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Annoying Things Girls Do: 25 Things Every Guy Hates

As women, we think that everything we do is amazing. Often, we have the best intentions. Sometimes, we’re just flat out clueless. I admit it, I’m a bit biased. I think us women are fantastic. So, I went straight to the source. Some of my best guy friends contributed with some things they’ve seen in quite a few women that drive them up the wall. 

Annoying Things Girls Do That Men Can’t Stand

Let’s face it, we think we are great. It makes perfect sense that looking amazing is worth a little wait, but we also need to remember that behaving that way is inconsiderate towards a man’s time. 

In fact, there are plenty of things that women do that can drive guys away. Our men might not tell us that we’re unintentionally driving them crazy, but the more of these things you do, the more annoying your guy might find you. 

It hurts to hear that. I cringed a tiny bit when I typed it. The fact is, men and women are so different that we’re bound to annoy each other. However, there are some things we can work on, especially things that are just downright rude. There are also a few things that we can improve on if we’re guilty of certain things on the list. 

Keep in mind that these answers came from real-life men. Most of them on the list I heard repeatedly, and that’s how they earned their spot on this list. These are not from professionals or psychologists. Instead, they’re possibly from your local group of guys. 

1. Mood swings

Mood swings

As women, our bodies are designed to create life. Most of our months are spent cycling through hormones to prepare our bodies for ovulation. Next, we get the raging hormones that happen when we are not impregnated. It makes sense we tend to have our fair share of mood swings. 

However, those mood swings can be a problem. They’re especially frustrating for the guys in our life that don’t understand them. To help deal with this, it’s important to learn healthy coping skills and not take out our raging hormones on our men. We don’t like having to deal with them, so it makes sense that we wouldn’t want our guys to have to deal with them either. 

If you find that your mood swings are uncontrollable, consider talking to a professional. A psychologist can help you find the source of your mood swings and learn to control them. Your physician might be able to prescribe things to help you. You do have options. If you find that your household is walking on eggshells, it’s time to take control of your moods. 

2. Menstruation

Personally, I don’t like that this one is on the list. It’s not our fault that we have periods. The thing that seems to bother guys isn’t menstruation itself. Instead, it’s how we become mean when it’s that time of the month. We get irritable. They feel obligated to bring us chocolate or provide wine to avoid the daily arguments. 

Looking at that from a male perspective, I do understand why it’s earned a place on the list. Instead of throwing around bad behavior and using menstruation as a means to justify it, it’s important that we ladies learn how to deal with that. Over the counter products like Midol are awesome. Heating pads help with cramps. We can make more of an effort for our boyfriends. 

3. Too many selfies

Some guys love taking pictures together, but some guys don’t. Try to limit the number of selfies you take with your guy to a couple a week if you can’t resist taking them and he’s less than interested in participating. 

4. Pretend to be something you are not

When girls like a guy, they try to be everything that guy wants. There is nothing attractive about being fake, though. Either you mesh well with someone, or you don’t. You are amazing and will find someone that thinks you’re equally amazing. Don’t change who you are or give up your values for a guy you just met that has mesmerizing eyes. You’ll wind up regretting it in the end. 

5. Saying you’re fine when you are clearly upset

We’re all guilty of this. I’m guilty of this at times. Our men would much rather we effectively communicate what is going on. Saying I’m upset and don’t want to talk about it right now is a great alternative to the classic “I’m fine.” with a stone-cold glare. Not communicating is one of the most annoying things girls do.

6. Complaining about how you look 

Confidence is sexy. Low self-esteem is not. More than anything, guys hate that women complain about how they look and then don’t do anything about it. If you don’t like something about yourself, work on it. If you don’t want to do that, accept yourself for the way you are. We all have flaws. 

7. Being mean, and then trying to be adorable to get away with it

Sometimes, that means the girl inside us comes to the surface. There’s nothing cute about trying to butter up your boyfriend or showering them with attention before sweeping bad behavior under the rug. In fact, this can be a toxic relationship

Instead, we ladies need to accept responsibility for our behavior, apologize and work on being nicer to each other and our guys. Justifying disrespectful behavior by being cute is another one of the annoying things girls do that a lot of guys don’t find amusing.

