, Spending lots of time doing the things you like. There will be many emotions running through both your minds, you would not be normal if you did not take a step back and analyse the relationship you have in a bit more detail.

​Your guy might have over thought the feelings he has for you and instead of going along with the flow he has taken a step back. He wants to get his head around the fact that he is now one half of a loving partnership. He might be finding it difficult to be showing so much commitment at this moment in time. He knows he likes you and he knows you care about him, but what is worrying him is the future. If he stays with you, you will become a part of that future. He might need a little more time to realize that you really are what he wants and it is these thoughts that are affecting his judgement.

Choosing to ignore you while his mind is so mixed up is an easy way out from confronting you with the truth. He does not want to tell you how he is feeling because he thinks you will push him to make a decision about your future together one way or another. Give him some time to come to his senses, sometimes we all need some space to think.

Is He Ignoring You Because You Have Upset Him​

Is He Ignoring You Because You Have Upset Him​

If you have upset your man in any way, he will feel he is doing the right thing by ignoring you. What is not good is that by ignoring you he is denying you the chance to put things right. His thoughts about the way you have upset him will fester and he will stand his ground by ignoring you a lot longer than necessary.

You might want to say you are sorry to him. You did not know that he would take the comment you said to him so much to heart. You might have felt that you were only joking, but he definitely took it the wrong way. I think you might have to be patient with him on this one and hope that sooner or later he will call you up again, at which time you will be able to tell him where you think you went wrong and you can make amends right away. If he is worth his salt he will accept your reasoning and you will both be able to carry on as Normal.

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​Is He Ignoring You Because Of One Of Your Friends

​Is He Ignoring You Because Of One Of Your Friends

​Have you got a friend that might be jealous of you? Have you got what she wants? If so, she might be deliberately putting your guy off you.She has a toxic personality and she does not want you to be happy. Unfortunately you have not yet realized this yet. She is not the friend you thought she was.

This is a tricky situation for you to be in because you will not have a single clue as to why your guy is ignoring you. Hopefully you will find out what your so called friend is really like before she does anymore damage in your life. Only by the passage of time will you get to talk to your guy again and only hen will you learn what she had said to him to put him off you. Everything might turn out fine in the end when he finally learns the truth.

Is He Is Ignoring You Because He Has Heard A Rumor About You​

Is He Is Ignoring You Because He Has Heard A Rumor About You​

My friend Isobel went through a terrible time with her guy when he heard a horrible rumor about her. Isobel was ecstatic with her new boyfriend Dave, they did everything together and they were never apart. They were always out and about and they had a full social life.They had many friends between them and life could not have been any more blissful for them.

Unbeknownst to them both there was a dark cloud looming over them. That cloud was in the form of one of Daves friends. The friend told Dave that Isobel was an easy lay and he said that he had even slept with her. He tried to make it look like he was being a good friend to Dave by telling him the truth before he got too seriously involved with her. What a cunning little rat he was. No such thing had ever happened, Isobel was one of the nicest purest women you could meet,she was not an easy lay and she most definitely did not have sex with Dave's friend.

Obviously Dave found it hard to believe but instead of listening to the voice of reason in his head, he chose to listen to his rat of a friend. What followed was a long period of silence from Dave as he ignored her for a long time. Isobel was totally baffled, she just could not understand why Dave was acting the way he was, they had been so happy it did not make sense to her that he could change so dramatically over night. She tried to contact him all of the time at first but he never answered her calls. Eventually she gave up.

Only by shear chance did things turn out right for her. Dave's friend told somebody else about what he had done and luckily for Dave the friend he told was a true mate. He told Dave straight away what the friend had done.Dave was mortified and wished he had listened to his own thoughts about how Isobel could not have been an easy lay. He rang Isobel up immediately and told her what had happened. He apologized over and over again to Her. She was so relieved to hear what it had all been about that she accepted his apology immediately.

I am happy to tell you that they are a couple again and their relationship is even stronger now than it was before because of what happened. If you are wondering what happened to Dave's rat of a friend. Wonder no more because he is off the scene. He is history.

Is He Ignoring You Because Of His Family​

Is He Ignoring You Because Of His Family​

​How parents and families react to their sons choice of partner never ceases to amaze me. I can understand that they want the best for their son, but I will never understand why they don't trust him to make the right decisions in his own life.

When my friend Pauline met Tom it was love at first sight.They became a lovely couple and they always promised each other that they would never be apart. Unfortunately for them, Toms parents had other ideas, they were not happy about the relationship one little bit. They thought Pauline wasn't good enough for their son. They knew she came from the rough end of town and they knew her family had no money.

