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What Do Guys Like In a Girl? (33 Things Guys Like in a Girl)

Do you get the feeling that you’re just not ‘girlfriend material’? 

Are you sick and tired of men using you for short-term flings, but nothing more? 

Perhaps you worry that you’ll never get the chance to start a family with a man who truly cares about you? 

If so, my list of 33 traits that men absolutely love in a woman will help you. 

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By adding this skill on top of the personality traits listed below, you can expect plenty of men to obsess over you. 

From a huge zest for life and a sense of adventure to a certain confidence that just oozes sex appeal, the following traits are what drive men absolutely when it comes to women and make him one step closer to falling in love.

33 Things Guys Like in a Girl

Are you wondering what most men find attractive in girls? Although popular knowledge constantly portrays a man’s affinity for a lady’s body, there are several different things that guys adore about women. If you’re asking, “What do guys like in a girl?” we’re here to help.

This article highlights thirty-three hidden factors that a guy can’t resist in a girl. You can use this knowledge to improve your relationships with male associates. See the following traits most women never knew could cause a guy to notice them. 

1. Femininity

One of the things that men absolutely love about women is their delicate nature. Being feminine is an attractive thing, and it unconsciously endears people care for females. Although most women don’t need support from men, males are willing to offer this gesture because of their delicateness. 

Therefore, being womanlike is naturally an appealing quality to males. Whether or not you embrace your feminine side, men tend to find the qualities of a woman attractive. Even so, it makes them eager to cater to your demands and care for you. They’ll pay attention to you because they find your subtle nature appealing.

2. Sense of humor

Guys love girls that have a goofy side because they want to feel relaxed around them. If she knows how to laugh at a joke, or perhaps, say some of hers, the connection will be instant. More so, it means that the man can be his genuine self around her. This process might be much different for a self-absorbed girl. 

If a lady is afraid to tell jokes or laugh at someone else’s, the mood will be too serious for any real connection to happen. It would also increase the tension between the two of them. They’d always have to think of subjects to talk about. 

3. Confidence

A woman who knows what she wants will always be attractive to males. The more she appreciates her qualities and displays self-assuredness, the more men would want to stick around her. However, a lack of confidence can be discouraging to males. If a lady doesn’t know her true worth, it will affect the way she interacts with potential suitors.

More so, some guys might find it tedious to make a lady find assurance in herself. It only makes sense to consider dating someone who already has a certain amount of level-headedness and assertiveness. Therefore, building faith in yourself will undoubtedly attract the right guy to you.

4. Playfulness

Men love women they can joke around with. It reduces the tension in the relationship and ensures great memories are created. More so, it allows them to build a unique bond with themselves. 

On the contrary, if a lady constantly has serious facial expressions, always wears a frown, and can’t seem to play around with anyone, a man will feel too intimidated to speak to her. Such traits might also discourage the man from displaying interest in her. 

He would unconsciously believe that any association with such a lady would be too rigid. More so, that they wouldn’t have exciting moments together. Therefore, having a playful spirit will guarantee more advances from males.

5. Adventurous

Many men often fall for spontaneous girls. Although being predictable seems a little bit more secure, they undoubtedly cherish ladies who create new, exciting atmospheres around themselves. It makes them feel confident that a relationship with them would be exhilarating. 

Understand that being adventurous doesn’t mean taking things over the top. It could be in little ways like wearing a different hairstyle now and then or cooking a new meal to surprise your partner. Guys love little spontaneous acts like these as much as they love the big ones. It would also make them want you around even more. 

6. Intelligence

Being smart is an attractive feature in any girl. It always comes in handy during tough moments, and guys naturally want ladies they can confide in and speak to about their problems. If a girl is too dull to provide input, they’ll inevitably believe that the association is deficient. 

You don’t necessarily need to be smarty-pants about every subject. Instead, you should be able to contribute in your little way.

Solving critical problems is also another reason why males like smart females. It means they can trust them with important issues, and also seek insight about several matters. They wouldn’t have to meet outsiders for support.

7. Family-driven

If a woman values the essence of family, a man would undoubtedly feel relaxed around her. Her home-oriented mindset will make him feel comfortable around her. He’ll desire a relationship with her because he wouldn’t want to lose the bond and closeness they share. Therefore, treating a man like a loved one can help him appreciate you more. 

He’ll see you as a part of his life and would always find your company appealing. He’ll also consider making you a long-term partner and might want to build a home with you. In a nutshell, men see immense affection from women as a captivating trait.

