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When A Guy Ignores You After An Argument (Do These 5 Things)

Last updated on June 11, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Did you just have a misunderstanding with your male partner and now he

Is a special guy ignoring you after an argument?

Do you want to know why men sometimes behave this way? 

More importantly, do you want to know how to fix things? 

If so, read on because this guide explains all you need to know. 

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Why Does A Guy Ignore You After An Argument 

As we all know, when two people are in a relationship, arguments and fights are bound to happen. Both parties tend to act silly towards each other and after a while, they fix things up. But in a situation where ignorance is the key, especially for guys, then there must be a vital reason for this. Let’s figure out what the reasons are! 

1. He Is Mad At You And Can’t Just Deal With It 

This is one vital reason why guys tend to ignore their girlfriends when after a misunderstanding. Can you just imagine yourself having issues with your mom or dad and you can’t express how you feel just because they are your parents and you respect them so much? That's how your boyfriends feel after picking up a fight or an argument with you. 

When a guy ignores you after an argument just because he doesn’t want to be mad at you, it really shows how much he respects and loves you, and if the ignorance in your relationship from the part of your boyfriend is due to this, know you are in for it. 

2. You Are Always In Need 

“Why is this guy ignoring my calls and text message?” 

This could be because your text messages or calls are all about your complaints. You really don’t care about him. Each time you call it’s always about yourself nothing else.

The reason given above is a very common one, especially for ladies who often act as a burden to their boyfriends. In a relationship where you as a girl talk about things you need or problem you are facing to your man, and he shows some signs of concern, it indicates the man cares a lot about you. 

But when the time comes for you to reciprocate the same thing, your reactions make him feel like he doesn’t know what he is doing, and for that, he feels depressed and unhappy whenever he sees your call or texts. 

Talking to you doesn’t make him feel happy in the relationship, so ignoring you is a way to push you away from him or even make you realize your mistakes (if and only if he has told you about it though).

3. He Needs A Break From You 

This is another common reason why guys ignore their girlfriends. Although this reason is not a good one because he can always walk up to you just to make you understand that he needs space for a while and I’m sure you won’t be against it even if you seem sad about it.

But consider a situation where the guy can’t tell you directly because he is afraid he might lose you in the process or you may think otherwise of him while he is being sincere. Then the perfect thing for him to do is ignore you.

Is it like pulling teeth getting him to spend time with you?
The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level. The number #1 factor that causes men to behave this way is actually relatively easy to change with a few subtle things you can say to him.

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4. He Wants To End The Relationship 

This is a sad but bitter truth. Some guys are cowards, they really can’t summon the courage to move to a girl, and tell her they are no longer interested in the relationship; instead what you see is he is ignoring you. If that guy whom you call your one and only, honey bunny or whatever term of endearment you like, feels it's time to break up with you he might consider ignoring you. 

While he might be considering telling you, he can’t just bring himself to your face maybe because of fear or some other things. While he is ignoring you, he might be thinking you’ve gotten the signal so there is no need for him to tell you again since you are an adult who should understand. 

5. He Has A Lot Doing 

For me, this is a genuine reason why a guy keeps silent with his girlfriend. You should know your boyfriend’s life doesn’t revolve around you alone. There are other things such as family, business, kids (if you people are married), etc his mind might be preoccupied with so being in contact with you might be a problem. 

Some people will say “why can’t he draw a timetable to schedule his activities?”. Well, this is easier said than done. Even students who should only think about their studies do forget their books at home so why shouldn’t a man in a relationship who has a lot of things to do forget things on his schedule?. If he has the time he won’t ignore you. So if a guy ignores you because of this after an argument, don’t do otherwise. 

6. He Is Promiscuous

This reason needs a lot of facts to prove it right.  Before you can conclude a guy is cheating outside a relationship, you need to assess many suspicious behaviors. A hint is snooping through his phone and also noting if he hangs out with other women

If your suspicion is right, then this reason is genuine. An argument with you will give him the opportunity to ignore you and move with someone else out there. 

7. He Doesn’t Like Phone Talks 

There are a lot of guys out there who don’t like talking with people on the phone, especially when it’s their dating partner. So if your man falls under this category, then he could be ignoring you habitually. This is not something intentional, he just doesn’t want to talk on the phone.

He might prefer physical conversation where you both see and touch each other. So having an argument or a fight with this kind of guy will lead to him ignoring you.

8. He Feels Irritated Seeing Or Talking To People Around Him

Some guys are introverts, so they don’t really like social lives. Therefore, your guy might be ignoring you because of this and it’s not only you, everyone else too. This act might seem unfair but that is his way of life. Introverts would always give silent treatment even when there is no argument or fight between them and their partners. So if you have an affair with someone like this be ready to face his ignorance.