8. Leaving people waiting while we spend hours getting ready

We do care about our appearance, and our guys typically appreciate this. However, spending an extra hour or two getting ready while we leave them waiting is another of the annoying things girls do. In fact, it’s rude. It shows that you don’t respect their time. Instead, try getting ready earlier so you’ll look amazing and not be late. 

9. Paying more attention to our phone’s than our boyfriends (especially when on dates)

Paying more attention to our phone’s than our boyfriends (especially when on dates)

Even if we’re social butterflies and are getting texts all day and night from our friends, it can be rude to check them and laugh at the group chat while we’re on a date. Instead, we should put our phones away from time to time to spend quality time with our love. It’s not only important for us ladies to find a balance, but it’s important for our relationships. 

10. Constantly requiring male validation 

Attention seeking is not adorable. Not only is it one of the annoying things girls do, but it’s also a huge turn off for men. Every guy wants to know that other guys also want their girl, but there’s a big difference between a guy checking us out at the gas station and posting skanky pictures online because we want some validation. This reeks of low self-esteem, which isn’t sexy. 

11. Always asking his opinion on your appearance

He always thinks you look great, and more than likely doesn’t always want to tell you when you don’t. Besides, you should value your own opinion above anyone else's. Instead of asking for his opinion every day and night, look in a mirror and ask yourself how you think you look. 

12. Make a guy their everything

Making your man everything in your world has definitely earned its place on the list of annoying things girls do. When ladies do this, they tend to get lost in their relationships. They don’t have hobbies. They haven’t talked to their closest girlfriend in months. 

When we really like a guy, it probably makes sense that we want to spend every waking moment enjoying how wonderful they are. 

For men, that equates to needy and clingy. Not only is it one of the most annoying things girls do, but it’s also not healthy. You are your own person. Goals and personal relationships don’t get put on hold for a man. Instead, actively pursue your interests while he does his own thing. It’s healthy to have a life outside of your relationships with men. 

13. Complain but never change anything

If you have a problem, fix it, according to men. Men are fixers. Women are social creatures, by nature. It makes sense that we would rather talk about a problem and they would rather take immediate action. However, that’s another difference that leads to this earning a spot on the list. 

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Guys aren’t just finding it bothersome when women complain about the car needing to be fixed as a hint. They mean when we complain about our weight, but refuse to make changes. They find it pointless to complain about things but never fix them. Talking out a problem and complaining are fine, but there’s also nothing wrong with finding a solution to the problem. 

14. Talk too much

Whether this is one of the annoying things that girls do or not actually depends on the man. Some women like to talk for hours, but so do some men. Whether your guy likes to talk a lot is up to his personality. 

Likewise, how much you enjoy talking to other people is up to yours. If you’re a woman that loves chatting with friends for hours on end with an introverted partner who is the quiet type, remember that there’s nothing wrong with talking to friends or family, either. 

16. Saying they don’t know where they want to eat, and thinking it’s cute

The internet is flush with memes about having a girlfriend that doesn’t know what to eat. This has led to even more meals when a girl will not only not know what she wants to eat, but also think it’s cute. Being indecisive is not only one of the annoying things girls do, but it’s also frustrating for our partners. As an adult, you know what type of food you like. Just tell him. 

17. Answering questions with “I don’t care” 

Answering questions with “I don’t care”

This is another of those things girls do that can drive their partner crazy. If you care, speak up. If you’re trying to decide on a restaurant, voice an opinion. When you honestly don’t care, tell him why you don’t care. 

For example, if you don’t care where you go for a date, tell him that it doesn’t matter because you just want to spend time with him. Then, don’t complain about whatever he picks. This instantly makes it less frustrating for our boyfriends. 

18. We need to relax more

Some men actually complained about a girl that cleans too much. If there’s a mess it needs to be cleaned up. Between looking amazing, keeping a spotless house, working, and everything else on our plates, it makes sense we would be busy people. 

However, our guys might appreciate it if we would leave the mess for a little later and give them some love too. Making sure there is balance is key. 

19. Pretending to be unintelligent

This trend in women began in the nineties. It’s still one of those things girls do, and it’s not exactly attractive. The stereotype of the dumb blonde combined with the misconception that men prefer blondes led to women thinking that men actually prefer a woman that is not as intelligent as them. 

Study after study finds that intelligent women have a harder time finding someone they want as a partner, which further adds to the misconception that females need to dumb themselves down. 

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, men like to be able to have an intelligent conversation with their partners. They don’t always want someone that doesn’t know what’s going on in the world or sounds unintelligent. 