They did not stop for one moment to consider that their son had made a good choice and that Pauline was a good person with a heart of gold. They did everything in their power to stop Tom meeting up with her. They threatened to take everything away from him and throw him out on the street. They even threatened him with violence. They told him that Pauline would be seriously hurt if he ever saw her again. He was told that he could not let their good family name be dragged through the mud because of one girl. He truly believed their threats and made the unbearable decision to never contact Pauline again.

How can a family who have brought up a decent loving son deny him happiness? But this is exactly what they do because they are too ignorant to recognize that society has many layers. They are so stuck in their own beliefs that they cannot open their hearts to other people who might be less fortunate than they are.

The outcome of this sorry tale is that Tom did contact Pauline and they ran away together to escape the threat of the family. So just in case you think that your guy is ignoring you because of his family,be patient and he will find a way to contact you. All will work out well in the end.

​Is He Ignoring You Because He Has A Secret

Is He Ignoring You Because He Has A Secret

​If your guy is ignoring you and you haven't got a clue why, then maybe it is because he has got a secret. Wherever and whenever you met your guy, you will have been really happy when he walked across the room to talk to you. You both found that you had a lot in common and so the next logical thing to do was to go on a date together. At this point his past would have meant nothing to you because you were just happy to be with him.

At no point in the relationship has he given you any reason to doubt him, but now you do have doubts. He is ignoring you and you have no idea why. Act like a detective and dig deep. Ask the people around you if they know why he is ignoring you. Hopefully one of them will know exactly what is going on because he has a secret from the past. There is something about himself that he has never told you about. Something has happened to him in the past that he is highly embarrassed about. Rather than talk to you about it he has decided to bury his head in the sand and ignore you instead.

I am sure he will contact you in the near future because he will miss you too much not to. He will realize that it is best to come clean and tell you what it is that he has hanging over him from the past. When he does open up to you, forgive him for whatever it is he has done in the past. He has shown his vulnerable side and you must handle the secret he has told you about with great care.There will be a trust between you that wasn't there before because of the shared secret from his past. Move forward in your lives and put the past behind you.

Is He Ignoring You Because His Friends Do Not Like You​

Is He Ignoring You Because His Friends Do Not Like You​

When you met him he was probably with his friends. His friends were all that he had in his life at that time. They played sports together, they drank down at the local together and they flirted with girls together. In other words they were having great fun. That is how they all thought it would be for years to come.

Then you came along and spoilt it all! You haven't spoilt anything in your mans eyes because he has the best of both worlds. He has you and he has his friends. His friends will see it differently because they have lost their good bud to you. No longer can they just pick up the phone and expect him to be available to them for a quick drink down the pub. His answer to their request is to tell them he is going out with you instead. His friends will resent you for taking him away from them. They will try every trick in the book to get him to finish with you.

They want things to be like they have always been and they see you as the blocker to this. You know this is happening because his friends have been bold enough to tell you how they feel. It wouldn't take a genius to work out that the reason he is ignoring you is because of his friends. Be strong for both of you.

Tell his friends that they better back off and leave him alone. Write your guy a note and push it under his door. Write down that you know why he is ignoring you and tell him you can put up with his friends if it means you can still be a couple. He will thank you for your understanding.

Is He Ignoring You Because Of How You Dress

Is He Ignoring You Because Of How You Dress

How many times do we hear from our friends that their guys don't like them wearing this or that when they go out? We hear it quite often and it always makes our blood boil. We recognize this ruse for what it is. It is the guy trying to control her. It is the start of a one sided relationship. He is the king pin in the relationship and she is the dogsbody who bows down to his every request.

It is very sad for us to watch this happening to a friend. She is being manipulated by him and no matter how many times we tell her to get away from him because he is bad, she will never listen because she is under his spell. He will have brainwashed her against us, she is ever more under threat from him turning violent. Keep a close eye on your friend, she in a dangerous situation and you need to be there for her if she needs help. So when a guy ignores you for wearing what you want, instead of what he wants you to. Recognize the signs and walk away from him. You have just had a very lucky escape!

Is He Ignoring You Because You Drank Too Much​

Is He Ignoring You Because You Drank Too Much​

If you have been on a night out with your guy and you have drank too much and made a show of yourself, then I think it is going to take a lot of apologizing on your part to bring him around.

He knows you can go a bit over the top when you are out. He knows that you find it difficult to know your limits where alcohol is concerned. Knowing this does not make it any easier for him when you fall on the floor showing your knickers In front of his mates. He doesn't like you being the laughingstock of the group. He thinks the world of you and he hates to see you embarrass yourself. Every time you get drunk, he has to be the one to bail you out of the humiliating situations you find yourself in.