8. Cooking skills

Dating a girl who knows her way around the kitchen is exciting to most males. Since men tend to have a big appetite, they would love a woman who can cook several meals for them. They would also undoubtedly enjoy the experience of having breakfast in bed or waking up to some of their favorite dishes.

There’s also a great sense of closeness that comes with a woman cooking for her partner. He’ll cherish the food more than he’ll appreciate takeouts. More so, he can save a few extra bucks every now and then by skipping some restaurant meals. It’s a win-win situation, and that’s why males love it.

9. Eyes


It’s a common saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. Therefore, a stare from a woman can attract her to a man. This process can make him feel absorbed in her presence, and also crave spending time with her. It can also make her seem more intriguing to his senses. He’ll want to know her more and perhaps, build a connection with her.

If you want to captivate any man’s heart, you should try giving him subtle stares. This act showcases your interest in him and would motivate him to make a move. More so, you’ll make him more conscious of your presence.

10. Patience

Men often see patience as an attractive feature. It makes them believe that a lady will be there for them through the rough times. More so, it displays how mature she truly is. Since impatience can often lead to disappointment, quarrels, and frustration; men would avoid this scenario at all costs.

They often face enough stress and wouldn’t want to add to their burden. A lady that truly understands them would ease the tension in the association. More so, it would make dating them easier. They wouldn’t have to put too much effort to make things work. Instead, the lady’s good nature will ensure things fall into place.

11. Grateful heart

Guys love highly appreciative girls. It means that such a lady would be easier to connect with and would be down to earth. Such a woman would also be low maintenance, which many men find appealing. If she knows how to manage herself without complaining too much, men would unconsciously flock around her.

However, any woman who nags a lot will easily repel men. They’ll find it difficult to stay around her, and neither will they be comfortable in her presence. They might be afraid to express their true selves around her to avoid getting on her nerves. 

12. Kindness

Kindness is naturally an attractive feature. People tend to enjoy being around those who treat them well. Therefore, having the right heart will guarantee a successful relationship with any guy. They’ll enjoy talking to you and would also want to spend time with you. 

Males also long for females that can support them through thick and thin. This process is only possible with a kind female. If she has a gentle and tender nature, it can make any guy feel even closer to her. Her benevolent nature would make the association more tight-knit than expected. More so, her partner would appreciate her even more.

13. Determination

Any lady who’s passionate and ambitious will capture the attention of potential suitors. Her dedication towards achieving her goals will be enchanting to like-minded individuals. Therefore, having a strong-willed character will pull guys to you in the most surprising way. You don’t have to focus primarily on finding a partner. 

Having a great amount of dedication towards achieving your goals will make the right people fall for you. Any woman who lacks ambition would most likely attract shady or lazy men. More so, some men might see it as an avenue to take advantage of the woman. However, being determined will help you filter away the wrong suitors.

14. Independence

Although males want ladies to rely on them for things, they tend to dislike overly dependent females. If she wants to be spoon-fed everything without building something on her own, it would be a disappointing trait. Males don’t like girls that demand a lot from them. They would rather build relationships with ladies that contribute something to the table.

If you’re looking for a great partner, it’s essential to have something already working for you. This process would also guarantee that you don’t fall into the wrong hands. More so, that no one takes advantage of you.

15. Creativity

A unique factor that can capture any guy’s heart is your creativity. Whether you play the instrument or know how to express your originality in fun, interesting ways, men will be swoon. Whether it’s a first date or not, the key to getting a man’s attention is by being your authentic self. 

Don’t be afraid to showcase your silly side, or to express yourself in your own way. Trying to imitate someone else’s character would only cause the opposite effect on males. If you have natural talents and gifts, use them in innovative ways. This process would make you seem more interesting to any man.

16. Fierceness

Although guys love the delicate sides of women, they also want their women to be fierce. Such a lady would be able to stand up for herself even when her man isn’t there. She can also control her emotions and has a determined spirit. The best way to build strength and fierceness as a lady is to be independent. 

This process will help you protect the ones you love, even without giving things a second thought. It will also attract the right suitors to you. More so, you'll be able to stand up for yourself in the case of injustice. 

17. Supportive

Men tend to stick around women who bring out the best in them. If you have a supportive nature and can encourage a man to achieve his goals, he’ll undoubtedly cherish you. You'll become a vital aspect of his life, and will be someone he can share his secrets with. You can accomplish this by incorporating both the act of talking and listening to a man.

The more you pay attention to his needs and ensure you can fulfill them to the best of your abilities, the more he’ll value your presence. More so, such a man would long to be in a relationship with you.