20. Being too invasive

Certain things that a girl will interpret as curiosity are easily interpreted as a girl being too invasive. We might ask who just sent them a message because we’re nosey, but they might think this is because we’re insecure. It’s easy to come off as being jealous or thinking that they are going to cheat if we’re always asking who they are talking to or who they are with. 

21. The silent treatment

Not wanting to talk to someone until you calm down is one thing. Intentionally ignoring a person and failing to communicate regarding your emotions is beyond just immature, it’s a form of abuse. If you are in doubt about that, check out this article

Instead, take a time out and learn effective communication techniques so that you and your partner can collaborate on things together. 

22. We like to plan things way in advance

This isn’t always one of the annoying things girls do. In fact, some partners appreciate it! However, if your guy consistently resists making plans in advance, it might not be his favorite thing about you.

Consider making plans without him, and then fine-tuning him when it gets closer to the date of those plans. You’ll get to make plans as far in advance as you need to in order to feel comfortable, and he’ll be able to put things off like he wants to. 

23. Not giving good guy’s a chance

If there’s one thing that good guys hate, it’s hearing about how there are no good guys left. Then, they get to watch a girl go after the bad boys. Or they hear the comments about how all the good guys are gay. 

I’m not saying that you should give every sweet guy a chance if he’s not your type, but maybe we could stop telling our guy friends about how there aren’t any good ones in the world. 

24. Pretend to like someone you hate

Women do tend to do this a lot more than men do. If you know that your guy considers this one of the annoying things that girls do, try gossiping about people with other girls instead. We tend to understand each other a bit better. 

25. Doing the bare minimum, but expecting men to go above and beyond

Another of the annoying things girls do is when girls expect men to reach up and pull down the moon but won’t even bother to do a simple task for them. Not all girls are like this, but we’ve all seen one or two relationships before that sum this up nicely. If you have standards, understand that your man has standards too. They deserve the same thought and respect that we do.

26. Acting amazing until you get a man

This is another common complaint about girls. In the beginning, girls go above and beyond to impress a guy. Our nails are done. Eyebrows on point. We always smell delicious and wear a sexy nightie to bed. (To be fair, some men go above and beyond and change as time goes on too.) 

Fast forward to months or years down the road. The sexy nighties are no more. Sexy romps before bed will mess up your hair. Eyebrows are never done, and having smooth legs becomes a rare occasion. They fall in love with the way that girls are in the beginning, and it can lead to problems down the road when girls change. 

It’s not just a girl’s appearance that can change. It’s also attitude. In the beginning, girls will want to impress a guy. They want to be the perfect girl. Dates are full of sweet smiles and conversations are filled with our sweet voices. Later down the road, those sweet smiles are replaced with smirks and voices transform to sarcastic tones. 

This can be more than annoying, it can destroy a relationship. It’s important to find balance and keep the romance alive that was there in the beginning. It’s also important to just be yourself. Either he’ll like you or he won’t. 


How do you annoy a woman?

Not doing certain things will instantly annoy a woman. Don’t clean house. Stop picking up after yourself. Forgetting to take the trash out. When men don’t listen or communicate it can drive her crazy. Organizing all of her things for her will instantly annoy a woman

What are the most annoying things a boyfriend can do?

If you leave stuff all over the house, it’s instantly annoying. Not listening when a woman talks, sending message after message, and being too clingy can get annoying over time. When a boyfriend disregards your opinions and advice it can also be pretty annoying. 

How do you annoy a guy?

Men find it annoying when girls want to take selfies all day every day, spend hours shopping for one thing, and when they refuse to communicate. Low self-esteem and asking for their opinion on everything also make it to this list. 

How do you annoy someone you hate?

Be overly nice to them. If they don’t like you, it will definitely get under their skin. Wave and exclaim “hi!” when you see them. Be friends with their friends. If they try to be nice to you, ignore them. No one likes being ignored. 

What do guys like that their girlfriends do?

They love it when their girlfriend steals their hoody. When we make plans and surprise them, they appreciate it. Men enjoy a woman that shows self-confidence and has no problem making decisions on her own. It’s nice to feel needed, but men don’t want to deal with girls that are too needy. 

In Conclusion

It turns out that men find quite a few things that we women do annoying. What would you add to the list? Any advice for the rest of us women?

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