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A Guide To Lip Bite Kissing (15 Tips to Keep The Kiss Fun)

July 6, 2024

Lip biting when kissing is one of those little things that can significantly influence how you experience the intimate act. Whether you’re trying to introduce playfulness into a makeout session or turn the heat up a notch, nibbling can be the way to go. Or it can be a total disaster if one isn’t careful.

As exciting as making out is, it’s hardly an activity you want to leave swollen-lipped or go down as being bad at, which is why most people tend to play it safe.

But if you’re not about that, here are some tips on getting in on the biting thrill next time you kiss without necessarily risking bruising your partner or worse.

How To Kiss Him With A Little Lip Biting

1. Prepare beforehand

Acing lip bite kissing (or any other type of kiss, for that matter) starts with getting your own lips ready. If you have good oral hygiene and exfoliate your lips regularly, you’ve already got the basics covered. But on days when you’re privileged to know you might be kissing later, take extra care to make your breath and teeth squeaky clean.

Lip makeup is optional, but lip balm shouldn’t be if you have dry lips. If possible, go for something with a fruity flavor so you not only go in with soft, rosy lips, but the scent makes kissing you even more appealing.

2. Read the room

While it’s true that not everyone appreciates the occasional lip bite between kisses, sometimes, the environment holds back even those who might otherwise be into it. For instance, I doubt I’d appreciate someone getting sexy with me when I’m hurriedly trying to peck them goodbye in front of dad. But that’s just me.

There are many other scenarios subjective to each person where even though they have no issue kissing at that moment, any add-ons would make them uncomfortable. So before going for a lip bite, make sure you and your partner aren’t in one of those ‘places’.

3. Read your partner

Then again, it doesn’t matter if they are alone with you or in a multitude, some people just aren’t wired to appreciate the extras. Similarly, some may not necessarily be opposed to the idea of bringing teeth into kissing but need to be on a certain level with you before they are comfortable with it.

In the absence of verbal confirmation that they are down, you can gauge where their head is at by their body language cues. It can be as subtle as a head tilt or a bit more out there, like lingering suggestive eye contact.

4. Don’t be a stranger

With the assurance of your partner’s interest in getting sexy with you or at least their openness to it, you can now subtly reduce the distance between you. Of course, lip bite kissing isn’t fundamentally different from the other styles you’ve attempted. So, the reason for this remains the same.

The idea is to hint at what’s to come, and lowkey get both of you in an intimate (or receptive) mood. You want to be close enough to them that your other body parts can easily reach one another should things get intense after you lean in for the kiss.

5. Go in for the kiss

Now, it’s time to see if you’ve read the room and your partner right. So far, if they don’t move away as you draw closer, that’s a promising sign. Since you have something of a little thrill planned for later (the lip bite), you can start the tease before proper kissing even begins. Lean in like you’re trying to kiss, but don’t actually let your lips touch.

While you can always come closer if things intensify as you kiss, tightening the proximity early on does serve to make going for the kiss easier. The element of surprise adds an edge as long as you can both keep the nerves under control because you’re also more likely to bump foreheads.

6. Start easy

start easy

Assuming your lips have touched at this point, lip bite kissing isn’t the type where it’s always advisable to hit the ground running. Instead, to maximize everyone’s odds of enjoying the experience, I suggest starting slowly and maybe going up from there. Unless, of course, you’re only going for a single kiss.

If you’re looking to draw the kiss out, start it out like you would any other given the situation, whether that’s a closed-mouth or the straight-up steamy kind. But don’t get bitten just yet. For starters, focus on basics like oscillating between their upper lip and bottom lip.

7. Mirror your partner’s moves

It’s important to work with the person you kiss to achieve that sync. So don’t rush to bare the teeth just yet, instead relax your lips and let them flow naturally with your partner’s lip movements. Usually, one person either has to slow down/pause, or the other goes faster.

A good kiss is a joint effort, so emulating what your partner is doing is always a safe bet because people tend to do these things the way they enjoy. Mirroring him or her makes them feel like they’re in control which lowers their guard and is, in turn, a positive for you.

8. Gradually up the heat

After establishing sync, you can now comfortably begin to turn up the heat. Depending on your relationship or how hot/passionate the mood already is, this can mean anything from a little tongue to a full-on French kiss. Or even other body parts making an appearance. You could also hint at what’s to come at this point by gently sucking (preferably drool-free) on your partner’s lips one at a time.

9. Test the waters with a light graze

If your person doesn’t seem to mind you taking their bottom lip between both of yours, you can try a little nibbling to take things up a notch. Do the same thing but with your upper and lower teeth this time and graze them ever-so-slightly.

This will either turn your partner on more or alarm them, so their reaction will tell you where to go from here. If it turns out lip-biting it’s not their bag, a graze is still easier to come back from than a bite.