Guess what? He has had enough and that is why he is ignoring you. If you really want to be with him you will have to promise to change. Tell him you are sorry you let him down in front of his friends,tell him you can and will make a fresh start. It really will benefit you both in the long run. You will be safer when you go out, and he will have a lovely caring lady on his arm.

Is He Ignoring you Because He Is Shy​

Is He Ignoring you Because He Is Shy

There are lots of guys who are shy, shyness is in there nature and that is what makes them so special. You fell for your guy because of his shyness. It is this side of him that you like best. You are not into loud mouthed guys at all and much prefer your lovely caring quiet guy.

So when he ignores you, you will be completely baffled. You will drive yourself crazy wondering what happened to make him treat you this way. The answer is simple, you have done nothing wrong. He is ignoring you because he is worried about his own shyness. He does not think he is worthy of you, he thinks you would be better off with somebody else. Somebody who is outgoing and the life and soul of the party. He has not realized that that is exactly what you do not want. He will not come to his senses on his own.

He will not make the first move in contacting you because his shyness will stop him from further embarrassment. You are going to have the make the first move. Do not let this situation continue. I don't care how you do it but you have to contact him to tell him how you feel.Put his mind at rest when you tell him that he is everything you wish for in a man.

​Is He Ignoring You Because He Is Embarrassed

Is He Ignoring You Because He Is Embarrassed

​Could your guy be ignoring you because he is embarrassed? It is especially difficult for a guy if he is unsure about something and feels embarrassed about it. For some reason guys don't talk about their problems like women do. We have friends who know every detail of our lives because we have discussed sensitive subjects with them over and over again.Click to replace anchor text

What if your guy hasn't got much experience with women? What if he is embarrassed that he has never had sex before? You have been together for a while now and he knows that the most obvious next step is to have a more intimate relationship with you. He finds you attractive and he has strong feelings for you but he is worried about having sex with you because he does not know how. You need to tell your guy to stop ignoring you. Ask him to open up to you, tell him how much you love him, let him know that he is breaking your heart by ignoring you.

Hopefully because of the love you have shown him he will tell you what is that is worrying him so much. You will be very understating and guide him through the lovemaking process so that he never has to be worried ever again. Your relationship will be a very special one indeed. The trust that you have shared will create a bond between you that nobody will ever break. Your future together is a golden one. You deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way because you are such a loving couple.

Is He Ignoring You because You Are Getting Too Close​

Is He Ignoring You because You Are Getting Too Close

​It seems hard to believe that a perfect relationship is not going to succeed because you are getting too close. How else are you supposed to show your guy that you are happy with him other than being close? Your guy must have issues if he is ignoring you because you are getting too close. He obviously doesn't know how to handle the closeness you have built up together.

You should never have to be put in this predicament. It will be very difficult for you if he tells you to back off a bit because he thinks you are getting too close to him. It makes me think that he does not really want you in his life. He is scared of the feelings he has for you. He knows he is falling for you and he might think that you are his future but this thought might frighten him because he is not quite ready to give himself over to all that a long term relationship offers.

Do not try to contact him as he needs time to think things through. Let him carry on ignoring you, if he does contact you, then all well and good. You can carry on where you left off, safe in the knowledge that he is willing to commit to a long term relationship. If he does not contact you, try not to be too upset, he is not the one for you. Your future lies with a different guy.

Is He Ignoring You Because He Is Seeing Another Woman​

Is He Ignoring You Because He Is Seeing Another Woman​

I hope he is ignoring you if he is seeing another woman! You do not need the hassle. If he is cheating on you, you will not want anything to do with him. He has done you a favor by ignoring you. He probably thinks he can have you both, but by ignoring you he has put his cards on the table. You might have had your suspicions for a while. You might have been ready to finish with him anyway. He has made things really easy for you.

If he ever tries to contact you again you can laugh in his face. You deserve better and you will move on from this sorry state of affairs. You can hold your head up high; you are the one who still has respect. He has nothing.

Is He Ignoring You Because He Thinks You Are Too Good For Him​

Is He Ignoring You Because He Thinks You Are Too Good For Him​

This exact scenario happened to my friend Rachel who met Chris through a friend. She had gone to a house party with one of her girlfriends and was blown away by one guy in particular, his name was Chris. Rachel thought he was the most handsome guy she had ever laid eyes on. During the evening she got talking to him, he had a lovely smile and she found herself laughing loudly at his funny jokes. Chris asked to see Rachel the following weekend, she jumped at the chance.

