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Things Guys Wish Girls Knew (51 Interesting Things)

There’s always been a struggle to balance gender attitude. Some people say women are harder to understand, please, and keep happy. Others feel it’s the same way for guys. The truth is, both genders have their unique behaviors. But most women are more expressive than men, which makes it look easier to understand them.

Because guys are not so expressive, are afraid of how a girl would react when they say certain things, or are tired of explaining reasons for their actions, there are some things they wish girls knew about them without stress. 

Guys complain it takes centuries to understand girls. This includes the amount of time they spend dressing and making up, instead of watching games like them. 

Guys feel most women have unpredictable mood swings and are too complicated to understand and think girls like to exaggerate emotions, misunderstand words or body gestures, and misinterpret most actions. Not that they don’t love or see her as unattractive. But they expect a girl to ask, say, or comment and accept situations calmly without being dramatic. 

It’s the same hassle for girls to understand guys, especially when they’re in a relationship. This is because they have different personalities and would find it hard to compromise and understand each other as fast as they imagine. This is why I’ll mention 51 things guys wish girls knew to learn why guys behave the way they do.

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51 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

1. A text is just a text

Most girls misinterpret guys’ text messages. A girl would give a guy an attitude because she thinks every guy that texts to check up on her likes her or wants to be in a relationship. But the truth is, not all guys do this.

Most of them don’t message ladies because they have feelings, want to flirt, or just want her attention. It doesn’t mean they won’t do it later, but some of them want to be cool friends and say ‘hi’ once in a while. This is one of the things guys wish girls knew about them without having to say it. 

2. Gossiping makes you look bad

gossiping makes you look bad

People gossip about others to look good or gain love and attention from the ones listening to them. What girls do not know is that gossiping makes them look bad. Some of them could gossip about a guy’s girlfriend because of jealousy

This is not a guy’s interest. It’s a big turn-off to guys when girls gossip. They’ll see her as someone who has nothing to do with her time, a relationship breaker, or a person who can’t flow in a brainstorming conversation. Guys get tired when they see talkative girls, and it’s one of the things they wish girls knew not to do.

3. Ask for sex if you want it

As a woman, if you’re in a relationship with a man, you should feel to ask or discuss anything with him. It’s one of the things that pass for good communication between you and your boyfriend. If a girl wants to have sex, she shouldn’t assume her boyfriend understands her cues to have sex.

Not every man pays close to that, so men expect you to ask openly for sex whenever you feel the need to. But not with body language. This is because a body cue could mean two to three different things, and a man could misunderstand it. 

4. Being mean to people is unattractive

When a girl feels pretty, she has this power and an urge to be mean to people. Not all girls give in to this, but the few who do to gain attention seem unattractive to guys. A guy could be physically attracted to a girl, her smile, and her confidence.

He could spend all the time engaging her in a lengthy conversation and asking questions, admiring her physical appearance like her lips, without saying much about them, and telling her about himself. But the moment a girl speaks rudely or sounds mean to a guy or his friends, that’s a big turn-off.

5. Some guys worry about what you think of their bodies

A few guys worry about what girls think about their bodies. This usually happens when a guy likes a girl, would want to be in a relationship with her but feels he doesn’t look fit or cool enough to date her. 

It gets more embarrassing when a girl admires a different man with a more chiseled body or what most people refer to as the ‘ideal body’ for men. They may not say how sad they feel about it, but it’s one of the things guys wish girls knew about them; they care how women feel about their bodies.

6. Don’t talk too much after sex

Many men have confirmed that their brains return to a blank slate after having sex, which is why they rarely talk or just say a few words after that. At that point, most of them want to do nothing but cuddle, sleep, or lay in silence because of how tired they get.

On the contrary, women want to cuddle, talk about past events, and bring talks that would end in an argument in a few cases. That’s because most women are known to have more energy after than men after sex, hence different energies. This is one of the things guys wish girls knew.

7. They care less about your body than you know

Most women have insecurities when it comes to their bodies. They feel unattractive when they think their tummies are bloated, their cheeks are chubby, or their skin has freckles and pimples. But guys don’t care about this. They see and fall in love with personality if they want a relationship.

Or, they could simply ask for sex if you both have the same interest. They don’t look at a girl’s features the way girls feel they do. Guys get attracted to a girl’s attitude, sense of humor, intelligence, and how she relates with people generally, especially his loved ones.