10. Take your partner’s bottom lip between your teeth and tug gently

Just as with the graze, part your lips slightly like you’re going for a semi-closed-mouth kiss, take your partner’s bottom lip between your teeth and pull softly. Again, keep in mind you’re not trying to hurt them. You are only trying to explore the thin line between pleasure and pain as it relates to this context. 

When in doubt, apply pressure just shy of the intensity that would make you wince if done on you. You know from those gentle bites you give yourself on purpose, or is that just me?

11. Modify pressure based on his or her response

Then again, there’s the matter of varying pain thresholds, so it’s not always enough that you can take what you’re dishing out. Try to pay attention to how your partner takes the bites to know whether to ease up or press a little harder.

Since some people tend not to show their true feelings to protect yours or your relationship, listen to what their body says rather than waiting for them to complain verbally. They may not say no to the biting, but if they unconsciously pull back or flinch with each bite, then it’s probably 

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time to stop.

Likewise, that they aren’t wincing doesn’t always mean that you should keep pressing; again, you’re using teeth for the force, not to inflict pain.

12. Keep your bites fleeting and unexpected

keep your bites fleeting and unexpected.

Another thing to keep in mind with lip bite kissing is that it still primarily is a kiss. Don’t let what’s supposed to be entrees distract from the main course. Not only does it get weird if you keep biting someone’s lip in the name of smooching, but you also run the risk of bruising them.

The ideal thing is to make the actual tug as brief and random as you can manage. Like one minute, your tongue is playing tonsil hockey with theirs, and from nowhere, you pause to gently bite their lip before resuming the kiss. That is way sexier in my book than, say, kiss, kiss, bite, like it’s a routine.

13. Let your eyes meet between kissing and nibbling

Looking into one another’s eyes doesn’t only work as a kiss starter. On the contrary, the occasional eye contact during kissing can help you gain ground faster in terms of intimacy. Plus, it’s recommended when you’re doing something as daring as biting someone’s lip.

It’s natural to close your eyes while kissing, but as you know, confidence and sexiness go hand-in-hand for many people. It might be more of a turn-on to see desire (or whatever you’re feeling) in your eyes at the very moment you bite or do something special with your tongue.

14. Treat the nibbles as a break from kissing or your cue for intensifying things

I understand that modality might be the last thing on your mind while making out, so instead of obsessing over getting when to bite wrong, try this. Let yourself go and kiss as you typically would, give or take, except for the part where you subtly prepare your partner for the tug.

As for determining how to space the bites, think of it as something sexy to do between kisses. So, you’ve done the whole dance, and you need a second to restrain yourself or go even further? Nibbling can also be your unspoken cue for your partner.

15. Touch and kiss on other areas as you normally would when kissing

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, the bite barely enhances the kiss and not the other way round. So even though this is a list of tips on lip bite kissing, it’s still important to reiterate the need to not focus too much on the wrong thing.

Not only are you less likely to make much intimate progress with just it, making the tugging the star of the act shows your hand as kind of a noob. You don’t want to miss out on exploring the nuances or end up ignoring the rest of your partner’s body just so you can get the side sensation right. Unless, of course, you prefer to keep your kisses restricted to just the mouth region even when you have free rein to do more.


What does lip biting mean when kissing?

Someone biting your lips while kissing is a seductive gesture often used to indicate invitation or openness to taking things up a notch. Some use it as a cue to end the kiss on a sexy note or as a way of teasing their partner. 

Is lip biting a sign of attraction?

Lip biting is a possible sign of attraction, yes. But depending on the context, it can also mean the person is trying to hold him or herself back or just a force of habit. A lip bite during kissing can indicate arousal, but it happening between kisses can equally mean that they need a bit of a break.

Are there any harmful effects of kissing lips to lips?

The unwanted effects of kissing lips to lips can range from light bruises and swelling to actually contracting infections, given the saliva swapping. Germs transmittable through kissing can cause health problems like cold sores, tooth decay, certain STIs, and more.

Do guys like lip biting when making out?

Some guys enjoy watching you bite your lower lip when making out; some want you to bite theirs, while others like to do the biting themselves. It is generally considered a sexual gesture, so yeah, I’d say guys like it.

What to do when he bites your lip?

If you find lip bites enjoyable or exciting, you can encourage him by moaning or indicating your approval somehow. You can also consider it an invitation to explore his body if such a relationship/consent is already established. However, if you’re not exactly into it but don’t want the kiss to stop, you can subtly redirect your mouth or tell him to ease up.

In Summary

Lip bites between kisses can either be the move that seals your place as someone’s best kiss or worst. While these tips are here to help you along, remember communicating with your partner is just as important as applying them. 

Also, try to find that sweet balance between letting things flow naturally while being kissed and honing in on what you learned. More often than not, gently does it, for starters. Pretty sure someone in your orbit needs this, so share, please, and let me know what you think before you leave.

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