18. Smile


A girl’s smile is one of her most attractive physical features. It instantly brightens up any environment she’s in, and makes her appear more appealing to her suitors. If you wear a bright smile, men will undoubtedly become more attracted to you. It’s one of the things that can make a man lose his mind. 

A mile also has many alluring features. It pulls people in and makes them assume you’re indeed welcoming. Guys like women who smile often because it makes them believe that you’d be a friendly companion. Therefore, if you want someone to notice you, ensure you always have a smile on your face.

19. Forgiving heart

Unforgiveness can make a man lose interest in a lady faster than she expects. If she holds grudges longer than necessary, it will be difficult for the man to establish a bond with her. Therefore, one of the most appealing traits a man would find in a lady is a forgiving spirit. 

If she can quickly move on from past grievances without causing more conflict, he’ll be interested in building something worthwhile with her. If you started dating a man with much compassion but soon became stern, the association may soon grow cold. Therefore, imbibing the act of forgiveness where necessary is a critical factor.

20. Affection

Most men love women who can take great care of them. If they sense you’re an affectionate person, they'll undoubtedly consider dating you. This process occurs because men often want to feel love. They are often under pressure to show their affection, so they need a caring partner in return.

Therefore, offering kind acts to a man will make you seem more attractive to him. They’ll crave to be closer to you because your actions make them feel special. More so, he’ll want you as a partner.

21. Friendly nature

Another thing men find appealing in girls is their approachable characters. If you’re warm and friendly, it will be easy for men to communicate with you. More so, it will make the process more fun and adventurous for them. However, this might be difficult with ladies that seem stuck up. If a guy finds it hard to socialize with you, he’ll get discouraged quickly.

Men often interpret a friendly character as being humble, while the opposite and being arrogant. It’s essential to have a cordial approach to all your associations. This process will guarantee the right suitors approach you. 

22. Her voice

Many guys often find a woman’s voice to be one of her most alluring features. Whether it’s high-pitched or low-toned, a woman's voice can captivate a man’s heart. He’ll want to hear her talk, laugh, and spend even more time with him. This factor can make him crave to be in a relationship with her.

It might be an odd form of attraction, but it’s one of the things males like about women. When they meet someone with a sweet voice, they’d want to be around the lady more often. Even so, a guy’s attraction to a lady can make her voice sound even more heavenly.

23. Trustworthiness

In today’s society, loyalty and trust are often underplayed as essential factors in sustaining relationships. Nevertheless, it’s an important thing all guys love to see in their associations. They earnestly want to trust the woman they are dating completely, and also have an inseparable bond with them. 

Therefore, acting shady is the quickest way to discourage a man from taking things forward. Always try to avoid breaking the trust of those around you because it can tarnish your reputation in the long run. If you always stand up for the ones closest to you and are loyal to them, men would be captivated by your qualities. 

24. Makeup

Women often use makeup to amplify their features. This practice undeniably makes them more alluring to the eyes. Men find it captivating and it helps them to appreciate the woman's beauty even more. However, there’s a fine line between good and bad makeup. Heavy makeup might be more apparent, but may not be as fascinating as subtle makeup.

It’s always best to go for a more natural look. More so, you should choose what works best for you. Men often want to embrace a woman’s features and not have them completely overshadowed.

25. Respectful

Another thing that guys find appealing in women is their respectful nature. If a woman regards people in her life and treats them with respect, men will be endeared to her. This factor might be the most important thing to men. It also determines whether you’ll gain favor with them or not. 

Men love women who respect them because such actions come with maximum attention and care. It also indicates that the woman would make a great long-term partner. The more you make a man feel special, the more he’ll want you around. Therefore, incorporating these actions is the best way to attract a man to you. 

26. Shyness

A lady’s timidity is another thing that a guy likes. Men often want to work for a woman’s attention, and this process is easier when she’s shy. If she doesn’t openly reveal her personality, guys see it as a conquest to try to know her more. More so, if she keeps parts of herself hidden, they’ll feel even more pressured to find out things about her.

This process slowly builds attraction from the man to the lady. The more he works for her attention, the more he’ll want to have her around. Even if you’re not the shy type, you should give your suitors a reason to stay interested in you. 

27. Commitment


Most guys adore the act of commitment in a lady. If a woman puts maximum effort into sustaining an association with them, they’ll become even more attracted to her. Her commitment towards him will make the man fall even harder. This process happens because dedication often makes a person feel special. 

The extra care and attention you give to a person will convince them to take things forward. On the contrary, expressing a nonchalant attitude about an association can discourage a suitor from pursuing you. They’ll have doubts about dating you and may conclude that you’re not interested in them. Therefore, it’s essential to be serious about every friendship you build.