8. You don’t need makeup to be attractive

you don't need makeup to be attractive

Many girls don't feel pretty when they don't wear makeup. A girl could think her lips, face, or eyes are not lovely without it. But guys like girls without makeup. They feel a girl should always wear a natural look because it makes them more beautiful. 

This makes them appreciate girls that don't or occasionally wear makeup. Some guys prefer to start a meaningful conversation with a girl wearing a natural face than a girl who looks crazy or heavily made up. It may sound minor, but this is one of the things guys wish girls knew about them.

9. Guys worry about what you think of their hair

Guys know girls notice details of most things they’re interested in, including their hair, mode of dressing, or general physical appearance. It matters to them what girls think about their hair. That’s why when a guy wants to get a girl’s attention, one thing he does is get a good haircut.

Even in a relationship, guys tend to get a good haircut to avoid getting scolded by their girlfriends for having unkempt hair, which is one of the best things they do to look good or presentable in public. This is one of the things guys wish girls knew.

10. A man loves you more than you love him

When couples are involved in a relationship, most times, girls tend to have trust issues. Depending on the guy's behavior, a girl could feel her boyfriend is cheating or flirting with another lady. Sometimes these trust issues could lead to a fight or argument, which guys dislike a lot.

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They may not know how to express themselves to their girlfriend, but they talk to their friends and family about her. When a guy is in love with a girl, he thinks about her always, even when he's busy and can't call or message. Not every girl is aware of this, which makes it one of the things guys wish girls knew.

11. They don’t want you to talk about your ex

According to research, guys don’t like it when you keep referring to your ex-boyfriend, especially when they like you and want to be in a relationship with you. A guy wants you to concentrate on him, give him all the love, and move on from your past.

It makes them feel uncomfortable and uneasy to hear a woman they like or love constantly talk about another man she was once involved with. They could think she still has some form of affection for him or is thinking of making up with him. This is one of the things guys wish girls knew.

12. Guys love girls that cook

Food is a friend to all, guys inclusive. And like they say, food is the key to a man’s tummy. Apart from a girl with a good attitude and a cheerful spirit, a guy loves a woman that can cook. A few men may not mind women with little or no cooking skills, but these are mostly men who can cook.

But in reality, guys are very attracted to girls that have great cooking skills. They love having good meals, whether it’s after a long stressful day or for a surprise dinner date at home. It may not be food; it could be snacks or a lovely dessert.

13. They don’t understand why girls get so emotional

Men are less emotional when it comes to certain things. Even when they feel sad or extremely happy about something, they rarely express how they feel. It’s natural for girls to get very excited or sad about events or situations. This is because they’re expressive. 

But guys don’t get or understand why ladies behave this way. They feel women are too dramatic and exaggerate their feelings or emotions in little situations, which could sometimes be embarrassing. This is one of the things guys wish girls knew.

14. Their problems are more than you know

Most guys are very secretive; because of that, people rarely know the problems they have. But not all women know this, and even if they know, they don’t understand how draining or demanding their issues may be.

A guy would spend time solving his problems on his own, instead of inconveniencing or disturbing someone else about it. But the opposite happens with most girls. Some girls could nag or keep complaining about their problems, making a man feel uncomfortable around them. This is one of the things guys wish girls knew.

15. Sunday games are a must

sunday games are a must

It’s not a new thing that guys love to play games. It doesn’t matter what game it is; as long as it makes a guy happy, it’s a must for them, especially on Sundays. This affects girls a lot, even though some of them get used to it over time.

Distracting a guy when he’s playing or watching a video or computer game is a no-no. It’s a sacred moment for them, and they don’t like to be disturbed for any flimsy reason. It’s either you join them in playing the game or stay away, which is one of the things guys wish girls knew.

16. Don’t bring back past discussions after some time

Nothing stresses a guy like an old problem that he feels may have already been resolved. Guys dislike it when women bring back an old discussion or argument. Unlike a girl, a guy wants to talk about an issue and get it over and done with immediately.

Guys don’t like it when women start a fight and relate it to a past event. They feel it’s pointless and time-consuming, and depending on the situation, it could make them lose interest in a lady. It also affects their ego, self-worth and may affect the relationship permanently in the long term.

