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How To Tell If An Introvert Likes You (13 Adorable Signs)

Are you starting to fall for an adorable introvert?

Are you looking for ways to tell whether he also likes you in the same way?

This can be tricky, because introverts are notoriously difficult to read. And, it’s rare that they’ll come straight out and tell you that they have feelings for you.

Thankfully, there are some behavioral tells that introverted men will give away when they have a crush on you.

I’ve listed 13 of the most common signs of introvert attraction below.

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However, if you’re only interested in learning whether a particular introvert already likes you, scroll down for my list of 13 signs that this is the case.

13 Signs An Introvert Likes You

1. He Will Be Comfortable Around You

Usually, an introverted person may likely be uncomfortable and withdraw from any company he is not very familiar with. This attribute is mostly observed when he finds himself surrounded by a group of people he barely knows. In that scenario, he will talk less, be withdrawn, and mostly nod in agreement when necessary. 

However, when he is familiar with one person or a group of people in the circle, he opens up, enjoys the communication flow, and contributes to conversations. In this regard, if you are dealing with a man who has an introverted personality, you should be very conscious of his mannerism around you. 

2. He Opens Up To You

he opens up to you

This is another noticeable feature of interest from an introvert. It is imperative to note that introverted people do not just aspire to be in a give-and-take relationship. Rather, they look out for something more with a soul connection. This simply means that an introvert would share his inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions with you—if he likes you. 

Getting to know you, your hobbies, interests, likes, and pet-peeves will intrigue him. He might go as far as letting you know how everything about his life as well. This is deeply classified information that they do not just share with anybody. You have to be very special to gain access to it. 

Therefore, when your introverted man starts telling you things he would ordinarily not tell other people, then, he probably likes you. 

3. He Wants To Know More About You

Introversion doesn’t necessarily mean that introverts don’t like small-talk. They just prefer to stay quiet. So if this guy is making an effort to learn about all your interests and attributes, that’s one of the signs he likes you a lot. 

If you feel like both of you are on the same page, then start a conversation with him. Make an effort to discuss the things he likes and see how he responds to you. If he does feel comfortable around you, he’ll want to know a lot about you as well. Another sign would be if he goes out of his way to hang out with you at a place that’s not so convenient. 

When he starts coming to social gatherings, getting to know your circle of friends, and being increasingly involved in your life, then that’s something to take note of. What’s more, when an introvert likes someone, he gets out of his comfort zone to gather more information about that person. So, if he is doing all this, he probably wants a relationship with you. 

4. He Will Act Nervously Around You

he will act nervously around you

Introverts are not so good at expressing themselves verbally. So, don’t be surprised to find him acting nervously when he’s around you. Bending his head, rubbing his arms, and avoiding eye-contact are just a few things on the menu for nervous introverts. 

They feel comfortable with people who are equally calm. But if his interest in you is genuine, all kinds of thoughts would be running around his mind. How does he relate to someone with a different personality type? What is your personal life like? Or do people like you fancy partying, reading, exploring, or just hanging out with friends? 

All these thoughts could make it hard for him to keep the energy of your conversation going. So if he acts a bit shy, or does something awkward, those can be signs that you make him nervous, because he actually likes you

5. He Will Offer To Take You Out

Introverts tend to stick to convenient activities most times, but that doesn’t mean they spend their days reading or doing geeky stuff. They probably have an exciting life many people don’t know about. So, don’t be surprised when the next time you guys meet, he asks if you’d be interested in something out of the ordinary. 

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Depending on his personality, it could be something wild like bungee jumping, drifting, or snowboarding or something a bit challenging like hiking or mountain climbing. The only problem is, an introvert will likely waste a lot of time before he asks you on a ‘date’. Most times, they try to come up with a more diplomatic way of going around that point. 

In this case, when an introverted person likes you, he will most likely get out of his comfort zone to ask you out for lunch, coffee, or maybe go-karting on the weekends. This is a major sign to look out for that he likes you. 

6. He Will Want To Spend More Time With You

When a man likes you, he will want to spend time with you. Even though he is busy, he will still take time out from his busy schedule just to be with you. In this case, as we already know, introverts love to spend time alone or at least with close friends. That doesn’t mean they don’t have meaningful relationships, but the fact remains that they prefer their own company. 

So, if you are wondering whether your friend who just happens to be an introvert really likes you, I suggest you check out how much time he spends with you.