9. He Can’t Figure Out The Reason For The Misunderstanding 

Sometimes you and your boyfriend might be fighting or arguing over irrelevant things which don’t seem to make sense to him. Your guy could ignore you for this just to ensure the fight or argument doesn’t get out of hands. Being ignored because of this is usually for a while.  

10. He Doesn’t Want To Worsen The Situation 

When you are being ignored by him after an argument, it could be because he doesn’t want the matter to escalate beyond how it is. Maybe he wants the atmosphere to cool down so you can both settle things amicably. He believes ignoring you will make things die down as fast as possible.  

This kind of thing happens when you are in public or when you’ve got relatives around you at the moment of the argument. For me, he is being matured by doing this. 

Now you’ve got the best reasons why guys ignore ladies after an argument. Could there be something that could be done to solve this issue?. Of course yes, this can be solved. The way you act after when he ignores you really matters. For you to understand what I’m saying, let’s consider the next topic “what to do when he ignores you after a fight”.

What To Do When He Ignores You After A Fight? 

In a situation like this, you need to approach it tactfully and make sure you don’t mitigate the fight but maintain intimacy with each other. Your aim should be to settle the matter amicably and not respond with the silent treatment. Listed below are some of the things you can do when a guy ignores you after an argument.

1. Try To Have A Conversation With Him 

When something like this happens, you just need to be strategic in whatever actions you take. You have to give the guy time to think about what happened. Once this is done, you observe that both of you are in your right headspace, and the guy is willing to discuss the situation, then initiate the conversation. You can start by letting him know you never imagined you could act that way, and his actions did hurt you.  

Don’t start the conversation by blaming or accusing him of initiating the argument. For instance, how do you expect someone whom you did have an issue with to feel when you call him a liar at the beginning of a discussion where you both want to settle?. It does not seem right. In the act of trying to settle the fight, try to let him understand how you felt. 

2. Try To Take The Blame And Apologize If Necessary 

Try to analyze the situation to see what you’ve done wrong. No one will laugh at you if you apologize just to keep your relationship. This will show you are matured and your partner will surely respect you for this. Make sure you are being sincere with your apology. 

3. Do Something He Likes 

When a situation like this comes up in your relationship, it’s time for you to bring a smile to the face of your boyfriend. This can be achieved by going extra miles to do what he likes in a perfect way.  If you know his favorite meal, try to prepare it. He is going to feel happy and will be willing to have a talk after the wonderful meal. 

4. Let Him Understand You Can’t Stand It When He Ignores You 

This is one of the things I’m very good at. When I observe he is ignoring me after an argument, I will make sure I put down my ego and try to reach out to him every day.  I will try to say sweet words to him just to make him calm. 

Try to express your love without any inhibitions and prove to him he is a top priority and you are willing to do anything for him. Once you can do this he will come back to his senses and realize it’s time to end the ignorance.

4. Try To Create New Memories By Going On Dates And Outings 

It’s wise to rekindle the love with dates and outings in order for both of you to forget the bad memories. Use this time to plan something nice with him. Things such as going on a date, clubbing together, etc. Spending time together is very important after an argument so you can both talk things out. 

5. Communicate With Him Through His Friends And Relatives 

When a guy ignores you after an argument, and you can’t reach him after the issue, you can try to reach him via his friends or relatives. It’s even advisable for you to reach his relatives because they are your in-laws.  You really can’t tell if he isn't cool with his friends knowing something about his relationship.  


What To Do When He Ignores You After A Fight?

There is no special thing that can be done but to take the following steps:

1. Try to know the reason why he is ignoring you.
2. Apologize if possible.
3. Try to surprise him with what he likes best.
4. Don’t approach him immediately after the fight.

What To Do If A Man Ignores You? 

Once this happens, don’t take time before you resolve the issue. You can do the following: 

1. Give him time to calm down.
2. Try to be vulnerable.
3. Take the blame if possible.
4. Don’t pester him with too many calls and texts.
5. Speak about it with him.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Ignores You? 

This means there is an issue between the both of you because no one ignores a woman or someone so dear to them without a reason. Some reasons gathered include: 

1. He wants to test your endurance in the relationship. 
2. He wants you to give him attention. 
3. He wants to be in control of everything.

When A Guy Goes Quiet After An Argument?

When this happens you don’t need to reciprocate. All you have to do is take time for everything to settle down, then try to initiate a conversation with him. If he still doesn’t want to talk to you, you can reach his relatives for things to be settled.