17. When a guy teases you, he may like you

Not every guy gets comfortable with a girl when they initially meet. Some get so scared they filter their words to avoid saying the wrong things to her. Others would prefer to meet and talk to a girl to see her facial expression when talking.

But when a guy starts teasing a woman, it means he's beginning to be comfortable being around her. He'll tease how she talks, how she behaves in different situations, and say funny jokes for her to laugh at. Many girls don't know this, which is one of the things guys wish girls knew about them.

18. Guys like when you settle bills

Like women like to be sponsored by guys in a hangout or date, guys love to be pampered this way, too. A guy’s interest tends to increase when a lady offers to settle both their bills at a restaurant, cinema, or sports event. It will boost his happiness, increase his respect for her, and encourage him to be nicer to her.

It’s even nicer when she does it, surprisingly, when he least expects it. It shows how much she cares about him and would improve any relationship they both have. This is one of the best things a guy wishes a girl would know about him.

19. Like girls like makeup, guys like games, too

One of the things guys wish ladies knew about them is that most guys love games like women love makeup, shopping, or anything that makes them happy. Women take time to do many things, and they don’t like being disturbed by men.

A woman could start a fight or an argument if a man disturbs her makeup, shopping, or hang out with friends but may not permit a guy to have his game time, especially if she needs his attention. Situations like this would make a guy wish girls knew their game time is as valuable as a girl’s makeup time.

20. They won’t settle with a crazy, sexy girl. Personality is key

Guys love to have fun; party, drink, smoke, and hang out with random people. They love to go out with girls that are open to crazy and exciting things; when it’s time to settle down in a long-term relationship, they don’t date crazy girls.

A guy would look at a lady with a great personality, good attitude, and behavior when he’s ready to start a family. Most girls don’t know this. They feel being crazy attracts guys more, which leads to short-term relationships of sex only, hence heartbreaks. This is one of the things they wish girls knew.

21. Don’t tell them when to post you on social media

Some guys love to keep their lives private. At the same time, others have the habit of posting on social media platforms. A guy would gladly post you as his friend or partner, but he only wants to do so on his terms and not with a girl's instruction.

Guys dislike it when a girl keeps requesting or reminding them to be posted online or be used as their “woman crush every day”, even though there's bound to be a relationship in the future. They want to do it at the right moment. It's one of the things they wish women knew.

22. They can’t read minds

Guys take life the way it comes. They rarely have time to observe or understand a situation or the deep meaning behind it, except they're forced to. This is why they get stressed when women have mood swings, expecting them to understand the problem.

A guy who cares could try to find out the issue, but most guys would prefer it if a girl tells them why she's sad, angry, or mad at them. This is something guys try to communicate to women and wish girls knew this about them; they aren't magicians to read minds.

23. Guys like it when you compliment them

guys like it when you compliment them

Imagine wearing a nice haircut, set of clothes, and a lovely pair of shoes without getting a compliment; it sounds a bit unfair to them. A guy loves to get compliments, especially from a girl he likes or respects. He may not say it openly, but he'll appreciate it if he does.

The compliments don't have to be complicated ones; they could be as simple as appreciating the color of his shirt, his cologne fragrance, shoes, glasses, or his general appearance. It boosts their ego and confidence, and it's one of the things men wish women knew.

24. Listen to them when they talk

Guys barely talk; it takes a lot of time to find the right words to express themselves. When they do, it takes the right level of courage to say those words out. Some guys may prefer to drink, watch TV, or play a game to take their minds off a problem instead of saying it. 

So when a guy decides to talk, try as much as possible to listen to him. That's because it doesn't often happen, the reason being that it may not be the right atmosphere for him to talk, which is one of the things men wish women knew about them.

25. Not every guy is a jerk

Girls are used to guys who flirt a lot. They believe every guy they meet is a potential flirt and doesn't have the interest to be in any long-term commitment. Because of this, a few ladies tend to be mean when a guy approaches them.

But, many good guys who want something good and pure from a lady still exist, even though most women don't know this. A guy may try to prove how nice and true he is, but a lady may take some time to believe him. This is one thing men wish women knew.

26. Smart ladies are attractive

Men love when they can have a friendly and flowing conversation with a lady. A woman looks more attractive to a guy when she can speak out and is confident talking about different topics with facts and information to support every point she makes.