7. He Will Constantly Keep In Touch

he will constantly keep in touch

Quite contrary to a typical introverted man who would rather remain in his comfort zone, an introvert who really likes you will make efforts to reach out to you. Oftentimes, we hear people apologizing for being so bad at keeping in touch with their friends, families, and loved ones. 

This is, however, not the case when an introvert likes you. You’ll be the one person he tries to keep in touch with, and that’s one sign no one can deny. 

8. He Might Likely Start Making Physical Contacts

There are really no limits to what a man can do when he starts liking a woman. And although introverts tend to be shy, timid, and reserved, they can gird up some courage to make the first move on the woman they like. The fact that they're not vocal all the time won’t stop them from going after what they feel is theirs.

So, if he’s making a conscious effort to make physical contact (e.g brushing his hands against yours, sitting very close to you, whispering in your ears, or holding your hands), that’s a sign he likes you. 

9. He Might Invite You To His Personal Space

Introverts are known for spending time alone in their space, and with their thoughts and emotions. They rarely enjoy hanging out with unfamiliar crowds. They really love and appreciate their quiet, peaceful, personal space. This being the case, when an introvert likes you, he will be more than happy to share this personal space with you. 

This is their own way of letting you know that after a careful cross-examination, they have considered you worthy to share this personal sanctuary with them. Therefore, an introvert can invite you over to his house, allow you to spend as much time as you want, and even make a meal for you—simply because he likes you. 

So, if you have been wondering if your introverted friend is liking you already, then you should look out for this sign.

10. Showing Extra Care

showing extra care

This is an important sign that should never be missed. It is actually normal for a man to show extra care for the girl he likes. He will go as far as noticing when you are sad, moody, or unhappy and try to make efforts to put a smile on your face. This is not different when an introvert fancies a woman. 

An introvert will go out of his way to make the woman he loves happy. He will insist on walking you home, paying the bills, and even holding the door open for you. Relationships are an opportunity for introverts to express their thoughtful side. So, if this man really fancies you, you’ll know by his ‘chivalrous’ actions. 

11. He Will Get Jealous Easily

It is only normal for an introvert to get jealous each time he sees you with other guys. This kind of jealousy is a good hint that he has feelings for you. This behavior is a way of letting you know that he wants to be the only man in your life. Sometimes, they go as far as giving you the silent treatment and leave you wondering what you might have done. 

If you have a friend who is an introvert and has been acting funny each time he sees you with another make friend, this is a hint for you that he just might be nursing feelings for you. Even though introverts know how to keep secrets, they don’t buckle down if they think someone is taking what’s theirs. 

12. He Pays Attention To Details

Generally speaking, introverts are good listeners and observers. This is because they do not talk much, and rather spend time thinking and observing things. When an introvert loves a woman, he spends the best part of the time observing and taking note of important details about her. 

So, if he knows your birthday, best color or food and the likes, that could be another sign that he likes you. 

13. He Will Make The First Move

he will make the first move

Making the first move is not always easy, even for a typical guy, talk less of an introvert. Introverts do not have the fluency of expressing their feelings like everyone else. 

It takes a long time to plan their speech and coordinate their strategies in this regard. However, when an introvert likes a woman, he will surely find the courage to make the first move of asking her out on a date. 


How do introverts act when they like someone? 

When an introvert likes someone they pay attention to details, get jealous easily, don’t mind sharing their personal space, and try to spend time with their object of affection. 

How do introverts flirt?

There are several notable ways an introvert can flirt and they include, making eye contact, offering to buy you a drink, complimenting your outfit and general appearance, smiling at you, engaging in a conversation with you, etc. 

What do introverts find attractive?

Introverts really love and prefer to blend in with whatever crowd they find themselves in. They love to appear simple and equally would be attracted to a lady who looks reserved and classy

Do introverts fall in love easily? 

There is no study that supports or rejects the claim that introverts fall in love easily. The issue can only be narrowed down to the individual in question. It really depends on who is involved. More so, introverts, unlike extroverts, do not always share how they feel so openly, so it might take longer to find out if they have fallen in love or not. 

Do introverts cheat? 

A good number of researches have confirmed that introverts more likely to cheat. Therefore, if your partner is an extrovert, you might be safer than if he were an introvert. 

The Bottom Line

Dating an introvert might not be as easy as dating an extrovert. This is because they do not always open up about their feelings so easily as everyone would. In this article, I have effectively discussed 13 tips that would help you figure out if your introverted man likes you or not. If you found this article helpful, please feel free to like and share with family and friends.

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