28. She listens

One of the qualities that can make a guy crave a relationship with a lady is if she listens to him. She doesn’t seek personal attention but is willing to offer support wherever necessary. Such a man would feel loved and cherished. Therefore, he’d want to be around the woman even more. If you want to get the attention of any of your male friends, try paying more attention to them.

Ask them about their daily life and show keen interest. The more you do this, the more you’ll gain favor with them. More so, they’ll want to spend more time with you. Listening to others also helps them relieve their burdens, which is something all men want.

29. Scent

While it’s essential for girls to be fun and playful, men also pay attention to a woman’s scent. They want their ladies to small great because this itself is an alluring feature. It’s also highly linked to personal hygiene because a lady who practices self-care would inevitably smell nice. Therefore, if you want to get men to notice you, wear the nicest perfumes.

This step works better when done in moderation. Using harsh scents might repel people instead of attracting them, so always opt for natural products. More so, wash your clothes as regularly as possible to constantly remain fresh. You can also use scented products on your hair and clothes to ensure you smell nice throughout the day.

30. Clothes

A woman's appearance is one of the most apparent things a man pays attention to anytime he sees her. Therefore, your attire can attract a male to you more than you even know. This factor is based on the man’s preference. For example, a man can be swooned by a lady who wears 

comfortable clothes, while another could be amazed by a confident woman that dresses boldly. 

However, a major turn-off for guys is a lady who pays no attention to her dressing. She doesn’t attempt to be neat or decent, nor does she crave to appear attractive. This factor might discourage a man from displaying his interest.

31. Hair

There’s a significant amount of beauty and elegance that hair provides, and it makes ladies even more appealing. Therefore, taking great care of your hair can make a man notice you more. The mere act would amplify your facial feature and also make you appear more responsible. More so, taking care of your hair adds to your femininity and displays your nurturing spirit.

Guys find this feature highly alluring in girls. More so, the variety of styles a female can achieve with her hair often captivates them more. You can use your hair to get a male to notice you, and possibly, make them want to talk to you.

32. Body

Another vivid thing that makes a man swoon over a lady is her body. This factor is based on mere biology. Men are naturally mesmerized by the physical features of women, and their bodies tend to top the list. Their affinity could be based on several different factors and is more about a man’s preference than a general worldview.

Although it’s popular knowledge that a guy loves curvy figures, some men adore slender or even skinny girls. Some different sizes and shapes tickle the fancy of most men, which means you don’t have to change your figure to attract men.

33. Personality

One of the most distinct features men love about girls is their personality. Your personality is a set of traits that make her stand out from the crowd. If a man thinks you are effortlessly unique and captivating, he’ll find every other aspect of your life to be appealing. 

For example, he might also like your voice, your laugh, and even your physical features unconsciously. He’ll enjoy being around you because of how you make him feel and would strive to always have you around: therefore, focusing on certain unique aspects of yourself can make others seemingly captivated by you. It will also make you one of a kind and hard to truly 

let go of.


What do guys find attractive in a girl?

Men often fall for a couple of qualities in ladies. It could be her physical attributes like her hair, body, curves, or even her laugh. It could also be her behavior and temperament, like having a good sense of humor and a cheerful spirit. Many things can seemingly make a guy interested in a lady.

What do guys like most in a girl?

Men might like a couple of things about ladies but her personality tends to top the list. This factor is what determines if she’ll be girlfriend material or not. If she has a great character, then the man would unconsciously grow to love other aspects of her. Men realize that a relationship can only be fun with a partner they truly connect with.

How do you make a man crave you?

If you can keep a man guessing, he’ll inevitably want to be closer to you. Several other actions like complimenting him, subtle physical contact, or even smelling good can make a man more eager to be around you. Make little changes to amplify your features and capture his attention. More so, try your best to always dress nicely and speak elegantly.

What body part do guys notice first?

A great portion of males confesses that the first thing they notice about a female is her face. This portion of her body helps them to understand her personality even more. They can connect easily with her and determine whether a potential association can work or not. Men may notice other parts of the woman’s body but they usually connect more with her facial features.

Do guys like shy girls?

Men often like shy girls because of their delicate and reserved characters. Males generally like pursuing their interests instead of having everything handed on a platter to them. This process is seemingly more achievable with a timid girl. There’s always an excitement to find out more about her personality.

In Conclusion

Did you like this article? Remember that successful relationships are built on several different factors. You don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes before you can meet the right partner. Sticking to your authentic self is always a better option. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article, or share it with others. 


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