A guy loves it when a lady challenges him to an argument where they brainstorm to learn and not fight each other at the end of it. Men generally love smart, intelligent, and physically attractive women, compared to those who love fun only, which is one thing they wish women knew about them.

27. Guys love to take care of their women

Talking about women that love to be independent, they fall into categories like this. Men love independent women, but the flexible ones. They love women who give guys a chance to show how much they love them, even though it may not be possible with all women.

They want to open the door, pave more space for them in the crowd, pull seats for them at a restaurant, put their jackets on their woman's shoulder, and clean dust off their hair. This is one thing men wish women knew, to give men a chance to display their care.

28. They don’t want you to pick from their food

Many guys have complained about girls picking from their plates of food. A few women love to eat from their partner's plate even when they have theirs fitted right in front of them. Some of them say it brings a different feeling of satisfaction eating from their partner's plate.

But most guys don't like this. It makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable eating properly from their plates. As bad as the situation may be, it could make them lose appetite. This is one thing most women don't know piss guys off, which is why men wish women knew about this.

29. A guy doesn’t entertain a clingy girl

There's an urge to always be around someone you like, whether it's physically, on a phone call, or you're both texting. A greater percentage of couples have claimed this happens mostly to girls. They want to be around for as long as they can be.

But most guys don't fancy this. They want to have a moment to miss a girl. Men like women, who give them breathing space but are still interested enough to check up on them or hang out when they feel it's right. This is one of the things men wish women knew about them.

30. They have plans and budgets, too

Most women don't believe in being independent. They think their expenses, bills, and plans should be sponsored or handled by a guy. Some girls don't care about a guy's existing programs. They're so selfish they think a guy can take it all with little or no stress.

But one thing some women fail to understand is that men have plans too. They have their needs and probably that of their loved ones to take care of. They may not say this out, but in reality, they may have more responsibilities to face than many girls, which is one thing they wish a girl knew.

31. Not every guy that talks to you want a relationship

not every guy that talks to you want a relationship

There’s a misconception that most guys that talk to women want more than friendship. But, the truth is, not every guy out there wants a romantic relationship with a lady. Some may just want to talk and hang out later, while some may love a lady’s intelligence to have business ties with her.

Guys may want to know why a lady behaves the way she does or may find her lifestyle interesting. A guy could also be a photographer looking for models and thinks she’s the right model choice. This is something many women are unaware of, even when the guy explains.

32. Guys talk about their girlfriends to their friends more

Guys tell their friends about their girlfriends more than girls do about their boyfriends. But this is not noticeable because guys don't talk about it too much as women do afterward. A woman would show off her man in his presence as well to let him know she's proud of him.

But a man would do that only to his loved ones if he's truly in love with her. The reason being that he may feel it's not necessary to say it, avoid raising unnecessary pride, and some men think women may never be pleased no matter what they do or how sweet they are.

33. Don’t take your emotions out on everybody

Most women have mood swings, especially when they’re pregnant, on their menstruation, or passing through a phase of high hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, they may not be experiencing any of those, but just having a long tiring day, or feeling sad about a bad event.

The problem is not with them having these angry times, but with lashing out at other people, which guys dislike. The truth is, even though some men try to put up with this, not every man has the patience to tolerate a lady’s negative emotions. And this is one thing guys would love women to know about.

34. They don’t like suspense

One of the best things a lady can do to a man is going straight forward to the point she wants to make. Starting a discussion and leaving it halfway or telling a guy not to worry about it is one thing guys don’t like.

That’s because the topic has made them develop keen interest, taken a greater part of their attention, making it annoying when a lady ends a conversation without a proper conclusion. This is one of the things a guy would wish a lady knew not to do.

35. You don’t have to buy too many things

Women love to shop. They love to buy groceries in bulk, gadgets, clothes, and accessories they think they will need even in the future. They don’t mind going around a market or mall to find the things they’ve fantasized about for a long period. 

On the contrary, guys don’t like this, especially when they’re forced to tag along and hold the bags or shopping cart. But the truth is, a guy thinks a lady should get a few things of high quality to give her more free space in her room, house, or any environment she finds herself. This is one thing most guys complain about, which is what they wish women knew.

36. Some days are lazy days

some days are lazy days

Most women believe a guy should always be up doing something or making plans to achieve a goal each day. Guys don’t think so. One of the best things you can do for a guy is to let him have his lazy day when he feels like it.