Rachel lived in a very large mansion house deep into the countryside. The house had 20 acres and had been in the family for many many years, handed down to each generation. Chris and Rachel had a lovely date together, they had a lovely meal and they swapped stories about each other's lives.Rachel went to Chris's house and got on famously with his family, they all thought she was nice.

Eventually Chris met Rachel's parents at her house, he was very quiet and Rachel could not understand why. The following week she hardly heard from him, she was really worried and rang to speak to him. He would not answer his phone and he never returned her calls. He was totally ignoring her and she just didn't know why.

Then one day when she was in town she bumped into the friend who she had been with when she met Chris. She told her friend about the weird way that she and Chris had parted company. Her friend said she knew the answer. Rachel was all ears as her friend told her that Chris had felt overwhelmed in the big mansion house.

It was obvious to him that Rachel came from a privileged background, whereas he came from a poor area of town. He didn't think he was good enough for her, he thought she would be much better off with a rich guy instead.

When she learned the truth she immediately put pen to paper and wrote him a long letter, she wrote that it was him she loved and it didn't matter where he came from, she also wrote that she had met plenty of rich guys but none of them could hold a candle to him. Chris responded to the letter and I am pleased to tell you that they are back together again.

Is He Ignoring You Because You Are Both Opposites​

Is He Ignoring You Because You Are Both Opposites​

My friend Gemma is a fiery red head who always has something to say for herself. If you were ever in trouble it would be Gemma that you would ring, she will always stick up for you and help you out.Her guy on the other hand could not be more different. His name is Mike; he is quietly spoken and would never dream of acting in a demonstrative manner. He hardly ever speaks and is happy to read his books. You would think this relationship wouldn't work because Gemma and Mike are so completely opposite, but it does work.

Although he thought the world of Gemma there was a time when he completely ignored her. He ignored her because they were so opposite, he thought Gemma should be with a more gregarious character. Luckily Gemma was not going to let him ignore her for long,that wouldn't have been Gemma's way. She barged around to his house and banged on the door till he opened it. She told him he was acting like an idiot and that it was definitely him she wanted.She told him she loved his quiet nature.

I think in their case the saying that opposites attract really is true. It's fun being in their company,Gemma's arms will be flung wide as she gesticulates the story she is telling us, while Mike looks on in quiet amusement. In a way it's a good job they did meet because I think Gemma does all the talking for both of them!

​Is He Ignoring You Because He Is In Love With You

Is He Ignoring You Because He Is In Love With You
Could your guy be ignoring you because he is in love with you? There is every possibility that this could be the case. He has fallen in love with you and is shocked by the power of his emotions.

He thinks it would be a safer bet to ignore you so he wouldn't get hurt in the future.

He cannot believe that the feeling of love has finally happened to him. He has always been foot loose and fancy free and now he finds himself being in a relationship that could well and truly go the distance.

He knows that if he stays with you it will be for life and this is what has scared him the most. How can he commit to one girl for the rest of his life, these relationships happen to other people not to him?

Do not let your guy ignore you through his fears for the future. Your guy needs loads of reassurance.

He needs to know that you will take each step at a time and you will be there for him throughout this uncertain period.

If you'd like a little more help on these issues, I recommend checking out our review on James Bauer's Program, called "What Men Secretly Want".


What Does It Mean When A Guy Ignores You?

Receiving little to no feedback from a guy could mean many things. It could be that he is going through something critical or personal that can't be communicated, or he is actually trying to pull away from a possible relationship.

What To Do If He Ignores Me?

When a guy starts ignoring you, there's a lot of assumptions on why. First, ensure that he is okay and safe from a mutual friend. Even more importantly, after a few check-up text messages, please give him space and pause contact for a while, so you don't appear desperate.

What Does It Mean When Someone Ignores You?

People who ignore texts, messages, calls, and direct contact may be trying to avoid you for personal or not so personal reasons. He may be going through a hard time, or feels out of place, has done something messy and is ashamed, or maybe simply feels like backing out of the relationship.

What Do You Do When A Guy Ignores Your Text?

If it's just one text, it's best to wait it out before sending a backup text, maybe he hasn't seen it yet. After a few days, it's okay to send a backup text asking if they are okay, if there is still no response, please refrain from contacting him for a while

What Does Ignoring Guys Do?

Some men feel threatened by a woman who knows what she wants. They may simply want to play around while you may be more serious about a long-term relationship. Ignoring them lets them know you are not desperate and can live without them. Most times, it's the easiest way of regaining their attention.

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