Why do guys give the silent treatment? 

There is no specific answer to this as every guy has a different temperament. While some guys ignore you because  they don’t want to hurt your feelings, some might give you silent treatment when you are pestering them alot. But it’s advisable to always try to know from him why he is acting that way.


It’s not something strange when two people who are into each other fight. Most of the time they try to ignore each other just to prevent the issue from moving beyond where it was at the beginning. 

As for me, when I see my boyfriend ignoring me, I rather take the steps listed above than give him silent treatment also. What about you?

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  1. My boyfriend has schizotypal disorder and I left his apt after living with him through the pandemic I left because he starting drinking everyday. I could not handle the situation as much as I love him. He says he loves me too but he is disappointed I left and he asked me for time to calm down he says he is hurt because I left him. We haven't seen each other it's being almost a month and I am very sad I dont know what to do to get him to speak to me either in person or on phone. He texted me but he says he is not ready to see me yet. What should I do?

  2. This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. If he ignores you he doesn't give a f*ck and he is emotionally abusing you. Don't apologise get your ass following as many boys as possible on instagram 🙂

  3. We had an argument with my boyfriend, I confronted him about his ex fiancee,few months back he assured to me that they are no longer dating but I now brought back the issue again.and he said I don't trust him that's why am bringing back bygones...now we are now on the silent treatment terms, and I know am at fault, please how can I maintain our relationship ?

  4. Hi, i have this LDR relationship with a devirced guy. Its been aomost 10 months since we met Things went well. We discussed & talked about our common intrests. We had also touched those issues about people we met on datings sites. He told me that he had met few people online before he met me & they remained goid frienda. I asked him if he got a chance to get close to any woman & told his life stories. He said he had a few that known to him got years but know nothing about him. Its only me knows everything about him. Last 2 weeks, we came across about his good lady friend who celebrated her birthday with her daughter as they have their birthdays couple of days apart. He told me that he greeted them. So i started to ask, how his friend doesnt know everything about him while they have known each other for years? Then he replied: Youre being sarcastic now. I never said SHE knows nothing about me. She knows my life history. Hers is the same. We shared notes." I was a bit surprised." Then I did screebshots of our chats to let him see that he said those words that im only one( whom he met online) knows about his stories. Then he started questioning me like: why are you looking for ab argument? Are you like this always looking for an argument? Ididnt look for an argumen. He told me that when he said suc, he was referring to the other lady friend he liked before. I tried to provedl that it wasnt. And whether he is referring between the two of his friends, still,im not the only person he had told his stories with. Then I told him that why cant just admit that he is also incobsistwnt sometimes So that was the story started. Now his mad & upset with me. He is mad because accordibmbg hin im accusing as a liar which i didnt. Hes been ignoring me more than 2 weeks now. Tried to call & message him last few days ago & but hes still ignoring it. Any advice,?

    1. Should move on and enjoy your life, trust me he will eventually reach out again just to see if you’ll miss him, it’s emotional abuse to ignore someone not once but 2 weeks!

  5. Hi, so I was in a relationship with someone for 5 years the 6th year was the worst! Just recently found out he was living with his ex-partner/wife while seeing me in our 6th year. I went to her house and his dam car was sitting right outside her house. I knocked on her door all i wanted to know is was he there she said no his kids said no and were they together or not! She couldn't answer but was happy to tell me he was living there. Sadly our argument happened infront of their 2 teens and i walked away feeling like shit! Ive never been in that position ever! I walked back down her driveway texted him said I'm leaving and Goodbye... Yet he kept texting me after I left about how I've fucked up his chances with his kids and more bullshit about how they're actually not together... Im hurting but i absolutely hate him now!! Im a mess! Nobody would've ever seen this turn out like this because he was absolutely loving and dropped everything to be there for me, spend time with me, he took on all my stresses, I know he loved me but now this shit!!! We haven't spoken for a few days and I cant see us repairing this. I'm not sure but I am so pissed off at him for lying to me and then blaming me! Idiot!

  6. I was looking for advice online thru Google, and ended up on this site. I truly hope this is not the advice women are taking. As a man even reading this article was offensive. The entire time it felt like it was nothing more than assuming men cheat. Assumption is almost every women's number one mistake. In fact maybe they're just trying to talk to you and you're not listening. Telling women that they should take the blame for an argument before even assessing whether or not they are right or wrong, which honestly that doesn't even matter, there is no right and wrong, is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. If someone actually pays this woman to write this kind of crap I can't imagine the money I would make writing a real article about what men are thinking when they are ignoring you. This kind of advice is what causes suspicion and distrust in relationships.

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