You can talk to a guy to temporarily help you with something or complete a simple task for you, but not stop him from lazing about when he wants. Except women do it at the right moment, and it’s necessary for a man’s growth or success; that’s when they appreciate a lady for pushing him to work.

37. Guys don’t like overly dramatic girls

When it comes to exaggerating past events or being dramatic about funny situations to improve a sense of humor, men love it. But, when a lady over-reacts to a problem, especially it's minor or has a solution, it could piss a guy off.

This is one reason why guys love to hang out with calm but outspoken ladies. They love women that can still coordinate their brains when they're under pressure but not blow it out for the whole world to know. Most women don't know this, but it's one thing men wish women knew.

38. Don’t tell a guy about an issue you don’t want him to fix

When you talk to a guy, it's best to let him know if you want him to advise you, help you pick from the options you already have, or completely solve your problem. This is because most times, men feel a woman needs a solution to a problem when she talks to them.

Guys love to advise ladies. It makes them feel good and gives them some assurance any relationship they're building with the lady is progressing. Not many girls know this, and not every guy would say this openly, which is why it's one of the things men wish ladies knew.

39. Return their favorite shirts when you take them

Men don't mind lending out their shirts, sweaters, wristbands, and other personal belongings or letting ladies wear them. The only issue they have with this is when women find it hard to return those shirts and sweaters after use. That's because, compared to women, they have fewer clothes and accessories.

On the contrary, women love to wear men's oversized shirts to move around and take photos in them, which guys dislike. Men may not sound angry when asking for women to return them, but sometimes, they always wish girls knew better, to return their shirts after borrowing them.

40. Their loved ones should love you for them to date you

Many guys respect their friends, family members, and their judgment of any woman they would love to date. Except they don’t trust their loved ones’ views about things generally. But, a guy would take you to hang out with him and the people he trusts.

That’s because he wants to see how well you’ll behave with them, your attitude towards them, and how much they’ll accept you. But this would be from a guy who likes you and wants to be in a long-term relationship with you. This is something a guy wishes a woman to know.

41. Don’t yell at your boyfriend in public

No matter how complicated the situation is, never yell at your boyfriend or any other guy in public. It’s embarrassing to them and could make them have low self-esteem, depending on the situation or the number of times you do it.

A guy would prefer a woman to correct his mistakes or complain about them privately when it’s the two of them, not to let the whole world know what they’re both going through. They want a girl to respect them as much as they do to them. This is one of the things every guy out there wishes every woman knew. 

42. You don’t need to advise them on their problems

Unlike ladies, guys don’t like it when you advise them, except they ask you to. They may just want you to be a listening ear. This is because most girls feel they should mother a guy instead of being a partner. 

A guy doesn’t want you to guide him or tell him how to live his life; he wants you to compliment it. So, he’d prefer you give suggestions when you’re asked, but with much flexibility to allow him to apply them if he wants to or not. This is one of the things most guys would love a woman to know.

43. They only care about their woman. Even after flirting

It takes a long period for a guy to fall in love with a woman. But when he does, he'll value and cherish her with his whole heart. Any other thing guys do with another woman may be purely physical. It's not an excuse for them to cheat or misbehave with their girlfriend. 

And it's not a reason for them to feel it's okay to talk or flirt with other girls when they have a girlfriend. But in reality, this is how most guys live their lives. Some of them may be thinking of their girlfriends as they're flirting or having fun. This could be as a result of a conflict or argument in their relationship.

44. Guys won’t hook your ugly friends with their friends

If you're a girl, you have single friends, and you ask your guy or your male best friend to hook your friends up with his friends, he won't if he thinks they're not attractive enough. A guy may come up with excuses or reasons why your friends shouldn't meet his friends.

He may not say it in an offensive way, so you don't get upset, but he'll look for ways to make your plans naturally unsuccessful. This is why they plan their hangouts at an unsuitable and unpredictable time, different from girls.

45. Not all guys love surprises

Because girls love surprises as they see how excited and happy their female friends look when they get them, they feel guys love surprises, too. But the truth is, most guys are not loyal fans of surprises.

They love to plan and take the right steps to a situation. It doesn't mean they don't love surprises, but they feel it should fit right into the moment and be worth the time. For a guy, surprises should only happen once in a while when it's necessary, like a marriage proposal or surprise lunch at work when they're famished.

46. They love their ‘me’ time

they love their 'me' time

One of the things guys love most getting the opportunity to have their personal time. But, not every woman knows this. Girls believe you'll get a man's attention when you keep occupying him or bringing up topics for discussion.

But the truth is, guys love to have their ' me' time as often as they can, especially after the conclusion of a project, stressful week, or when they're in a relationship. Letting a guy have his personal space and time is one of the things many guys want girls to know, especially when couples are involved.

47. Video games make them happier and open-minded

Playing a video game does not just take a guy's time for nothing. It trains their brains, fingers, and other parts of their bodies to think fast and know different creative life hacks. Giving a guy time to play his video game would contribute greatly to your relationship.

A guy who plays any game, whether it's a computer or video game, has a higher probability of being happy and giving you more affection if you give him a chance, compared to a guy who doesn't. This is one of the things a guy wishes every woman should know.

48. Don’t ask your guy a secret about his friend

Guys tend to have the guy code to keep their moves coded and unknown by other people. As a girl, if you ask a guy what went on during their guys’ hangout the previous night, he won’t let it out. He’ll keep the secret of anything that happened.

Guys do this for specific reasons; to avoid exposing their friends if they went wild or did the things their girlfriends and other loved ones would disapprove, or stop you from knowing the kind of fun they have when they’re together. This is one thing guys want girls to know about them.

49. Guys don’t mean to hurt you

Most guys are nonchalant about the things they see, say, or do. They don’t think deeply before acting, especially to please a girl. This is one of the reasons why most things they do hurt girls. To them, women love expensive gifts, while to a woman, thoughtful gifts are better.

The same thing applies to situations where they unconsciously flirt with a woman without knowing its meaning or how much they hurt their girlfriends. Not all girls understand, which is one of the things a guy would wish his girl knew.

50. A guy would do anything to get your attention

Sometimes a girl may feel a guy is too loud or unnecessarily friendly with people around her. This could be because he wants to attract her attention. A guy would do anything to get a girl to notice him. 

As the case may be, a guy could buy a lady and her friends some drinks, snacks, pay for her goods or walk up to talk to her. Sometimes they could go as far as borrowing an outfit, an accessory, or something huge like a car just to show how much they want to attract a girl. Even though a guy would wish a lady could know this, not all women appreciate it.

51. Reassure your boyfriend of your love

One of the things guys wish girls knew is that they love attention, too. Like girls, guys love to hear how much their girlfriends love them as often as possible. They may not say it or request it from a girl, but they expect her to know.

In most relationships, girls have the upper hand in either of the couples telling the other how much they love each other. But guys love to hear this too. It doesn’t matter if a girl tells them in reality or text; they just want to feel accepted.


What do guys wish their girlfriends knew?

Many guys don’t like it when their girlfriends. They want girls to say things as it is, and not expecting them to understand clues or guess what’s happening. Guys wish their girlfriends knew they don’t have feelings for the girls they flirt with. They want you to know they love you regardless, with no makeup.

What do guys find attractive in a girl?

Guys love girls that have good brains, pretty lips, are understanding, and crazy. They love a girl that is independent, has a lovely and mature appearance, nice hair, a pretty smile, kind, and responsible. In addition to that, they love girls that have a great sense of humor and are confident to face any situation.

What things do guys do when they like a girl?

Most guys feel nervous around the girls they like. They’ll tease her, ask many questions, and check up on her even when she’s around them. A guy who likes a girl would try to find out her relationship status, give body gesture cues, be more friendly with her than others, and stay active on her social media page.

What do guys like about girls?

Guys love girls that are always happy and fun to be with. Girls who are exciting, playful, and cheerful attract guys, too. Guys like it when a girl laughs teases them and has a great sense of humor. They avoid girls that are constantly stressed, unhappy, nag about everything, or constantly insecure

Do men like short girls?

Every man has a preference. Some of them love short girls, while others don’t. Many guys love their short girls because they feel those girls will complement their looks and they won’t feel intimidated, especially if they’re short. Other guys, especially the short ones, prefer tall girls because they want to boost their egos.


It’s natural to have a boyfriend or male best friend and be uncomfortable or clueless as to why he acts or reacts to your behavior. Read the 51 things guys wish girls knew I’ve mentioned for a guide. Also, please leave a comment and share this article with others if you liked it.

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